Downfall Frankie s cousin wants her to do three things this year Lose her inhibitions Do something spectacularly stupid Fall madly in loveTravelling was Frankie s life As the daughter of a big name evangel
  • Title: Downfall
  • Author: S.D. Wasley
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  • Page: 314
  • Format: ebook
  • Downfall
    Frankie s cousin wants her to do three things this year 1 Lose her inhibitions2 Do something spectacularly stupid3 Fall madly in loveTravelling was Frankie s life As the daughter of a big name evangelist, she s been able to feed her hunger for new sights throughout most of her teenage years Then a hushed up scandal gets her thrown off the tour circuit and stuck at herFrankie s cousin wants her to do three things this year 1 Lose her inhibitions2 Do something spectacularly stupid3 Fall madly in loveTravelling was Frankie s life As the daughter of a big name evangelist, she s been able to feed her hunger for new sights throughout most of her teenage years Then a hushed up scandal gets her thrown off the tour circuit and stuck at her uncle s house in the town of Augur s Well.Forced to repeat her failed senior year, it looks like a dismal existence for Frankie until she s invited to the bizarre meeting place of four mismatched people and falls hard for the fascinating, secretive Cain Aleister Furtive meetings in an underground chamber Latin words carved into a stone wall intense desire and a secret so elusive she ll do almost anything to bust it open Until now, Frankie never believed in grand passions but that s not the only one of her beliefs about to implode right before her eyes.Looks like Frankie s going to score three for three.Special announcement Downfall contains a number of ink and pen drawings by professional artist Finnmacc.
    Downfall By S.D. Wasley,
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  • S.D. Wasley

    S.D Wasley was born and raised in Perth, Western Australia.She has been composing literary works since before she could write at five years of age she announced her first poem in the kitchen, improv style Today, she lives in the Swan Valley wine region with her two daughters, surrounded by dogs, cats and chickens.S.D Wasley writes crossover, adult and young adult fiction in the genres of mystery, paranormal and urban fantasy, as well as literary fiction Recent published work has appeared in Vine Leaves Literary Journal, and her flash fiction piece titled The Search will appear in the forthcoming Visible Ink anthology as the introductory piece Wasley s debut novel, The Seventh, was published with Evernight Teen in January 2015 and the sequel, The Rift, was released in November 2015 Her first adult paranormal romance book is due out on January 7, 2016 View her other titles on or the sdwasleyauthor website.


  • Downfall by Ms Wasley was an incredible debut into the world of New Adult Romance It took me no time to breeze through Downfall From the very beginning clear until the end, Ms Wasley kept the pace fast and the reader on the edge of their seat The cover is delicious and I LOVED the chapter titles they set the feel for what each chapter had in store The story begins with our main female protagonist, Frankie The prologue certainly had me terrified but instantly drew me in I had to discover how Fran [...]

  • This is such a beautifully written book with perfectly crafted sentences that flow without conscious thought From the very first chapter I was swept into Frankie s story To me, she felt like a real person with both strengths and weaknesses There were times when I admired her guts and determination, as well as times when she made mistakes which added to her vulnerability and ultimately gave her real dimension I found her easy to identify with and an enjoyable character to read.Throughout her jour [...]

  • Wow I just had to finish this book in one go The book draws you in from the start, and doesn t let you go The pace is good and the storyline is never predictable Well crafted, vivid descriptions create an atmosphere full of suspense and mysticism.One of Wasley s greatest strengths is character development Just like in her other books, the characters in Downfall are consistent and believable And in no way are the main characters idealised or infallible There were certainly moments when I was exas [...]

  • Downfall by S.D WasleyI love S.D Wasley s writing, it s so out of this world A paranormal Author, how she thinks up her ideas it s just flabbergasting Downfall is her first book aimed at Adults The other books she has written was aimed at young adults but at 37 years of age I loved them So what s Downfall about, I honestly couldn t put it into words, I m confused, my mind is blow, but it s a grip you from the start kind of book you just can t put it down Every chapter I was constantly saying I v [...]

  • I was fortunate enough to have SD Wasley ask me to contribute some illustrations to DOWNFALL and of course I jumped at the chance.One of the benefits of this is that I was lucky enough to read this excellent story in detail before it was available to everyone.The story in DOWNFALL is thought provoking and interesting with characters that are easy to identify with and like but complex enough to wonder what is really going on with them all They all seem to have their little mysteries and I can t w [...]

  • Hey, reader, come for a ride DOWNFALL, by S.D Wasley, begins in the desperate dark of consequences, a rash decision that begs not only resolution but explaining For those who accompany Frankie, the camera fades back in from the black to reveal the events leading up to her fateful ride It s a journey wrapped in several layers of secrets not only her own, but also those of the people closest to her.And so we meet Francesca but that s Frankie, to us, at least if we want to be her friend She s a bit [...]

  • Thank you to author S.D Wasley for providing me with an e copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Find this review and on my blog The Rest Is Still Unwritten Downfall is the first novel in S.D Wasley s new Incorruptibles series and is an intriguing look at those with special abilities that gives a new twist to those with seemingly divine gifts who protect those around them.I have to be honest Downfall is a really hard book for me to review I really enjoy S.D Wasley s Seventh series a [...]

  • S.D Wasley s Downfall is my first new adult paranormal read, and I found it to be quite good For anyone who s read Wasley s YA series Seventh , the situation of Downfall starts as a familiar one A group of young people with supernatural gifts are brought together for an unknown purpose I had a few Seventh moments while reading Downfall, but upon completion, the two are very different This is not a rehash of Wasley s first series at all.The story focuses around Frankie, a girl who s been exiled f [...]

  • This is a very well written book, the opening chapter is captivating, drawing the reader into the mystery from the first page Frankie is dying, bleeding profusely from a wound to her shoulder, rescue seems unlikely, and her mind turns towards the six words which started it all Hey Frankie, come for a ride Frankie s life is turned upside down when her father re marries, and the new wife replaces her as her father s assistant Then a family scandal results in her return to a small town to complete [...]

  • I was extremely lucky to receive and advanced copy of this book Six words, Hey Frankie, come for a ride That was all it took in the very first chapter, Omen, to get me completely and totally hooked on this book Those six words started my sleepless night and I ended up with the biggest book hangover Yes, it was that intriguing From the very beginning SD had me wondering what the heck was going on I tried desperately to figure it out but every time I thought I had it, SD threw me a curve ball Her [...]

  • Words fail to do justice to how much I loved this book From the first line of the prologue I was hooked Downfall has some intriguing characters I can t wait to see develop as the series continues.If you re a fan of paranormal mystery romance good reads you need to check this out when it is available on 7 January I had to physically make myself make this than one sitting.If you can t wait that long the author s other books The Seventh and The Rift are already available.

  • I sat down at 10 am on a Saturday morning to start this book 1 32am Sunday morning I am finished reading The idea and concept that saints could be everyday people amongst us made a spellbinding story The author does a beautiful job making the story come to life in your mind as you read I look forward to reading the series as it comes out.

  • Loved It Such a new story I have not read anything like thus and it was amazing and a thrill ride I could not put it down The love story, the suspense, the characters, all impressive and interesting The plot was fantastical and kept you engaged until the very end and has you wondering what is next to come So excited to get my hands on Book 2.

  • This was ok I wish there was of how Cain and Frankie were in love did they just each other at the house Just being drawn to another person and being obsessed dust equal love I really liked the premise of the story overall I m undecided on to continue to the next books.

  • I didn t even finish the book because it s just too bland to continue reading The start was intriguing, then it just goes downhill from there.

  • Poorly executed writing For a first person present tense writing, it does little for the reader to feel intensity or emotion Perhaps if it s written with feeling instead of telling a story, and as if the character was real or me , it would have impact But the MC is so bland, whiny, and transparent, first character just wouldn t do at all This is one of the few times, 1 star is sufficient and deserving.

  • Couldn t finish, and it was a shame The writing style is very good, and the editing was excellent It was just the story I couldn t stand.Start with the protagonist WAAAAH I M NOT A SPECIAL SNOWFLAKE LIKE THEM Now you know all about her.She seems to have OCD she has intrusive thoughts, mostly self pitying, that she then can t seem to stop obsessing over Perhaps also due to OCD, she instantly falls so utterly in love at first sight that she bursts an aneurysm whenever she sees him, hears him, or t [...]

  • Downfall is the first book in an amazing series by S.D Wasley Set in a small agricultural town in Australia it begins the story of the daughter of an evangelist author and her than normal group of friends Part love story, part paranormal thriller, part coming of age tale, it s a superbly crafted story that offers something new on every page and manages to avoid all of those sudden lags that sometimes have you flipping forward to see if you re getting close to the end of the story yet.Frankie Ca [...]

  • I received this ARC book in exchange for an honest review THIS REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS This is the 3rd book of S.D Wasley s and it has just left me wanting The way it is written captivates the reader the world of fantasy surpasses that of reality.The opening chapter is well thought out and well written It starts with the main character bleeding from a wound and it has you believing she might die Of course the only way to go is to read the rest of the book.Frankie is a disgruntled 18 year ol [...]

  • Downfall is the first book by S.D Wasley I have read She is a very talented writer whose storyline grabs you from the start and keeps you involved with her characters as they unfold and keeps you riveted to their stories.Frankie has been working as her father s PA for three years on his book tours After an unfortunate mistake by her sister, they are both sent back home to continue their schooling Frankie goes to live at her uncle s and share a house with her cousin, Alby He tries to reintroduce [...]

  • I received Downfall as an ARC advance reader s copy book from the author The gifting did not determine the review rating, which reflects my honest opinion Personally, this rated as a 3.5 for me because I absolutely couldn t stand the main female character But, the storyline was good, and the pacing was steady after the 30 percent mark where the book began to make sense, because the plot began to unfold To that point, it was a slow read and I wondered what the point of the story would be I decid [...]

  • Downfall is SD Wasley s first adult book I like the classification as new adult as the story line and the content was definitely mature than that of a young adult book, but the story still has the same magic found in Ms Wasley s previous books.Frankie is going through a life change New place, new life, new people and reconnecting with people she knew when she was younger Then Frankie meets an intriguing new set of friends, including one very special boy Downfall has lots of twists and turns, an [...]

  • I received this book free from one of the book subscription emails.I really wanted to like this book It started out with some action which compelled this reader forward, but I soon had to stop because it became obvious that one of the character s goal was to get the main character to loosen up to the point of under age drunkenness and losing her virginity Being frustrated with this character being a major character and a likeable one at that, I couldn t finish I just don t agree that loosening u [...]

  • I love Ms Wasley s haunting style Given the mystical nature of this paranormal romance, it fits the story perfectly The underground chamber in a ruined house sounds like one of those places you see in your childhood that haunts your dreams forever and yet this one houses secrets I d never expected When Frankie falls in love, but there s far at stake than her untouched heart Oh, it s so hard not to give spoilers for this book, but I ll do my best to resist From an explosive beginning, through a [...]

  • I was emailed an e book copy of this book and was so happy I was The author captures you right off from the first page to the last It is an amazing read and perfect for those of us who believe that not everything can be explained by science or knowledge in this world It captures the feeling of the unknown and keeps you on edge till the very end The struggles of being different in this ever changing world of ours, it is a must read for those who love the paranormal, dramatic, and a bit of romance [...]

  • At first, I had trouble getting caught up in the story But, the writing was excellent I found myself not wanting to put it down The mystery of what the group was all about, what was going on at their gatherings, and why Frankie was accepted kept me intrigued I admit that Frankie was often annoy whiney, but she is a teenage girl falling in love for the first time, so I can overlook that All in all, very good read I can t wait to continue the series

  • This book was given me by Rebecca Hamilton in exchange for a fair and honest review A beautifully created and written story the script is fluid and to the point all the way through It s exciting as well as very interesting and although there is an undertone of religion in the story line it s not oppressive enough to spoil your enjoyment if religion isn t in your genre That said I found it one of the better books I ve read this year and highly recommend it for it s qualities

  • Downfall is the story of a girl and her adventures after meeting three people gifted with psychic powers One of them becomes her love interest, and I found their story to be my favorite part about this book Although written in first person, this book reminded me a lot of Maggie Stiefvater s writing Fans of hers should definitely pick this book up.

  • I was pulled in from the beginning And, I almost deducted my rating because the ending was drawn out and not nearly as exciting as the whole story But, since I finished in one sitting, I d say it deserves the higher rating So much was new, foreign to me I couldn t predict I ached with Frankie It read like a stand alone Just out of my element enough I suppose to capture my imagination.

  • DNF at 35% Couldn t stand the manipulative main character Was mildly interested in some of the other characters and the secret but couldn t be bothered to keep reading since I detested the main character so much Maybe she would have grown into less of a manipulative user later in the book or the series , but I didn t care enough to hang around and find out.

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