The Wolf Inside

The Wolf Inside Teen Wolf FanficAlex Hale is a boy The wolf inside him isn t It s hard being different Words Complete
  • Title: The Wolf Inside
  • Author: DiscontentedWinter
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  • Page: 333
  • Format: ebook
  • The Wolf Inside
    Teen Wolf FanficAlex Hale is a boy The wolf inside him isn t.It s hard being different.Words 64977 Complete
    The Wolf Inside By DiscontentedWinter,
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  • Rereading July 19, 2016Alex s story highlights gender fluidity, but I think it speaks to the outsider in all of us For neurodiverse individuals, I especially think the hyper separation of self in processing is a mutual bond Still lovely It s OVER This was a great exploration of gender fluidity DW s creation of a new character in the Hale family with his male human form and female wolf form was brilliant Stiles was as much a scene stealer here as Alex was in Little Wild Animal so turnabout is fai [...]

  • That was amazing I m usually not interested in original characters, but Alex and Jason has so much life, and so much personality it was impossible for me not to love them They were just as vibrant as the show s cast, and just as complex, and that made all the difference to me The plot was interesting, and well crafted I was absolutely invested in the outcome, and although it wasn t an easy journey the end was definitely worth it art credit Wolves Cuddling by Motzii

  • So, I started this fic like o And then some friends showed up to buddy read o o o o And then the author stopped by o o o o o o o o o o o o o o And now this story is finished and it s amazing, seriously it s like o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

  • Really sweet I didn t love it as much as Little Wild Animal, but I really liked it.The story is well constructed with hurdles and teen angst I thought the voices of Alex and Jason and all their awkwardness as 13 through 15 yr olds was authentic and popped of the page kindle for me I felt all those blushes and yeahs and scuffing of trainers I remember all those ums and ohs and getting angry about have NOTHING TO WEAR I still love love LOVE this universe and the pack dynamics And Peter, of course [...]

  • All the feelz.Alex was a side character in Little Wild Animal the little boy with a female wolf, an original concept and character but fit neatly into this Teen Wolf AU world.More than the Alex Jason romance this is Alex s story the pain, confusion, teenage rebellion and learning what family what pack means It s sweet, funny and heart breaking in turn Alex is easy to love and various pack members step up to show their worth Stiles is hyper comedic relief occasionally sharing some simple wisdom, [...]

  • Considering Alex was an original character created specifically for Little Wild Animal it s amazing how brilliant and seemlessly DW has woven this character into the TW universe As I got to see and experience Alex s life I felt like I got to struggle along with him, which makes the ending that much wonderful.I would have liked view spoiler a few sexy times, and I really would have preferred to get time with Alex and Jason together Those two little niggles aside hide spoiler Once again Discont [...]

  • Here s my equation One star for keeping such a huge cast of characters, not just straight but, consistent throughout this story, every single one playing their role I mean, all the Hales, Stiles and the humans, Deaton, Jason and Simon, all the Argents, and on and on I would have needed a flowchart DW deftly moves them around like the wolfy chess pieces they are Alex One star for Alex Not so unique in the world, as people just like him exist, but rather unique in literature Full of heart and fear [...]

  • This was a fantastic original story set in a TW AU with incarnations of characters and relationships we already knew and loved from Little Wild Animal, and DW than did them justice This story gave me big smiles, lots of laughter, a fair share of heart pangs, outraged shocked face, and, at times, an intense sense of betrayal Mated How could you, Lisa Henry sobs You re a monster There is just no other character out there quite like Alex Hale and he absolutely deserved a Jason Cormack in his life [...]

  • This is the first fic I read as it was being posted That was terrifying because DW kept ending with a cliffhanger Pure torture Seriously though, this is another excellent story.

  • Loved it This story had so many wonderful thingse story filled with tension, twists and turns, sweet MCs that went through hell before they got their HEA, and well developed secondary characters who added support and humor.My emotions were all over the placed, angry, stunned, hopeful, happy so many grins and then I went thru it all again, anxiety and delight continuously taking turns.So good hugs e reader Thank you to everyone on Bree s review thread for the awesome BR

  • 3.5This was a great read, developing on an already fantastic and complex AU setting, with the added plus of some suitably horrible Argent skulduggery More to the point, the use of the shifter trope to explore gender was, quite simply, brilliant I loved so many things Alex, the sensitive and moving depiction of his struggles, his family s different ways of supporting him And let s just give a shout out for the picture of Peter Hale here AMAZING And Stiles And Derek So terrific My one big problem [...]

  • 3.5 StarsSimply an honest look at supporting character Alex Derek s younger brother and the internal and external struggles he goes through in accepting himself.Poignant and as a warning, quite heart wrenching, as Alex has some very trying growing pains bullying, first love, lost love, self harm, depression Ingenious how DW used this world she created to bring light and perspective to such a little known and explored topic of gender identity, and it was done with thoughtfulness and grace.This de [...]

  • A great journey Alex is definitely capable of carrying a story all on his own What great and wonderful original characters DW created in Alex and Jason.This story had it all, sweet young love, tragedy, angst, drama, kickass fights AND a happy ending Peter is wonderful Stiles s ridiculous and great Gah, I loved it all I know this was about Alex but the story of the humans is kinda huge and I was left wanting to know even about everyone in this world and how they progress.

  • I fell head over paws in love with this fic, with Alex and Jason Best original characters ever I loved this so much than the first one, though the first was also pretty good This one was just extra special Happy sigh 3 I check this fix for updates at least once every hour I m obsessed.

  • A brilliant original character fic from DiscontentedWinter Just loved this story about Derek s brother Alex whose wolf is female causing Alex to be confused about his sexuality and bullied in school Jason does not care about Alex s gender issues, he just knows he wants to be with him her Alongside this, we have a feral exuberant Stiles providing a little light relief I would award six stars if I could Art by the bree cheese

  • I m not sure I ve ever bawled so much from a book I m talking tears streaming down my face Just the gender identity issues Alex was going through, and then his unanswered cries for help Kinda devastating But moments of love and beauty that made it worth it And thank crap for the happy ending or I couldn t have stood it Nice little chapter running through events from Jason s POV was a pleasant surprise at the end.

  • I m joining in the chorus of reviewers that are going crazy over this story This is truly a work of art I went through the whole spectrum of emotions in the hours I spent reading view spoiler anxious and angsty alongside Alex, as he struggled to understand and separate his boy feelings from his girl feelings admiration and amazement for Alex s perseverance and fortitude against the bullying at school, his own confused and muddled thoughts and his attraction towards Jason apprehension for the har [...]

  • 3.5 starsThis was WAY angsty than I thought it would be.Alex is a boy, but his wolf is a girl Alex is Derek s younger brother Wen he is 13, Alex meets Jason Jason doesn t care that Alex feels like a boy sometimes and a girl at other times Jason was the best He was so sweet, I loved him.But what wrecked me were the 4 years they were apart Alex really hit rock bottom then and did some awful things to himself.I cried I cried, I cried and I cried some It made me so sad.I did enjoy this, because th [...]

  • It s Discontented Winter Of course I loved it Seeing as Alex and Jason are OC s, it is a credit to this author how well they fit into the TW world I have to admit to not usually being a fan of OC s in fan Fic I adored Alex though His struggle, his slow acceptance of love, of being loved, his pain and anger Wow So well written As ever Peter was fabulous and Stiles 3 A great story.

  • I haven t commented on the last few chapters at Ao3, because I cried every one of them I loved this one.I love L.H writing, it s freaking amazing She has written one of the best O.C ever I absolutely loved this fic, I loved the companion piece as well.

  • This was an fantastic follow up to Little Wild Animal Alex was a total scene robber in that and so deserved have a story I think you re perfect I think that if sometimes you feel like you re and boy and sometimes you feel like you re a girl, that s okay That s who you are And I love every part of you My favourite thing about his story is the support Alex gets from Jason and the Hales especially Derek and Peter The most difficult thing about it was seeing Alex get truly lost and reading about tee [...]

  • Dammit Lisa can write Doesn t matter if it s fan fic or a novel I m at the boss battle near the end Done I can put my tissues away nowGREAT book.

  • Another excellent addition to the Discontentedwinter collection Alex is a wonder, and there s so much happening to him her, all written with love and affection Jason s journey is just as difficult but we don t get to see much of it, thankfully.Happily Stiles is the tension relief here Always goofy, always happy SO in love with his Der.While Lisa sometimes goes Zero Dark, I have to trust her to bring me back into the light.And she does here, so beautifully.Sigh Loved it Thanks.

  • While this is kind of Sterek fic it s also very much original as the central story revolves around two original characters, Alex whose wolf is female and for whom the lunar phase effects his gender preference, and Jason the boy who loves him for exactly who he is.I read this straight after Little Wild Animal so flipped through the recap chapters quickly before getting to the new stuff Alex s internal conflict over his gender and his reaction to Jason having to leave is heartbreakingly real But t [...]

  • I love the way Lisa distills emotions so well, the way she thinks through the implications of being a werewolf of essentially two unstable genders, and the way she makes you feel the emotional consequences of life events Good stuff all around Perhaps the conflict wrapped up a bit patly but, hey, it s romance.

  • 3.5 Stars Here we have the story from book one, told from Alex s POV It s quite angsty since he s dealing with some serious issues being a boy with a female wolf This story also goes several years past where the first book left off I liked the first book , but this one grew on me the farther along I read.I m totally addicted to these books I had to look up an episode of Teen Wolf on Netflix, and I realized that I didn t really need it although Stiles is just as hyper in the tv show as he is in t [...]

  • Another great story by DW It s amazing how well this story is put together Well, not amazing, because we know DW is awesome maybe I should say wonderful Yes, it s WONDERFUL how well this story is put together If you ve read I Know Where Babies Come From, Derek or even if you haven t I choose to believe this series Little Wild Animal Universe is one of the alternate realities that Derek and Stiles talk about in I Know Where Babies Come From, Derek Because I want to believe ALL of these versions o [...]

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