On the Other Side

On the Other Side A love story like no other this is the debut novel from Carrie Hope Fletcher author of the Sunday Times No bestseller All I Know Now Evie Snow is eighty two when she quietly passes away in her sle
  • Title: On the Other Side
  • Author: Carrie Hope Fletcher
  • ISBN: 9780751563146
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Hardcover
  • On the Other Side
    A love story like no other, this is the debut novel from Carrie Hope Fletcher, author of the Sunday Times No 1 bestseller All I Know Now.Evie Snow is eighty two when she quietly passes away in her sleep, surrounded by her children and grandchildren It s the way most people wish to leave the world but when Evie reaches the door of her own private heaven, she finds that shA love story like no other, this is the debut novel from Carrie Hope Fletcher, author of the Sunday Times No 1 bestseller All I Know Now.Evie Snow is eighty two when she quietly passes away in her sleep, surrounded by her children and grandchildren It s the way most people wish to leave the world but when Evie reaches the door of her own private heaven, she finds that she s become her twenty seven year old self and the door won t open.Evie s soul must be light enough to pass through so she needs to get rid of whatever is making her soul heavy For Evie, this means unburdening herself of the three secrets that have weighed her down for over fifty years, so she must find a way to reveal them before it s too late As Evie begins the journey of a lifetime, she learns about life and love than she ever thought possible, and somehow , some way, she may also find her way back to her long lost love .On the Other Side will transport you to a world that is impossible to forget Powerful, magical and utterly romantic, this is a love story like no other from everyone s favourite big sister , Carrie Hope Fletcher.
    On the Other Side By Carrie Hope Fletcher,
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    Carrie Hope Fletcher is an actress, a singer songwriter and an author She also plays the ukulele, guitar and saxophone.Carrie is well known on YouTube for her channel ItsWayPastMyBedtime where she has over 600,000 subscribers Most of her videos consist of giving advice to her younger audience, talking about Disney and covering her favourite songs.She played Eponine in the West End production of Les Miserables at the Queen s Theatre until February 13th 2016 She is the first actress to have played both young Eponine and older Eponine.She went on to play Truly Scrumptious in the UK touring production of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.Her debut book, All I Know Now Wonderings and Reflections on Growing Up Gracefully was published in May 2015 The book is based on what she writes on her blog.Her first fiction novel, On the Other Side was published in July 2016.


  • Poorly Executed Vanity ProjectI bought this book out of curiosity as I had watched some of the author s YouTube videos where she had discussed writing and publishing.The premise of this magic realism novel appears to be an exploration of relationships both romantic and familial with the protagonist, Evie Snow, going on a journey in the afterlife to find her own personal heaven To unlock the door to her heaven, she must revisit moments from her past and visit loved ones in the present to answer t [...]

  • This is a very hard review for me to write Mainly because I m such a big fan of Carrie s and it actually pains me that I didn t enjoy this book and also because I was so excited about this book and ended up disappointed The thing is, the issues I had with it are things that probably won t wouldn t bother other people and I m fully aware of that I am also aware that my opinions on this story are probably also affected by the fact that this isn t the kind of story I usually enjoy anyway which I p [...]

  • Carrie s writing is a lot stronger than I thought it would be I was pretty impressed with that, especially considering her age and the fact it s her first book Obviously I can t say anything about the plot, but I think that a few things were slightly too romanticised It comes across as very sweet though so I think it will sit with a younger audience perfectly Oh and there were quite a few typos in the book that I hope get cleared up before the official publication.

  • 3.5 stars This was a great first book of 2017 Lovely and whimsical I m a big fan of Carrie and so much of herself shone through in this story If you re looking for an uplifting read, try this one


  • Having recently completed a degree in English Literature, on Monday I went along to the first signing of Carrie Hope Fletcher s On The Other Side, this being the first signing I was able to attend since Jacqueline Wilson as a child Not only was I excited to meet someone whose online content I have followed for years, but I was also intrigued as to what I would find reading her first novel Over the year leading up to its releases, Carrie gave enough hints to make me curious, whilst still entering [...]

  • I only finished this book because I bought it I wish I didn t.I normally wouldn t read something like this, but i ve been a viewer of Carries channel for a long time and I really like her as a person so I thought this would be like my dream come true.I loved Carries heartwarming All I Know Now, her first book, a nonfiction one It was written so well, and her advice was really good.This book starts horribly Evie, the most perfect human being to ever exist, has died and can t get to heaven The beg [...]

  • A charming narrative on a Once Upon A Time, Wonderland, Magic Ride.With elements taken from all the magic in the world The writing style is excitable and happy It s a Disney movie just waiting to be made, choc full of fantastical names, and a heroin you can t help but want to dance and introduce to all your friends A full Review will follow on release.

  • Evie Snow has lived a long and relatively happy life but now she is dead, she s suddenly faced with a door that won t open Evie realised that her three biggest secrets are holding her back from entering her own heaven and she now has to face them and share her biggest, and secret, love story with the people in her life.This is a super sweet idea and really love the image of people being faced with their doors when they enter the afterlife There were some lovely phrases and a beautiful hint of ma [...]

  • The last three words of this book were At long last and honestly, that is how I felt finally finishing it The idea behind this book was cute, but dear god was it poorly written I struggled so much to get through it Here are a fun list of things that I really did not enjoy about this book 1 That stupid I won t become a hopeless, I ll be a hopeful line like excuse me how dare you attack me like this I cringed so much at that line honestly y all 2 What was the time period 3 Casually mentioning Pete [...]

  • Una historia tierna, con toques de realismo m gico que van desde lo cuqui hasta lo desconcertante La primera mitad es bastande adorable, pero al final me empalagu un poco el estilo era un pel n cursi para mi gusto.

  • Although there were some things that bothered me about the story, the magical realism, the structure and the elements of LGBTQ representation made it a truly lovely read.

  • Nice enough but very rough round the edgesI ve never bought a book by a youtuber before but I downloaded this book because I was intrigued by the storyline However, it did not live up to my expectations at all The writing is very awkward in places and reads like a piece of GCSE creative writing coursework I don t know how the editing team didn t manage to clear up the some of the awkward wording or the grammatical errors throughout I also couldn t stomach how obviously Evie and Vincent are based [...]

  • I like the concept of this book, and I love a bit of magical realism I don t want to be harsh as it wasn t a bad bookBut really, it s a bit of fluff written poorly.

  • Full Review ellesbellesbookshelf.I wanted to love this book, I did, and I didn t It s a shame it ll do fine regardless though I can t say much as that ll be unfair for future readers but there was just too much telling rather than showing for me Full review will come nearer July

  • Oh, it s just so bloody lovely A perfect escape if life s giving you a hard time The dip into magical realism is gorgeous ALSO I M SO PROUD OF MY FRIEND FOR WRITING IT SHE DID A THING BEAMING.

  • This book was, to me, a huge disappointment With all the praise it has received, I expected it to be at least well written, but sadly, it s not Show, don t tell is rule 1 when it comes to writing fiction Unfortunately, Fletcher tells a lot than she shows She often skips scenes and then have the characters give a quick summary of what happened afterwards A lot of the story is just told as if she s writing it based on bullet points It lacks feeling and some kind of flow I was also quite confused [...]

  • I actually stopped reading this at page 112 There were too many niggling things for me I m really disappointed because I met Carrie at YALC and she was lovely, we talked about her being an auntie to Buzz and she signed her other book for me admittedly, I haven t read that one.I m going to come out and say this I think Carrie s writing suffers from the same issue that Giovanna s does Because of her experience in the West End, because of her successful YouTube channel, because of who her brother i [...]

  • Where to start with this book Well, let s just say that it is a child dressing up in its mums clothing pretending to be an adult That is to say that it is a YA novel claiming to be women s fiction It reads for a much younger audience than it is intended for and due to this it would have worked much better had the main character, Evie Snow, been eighteen rather than twenty seven she certainly acted like an eighteen year old anyway As a primarily YA reader this didn t bother me so much when I got [...]

  • I m about half way through this book but I ve had enough I struggled with the premise, much as I like a bit of a redemption story it felt very simplistic and, dare I say it, dull I didn t really care for Evie I didn t really care for her bad boy boyfriend who calls her sweetie and was, I felt, a bit disturbing and intense Still, I was willing to keep going But then half way through the story, suddenly there is a dove If you ve read it, you ll know what I m talking about There s a stupid dove and [...]

  • Carrie, our honourary big sister, you ve done it again This is absolutely brilliant I ve always knew you were a genius but this book proved my point even further THIS BOOK OMG Its magical, its romantic, its fantastic, its unique, its a huge page turner, its heartbreaking grab your tissues , but also funny and light, and yet deep and meaningful but most of all, its HOPEFUL LOVED IT

  • I got this out at the Library and I m not going to lie, I was avoiding it due to the front cover as I very rarely read love stories But after I read the description I was intrigued by the story and the three secrets that had been hidden for a life time Unfortunately, it wasn t what I had expected it to be I grew to really care for a character that hadn t really been given MUCH attention and who I had hoped was given a happy ending Jim I was disappointed at how selfish the story was regarding Jim [...]

  • I ve been anticipating this book for such a long time, even before it actually being announced I ve been watching Carrie s videos for a long time and when I heard her mention in her Queen of Procrastination video that her goal is to write a book, I was already looking forward to holding that book in my hands Carrie is so full of talent and creativity and I was really excited when she announced her first fiction novel I was almost scared my expectations were too high but they were exceeded.This b [...]

  • Ok, so I didn t hate it But I didn t love it, either There were many, many things in On The Other Side that made me roll my eyes, or sigh quite dramatically, or swear quite viciously For me, I think the biggest annoyance was having no definitive timeline when, exactly, is Evie her 27 year old self Because if we re saying that 82 year old Evie died in 2016 then there are many, many things about her younger self s timeline that just wouldn t happen or be obtainable and I checked those things with [...]

  • Ok Reviewing this book is really difficult And not just because I finished it over a fortnight ago It s difficult because I love Carrie and I love this genre, so I think I am biased To me, this book felt so close to being perfection, so close to being 5 star, and yet just missing The romance in beautiful and believable Those whirlwind, doomed romances are so hard to capture and yet Carrie does it beautiful Also the moments of magic realism a la The Night Circus were truly wonderful It gave me th [...]

  • Some elements hardly made sense, even for magical realism I believe that the decision Evie made wasn t the only one or the best one, whatever her arguments But then, the story would have no point to exist now would it Also, I think that Evie s character could ve shown a little gratitude towards Jim She did express feelings about three times but I feel like he deserved .In spite of the few passages when I raised an eyebrow thinking what the h I loved this story I loved the characters I loved the [...]

  • Disappointing and Amateur Relies on a few moments of pretty imagery to sell a novel with limited plot, badly written, cliche prose, and preposterous characterisation SPOILERS I probably would have loved this book when I was aged 12 13 but I fear that no one over the age of 25 could find a favourite here, the fact that this was supposedly geared towards the adult market is a touch laughable I picked up this book as a fan of the author and therefore went into reading this hoping for great things I [...]

  • This book is amazing I do not know what I was waiting for but thisbook surprised me in every possible way.It is a captivating and totally engaging story,it gave me The beautiful sorrows of ava lavender vibes with the hints of magical realism and focus on loving and familiar relationships.Is a charming book that surprised me completely and I recommend if you like magical realism books that make you think about life.

  • 5 5 stars Absolutely wonderful I read this today when I felt awful and this made me smile and care so much about all of the characters I m so proud of Carrie and how she made me feel so many happy and wonderful feelings.

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