Mankind’s Search for God

Mankind s Search for God Throughout mankind s history the search for God has led up many pathways resulting in a diversity of religious expression Has this search for God been successful Through this book we invite you to jo
  • Title: Mankind’s Search for God
  • Author: Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society
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  • Page: 112
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mankind’s Search for God
    Throughout mankind s history the search for God has led up many pathways, resulting in a diversity of religious expression Has this search for God been successful Through this book we invite you to join in that fascinating search for the true God.
    Mankind’s Search for God By Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society,
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  • One of the three books that I could not put down until I finished reading in my entire life So well researched, very informative and no biases on any religions The JWs as publisher was only discussed very sparingly at the final chapters I believe no other entity could produce a well researched and well documented book as this.

  • From Buddhism to Taoism, Islam to Judaism, this publication is an interesting inquiry into the history and beliefs of today s major religions.

  • When I picked this book up in a used book store and noted that publisher was the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania, I had a vague notion of the import Then I figured it out concretely this is an official survey of the world s religions by the Jehovah s Witnesses church and my hopes for an objective piece evaporated Oh, well, I thought, might as well see what it has to say.And it has a lot to say It s actually a pretty good survey of the world s major religions with some but not [...]

  • I love this book It really gives you an honest understanding of why so many religions and where they came from.It also helps honest hearted people to find the truth Jehovah s witnesses live the bible, that s why they know it so well And this book just rounds out their bible education.

  • Religion, how did it begin and where Is there One Truth IF there is, what about the rest If none, why so Many Is this how the Creator wanted it to be To learn about other religions, faiths or principles does not constitute one to be unfaithful to what he she originally stands for or believes It adds to the richness of one s understanding of people around us, what they believe in, why they believe, how they come to believe Hence, instead of causing divisions, it can contribute to the understandin [...]

  • I love this book It looks at a variety of religious groups and compares ideology It s so concise and comparative It s clear and easy to understand One of my favorites.

  • 11 02 12I ve just begun reading this book My intentions are to gain a better, even generalized understanding of the various religions it mentions I hope to find this book to be as objective as possible in the descriptions it provides.11 08 12Completed this book today The general overviews of the various religions were informative and relatively objective I am grateful for the opportunity to learn some history and gain understanding If someone had not given me this book to read, it is unlikely I [...]

  • Mankind s Search for God presents a brief overview of some of the world s biggest religions These chapters are pretty good and informative and not too biased But the point of the book is to say that all religions are wrong except for the Jehovah s Witnesses The book assumes, without proof, that the Bible is literally true so its version of history starts with Adam and Eve and then the flood and the tower of Babel where allegedly people split into different groups which gave rise to all the false [...]

  • This is one of my all time favorite books The basic or general descriptions it gives of such a variety of religions is amazing It really helps to understand what some of your acquaintances beliefs may be It also helped me analyze my own beliefs I enjoyed every minute of it It s a re read and re read again.

  • The information in this book was well researched and respectfully conveyed which, admittedly, I didn t expect it to be Religious propaganda usually builds up one religion while tearing the others to shreds, like a particularly vicious debate opponent This book does aim to explain the Witnesses perspective, and you do come away with a better understanding I liked this book just because I m a sucker for history, and I like learning new things, and I always find it interesting when someone is able [...]

  • This publication interested me very very very much It opened my eyes to the ones whom have been mislead by Satan to really value Jehovah s provision through Jesus ransom to reach out undeservedly and show the light Of course is required than just knowing and this is placed in its proper valued place so if you want the history of mankind s search for God or would like to read just because or because you feel like your search for the true God is just impossible, please give this a read You won t [...]

  • If you wish to get a solid and detailed back round of the world s major religions, then I do not believe that you can do better than this book here I took my time reading it, examining the way that men have approached God over the centuries I have never seen a better description of the corruption of the early Christian Church, or the reformation explained so simply.

  • This was an interesting walk through the world s religions Major religions are spoken about with respect to the followers I was impressed by the number of references from secular sources This was a great read and made me appreciate my stand as one of Jehovah s Witnesses all the .

  • read this in high school for a book report i like how it shows how similar the diverse religions are, with the same myths like the great flood.

  • Excellent publication exploring the beliefs and origins of the worlds major religions, providing insight into the commonalities and curiosities of different faiths A must read for all who want to understand people s differing viewpoints breaking down ignorance and prejudice.

  • Nie wiem czy mo na nazwa to ksi k , ale ISBN na, wi c trudno nazwa to inaczej To taka broszurka od wiadk w Jehowy, ale ma ponad 350 stron, wi c zaliczam do ksi ek.Ciekawa, bo o r nych religiach, a to mnie interesuje, tylko szkoda, e z ich punktu widzenia , a wi c nie ca kiem obiektywnie.Co mi si rzuci o w oczy, to fakt, e wiele r nych wsp lnych cech maj te najwi ksze religie wiata Praktycznie to jest to samo.Jeszcze jedna ciekawa kwestia symbolem d inizmu jest swastyka, a d inizm surowo zabrania [...]

  • I was handed this book by a supposed Hindu today at a gas station I ve been studying The Vedas and the Bhagavadgita and have found this to be MY calling I simply asked if he were Hindu he replied, Yes So I continued to ask him what temple he attended and he told me the location of one I was excited to finally continue with my beliefs and philosophy and learn further teachings from a guru On my way out, he handed me this book I didn t realize till I got home this was a Jehovah Witness book They s [...]

  • This book was given to me from a good friend at work It s a survey of the world s major religions, and I think it was written very well while it s subtle propaganda, the entirety of the book is based on facts and textual references It was clearly very well researched, and as someone who seeks to understand my faith, I needed to be exposed to other beliefs and other religions The book, while driving home the subliminal point that most of the world s religions fail to sate man s search for true fa [...]

  • A friend recently asked me if I knew of any simple, comparative overviews on religions of the world While this handy little text does guide you through a brief, simple overview of some ten faith systems, it is by no means objective Throughout the text, there is a clear bias which continuously suggests in a very polite tone that the overviews of other religious beliefs only go to prove that there is one true God The presumption is implied that said deity can be found only through devout Christian [...]

  • I picked up this book when it was recommended to me as an excellent source of information on Shinto which I was, and am, currently researching for a writing project While it proves interesting from a historical point of view, it fails to focus on any world religion in enough detail to be suitable to my needs And the bias towards Christianity the sort of thinly veiled and subtly condescending everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so long as it s ours attitude Jehovah s Witnesses are frequent [...]

  • Definitely promoting Jehovah s Witness beliefs While it does a decent job of explaining how each religion searches for happiness, I was really dissapointed how biased each chapter was I didn t feel like the positive attributes of each religion was emphasized at all The first chapter talks about why it is good to be interested in other religions, but the remainder of the book seems to explain how other religions are inferior Granted, to believe in one faith it is assumed that all others are infer [...]

  • While the argument can be made that it is fairly informative piece on the World s Religions There was indeed an underlying bias throughout the entire thing.It s most evident in the end, but the bias offers an uncomfortable sense of condescension.So much so, I can understand why the last few chapters are frequently skipped.

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