The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived

The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived The life of Jesus Christ presenting every event in his earthly life that is set forth in the four Gospels including the speeches he delivered and his illustrations and miracles Full color illustrati
  • Title: The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived
  • Author: Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society
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  • Page: 167
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived
    The life of Jesus Christ, presenting every event in his earthly life that is set forth in the four Gospels, including the speeches he delivered and his illustrations and miracles Full color illustrations on practically every page.
    The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived By Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society,
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  • I am not a Jehovah s Witness, but I enjoyed this book as an alternative Christian literature to most of the Trinitarian based literatures about Jesus Despite some Jehovah s Witness interpretation of certain passages, it brings to life the story of Jesus under the power of his loving and Supreme Father, Jehovah God I would know that other non Trinitarians would enjoy reading this book and the illustrations that accompany it on every page.All in all, it was a wonderful book, and I recommend it to [...]

  • The book offers an accurate and comprehensive narration of Jesus life and teachings This book shows how Jesus Christ fully accomplished the tasks that His loving Father Jehovah gave him to help others learn about God and His kingdom and to die in order to redeem the people from their sinful state.If you really want to know Jesus, you should read this book.

  • Another tear shedding book about the man greater than Alexander d Great, Napoleon Bonafarte, William Shakespeare and others.est indeed It teaches me how to live my life.

  • There are a lot of different messages that are told by the main character of the book The main theme of the book is about all of the lessons that Jesus Christ taught to people while living on earth Those lessons that he taught were the views that he and his father Jehovah had together even before he was sent to earth Jesus was the first thing that Jehovah created, even before the universe and he has spent so long with Jehovah that he has learned all of the morals and beliefs of Jehovah and becam [...]

  • Although written at a level that preteens could understand, this book is invaluable for a Bible student of any age as it chronicles the life, ministry and death of Jesus Christ The book s chapters delve into his miracles, teachings and illustrations One of the lengthiest chapters covers the Sermon on the Mount Scriptures and review questions are given at the end of each chapter for personal Bible study.

  • Great book for better explanation on who Jesus was, and his actual position in life This book is easy to read, and very informative I strongly recommend reading.

  • I loved this book about Jesus It put the events of his life in chronological order After reading it I felt like I knew him not only as the Son of God Almighty but also as a very wise and caring man I understand better why God chose him to be the one to come to earth and settle the issues raised by Satan the Devil in the Garden of Eden It also helped me to reassess my life s purpose and goals so that I can fully conform to following Jesus example closely I have given this book as a gift to seve [...]

  • Rife with historical inaccuracies which wouldn t be so noticeable if they didn t insist so thoroughly that they re accurate but a very capable depiction of the Jehovah s Witnesses beliefs about Jesus his original teachings.

  • This book which accurately represents the teaching of Jehovah Witnesses, totally misrepresents Biblical Christianity and Jesus.

  • Well compiled and easy to follow, this publication is a lovely commentary on the life of God s son and the events surrounding his ministry on earth.

  • Amazing True life of Jesus and comes with Question and Answers too it really taught me some stuff i didn t know.

  • Fantastic chronological account of Jesus life and ministry Reveals the man behind the name, which draws and deepens your love for him and his Father Get to know the real Jesus and his teachings a must read for all who want to know God s purpose and love.

  • This book skews the Bible s history of Jesus They re manipulating the facts on their advantage, go and preach the world yeah right pure people who believe in this interpretation of Bible.

  • Omg how weird, the greatest woman who ever lived is reviewing a book about the greatest man who ever lived Like wtf.Anyway, it was okay, considering I got it for free outside the Square my local shopping centre I liked some of the bits, and the pictures were good, but some of it was a bit unbelievable to be honest Like okay, I accept that the VIRGIN Mary had one child, but then the book says she had at least six children How exactly did she manage this One virgin birth is a miracle, seven is ju [...]

  • This book really gives a great insight to the teachings of Christ It also gives a perspective on the life he lived It is even referring to the pages from the Bible where this story is from So one can look it up for himself The teachings are simply guidelines, though, still with a kind of judging attitude towards it Some of the teachings a vague in explanations and hardly sufficient to integrate into ones own life Though it gives a great inspiration towards the idea and consciousness which Christ [...]

  • I studied this when we were having book study groups in our organized area I really enjoyed them Jehovah really really revealed himself through Jesus and still does today May this be something you value and read again even with others if they need assistance Jehovah is a revealer of secrets John 17 3

  • One of the best books ever written about Jesus I read this book when I was a kid It s a book for all ages I like that it has the scripture references at the end of each chapter so that you can read where the story came from straight out of the bible.

  • This book ignores the differences in the 4 gospels and pretends they all agree with each each other fully Worse, it tries to lead the reader toward joining the Jehovah s Witnesses or face God s wrath There are so many scholarly books on the gospels This is not one of them.

  • It shows Jesus Christ s life here on here on Earth, and uses Bible scriptures to back it up It helps us to see how we can follow his example.

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