My Book of Bible Stories

My Book of Bible Stories Its Bible accounts appear in the order of their historical occurrence The book is especially designed for young children yet everyone can benefit from the book s than beautiful illustrations
  • Title: My Book of Bible Stories
  • Author: Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 102
  • Format: Paperback
  • My Book of Bible Stories
    Its 116 Bible accounts appear in the order of their historical occurrence The book is especially designed for young children, yet everyone can benefit from the book s than 125 beautiful illustrations.
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    The Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania is a nonprofit corporation formed in 1884 under the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, U.S.A It is used by Jehovah s Witnesses to support their worldwide work, which includes publishing Bibles and Bible based literature.According to its charter, the corporation s purposes are religious, educational, and charitable, in particular, to preach and teach the gospel of God s Kingdom under Christ Jesus Membership in the corporation is by invitation only and is not based on how much a person has donated The corporation members and directors assist the Governing Body of Jehovah s Witnesses.


  • One of my best childhood reading experiences I still rememberbeing transported to a different world with the words and the illustrations in that shiny, new, yellow book from the barrelah the nostalgia, one of my aunt s best gifts ever.

  • This book is pretty much where I got all my biblical knowledge from I still know a lot than most of my school mates.

  • My mother used this book to teach me how to read and I m glad she did While some of my playmates were reading stories about the Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Peter Pan, and other fairy tales, I was reading stories about Abraham, Moses, Noah, Jonah and other bible characters who faithfully served the only true God.This book deserves a perfect rating It can help parents in inculcating moral values in the hearts of their children.

  • awww childhood memories I grew up with this book.I just stumble on it now online and decided to buy for future use for my children yet unborn isn t that funny

  • Mind pollution for children used to start applying twisted logic of Jehovah s Witnesses to their mind and implant a fear of displeasing the Watchtower organization.Do not let children read this rubbish.

  • One of my favourite childhood books It holds so many memories My parents used to read it to me before I went to bed, and often I d fall asleep listening to the accompanying tapes.

  • I read this to my younger bible students and they love it cause they learn so much, and the pictures are so beautiful i remember reading this when i was younger and i loved it It helps you understand the basics stories of the bible.

  • What I appreciated most about this book when I first read it as a child was that it put the entire Bible in chronological order, including events in the lifetime of Jesus It made the Bible an admittedly difficult book for a child to read, let alone understand understandable.

  • Hmmmmething tells me JWs flooded the website to leave positive reviews of their own books, because virtually no one else would do so.

  • This is a review for the 1978 version Obey or die Is that the message you want your child to have Due to the graphic photos in this book, I don t recommend it for children When I was growing up, I was permitted only to read literature distributed this publisher and was not allowed to read any other literature unless it was for a public school assignment When this book came out, I can remember how the younger members were overjoyed to finally have a publication for kids I can remember how shockin [...]

  • Taken literally, as it s intended, this is a one star But, it s a fun read for a thinking adult just because the stories are obviously, absurdly untrue.

  • I grew up reading this book every day when I was little I do realize that it was not wtiten by God is credited on The artwork is pretty amazing A funny storywhen asked by an elder, Who died in the great flood I replied, the elephants because of a drawing depicting a wooly mammoth outside the ark in the rain That was some extreme artistic license on the part of the illustrator I would say.

  • This book is specifically designed to educate young people about good morals and teach them how to apply the basic teachings of the Holy Scriptures The stories were based on the Bible Full colored pictures and well written contents.

  • One of my favorite books as a child and even now I reread it occasionally I remember receiving it at the District Convention of Jehovah s Witnesses in Memphis, TN.

  • This was a most wonderful childhood christian story book, I think most kids I knew back then owned one

  • Loved this book as a kid Made the bible stories and their lessons very clear to me as a child I remember it being an absolutely enjoyable reading experience.

  • The gratuitous violence and sex scenes in this book are must for every 4 year old they have fuelled my nightmares and fantasies for quarter of a century not as good as the Armageddon book

  • Le este libro de ni o, y me gust tanto que lo le a una y otra vez Y hasta empec a leer la biblia por partes gracias a este libro, porque ten a la impresi n que la biblia era como este libro pero con esteroides, o sea m s gordo, con las historias con m s detalles.Las impresiones que me dej En el jard n del Ed n los leones son vegetarianos A dios no le gustaba que Ca n fuera agricultor y vegetariano, por eso le hacia desplantes, y prefer a las ofrendas de corderos degollados de Abel, que no le gus [...]

  • It was a very enjoyable reading, the old and new testament core tales being narrated in a easy to understand language I read this book over and over when I was a kid.Only when I grew up I realized some chapters are biased and there is a lot the stories here and many happenings during and between many of this that are taken out in order to make the message clear It did a good job I probably know most of Bible tales specially old testament because of it.I had the long print version The other vers [...]

  • This book is highly disturbing for children I was raised on this book and am still haunted by some of the stories it contains Since Jehovah s Witnesses are a high control cult, most of the stories are geared toward instilling fear in a child so that they behave properly so as not to receive gods judgement The book tells actual stories that happen in the bible, so of course murder and death are commonplace throughout, depicted not just in word but also in graphic illustrations I would not recomme [...]

  • this book gave me nightmares as a child but it used to be a yellow cover Indoctrination knows no age but anyone that has truly read the Bible and thinks it is appropriate for children also thinks Dina being raped was her fault oh wait yeah, that s in this book enjoy reading to your little one about rape, victim blaming and murder.

  • I remember my mom reading this to me when I was little.A wonderful book, full with a collection of short biblical stories Each story is summarized and told, using the main points of the topic An easy read for all ages

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