The Collected Stories of Isaac Bashevis Singer

The Collected Stories of Isaac Bashevis Singer The forty seven stories in this collection selected by Singer himself out of nearly one hundred and fifty range from the publication of his now classic first collection Gimpel the Fool in un
  • Title: The Collected Stories of Isaac Bashevis Singer
  • Author: Isaac Bashevis Singer Herb Johnson
  • ISBN: 9780374517885
  • Page: 451
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Collected Stories of Isaac Bashevis Singer
    The forty seven stories in this collection, selected by Singer himself out of nearly one hundred and fifty, range from the publication of his now classic first collection, Gimpel the Fool, in 1957, until 1981 They include supernatural tales, slices of life from Warsaw and the shtetls of Eastern Europe, and stories of the Jews displaced from that world to the New World, frThe forty seven stories in this collection, selected by Singer himself out of nearly one hundred and fifty, range from the publication of his now classic first collection, Gimpel the Fool, in 1957, until 1981 They include supernatural tales, slices of life from Warsaw and the shtetls of Eastern Europe, and stories of the Jews displaced from that world to the New World, from the East Side of New York to California and Miami.
    The Collected Stories of Isaac Bashevis Singer By Isaac Bashevis Singer Herb Johnson,
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    Isaac Bashevis Singer was a Polish American author of Jewish descent, noted for his short stories He was one of the leading figures in the Yiddish literary movement, and received the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1978 His memoir, A Day Of Pleasure Stories of a Boy Growing Up in Warsaw , won the U.S National Book Award in Children s Literature in 1970, while his collection A Crown of Feathers and Other Stories won the U.S National Book Award in Fiction in 1974.


  • If you believe in God, then He exists This sentiment best surmises the questions and crises of faith presented in the Nobel winning body of work from Isaac Bashevis Singer The Polish born author came to the United States on the brink of WWII and left an honorable mark on Jewish literature, winning two National Book Awards, one for his memoirs and one for A Crown of Feathers which he shared with Thomas Pynchon for Gravity s Rainbow , as well as the Nobel in 1978 While having written With a wide v [...]

  • I used to read short stories a lot Now I m remembering the pleaure they used to give me by going back and reading some of each book Isaac Bashevis Singer s collection is one exellent example of how short stories should be written Recommended.

  • If I could have chosen a grandfather, I would have chosen this man for the stories alone I recommend this to people who like dry humor, vegetables, optimism devoid of religion, religion devoid of optimism, despair both with and without rejection , facades, bold sarcasm, and flirtatious eyes.

  • Years ago when I was living in Berkeley my friend gave me her New Yorker magazine, and I read one of the stories out of it All I remember is that it was a story about a Jewish man and his wife living in an apartment in New York I remembered the author s name as either Isaac Singer or Saul Bellow.I bought this heavy volume of Isaac Singer s short stories to see if I could find that story Who knows, maybe I will.Singer s writing is refreshing because it is different I am not too fond of it when fa [...]

  • If Sholem Aleichem is the grand master of Jewish folk tales depicting life of the common people then Isaac Bashevis Singer is the anti Sholem Aleichem, representing all the misfits and lost souls of the Jewish ghetto No matter what era 18th Century, Pre Holocaust or Post Holocaust, or community Poland, Brooklyn, anywhere, his stories all boil down to Jews that are either rejected by their communities or even by themselves Add a gentle serving of ancient Jewish mysticism, mostly dybbuks and devil [...]

  • Many of these stories contain a demon that comes to tempt I strongly recommend the story Brother Beetle for adults It s only 8 pages.

  • I don t know if anyone who didn t grow up in a Yiddish speaking Jewish household would feel this waybut this is the greatest book in the world Isaac Bashevis Singer is my favorite writer He writes a kind of magical realism, but of a very different sort than the type one finds in Marquez and Rushdie The realism never bends in a way that does not illustrate a larger point, his stories are hidden philosophical queries about morality, about existence, about sin, about desire, about love Singer is on [...]

  • There were some aspects of this anthology that weren t to my particular taste In a collection of almost 50 short stories by the same author some repetition of themes and characters is only to be expected, but the author revisits certain themes with a passion bordering on obsession and unfortunately they did not all interest me such as temptation, list, adultery, judgement and punishment and salvation through religion However, the stories offer a fascinating glimpse into pre war European Jewish l [...]

  • An impressive collection comprising stories split between featuring rural Jewish communities in pre WWII Poland and post WWII Jewish immigrants in New York City, involving meditations on Jewishness, sin, and the devil In total IBS offers a rather gloomy, fatalistic vision of the world which I enjoy but my main caveat is that Singer is fairly misogynist, especially his earlier stories which conflate sin and sex and women in that classically conservative, traditional way This improves later on, wh [...]

  • These are the equivalent of Grimm s fairy talesr adults.Rich, ruthless, colourful and magical.n and humorous Kylie, did you read the volume I bought for you in Paris The Seance and Other Stories was a parting gift, a volume I left languishing on the shelf for a few years and which I read out of guilt,that is, until I got into the very first story After that an obsession Now all readEVERY volume No Holocaust tales hereSinger tells the most magical, bizarre, intriguing stories of Jewish village a [...]

  • Isaac Bashevis Singer wrote magical realism before it was fashionable Most of these lyrical stories take place in the twilight world that existed between the first and second world wars Set in tiny villages and lost cities, these tales are studies in morality and the struggle between good and evil Singer s stories seem ordinary and warm at first, then turn on a dime and spiral into a strange, warped darkness where the protagonist s soul is often on the line and the devil walks among us in the fo [...]

  • The Cafeteria one is the best short story to represent Singer s ghost style, but it is not a regular ghost, it is a haunting cultural ghost as I call it It s a writer s last shout to his own losing culture, but he doesn t need to worry, it won t be lost.

  • love love love his story tellinglearned so much about jewish americans pasts and learning about their folk lore, love itad it

  • What a great collection of stories Some common themes include the occult, demons, lovers, cheaters, Judaism, pious Jews, secular Jews, doubting Jews, outcast Jews, disenfranchized and disenchanted Jews, and Jewish survivors of the Holocaust, Nazism, war, immigration, and cultural upheaval One very memorable passage that I will always remember is from the story Brother Beetle Suddenly I saw her She glanced around, looking for someone, as if she had an appointment I noticed everything at once the [...]

  • Singerove pri e su lijepe i prividno jednostavne Gimpl bena je mra na i smije na pri a o ovjeku koji je cijelog ivota predmet ale, ali koji to pomirljivo prihvata Njegova enidba, njegov brak, njegov posao sve je to nekako nastalo zato to su ljudi eljeli da ga prevare, da izokrenu njegov svijet, i da mu se pritom surovo nasmiju Me utim, u svoj porazan i smije an ivot Gimpl unosi svu ljubav za koju je sposoban, bezuspe no ga osmi ljava, uvijek sve opra ta i zaboravlja Uporan u svom ne primje ivanj [...]

  • These stories are the literary equivelant of Marc Chagall s paintings They tend to concentrate on folklore and village characters, and are full of literally fantastic individuals and magical encounters I loved all of them I took this book with me when I was doing a week long course and staying at a hotel near Heathrow about twenty three years ago, although some nights I was too drunk to see straight and fell asleep in the middle of a story Drinks were a perk.

  • I discovered him by looking on TV the very famous emission of Bernard Pivot Apostroophe.I did not know anything with the culture yiddisch.He was so extraordinary that I run to buy its books I had the impression to see the Chagall paintings moving He is much pr cious than all this culture died with the Nazis.A testimony moving of a disappeared culture

  • This collection of short stories has everything.os, joy, poverty, beauty and dybbuks Set in an imaginary shetl a cross between Yentl and Fiddler on The Roof, Singer writes about the villagers, their relationship with God, their superstitions, marriages, deaths vegetables A beautiful book of stories from a lost culture

  • FINALLY This is an enormous book many storiesme of which I hated, some of which I loved None of them bored me I am left wondering if I.B Singer disliked women especially, or all of humanity equally.

  • The Yiddish HawthorneI haven t read nearly all of these storiesbut everyone is a beautiful nightmare or dream from another world or time.

  • There is nothing new in the praiseworthy department that I can say about Singer s writing He was a treasure, and my only regret is that I can t read the originals in Yiddish.However, yesterday I saw a 2015 documentary, The Muses of Isaac Bashevis Singer, about the army of young women he used as translators and who he referred to as his harem Apparently, in spite of being described by many of the younger by decades harem as being very ugly , a pixie with white fringe , old , and did you see those [...]

  • I have read 7 stories from this collection as of now Its just a fascinating world that Singer paints Singer world view is predominantly set in small Jewish village in Polland called Frampool or Kreshev Singer brilliantly explores the question of faith of the significance of religious belief as part of human existence Faith is the core point of interest in all of these stories These are feudal villages which are confined to itself People live by their faith, and how they are forced upon to stream [...]

  • Singer is a very different writer from I L Peretz whose writing is like Scripture and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction and training in righteousness No, Singer s stories are entertaining above all else and his characters are a fallen lot and quite happy in their depravity, for the most part The supernatural runs rampant with dybbuks and elflocks galore.My gripes The physical descriptions of characters grate on the nerves for sheer repetitiveness, as does Singer s tendency to [...]

  • I read this book because I remembered the fun little children s stories my father used to read to me bu I B Singer about the fools of Chelm, all of which were not only humorous, light hearted, and mirthful, but also complete stories, with well formed, often clever plots Imagine my disappointment, therefore, when Singer s adult stories read like half finished character sketches that seemed to exist only to justify the perverse fantasies of a creepy old man Shrewd Toadie and Lizer the Miser these [...]

  • I really liked all of this A lot of the early stories read like fairy tales, probably because of all the villages and supernatural beings and stuff I enjoyed Short Friday and all the descriptions of food and cold nights and his weird afterlife views I liked the juxtaposition in The Spinoza of Market Street between the main character s intellectual pursuits and his impending marriage And all the people outside The life pulsating all around him I loved the descriptions of rituals and beliefs it wa [...]

  • I don t know, but for me most of these stories were missing something There is something wrong with the plot structure There is an exposition, a conflict, a rising action, but in most of these stories what is missing is the climax and resolution There is no ending that resolves the conflict Many endings are just the protagonists dying of old age.For life, that is realistic For short stories that is lazy.I liked some most of the stories, but they left me very dissapointed towards the end.

  • A fascinating insight into Yiddish customs, legends, and culture I especially love the stories that explore the nature of God, the existence of God, the origin of the universe, the meaning of life, etc My favourite story is The Slaughterer , since I myself am preoccupied by the issues Yoineh Meir raises in this story Singer had a very keen understanding of human nature, and he presents his characters realistically, warts and all I love his cynicism and pessimism, interspersed with the occasional [...]

  • Words fail me I m awash in old world Jewish culture, complete with imps, demons, and dybbuks Nobody s normal If they start out acting normal, they soon morph into something grotesque Some of the old world Jews have emigrated to New York or New Jersey or Miami, but they can t escape their demons A few of the stories are very funny, and some of them are very famous standard college reading material but mostly, things turn out very badly for everyone.

  • An amazing find Several hundred pages worth of original stories no story is like another Some of the best character development and skillful descriptive detail I ve ever read I m sorry I didn t save of this book for the Thanksgiving holiday when I ll be out of town, but I simply can t stop reading.

  • I read this collection of stories pretty much straight through,probably not the best way to appreciate short stories I had read Singer before and so was familiar with his themes and tone I did enjoy the stories but encountered so much death and despair than I had remembered The humor is often tinged with pathos and tragedy So this is a mixed review for me.

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