1924: The Year That Made Hitler

The Year That Made Hitler The dark story of Adolf Hitler s life in the year that made a monsterBefore Adolf Hitler s rise to power in Germany there was This was the year of Hitler s final transformation into the sel
  • Title: 1924: The Year That Made Hitler
  • Author: Peter Ross Range
  • ISBN: 9780316384032
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Hardcover
  • 1924: The Year That Made Hitler
    The dark story of Adolf Hitler s life in 1924 the year that made a monsterBefore Adolf Hitler s rise to power in Germany, there was 1924 This was the year of Hitler s final transformation into the self proclaimed savior and infallible leader who would interpret and distort Germany s historical traditions to support his vision for the Third Reich Everything that would coThe dark story of Adolf Hitler s life in 1924 the year that made a monsterBefore Adolf Hitler s rise to power in Germany, there was 1924 This was the year of Hitler s final transformation into the self proclaimed savior and infallible leader who would interpret and distort Germany s historical traditions to support his vision for the Third Reich Everything that would come the rallies and riots, the single minded deployment of a catastrophically evil idea all of it crystallized in one defining year 1924 was the year that Hitler spent locked away from society, in prison and surrounded by co conspirators of the failed Beer Hall Putsch It was a year of deep reading and intensive writing, a year of courtroom speeches and a treason trial, a year of slowly walking gravel paths and spouting ideology while working feverishly on the book that became his manifesto Mein Kampf.Until now, no one has fully examined this single and pivotal period of Hitler s life In 1924, Peter Ross Range richly depicts the stories and scenes of a year vital to understanding the man and the brutality he wrought in a war that changed the world forever.
    1924: The Year That Made Hitler By Peter Ross Range,
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  • Deconstructing Hitler a monster is bornI must confess that knowing about the hitler before Hitler always stimulated my curiosity.I wanted something that could explain if possible , the hedious monster everyone knows about Did he once fall for a jewish beautiful girl that broke his heart into pieces Has he ever been a bullying target for some strong jewish boy that couldn t bear the sight of him Has he been one of those kids that set dogs tails on fire and pulled insects legs just for fun Was he [...]

  • Hitler A G nese do Monstro Como foi poss vel Hitler chegar ao poder ainda a quest o mais importante da hist ria alem dos s culos XIX e XX, sen o mesmo de toda a hist ria alem Confesso que saber um pouco sobre o percurso do hitler que precedeu Hitler, sempre espica ou a minha curiosidade Sempre alberguei um forte ensejo em descortinar algo capaz de explicar um m nimo que fosse, o maior assassino da Hist ria Ser que quando jovem se perdeu de as por alguma beldade judia que o rejeitou, estilha ando [...]

  • I loved what another reviewer said about this book it is about the year that hitler became Hitler He was a young man who could not seem to find his way in post WWI Germany and whose anger at the defeat of his beloved and adopted country knew no bounds A believer in the stab in the back school of thought which posited that the German military never surrendered and was betrayed by the politicians and the Jews, he began to drift into political circles which held those same beliefs By the year 1923 [...]

  • Peter Ross Range focuses down on a period of Hitlers life that usually merits 2 10 pages in the average book about Hitler It was very informative because I knew 1923 was a year of angst and upheaval in many of the German states, but did not comprehend the full picture of disillusionment, fear and anger that prevailed.Also he covers the way Hitler honed his rhetorical style drawing larger and larger crowds, which allowed him to take over the German Workers Party and turn it into the German Nation [...]

  • My mind can t concentrate on writing a real review thanks to the election going on tonight It s just insane, while listening to this, how many connections I could make to Hitler s rise to power and Trump It s very disconcerting to see that The refusal to give up and concede to the results Hitler basically did that and look what happened So, on this election day, with Fox news blaring at my work, it was a horrifying listen but very good All of this is still completely relevant to politics today.

  • In 1924, following a failed coup d etat in Bavaria the infamous Beer Hall Putsch , Adolf Hitler was tried for treason and sentenced to five years imprisonment, with parole eligibility after 6 months This book describes how Hitler was able to turn what would ordinarily have been a career ending failure into the opportunity to grow from a minor Bavarian nationalist party leader into a national figure, due to the exposure provided by coverage of the trial, and the performance he mounted at the tria [...]

  • With the Bavarian government s chokehold on Mein Kampf set to run out this year, a book entitled 1924 the year of its conception seemed in serious danger of being sloppy and opportunistic But its convenient timing and dramatic subtitle The Year That Made Hitler belie the book s genuine merit.Peter Ross Range follows Hitler through a transformative period in his life, beginning with a botched coup attempt and a trial for treason and ending with the production of what would become the holy book fo [...]

  • There are two types of historical biographies The first is the sweeping look at a long life The second type is a small, shortish look at a particular part or event in a life Adolf Hitler s life and the 12 Year Third Reich is closely examined, for instance, in William Shirer s The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich A smaller segment of Hitler s life, though, is examined quite thoroughly in 1924 The Year That Made Hitler , by Peter Ross Range.The year 1924 was quite important in Adolf Hitler s rise [...]

  • I m a sucker for history especially this Era much to my families chagrin Incredibly smooth read about a point in Hitler s history very few even talk about I even learned a few things Anyways I enjoyed seeing how and what made the Hitler everyone knows commonly A monster allowed to gain control before the country even had time to fully heal, taking full advantage of the desperation of its people This monster was still just an uneducated man who was good at his speeches.There are already several [...]

  • Reading this book during the current presidential election has been an interesting experience I really enjoyed reading about not Hitler the leader, but Hitler the man who becomes the leader There was much time spent talking about peoples doubts surrounding Hitler early on, which I enjoyed because it shows the human aspect of turning a blind eye and the willingness of inaction If you are on the fence about reading this, I would say don t, but if you are at all interested in the turning point of H [...]

  • My background on pre WWII Germany and Hitler is scant I found it very interesting to read about Hitler s personal background and his struggle as a young man I did not know he was an artist and actually had to support himself by drawing picture postcards for a period of time He was pretty much homeless and drifting until he joined the army It wasn t until he discovered how he could use his voice that he moved forward in politics The disastrous putsch he attempted put him in jail, where he had the [...]

  • I received an advance copy of this and wrote a feature article about it for the Historical Novel Society It s a lucid, clear and engaging account of the time Hitler spend in prison after the failed Munich Putsch With excellent use of contemporary sources, this really brought Hitler vividly to life covering in detail his rise to prominence, his arrest, his trial and subsequently the months he spent in prison writing Mein Kampf Would highly recommend.

  • During this time, he later said, he acquired enough knowledge and understanding to provide my philosophy with a natural, historical foundation In short, he found the facts to support his prejudices and to convince himself that he was right about everything his self belief no longer could be shaken by anything Hmm, why does that seem so familiar to me

  • Range provides a deeper understanding of Hitler s hope for Germany in the aftermath of WW1 An excellent read.

  • Range looks into the year 1924 that, as he says, made Hitler In 1923, Adolf Hitler failed in his putsch, his attempt to take over the Bavarian state government in Munich Along with the revered General Ludendorff, he had led his followers on the march from a beerhall to the center of Munich, where he was met by a line of police Shots were fired and four policemen, thirteen of Hitler s men, and one bystander were killed and Hitler was almost killed It looked like the end of the short career of the [...]

  • When you re a tired college student faced with midterms, there isn t a lot of time for pleasure reading There is, however, a bit of time between the time I take my night meds and when I start to fall asleep That time, over a week or so, allowed me to read 1924 on my phone Thank God for iBooks and sleep meds What would we do without them 1924 does not cover particularly new ground for me I know the story of Hitler s early years his artists attempts in Vienna, the time he served during WWI, his ea [...]

  • I gave this 4 stars not because I really liked it but because it is well written with a lot of information I hadn t known It took me a long time to read this I finally finished the last few pages with a CD audio version Knowing the horrific conclusion, it was very painful to keep going n I kept putting off reading The book did pretty well explain the terrible mystery of how Hitler was able to grasp control of Germany and conquer other countries His start was difficult, making it seem impossible [...]

  • I would rate this a 3.5First let me say I really enjoyed it It was an interesting read, but it falls into a trap of let me tell you all these things you may not know before I tell you about 1924 if that makes sense.It was interesting to read about the trial and the writing of his manifesto while in prison, and this is where I m sad that the author did not put as much focus as I was hoping.With that said, it was a good book I learned a lot of interesting tidbits I didn t know before, and it was a [...]

  • Read this if you want to know how hate gathers political momentum and gets into a position of power You will be astonished at the similarities to today s environment.

  • Didn t know that much about Hitler and the history leading up to WWII Read this book for my book club and was pleasantly surprised that it wasn t like a text book The author did some great research and was able to chronicle the year without boring me to tears.

  • Fascinating book Range covers the failed putsch and how it influenced Hitler s notoriety and his creation of a belief structure I have read a lot about WWII, but this book gave me an entirely new perspective on the evils on National Socialism and how it started and grew.

  • A look at the attempted coup, the trial, the prison stint, and the infamous book that turned Hitler the reactionary demagogue into the monster that menaced the world.

  • 1924 The Year That Made Hitler, Peter Ross RangeFor me, this book is about the making of a monster The monster is Adolf Hitler who was born in 1889 and died in 1945 Through a confluence of lucky events, followers and benefactors, he somehow escaped assassination attempts, treason charges and long prison terms The book is about the circumstances that led to his rise to power and ultimately to the leadership of the Nazi Party and The Third Reich as its Chancellor The accidents of fate that encoura [...]

  • This was an enjoyable read on history The author in the beginning of the book mentioned about how few historical works have focused on this important critical year for Hitler and his rise to fame and recognition in 1924 I can see that there is truth to his claim as I think back to my previous readings on the Nazi and Hitler there s discussion about Hitler s rise to power situated in the 1930s rather than his turning point in the 1920s While the book does focus heavily on 1924 the book also gave [...]

  • Books dealing with little known periods in history are some of my favorites and as soon as I read the dust jacket on this one, I knew it would be right up my alley When we think of the monster known as Adolf Hitler, our minds go immediately to WWII, the frighteningly powerful Nazi ceremonies and the Holocaust However, it s vitally important to remember that Hitler didn t just go from unsuccessful artist to dictator of Germany There was a proving ground, a crucible which tested and honed his hate [...]

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