Clifford's Manners

Clifford s Manners Clifford the big red dog displays his good manners by saying please and thank you waiting his turn sharing and being a good sport in games
  • Title: Clifford's Manners
  • Author: Norman Bridwell
  • ISBN: 9780590442855
  • Page: 431
  • Format: Paperback
  • Clifford's Manners
    Clifford, the big red dog, displays his good manners by saying please and thank you, waiting his turn, sharing, and being a good sport in games.
    Clifford's Manners By Norman Bridwell,
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      431 Norman Bridwell
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  • Norman Bridwell

    Norman Bridwell is an American author and cartoonist, best known for the Clifford the Big Red Dog series of children s books Bridwell attended John Herron School of Art in Indianapolis, Indiana He currently resides on Martha s Vineyard, MA, where he continues to write an average of two books a year.


  • Clifford s Manners, by Norman Bridwell, is a great children s book that teaches good manners to children, which they should learn at a young age I read this book to my cousin, Aliyah, and she loved it It was not her first time reading the book, but it has been a great example for her The book is about Clifford, a big red dog, who is learning his manners He learns to say please and thank you, and to pick up after himself He also learns how to obey his owner, Emily Elizabeth, and to be kind to eve [...]

  • My daughter wanted to read this book when she saw it on the back of a different Clifford book I grabbed it at the library, and this was the book that she picked to read that night I think she thought that Clifford looked very dapper in his suit The format of this book is very different than usual Clifford books There is no plot Instead, each page has a different good manner described and illustrated This was perfect for my 2.5 year old While she s very polite to say please and thank you, there a [...]

  • What s happening in Bridwell s mind as he s writing this I ve never read such personal projection within a book in my entire life Is the author such a sycophant in terms of a deep need to influence the structured norm of manners and socializing to run parallel with his own state of being that he has to corrupt the minds of children everywhere to do so Children don t need to wear top hats, and they certainly don t need to ogle little girls on the covers of books I wonder if this taps into Bridwel [...]

  • Cute and educational on manners Clifford shows examples of each good manner explained in the book, such as saying please and thank you and not talking during movies.

  • This wonderful Clifford tale encourages children to use manners when interacting with others It teaches children to use please and thank you as well as excuse me Clifford models good behavior of cleaning up after yourself and following the rules He also shows children to knock before entering a room and wiping your dirty feet before going into someone s home It also includes the importance of washing your hands ahheem I mean paws before eating a meal and not talking with your mouth full These wo [...]

  • Clifford is a big red dog who lives with his owner Emily Elizabeth Clifford is learning about manners in the story and what it means to be a polite dog Clifford is also teaching you, the reader what manners are too Clifford learns to say please and thank you He learns to be a kind dog with his friends.I would use this book in my classroom to teach my students manners I want the students to see the importance of manners and what it means to be polite boys and girls Even if they make mistakes they [...]

  • My 2.5 year old usually likes Clifford books, but this one didn t do it for her or me either I suppose it s because there s not really a story here, just a series of admonitions to behave better If you re looking for a book to help your child learn polite behaviors, try Karen Katz s Excuse me A little book of manners Except for the comment that peas are not a breakfast food, it s does a good job of teaching kids what to do in various situations without being preachy My daughter likes to eat peas [...]

  • Eh.This book attempts to display good manners with Clifford that can also be translated to the young reader For that, I suppose the book works.The book does use the word hates , which I attempt to avoid Loathe is a better word that reserves hatred for only the most heinous, which is how I think it should be.There s no real story here it is just a series of etiquette tips Clifford does eats with mouth closed, sneezes into handkerchief, etc

  • This book is a typical Clifford book It has about average two lines of text per page It makes for an easy re aloud Illustrations are what you would expect from this series There is some repetitive text This is a manners book so the lack of plot is forgivable it s intended to show examples of manners and it accomplishes that goal well.

  • Meh There s a weak attempt at a story trying to link together a list of rules for being polite The only page that attracted my 2.5YO s interest was the sneeze, and I think that s because we recently read a book he expected to have sneezes in it He handed me a different book partway through.

  • This book would be wonderful to teach students manners Most of the topics in the story would probably be covered at home but, if not this book is great It talks about please and take you, not talking with your mouth full, and being a good sport.

  • This book is about Clifford and his manners Clifford uses manners such as, please and thank you This book can teach children their manners and how to be polite I would use this book in my pre k or kindergarten class.

  • A wonderful book to help teach children the importance of good manners Good manners still go a long way KUDOS to Norman Bridwell on a job well done.Thank you for the loan Franklin Public Library.

  • This book is about Clifford and his manners Clifford uses manners such as, please and thank you This book can teach children their manners and how to be polite I would use this book in my pre k or kindergarten class.

  • This story has some of the things that one should do and say to be polite This would be great o read to a young group of kids that are learning proper ways to behave and manners that they should have.

  • This is a great book to read to young children The story encourages children to use manners when they are interacting with other This book will be great to read when talking about having manners I also like the illustration you can really see Clifford using good manner Throughout the book.

  • Clifford, a popular favorite of young readers, models good behavior during his day to day activities Children can learn important social skills such as saying excuse me, and being kind to others Great to read on the first day of school to set the tone for a great learning environment.

  • Both mom and dad read this one to me in Toronto Grandma said I was well mannered the day after I first read this book.

  • I chose this book because it helps teach children about manners, and is a great book for the age range I would like to teacher pre k first grade

  • This is nicely drawn, and certainly a tome on good mannersbut it s not really a story, really just a list of some recommended manners.

  • A great book to go along with our school s beliefs I will be Safe I will be Respectful I will be Responsible I will be Caring I will be a Learner

  • Michael, age 5, loves this book because a dog teaches the readers manners in a very cute way.Here s a youtube review he did about this book youtube watch v Zoour

  • I really like this book I would definitely read this book to children to help get across the message of good manners.

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