A Brand of Christmas

A Brand of Christmas The TWO opening novels from New York Times bestseller Maggie Shayne s TWO most popular series The Oklahoma All Girl Brands Book THE BRANDS WHO CAME FOR CHRISTMAS When good girl Maya Brand eldest o
  • Title: A Brand of Christmas
  • Author: Maggie Shayne
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  • Page: 279
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  • A Brand of Christmas
    The TWO opening novels from New York Times bestseller Maggie Shayne s TWO most popular series The Oklahoma All Girl Brands, Book 1 THE BRANDS WHO CAME FOR CHRISTMAS When good girl Maya Brand, eldest of five and the pillar of the family, has a moment of weakness and a one night stand with a drifter, she finds herself pregnant with a naked ring finger Most Big Falls, OklaThe TWO opening novels from New York Times bestseller Maggie Shayne s TWO most popular series The Oklahoma All Girl Brands, Book 1 THE BRANDS WHO CAME FOR CHRISTMAS When good girl Maya Brand, eldest of five and the pillar of the family, has a moment of weakness and a one night stand with a drifter, she finds herself pregnant with a naked ring finger Most Big Falls, Oklahomans think it must be a case of immaculate conception But the drifter returns and trouble follows So do an early labor, a freak storm, and a Christmas you will never forget.The Texas Brands, Book 1 THE LITTLEST COWBOYUpright and Honest Sheriff Garrett Brand is furious with the younger brothers he s raised when he finds a baby on the doorstep one hot Texas morning until he sees the note with his own name on it A motherless baby boy, a soft hearted rancher, an overprotective family, and a woman in deadly trouble spell heartwarming emotion, spine tingling passion, and breathless romance.The Brand Family A Miracle in Every Story
    A Brand of Christmas By Maggie Shayne,
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    I live in the teeny, tiny town of Taylor, NY, Alliteration Alert though my mailing address is Cincinnatus, my telephone exchange is Truxton and I pay taxes and vote in Cuyler All of these are at least in the same rural county in the southern hills of New York State Cortland County There are cattle than people here The nearest big cities are Syracuse and Binghamton and they are an hour away, in different directions, and not really all that big by most standards, though they both seem humongous to me I look out my window to see rolling, green, thickly forested hills, wildflower laden meadows and wide open blue, blue skies My road is barely paved The nearest neighboring place is a 700 acre dairy farm.My house is a big, century old farmhouse I moved in here after my divorce in 2006 Just a little over a year later, the house, which I had named, SERENITY, burned It was 99% gutted, and I lost my two dogs, Sally, an 11 year old great Dane, and Wrinkles, my 14 year old, blind bulldog This was the culmination of my Dark Night of the soul, which had seemed to hit me all at once in 2006 2007 My mother died that year, after a 14 month battle with pancreatic cancer She was only 60 The youngest of my five daughters had left home that same year, and while that s not a tragedy at all, it felt like one to me Then came the divorce And finally there was the fire it seemed my darkest night wasn t quite finished with me after all I had lost almost everything before that point, and as I poked through the wet ashes and soot the next day, I realized that I had now been stripped all the way to the bone.No better time to start over And no, I didn t come to that realization that day there were a few days of wallowing in pity first, particularly the day after the fire, when I hit a deer and smashed up my car, which I was practically living in That s when I started to laugh Just sat on the side of the road as the deer bounded, uninjured and carefree, out of sight, and laughed It was just too ridiculous at that point, to do anything else And from there, I picked myself up, and brushed myself off, and said, okay, there s only one way to go from here Forward And that s what I did There I was at the age of harrurmphemmph, living in my one, mostly undamaged remaining room, with a dorm sized mini fridge, a futon, a TV, my cat nine lives and a laptop And not much else Though thank goodness the room that survived the fire, was a room that had its own attached bathroom Since then I have rebuilt my beloved home, which really has become my haven, my Serenity I share it now with my fianc , Lance, and we have accumulated quite the little family together Little being a relative term We have a pair of English Mastiffs, Dozer and Daisy, who weigh 203 pounds and 208 pounds respectively, and a little pudgy English Bulldog named Niblet, who is bigger than both of them, inside her mind We also have the aforementioned cat, Glorificus Glory for short, who adores her canine pups and keeps them firmly in line And we ve acquired a pair of stray cats as well, a mother and son, Luna Lulu for short and Butters aka Buddy Lulu showed up pregnant during a lunar eclipse, had a litter, and vanished again We found homes for all the kittens except one Butters We got him fixed and kept him A few months later, Lulu returned, again expecting This litter was born on the Monster Moon Again, all the kittens were spayed and neutered and placed in homes, and this time we got Lulu to the vet in time to spay her before the cycle could repeat Glory is not amused.She has a story of her own, my old Glory cat, having been with me before the Dark Times descended, she went through it all with me, moved with me, survived the fire, and remains with me still She s tolerating the newcomers Barely.My partner is an artist, a mechanic, a welder and an inventor, and the rumors are true, he is much younger than I


  • I loved A Brand of Christmas It s two stories about the Brand family and they made me wish I could actually meet this group.The Brands Who Came For ChristmasI loved this book with all it s twists and turns and the way the author pulled it all together so the reader could easily keep track of what was going on OK, it s surprising to have Maya be a virgin at 29 and it s even surprising how she decided to take care of that problem The character development was excellent Both main characters had is [...]

  • The littlest cowboy was the first book in this 2 book set It was a great book I loved the characters especially Garret He was lovable and kind He was the perfect person for a baby to be left with There is a mystery and danger and the book certainly held my interest.The second book, The Brands That Came For Christmas was excellent Caleb Montgomery comes to the small town where Maya Brand lives and turns her life upside down He doesn t tell her who he really is and causes quite a problem for her a [...]

  • Enjoyed 1st in the series for both booksDifferent story lines Wasn t sure if Caleb would stay in politics so kept me interested Would like to read the next in the Oklahoma Brands series.Love the sheriif s reaction to a baby being left in his care Got a feeling I would like this serious also.

  • Two stories about different branches of the Brand family The one in Texas tells of a baby left on the doorstep The one in Oklahoma tells of a young woman trying to live down disgrace she didn t earn.

  • Family plus RomanceWhile neither story included much of Christmas, they were both light hearted romances with heroic gentlemen who saved the girl, and strong close heartwarming families the best part.

  • Fantastic booksLove love these book story was great from the beginning to the end pledge everybody u got to read these they r great

  • Loved book one in this set Couldn t get enough of Chelsea Garrett Book two it was like it was missing something, but I don t know what

  • 3 stars for the story littlest cowboy it was a cute, short read I started but didn t finish the other novella, found it a bit unbelievable and harder to get into

  • These are the 1st books I read by Maggie Shayne THE LITTLEST COWBOY This book s story line was really good I really enjoyed the action in this story I really liked Garrett s character I liked Chelsea s character My heart broke for Chelsea I loved Ethan, he s adorable I really liked the ending THE BRANDS WHO CAME FOR CHRISTMAS I m sorry I stopped reading this story at chapter 3 because nothing about this story felt like Christmas to me.

  • Not A Feel Good Christmas Story Honestly, this is not a feel good Christmas story which I would recommend to read at this time of the year It s definitely not joyful nor full of values It s not even a clean story but is full of explicit sex I quit I wasted my time even reading half the story These stories lack the spirit of Christmas.

  • AwesomeWished this story was longer Would have loved to learn about the round between, while the couple was apart, and a little time with them coming to to terms with their feelings I want to know I like these people, cannot wait to know this family better.

  • EXCELLENTWonderful two books They kept you glued to them Could not put them down Both had suspense that you hoped the couple could work their problems out.

  • Great quick readTwo stories worth checking out Romance, adventure and happy endings Up will read the other Brand stories as well Nice writing style.

  • Great read Very enjoyable easy read It can put you in the Christmas spirit and have you counting your blessings Worth the time.

  • Great story Lots of good emotional interaction I love the children in Maggie s books She s got great adult interaction Not overly sexy Just enough.

  • This was a sweet book to read It was a breeze to read There was love, babies If you want a feel good book, this is it.

  • A great compilation of two great books The Littlest Cowboy by Maggie ShayneI loved this story of the littlest cowboy, the Brand s of Texas, and the overall love of family that comes through as the family works through a mystery and one of them falls in love and not just with the littlest cowboy, Ethan.When a baby shows up on the doorstep of the Texas Brand s, no one is surprised than Garrett, the eldest sibling in the Brand family Despite a note stating the child was his, Garrett is adamant tha [...]

  • A Brand of Christmas is the first novel from Shayne s Texas Brand series, The Littlest Cowboy and Oklahoma Brand series The Brands Who Came for Christmas Both are about big families with the focus on one the eldest sibling in each story and their tale of falling in love.The Littlest Cowboy was my favourite of the two I instantly could imagine the story in my head, accent and all Shayne s descriptions were the right amount, not over descriptive not lacking in description However, it had absolutel [...]

  • A Brand of Christmas by Maggie Shane is a good story The characters were emotionally scarred and likable, the dialogues are engaing and the back stories were well drawn out It was nice to see the author bring two impossibly different people together and have them find the closure they needed by being there for each other in trying times I would recommend this book to a friend because A Brand of Christmas is the kind of story that urges you to move past your failures, your history and embrace you [...]

  • Two first books in seriesThe Littlest Cowboy is not a Christmas story as far as I can tell It shares a plot line with The Nanny by Kirsten Osbourne, baby boy left on the porch of a Texas ranch where a grown up family of men mostly live While it is a romance, it is also a bit of a crime novel as well 3 5The Brands Who Came for Christmas is about the all female branch of the Brand family in Oklahoma Oldest and least wild daughter has a birthday one night stand with a drifter who is than meets the [...]

  • Great read.Really enjoyed meeting the Brands This book contains 2 stories the littlest cowboy is about the Texas Brands We meet Garrett and his 4 brothers and sister Jessie This book is about Garrett the oldest The other book Meet the Brands that came for Christmas is about a group of Brand cousin s from Oklahoma, all females Vidalia and her daughters Maya, Mel, Selene, Eddie, and Kara This first book is about Maya and Caleb Cain This were great stories well written and funny at times but ready [...]

  • Many BrandsThank you for the exciting story about Garrett and Chelsea The littlest cowboy was heartwarming, but also tense and frightening during the kidnapping of Chelsea, but the whole Brand family came to the rescue I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Vidalia and her five daughters I really enjoyed the story about Caleb and Maya Once again the whole Brand family pulled together I look forward to reading of your work.

  • The Brand Series At Its BestThe characters are well developed The author quickly captures and takes the reader back to a brief visit to high school The vivid replay of high school hierarchy is briefly revisited I would suggest this book as you and I finish and discover the rest of the story.

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