More Igami A creative young boy with a passion for practicing origami finds a surprising source of encouragement on his diverse city block Joey loves things that fold maps beds accordions you name it When a v
  • Title: More-Igami
  • Author: Dori Kleber G. Brian Karas
  • ISBN: 9780763668198
  • Page: 286
  • Format: Hardcover
  • More-Igami
    A creative young boy with a passion for practicing origami finds a surprising source of encouragement on his diverse city block.Joey loves things that fold maps, beds, accordions, you name it When a visiting mother of a classmate turns a plain piece of paper into a beautiful origami crane, his eyes pop Maybe he can learn origami, too It s going to take practice on hiA creative young boy with a passion for practicing origami finds a surprising source of encouragement on his diverse city block.Joey loves things that fold maps, beds, accordions, you name it When a visiting mother of a classmate turns a plain piece of paper into a beautiful origami crane, his eyes pop Maybe he can learn origami, too It s going to take practice on his homework, the newspaper, the thirty eight dollars in his mother s purse Enough No folding But how can Joey become an origami master if he s not allowed to practice Is there anywhere that he can hone the skill that makes him happy and maybe even make a new friend while he s at it
    More-Igami By Dori Kleber G. Brian Karas,
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      286 Dori Kleber G. Brian Karas
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    About " Dori Kleber G. Brian Karas "

  • Dori Kleber G. Brian Karas

    Dori Kleber was an award winning journalist and business writer before she began writing children s books More igami is her picture book debut She lives just outside Atlanta.


  • More igami is a sweet and straightforward book about a little boy who likes folding things I love the way his family and friends are portrayed and the diversity shown Great lesson in perseverance without being heavy handed My only nitpicky problem I don t understand why, when little Joey spent the whole book learning to make a paper crane, the authors included instructions on how to make an origami ladybug Added August 4I read this incredible article yesterday about the importance of diversity i [...]

  • This little picture book is a hands down winner Joey is a sweet little African American boy who loves folding things and things that fold When he discovers origami, he is enchanted by the whole process We loved the diversity of Joey s neighborhood and school We also really liked how Joey s family is portrayed close knit, artistic, loving, and as normal as normal can be There are some nice messages about kindness and friendship and determination that are presented in such a way that we didn t fee [...]

  • The art of Origami is typically thought to be Oriental However, anyone who loves folding paper to make pretty objects can fall in love with the art form of Origami That is certainly the case with young Joey Joey loved things that folded He love his accordian, had a folding bed to sleep in, and loved to fold road maps.Then yep, enter the Oriental influence young Sarah Takimoto s mother visited the school and a new type of folding was introduced into the life of young Joey.Joey practiced and found [...]

  • Joey is a kid who likes to fold things, so when his classmate s mom shows him how to make an origami crane, he is obsessed with learning to make one himself He practices and practices, nearly driving his family crazy, and with the help of a neighborhood restaurant owner and him allowing Joey to practice on cloth napkins, is finally triumphant In the process, he earns an admirer, whom he gladly teaches.Good for educators in discussions regarding perseverance Also good for readers of all ages.

  • Joey loves things that fold and he is mesmerized with a friend s mother visits his class and makes a paper crane Joey is determined to learn how to make his own paper cranes and is told he will need practice and patience Soon Joey finds just the right spot to put that advice into practice A lovely book with a great activity at the end that seems just right for young aspiring origami masters Kids love trying origami and this will make a great hands on activity at the library with this and other o [...]

  • Joey loves things that fold So when he learns the art of origami at school, he exasperates his family by folding any piece of paper he can get his hands on his homework, his sister s sheet music, the money in his mom s purse He soon tells his troubles to Mr Lopez at his favorite restaurant, Muy Mexicana, and a partnership is soon born This book won my heart Everyone deserves a Mr Lopez in their life.

  • This is one of the Washington state children s choice picture book award nominees I am sure our students are going to love this book, because they love origami I plan to give them each a sheet of origami paper and maybe have them watch a how to do origami video after we read the book While the students are making origami we can have a conversation about how much practice it takes to become an expert at anything.

  • I loved this book about folding origami I folded paper cranes with children for a few years and I have forgotten how and not all of them succeeded As Joey said, You have to practice and have lots of patience This is a great story for creative kids to read and try to replicate This shows Joey practices and practices to get it right Things don t come out right the first time.

  • This is a fantastic book that I look forward to sharing with my second graders They will love learning about the art of folding and making frogs and lady bugs I m sure my origami books will fly off the shelves

  • Perseverance Patience Practice.Perfection takes all three.No directions for paper cranes,But there are directions for an origami ladybug.

  • Cute book about a boy who learns origami Very multicultural My favorite line from the book is Fajitas always made him feel better.

  • Joey likes everything that folds When he learns origami in school, he is told that he must have patience and practice to become an origami master He practices on all the paper he can find to the annoyance of all who live in the same household He goes next door to the Mexican restaurant where he folds a napkin The owner loves it He lets Joey come in each day to make his napkins into art and give him time to practice Good for preschool or older kid storytimes.

  • This review was originally written for The Baby Bookworm Visit us for new picture books reviews daily Hello Today, we read More igami, written by Dori Kleber and illustrated by G Brian Karas.Joey is a little boy who loves things that fold he collects old maps, plays the accordion, and sleeps on a foldaway bed One day, a classmate s mother comes to class and shows Joey how to fold origami, and he is blown away She tells him that to become an origami master, he must practice and have patience, so [...]

  • Sweet story about perseverance and patience As we have an origami instructor visiting our school, this is the perfect read aloud for grade 2.

  • One of the most fun and funny activities ever year is teaching the entire second grade how to fold a single origami animal During the final weeks of school all classes participate in a storytelling unit The Something Special found within the pages of the wonderful The Story Vine A Source Book of Unusual and Easy to Tell Stories from Around the World by Anne Pellowski with illustrations by Lynn Sweat is one of the tales told to the second grade.Step by step, fold by fold the, event by event the l [...]

  • If you want to be an origami master, you ll need practice and patience Joey loves folding things accordions, road maps, etc so when Mrs Takimoto comes to school and demonstrates origami, he is hooked But the he practices, the impatient the people around him get because he s folding their music, their recipes and even their money Then Mr Lopez, the owner of the Muy Mexicana restaurant next door, encourages him to fold the restaurant napkins and an artist is born Many artists are misunderstood, [...]

  • Joey loves things that are folded, for example he collects maps So when he learns about origami he begins a hobby that he is told will take patience and practice As he begins to practice with everything from wrapping paper to the dollar bills in his mother s purse, everyone s patience is wearing a bit thin But when his neighborhood restaurant asks him to use his new talent to spice up their table napkins, Joey may have found the perfect way to showcase his talent Great introduction to origami an [...]

  • Joey loves to fold things so when a classmate s mother introduces him to origami he is determined to master the art All of the practicing Joey does gets on his loved ones nerves as no paper is safe from Joey s folding ways, but his talents are put to good use when a local restaurant manager takes a liking to Joey s folded creations and puts him to work.Instructions for making an origami ladybug are included in the back matter.This is a perfect read aloud for PreK 2 supported by gouache and penci [...]

  • Grades K 4 Joey notices how things around him fold tacos, maps, blinds, accordians, etc One day a parent comes to school and shows him origami He is determined to become an origami master It will take a lot of practice and determination He drives his family crazy with all of his folding Fortunately, he finds someone who is eager to let him practice his craft This would be a fun mentor text to have at a table with origami paper and cloth napkins Students could be creative or follow directions to [...]

  • Joey loves folding and so it s no surprise that he falls in love with origami, the art of folding paper But it takes practice and patience to be an origami master and Joey s running out of things to fold Until he goes next door to visit a friend when something truly surprising happens Debut author Dori Kleber tells a delightful story about persistence and passion in More igami Pssst Keep an eye on anything that folds in your house you never know who the next origami master might be

  • Age Preschool KindergartenArt Origami foldingJoey finds inspiration to direct his love of folded things into the artwork of origami Showing perseverance by helping in the community, Joey finally learns to fold an origami crane which, oddly enough, isn t as complicated as some of his napkin folding artwork The endpapers offer directions for folding paper not into a crane but a ladybug, which was a little weird.

  • ages 5 8Great book about persistence and determination Joey loves things that fold, so when his classmate s mother comes and shows them origami, Joey asks if she can teach him She does, but she says he ll need to practice a lot to become a master He uses all the paper in the house, and his family does not like it His friend at a restaurant lets him fold napkins there every day until he masters the cranemsradius 2016 11 cyb

  • I learned how to make an origami crane from my friend Ann when I was in elementary school This book took me right back to all the practice it took to get it just right I love how this story focuses on the perseverance it takes to become a master at something And it gives instructions for how to make an origami ladybug in the back matter.

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