Revealed to Him

Revealed to Him Handsome and tough Jake Tanner a veteran and the owner of a successful security firm never lets his past hold him back Despite his prosthetic hand and foot women swoon over him and with him between
  • Title: Revealed to Him
  • Author: Jen Frederick
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 144
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Revealed to Him
    Handsome and tough Jake Tanner, a veteran and the owner of a successful security firm, never lets his past hold him back Despite his prosthetic hand and foot, women swoon over him and with him between the sheets Yet Jake feels bored and restless until he s hired to protect a beautiful writer whose life is in terrible danger.Self imprisoned by the fear of the anonymous stHandsome and tough Jake Tanner, a veteran and the owner of a successful security firm, never lets his past hold him back Despite his prosthetic hand and foot, women swoon over him and with him between the sheets Yet Jake feels bored and restless until he s hired to protect a beautiful writer whose life is in terrible danger.Self imprisoned by the fear of the anonymous stalkers who threaten her life, video game writer Natalie Beck now only dreams of the world outside her pink bedecked apartment Trusting people again is off limits But the time Jake spends with her, the his professional commitment evolves from simple duty to scorching desire While deeply sensual sparks ignite between the two, the danger outside circles closer Will Jake s intense devotion be enough to save Natalie Or will she turn away from the one man willing to do anything to save her
    Revealed to Him By Jen Frederick,
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      144 Jen Frederick
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  • 2.5 stars Review posted August 27, 2015.I told you that I would comment after I finished the book Now that I m done I can add my two cents How about you don t cup his seed and swallow instead Sounds good It s a dick not a staff.TEXTING Me Grunting is the key to manliness Him It s one of the keys Also belching, scratching of the balls, being able to spit not spray actually spit.Me I don t think I like manliness Can we revisit the flannel Maybe you should look into it I bet you d look good in flan [...]

  • 3 3.5 StarsThe hero, Jake Tanner is a pretty wonderful male lead He s a security specialist, as well as a vet He s missing limbs due to his service to his Country He s protective, sexy and caring Our heroine, Natalie is a famous writer She s an agoraphobic who also suffers panic attacks Jake is hired by Natalie s cousin to help find out who has been sending her disturbing messages gifts while securing her condo from possible danger.It seems that the supporting characters are from a prior series [...]

  • 3 STARSI didn t realize this was part of a series but it can be read as a stand alone I didn t read the first two books in the Kerr Chronicles so I couldn t appreciate the other character cameos but it didn t take away from the story I was really intrigued with the premise for this story A famous author, Natalie, is trapped in her apartment by paralyzing fear thanks to threats she s been receiving for years and an attack on her life Jake Tanner, a vet with a prosthetic arm and leg and security e [...]

  • 3.5 4 starsLet me begin by saying that the Adobe Digital Editions copy of this book was a really bad copy Missing pages, paragraphs,especially the text email exchanges, some spelling mistakes Kindle copy MUCH better Now everything makes sense I was dreading reading this book a little bit as friends that got an ARC were not thrilled by it From their reviews I can see and understand where certain things didn t work for them but fortunately they mostly worked for me I quite liked and enjoyed this b [...]

  • 4 Being afraid is a shitty way to live Stars I am a big fan of Jen Frederick, I love that her books take a different look at romance, and her couples are always unique in their perspectives and in how they build their connections with each other.Being honest, I saw some less than stellar reviews for Revealed to Him so it was with a little trepidation that I started the book Luckily I really enjoyed Jake and Natalie s story, and pretty much read it in one sitting I wasn t expecting this Yes I did [...]

  • Title Revealed to Him Series Connected to the Kerr Chronicles seriesAuthor Jen FrederickRelease date November 3, 2015Cliffhanger NoHEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler Shortly after coming off of the high I got from Jen Frederick s Sacked, I noticed this book on Netgalley Imagine my excitement when I was approved to top things off, I realized that this book has characters that were introduced in the Kerr Chronicles As I adore that series as well, my hopes were climbing pretty high This is the story [...]

  • DNF 11% Barely 2 starsI don t know if this is the fastest DNF I ever did but it sure feels that wayd I almost fell bad about that because I really like this author and so far I loved this seriesLike many of my friends I was intrigued by the blurb of this book because every now and then I love a good character that is flawed on the outside and on the inside so a novel in which the main female character suffers from acute anxiety and agoraphobia and the male character is a veteran and amputee fits [...]

  • 4.5 Stars I wish this book was longer simply because I didn t want to stop reading it I loved, loved, loved Natalie and Jake This book was every thing I was hoping for, something different, something new Natalie is agoraphobic and Jake is an amputee I found both characters really interesting The writer obviously did her research about both topics and did a great job of giving the reader a realistic presentation of both I especially found all the information we get about Jake s prosthetic s reall [...]

  • Revealed to him was built on an entirely different premise than Frederick s first two books in this series I ended up loving Tiny and Ian s story, and while Jake and Natalie were enjoyable characters and the idea behind this plot were good, the execution fell somewhat short for me It wasn t bad at all, just not as good as I expected for a couple of specific reasons First off, Jake and Natalie don t officially meet in person until 54% into the book They have a week or take a day or twoof texting [...]

  • Happy book birthdayAn emotional, character driven story, filled with passion, steam, sweetness and fun I will no soon forget.Born to a wealthy family, Jake Tanner could ve had an easy charmed life But his sense of honor and duty led him to enlist in the armed forces After leaving the army rangers due to an incident that took his left arm and foot, he s now a proud veteran, owner of a prosperous security company He has friends, a loving family, doesn t suffer from a shortage of willing women to w [...]

  • DNF at 26% one word BORED, BORED, BORED It was an interesting idea but there s nothing else I ve tried for three days and I m done.

  • The Good An ex military hero who lost his hand and part of his leg during his service, and an agoraphobic heroine You just don t see that every day Their physical and mental issues, respectively, are dealt with in a believable manner I enjoyed the fact that the story is told from both their POV, because I need that balance to the story The Bad Unfortunately, there is a lack of spark when it comes to the romance and it made everything feel stiffer than Jake s artificial leg I think in the desire [...]

  • Revealed to Him by Jen FrederickActual Rating 4.5 starsThe good Our hero, Jake, actually deserves the title He s a stand up guy, total sweetheart, and apparently was not a manwhore before he met the heroine Oh, and he s a former Army Ranger who enlisted after 9 11 Jake and Natalie have an amazing bond One of the few books where I actually FELT the main characters love and admiration for each other Natalie s struggle with agoraphobia is mostly handled well Even though she loves Jake and makes the [...]

  • ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest reviewA sexy heartwarming romantic suspense Jen Frederick continues to captivates her readers as she dazzles us with her newest release Revealed To Him In this sexy romantic suspense, Ms Frederick was able to create a touching storyline while weaving undertones of strength, hope, solace, and overcoming one s fear.Natalie Beck lives in fear when she receives threatening notes, letters, packages, and was attacked on a New York City subway platfor [...]

  • I really enjoyed this book.It is about Natalie who is a woman who suffers from agoraphobia from being harassed and attacked She is now a shut in trying to work thru her fears The hero Jake is hired to provide security for her after the harassment seems to start again They begin a friendship that develops into It was very sweet how they begin their relationship and Jake was truly sweet is how he helped her and cared Natalie was really sweet and I liked her There was definitely some hot moments a [...]

  • NEW RELEASE ARC received by NetGalley 4.5 STARSGenre RomanceCover 7 10 Writing 9 10Heroine 9 10Hero 9 10Humour 1 10Hotness 5 10Romance 7 10Extra book Details Heroine Hero POV 1st person Spin off characters, can be read as a stand alone.Revealed to Him is a delightful romance with angst, mystery two broken characters.Taking a look at some of the lower star ARC reviews here, I can totally understand why they gave it fewer stars But, I loved it.Our heroine, Natalie is an author, who wrote a story f [...]

  • Natalie is living life in fear She s a writer who has an anonymous stalker She s been receiving threatening notes and lives in fear of leaving her house She doesn t let anyone in and she never goes out Her cousin, Logan, hires a security company to look into the threats Natalie is receiving Jake owns the security firm Logan hires He s a veteran who was injured in the line of duty When he meets Natalie, he feels something for her that he s never felt before and he ll do anything he can to protect [...]

  • 3.5 StarsOverall a good book but something was missing for me I really liked the characters but I think I would have liked it if there was time of H h in a relationship view spoiler They don t physically meet until the halfway point hide spoiler.HEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler Cheating OW OM view spoiler No His ex shows up once but he handles it really well hide spoiler Any couple separation view spoiler Yes For a short time only though hide spoiler Heat Level HighAngst Level Low

  • You aren t going to lose me I m not going anywhere This is the story of Jake and Natalie When security expert Jake gets called in to find the culprit behind some menacing pranks terrorizing a young woman, he expect to handle it like any other assignment Until he meets shy, quirky and intensely agoraphobic Natalie.Natalie hasn t left her apartment in three years After being scorned, ridiculed and bullied so severely, in the past, she became so frightened and panic stricken, even the simple act of [...]

  • How to say this without being an asshole asshole Revealed to Himis the kind of book that takes me outside of my comfort zone I m not new to heroines with intense phobias and but this is the first time that I get to read a story about a heroine who is agoraphobic.I admit at first I m really skeptical and my eyebrows rose too many times when the author describes what the heroine was feeling Thoughts like Is this really happening in real life , Isn t this over the top , This is kind weird crossed m [...]

  • 3 the highest I gave Stars You don t have to read the Kerr Chronicles although they do appear in this book As with everything in life Every long journey begins with one step.So I have read several Jen Frederik books and I like her style The last one I read didn t really sit well with me but this book is mature than her other books I loved the premise of the book The H is a former Ranger who has his own business but has a prosthetic both arm and leg who is well established in life and shows it a [...]

  • Apologize in advance for this disjointed review I wrote a better one, then shut off my computer before I saved it, then forgot and read another book Sooo memory is fuzzy.Listened via audio free with KU membership Narrators were awesome But then again Sebastian York is pretty much always awesome It was sweet Like really sweet Hero gets an award for the most patient and understanding man ever Heroine was so majorly fucked up mentally agoraphobia PTSD that they never even met until 50% into the boo [...]

  • ARC requested through Netgalley, and kindly provided by Publishing in exchange for a honest review.This book was the perfect combination of sweet and HOT I didn t even have to keep reading the description before I dove in, once I realized it was Jake Tanner s story I first read about Jake in the Kerr Chronicles and was excited to find out what Jen Frederick had in store for him I loved his and Natalie s story.Natalie suffers from major anxiety, to the point of not being able to leave her apartme [...]

  • Re Read 2 4 164 happy starsThe writing flowed nicely which is not always the case for JF books Jake the H gets 5 stars I loved him w his confident does what he needs to do to survive in life He is a fantastic H You don t get extra life points for forgiving someone who dicked you over I also really liked Natalie the h She has such strength.I believed in the H h emotional connection but I wanted time w them Jake was protective and loving towards the h maintained a strong personality which I love [...]

  • This book was like 2.78 stars I didn t realize that it would be following a different set of characters to the first two books in the series I mentioned that I would review the series as a whole, but I m going to backtrack on that I think I enjoyed this story than the previous two I liked that we had diverse characters in Natalie who suffers from agoraphobia, and Jake who uses prosthetic limbs The rest of the story fell short for me The twists were predictable Nonetheless, it was an entertainin [...]

  • Jen Frederick is quickly becoming one of my go to authors when I m in a book slump Her characters appeal from the first page and I find myself pushing them on through her books.Though there were a few parts in this book were the writing seemed a bit disjointed to what had just occurred, I really enjoyed the story of Jake and Natalie It helps that I have suffered from agoraphobia for 16 years and spent a good portion of my teenage years not leaving the house This enabled me to connect with her ve [...]

  • 3.25 stars because something was missing I thought both Natalie s agoraphobia and Jake s prosthetics were handled really well and the couple clearly had sexual chemistry but something was off Whatever kept me thoroughly engaged during two books of Tiny and Ian s story only had me mildly intrigued here Sadly, this book is really just a stop gap until we get Kaga s book Can we get that now, please Frederick dropped too many crumbs at Jake s house and I need to know what the deal is with Kaga and S [...]

  • Although intrigued with the blurb and familiar with the author, I was a little leery of Revealed to Him I wasn t sure if I could relate to a heroine with agoraphobia I didn t need to worry Within just a few pages I knew I was in for a treat.I love how this book puts a spotlight on PTSD and also the trials that our soldiers who have left pieces of themselves behind on a battlefield go through every day Between Natalie s PTSD Agoraphobia and Jake s struggles as a double amputee, the reader gets an [...]

  • I think I love JakeNatalie than IanTiny There s just something to be said about love that was born not from physical attraction but from deeper connection From understanding and needing to lessen another person s pain I love how Jake was the only one who knew that Natalie was strong enough and capable enough He gave her room to breath, literally and figuratively And he always knew the right thing to say What if what if I can t open the door Then I sit on one side and you sit on the other You d [...]

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