The Fathomless Caves

The Fathomless Caves In Eileanan victory has finally been won and those of faery kind from the mighty dragons to the mysterious nyx have sworn their friendship and aid Only the sea dwelling Fairgean have refused to sign
  • Title: The Fathomless Caves
  • Author: Kate Forsyth
  • ISBN: 9780451459022
  • Page: 121
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The Fathomless Caves
    In Eileanan, victory has finally been won, and those of faery kind from the mighty dragons to the mysterious nyx have sworn their friendship and aid Only the sea dwelling Fairgean have refused to sign the Pact of Peace Driven by ancient hatreds, they have devoted themselves to destroying all who dwell upon the land.Troubled by the darkness that may lie ahead, Lachlan aIn Eileanan, victory has finally been won, and those of faery kind from the mighty dragons to the mysterious nyx have sworn their friendship and aid Only the sea dwelling Fairgean have refused to sign the Pact of Peace Driven by ancient hatreds, they have devoted themselves to destroying all who dwell upon the land.Troubled by the darkness that may lie ahead, Lachlan agrees to release his beloved Iseult from the sacred oath that binds them together It will then be for Iseult to decide whether she will remain in the mountains to resume life with her own kin, or return to the man who let her go.To help bring peace to Eileanan, Iseult s flame haired twin, Isabeau, must also face her most difficult challenge yet But before she can prove herself worthy of both the scar of the Soul Sage and the ring of the sorceress, she must first find a way to heal her own wounded spirit.
    The Fathomless Caves By Kate Forsyth,
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    Kate Forsyth wrote her first novel at the age of seven, and is now the internationally bestselling author of 40 books for both adults and children Her books for adults include Beauty in Thorns , the true love story behind a famous painting of Sleeping Beauty The Beast s Garden , a retelling of the Grimm version of Beauty the Beast , set in the German underground resistance to Hitler in WWII The Wild Girl , the love story of Wilhelm Grimm and Dortchen Wild, the young woman who told him many of the world s most famous fairy tales Bitter Greens , a retelling of the Rapunzel fairytale and the bestselling fantasy series Witches of Eileanan Her books for children include The Impossible Quest , The Gypsy Crown , The Puzzle Ring , and The Starkin Crown Kate has a doctorate in fairytale studies, a Masters of Creative Writing, a Bachelor of Arts in Literature, and is an accredited master storyteller.


  • This is book number six and the last book in an excellent series I have enjoyed all six books very much and this final one did a great job of wrapping up all the story lines and finishing on a high note Kate Forsyth is very good at drawing characters and I have become quite attached to some of them over time It was good to see happy endings for many of them although there was realism too and a few did not make it through the final conflict It is not often such a long series can remain solidly go [...]

  • I loved this series After Dragonclaw without a doubt the best one in terms of achieving breadth and depth the books present themselves in a sort of shopping list, where a challenge or two is crossed off the list in each book, until we reach the resolution at the end of book 6 They lose the depth and take on a young adult quality in their ease of reading But none of that mattered to me Sure I could easily finish a book a day if I felt so inclined, but I fell hard for the characters and the world [...]

  • I read this book quite awhile back since then I have been reading works from Brandon Sanderson, Joe Abercrombie, Sara Douglass and many This is still my favorite series of books ever Such a beautiful story.

  • The entire cast comes together in this stunning conclusion Some of our old friends play bigger parts then others but all of the loose ends are tied up Love is tested, loyalty challenged, and sacrifices are made This book provides us with a very satisfying, and in some ways, bittersweet ending to a vibrant and engrossing series I was sad to close the book I enjoyed every minute of this story and adored the characters.One of the things that I truly admired about this series is how Kate Forsyth sho [...]

  • I am a little conflicted by this book I found it difficult to put down, and the author used tension all throughout the build up of the story brilliantly, but I found the climatic battle of well, the series, to be disjointed and hard to follow The resolution then took too long to wrap up, and I would have preferred slightly different choices have been made A concrete, and final ending would have been nice, but what was there was good enough I m glad I read the series, but I think it will be a wh [...]

  • This was the most perfect ending to an amazing series I was pleasantly surprised by the romantic ending honestly I suspected it to be cheesy and less, well, Isabeau I had an amazing time finishing it, as during the storming in the book it was storming outside and then when it calmed in the book it cleared up outside So magical It was just a perfect ending, though sad, but I felt wonderfully at peace Definitely a five star series.

  • INSANELY good I gave the other books in this series 5 stars but I feel this one deserves even I was not disappointed at all by this finale The intensity of Isabeau s emotional journey, and the battle scene I sat down in the evening to read a bit of the book, and ended up reading the whole of the second half that night with my hair on end because I just couldn t put it down Oh, and this book gave me an even bigger crush on Dide than I had before.

  • Even though I know how this book would end I still thoroughly enjoyed reading it Seeing Beau and Dide finally come together after so long melted my heart I really wish I had read these books before RR I was much invested in this series than I was in its sequel I adored all the characters and the story and world that has been created I was disappointed that we didn t hear about Lilanthe and Niall, knowing that their eldest would have been born by now I would have liked to have seen Isabeau s re [...]

  • As we come upon the sixth book and conclusion of the witches of Eileanan series, Maya the Ensorceler is at large and the Fairgean are bent on destruction of the human race A final war that will decide the fate of Eileanan looms ahead, and the Fairgean call upon dangerous forces that can not be controlled Iseult parts from her husband to beg for help from her own people at considerable strain on their marriage while Isabeau must come to terms with her past and struggle to complete her sorceress t [...]

  • Oh, man This was a tough one for me I enjoyed Iseult and Isabeau as I always do, but the pacing in this book was terrible By about 2 3 through, I really lost focus in the storyline, so the moments that had been led up to for two or three books Meghan and the Mesmerdean, for example weren t as touching as I wanted or expected I liked Iseult s journey back to the Skull of the World was great, but way too brief It made sense, since Isabeau was the character we started with and her storyline had the [...]

  • This book was the perfect ending to a perfect series It wrapped up so neatly and it had a happy ending I know, I m just sappy like that What s wrong with a happy ending people What made this series even better, is that she carried all of her characters across into her next series Rhiannon s Ride As far as fantasy goes these books have to be my favorites, they have everything and Forsyth always has a great plot for all of her books and her detail is just enough to give the reader an idea then le [...]

  • The last of the series, it was hard for me to start reading as I really did not want it to end However, the way it continued to the end was lovely However, as all endings there were some heart renching parts, and other parts where you felt delighted and happy for the characters which now are fully bloomed and wonderful This series in a whole is fantastic, I will definatly read this over and over, and I will no doubt keep this as one of my favourite books and series KAte Forsyth did a awesome job [...]

  • A good end to the series I find myself torn along the way The first book really had me excited for magic, the second book fell short, I was dragged along in the third, the fourth gave me a little boost of maybe, the fifth gave me hope back, and the sixth wrapped it all up This series was very epic and I did very much enjoy the new magical species, new ideas, and characters However there was very long and boring political war bits In the end, there were some things I just loved and some things I [...]

  • Again, very good I got bogged down a little in the early middle of the novel It was almost as if the author didn t want to let go of the characters she had made, which is not surprising as they are vivid and brilliant However, the end was magnificent and I m glad to say it was an end Looking back through the 6 novels in the series, it is amazing that this fairy story has touched on so many real life issues race relations, national sovereignty, love, hate, loyalty and betrayal, xenophobia and rel [...]

  • The series wraps up and there are no loose ends but I just couldn t get into it The pacing is off, it drags, amazing things that have been building for books happen but are somehow described in a flat and unengaging way I ve liked this series over all in spite of the fact that half the books are weak The other half are so good they even out.

  • I felt so immersed, it felt almost as real as my actual life All I wanted was for my work day to end, so I could go back to be with all my favourite friends in this beautiful world Book 6 ties up all those loose ends and is probably the most predictable book of the series Not many surprises and some things that I expected were a bit anticlimactic But all in all still a very good and entertaining read and I will thoroughly miss Eileanan.

  • A wonderful conclusion No loose ends were left It was happy and sad at once It tied up the loose ends but not necessarily in the way we would think or want I actually prefer those sorts of endings because it is realistic Life doesn t happen the way we want it to always, so why should fantasy It was, in all, a wonderful series I could happily escape to Eileanan again.

  • This series is one of my most favorite of all time I have re read all 6 books at least twice, maybe 3 times They are all great, and I am glad that I didn t find them until all had been published I would have been really impatient FYI It appears that the first book can be found as The Witches of Eileanan or Dragonclaw , depending on the edition.

  • Ohh what a great ending to a great series Started out great with the first book, slowed a little in the middle and finished just as expected I only wish there were books as the series got better with each book

  • I believe this is the one with the bit of interesting psychology in it,a nd a bit of a predictable ending, but good in any case.

  • 9 10Exciting conclusion to the Witches of Eilanean series Forsyth tied up the losse ends and managed a mostly happy ending.

  • Isabeau is back into the thick of another world with the sea people She is torn with not want to wipe them out or saving them Very exciting book from cover to cover with many twist and turns.

  • Brilliant finish to the series It s complete, thats what matters Im not let with any questions Everything was how it should be and i loves authors who can do that AWESOME

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