Half Blood The gasps and murmuring grew Though some were hardly than whispers clear words reached Jace s ears dangerous monster animal soulless He tried to back away from their accusing eyes but the collar
  • Title: Half-Blood
  • Author: Jaye L. Knight
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  • Page: 348
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Half-Blood
    The gasps and murmuring grew Though some were hardly than whispers, clear words reached Jace s ears dangerous, monster, animal, soulless He tried to back away from their accusing eyes, but the collar pulled hard against his throat and held him in place For all his years as a slave, Jace has known nothing but the hatred people hold for his mixed blood one half humanThe gasps and murmuring grew Though some were hardly than whispers, clear words reached Jace s ears dangerous, monster, animal, soulless He tried to back away from their accusing eyes, but the collar pulled hard against his throat and held him in place For all his years as a slave, Jace has known nothing but the hatred people hold for his mixed blood one half human, the other half the blood of a race considered monsters Always, he is the outsider and quickly learns it is better to keep to himself Yet, when his volatile ryrik blood leads him to do the unthinkable, he is thrown into a world of violence and bloodshed Forced to become a gladiator, Jace finds and of his heart dying as his master works to break down his will not to become the monster everyone believes he is When a stranger interferes with his master s harsh punishment, Jace s world is upended yet again But with it comes the possibility of hope that has long since died Could the man possibly hold the key to escaping the hopeless darkness that is Jace s life Is there such a thing as life beyond the cruelty of slavery See where Jace s story all began .
    Half-Blood By Jaye L. Knight,
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      348 Jaye L. Knight
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  • Jaye L. Knight

    Jaye L Knight is an award winning author, homeschool graduate, and shameless tea addict with a passion for Christian fantasy Armed with an active imagination and love for adventure, Jaye weaves stories of truth, faith, and courage with the message that, even in the deepest darkness, God s love shines as a light to offer hope She has been penning stories since the age of eight and resides in the Northwoods of Wisconsin.


  • Half Blood by Jaye L Knight is a prequel novella to tie in with the ILYON CHRONICLES Though heart wrenching at points, it s a great read overall.Jace, who this story is about, quickly became dear to me as I read Resistance book 1 and The King s Scrolls book 2 We saw glimpses of the dark past of our sweet but brooding hero, but never really got the chance to explore it Half Blood gives us that chancerevealing some of the most terrible moments of Jace s life sniffle Poor, dear, sweet Jace hugs him [...]

  • Ahwell, as to be expected this story is tough But it is also a very important step into understanding our hero, Jace This story fully reveals the raw pain he went through that shaped him into the man he is in the following books I wouldn t recommend this as a starting place for the series Without knowing the future, I imagine it would be very tough to get through If you don t handle stories of cruelty, then you should know the first 70% is almost non stop cruelty The sad thing is that it s actua [...]

  • UPDATED FULL REVIEW All his life, Jace has been a slave He has been forced to become a gladiator, and treated so harshly, lower than an animal Little does anyone know, Jace as half ryrik and half human has a heart, a soul, and he is not truly defined by his ryrik blood He is not an angry killer he is only thought to be one And he is treated for the first 17 20 or so years of his life as though he is less than worthless Oh my I can t really in good conscience say that I loved or enjoyed this book [...]

  • There are only two books that I can claim to have read within twenty four hours of their release Trust, and now this one Both written by the same author, though under different names The only reason I haven t read any of her other books within twenty four hours of their release is that they were released before I discovered Molly Jaye, or I got to read them early for review purposes.For some reason, I didn t join the blog tour for Half Blood, partially because I didn t realize there WAS a sign u [...]

  • Let me just blurt out oh my goodness, oh my goodness, oh my goodness There isn t enough I could say to tell you how much I loved this book And hated it But let s get on to what it is about.This is a prequel book to the first book in the the Ilyon Chronicles Resistance It is a backstory of the life of Jace, one of the two main characters Starting when he is six years old, Jace is a slave He s also half ryrik That, supposedly, makes him dangerous He has no memory of his parents Sold from one slave [...]

  • Age Appropriate For 13 and up for violence and thematic elementsBest for Ages 13 and upA story just about Jace One where I finally get to hear about his background Yes please ahem Yes, I was very eager to read this book when I was offered an advanced reader copy.The first thing, have a box of tissues with you This story was heart wrenching I knew it wasn t going to be lighthearted, but I was not prepared for the emotional punch this story packed Knight didn t spare the readers of the hurt that m [...]

  • Holy cow HOLY COW So many things going through my mind, and I ve had some time to recover If reading A Time to Die counts as recovering P Anyway, this was the very last book I finished in 2015, and I don t think I can do a normal review SPOILERS BELOW 2 things I adored Seeing Rayad, and Jace helping Strune0 things I loved about Jasper SCREECH grabs pitchfork 1 thing I didn t like Seeing Kali and Aldor again BECAUSE I KNOW WHAT S GOING TO HAPPEN TO THEM 5 things that made me sad Jace s childhood, [...]

  • I must admit, I had very high expectations for this book Jace has been my favorite character in Ilyon pretty much since chapter 1 of Resistance Jaye told us that he had a tragic past a little in Resistance, but this is where we get the full story This book fully met my expectations I cried Oh did I cry Sometimes I forced myself to put it down and wait until I was in private so I could cry The beginning of the book features a 6 year old Jace that makes me want to give him a big hug even .Like Jay [...]

  • This is the back story of Jace from Resistance Ilyon Chronicles Book 1 If you like Jace, as I do, it is a must read Do read Resistance first though Jace s story is essentially sad, except for the end I was expecting a harrowing story and it was, but some scenes were cut short and the cruelty was not as detailed as it could have been for which I was grateful Most of the material in this is not new, in the sense that it tallies from what we know in Resistance but it is from Jace s point of view an [...]

  • I all but sobbed all through the last half of this book Usually when I say, I cried at a book, I mean gently misting eyes I have to wipe my eyes a couple of times but with this, I couldn t keep my face dry for than ten minutes and the words started to blur before my eyes.

  • Jace cries forever I ll always love you You re nowhere near a monster or animal everyone says you are I REALLY enjoyed learning about Jace s backstory I just wonder who his parents are Hopefully we ll find out in the rest of the series, maybe I can t wait to read about Jace

  • What I thought Let s see if I can make this review not all just squeals and SPOILERS, and actually a readable review.Can I say, I NEARLY CRIED AT THIS BOOK Okay, so I didn t actually cry, but I felt like I should be It was really sad and depressing, but at the end there is a glimmer of hope, and it is so BEAUTIFUL.And Jace Oooh, I wish he were real So badly He is just so amazing Writing Plot This plot This plot Oh, why, Jaye She tore my heart into a million pieces A million It was so good, and s [...]

  • I hope I didn t alarm our neighbors at my abundant delighted screams I ran all the way up and down Our lane its pretty long and I hate running because I was so happy but enough about that, moving onI m still pretty shocked I didn t cry, nor did my eyes get watery Like really how I did that I have no idea This book was amazing, sad, but so amazing I stayed up till 12 in the morning and finished it and then went right up to my sisters face while she was trying to sleep and said don t you just love [...]

  • Jace My sister jokingly says that Ilyon should be called the Poor Jace Series and nowhere is that true than in Half Blood This is the story of Jace s past Not where he comes from, that s in yet unpublished books, but Jace s recollected past His growing up years His years as a slave and a gladiator The cruelty he received How it shaped him into the Jace we all know and love.We see him as a little boy trying to be kind, to stand up for defenseless animals, we watch him have his first struggle wit [...]

  • So Where to begin I Love This Book.Half Blood is such a small, cute little book, with lots of darkness, action, Jace, and light I mean, a whole admittedly small book ALL ABOUT JACE What can go wrong For him everything, poor thing, but for the reader nothing Because Jace It s fantastic.Jace Poor, dear, darling, dark, epic, beat up, abused, cool, awesome, half ryrik half human Jace I love him He s the best He also needs a hug, and lots of shortbread cookies.The end I loved the end When Rayad showe [...]

  • Having read Resistance and King s Scrolls, I was super interested in Jace s back story Half Blood starts us with Jace at the age of six and takes us through until he is removed from slavery If you are familiar with Jace s point of mind in Resistance, you know that he starts that book with a very low opinion of himself In Half Blood, instead of being like Resistance, where he gradually begins to see himself in a better light, we have the opposite, where he starts to see the worst of himself.Half [...]

  • Can t say I enjoyed this book, you know, but it was good as expected So terribly sad, but I liked experiencing Jace s first days with Rayad through his eyes It does explain why he is who he is Great middle novella for fans wanting Jace s backstory view spoiler Can I just say, Jasper killing the bird as blackmail was the thing that made me the most mad I don t know why But there you have it hide spoiler

  • Let me just say that this is such an excellent prequel novella in the Ilyon Chronicles If you liked Jace in Jaye s other books, you will be riveted by this book It s not comfortable to read, but it is deep and gives inspiring and heart wrenching insight into Jace s past as well as hope If you ve read Resistance, you ll love Half Blood.I particularly liked reading a whole book from Jace s point of view I felt like I couldn t connect with and understand Jace like I wanted to in Resistance, and I r [...]

  • The Ilyon Chronicles are fast becoming my favorite book series, so I was thrilled when my younger sister allowed me to read her copy of Half Blood.It was really neat to be let into the secret world of Jace, and see what he was like before Resistance book 1 of the Ilyon Chronicles It was quite depressing I kept turning page after page waiting for things to get better, unfortunately things got a lot worse before they got betterI would have liked to see at least one or two people show kindness to J [...]

  • Everyone and their cousin seems to be after me to read this series, so I finally sat down and read the prequel novella in an attempt to get me hooked enough to not be too daunted by the length of the later books It s kinda dark and likely not everyone s cup of tea, but I didn t mind it so much since I ve read similar tales before Jace is awesome naturally and I love Rayad too, and I m looking forward to continuing the series Ya know, once I get over the length cough I m sorry, long books tend to [...]

  • Half Blood has violence and intense scenes than Resistance and The King s Scrolls, though even the tear jerking scene in this book can t compare with the heart destroying scene in The King s Scrolls The violence is not gratuitous, and Jaye dwells on its effects on Jace than on what is physically happening While reading it, I sometimes got the sense that Jace didn t want to dwell on or see what was happening or what he was doing, and thus the reader didn t either It was a technique that worked [...]

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