Average Joe and the Extraordinaires

Average Joe and the Extraordinaires While knocking back illegal drinks with his friends at the hallowed Orangetown Pickers college football stadium average kid Joe Black finds himself desperately trying to save the life of a beautiful
  • Title: Average Joe and the Extraordinaires
  • Author: Belart Wright
  • ISBN: 9780986367502
  • Page: 313
  • Format: ebook
  • Average Joe and the Extraordinaires
    While knocking back illegal drinks with his friends at the hallowed Orangetown Pickers college football stadium, average kid Joe Black finds himself desperately trying to save the life of a beautiful dark haired woman after a deadly explosion violently interrupts his fun and games While trying to fathom why he would even do something so reckless he soon finds himself entWhile knocking back illegal drinks with his friends at the hallowed Orangetown Pickers college football stadium, average kid Joe Black finds himself desperately trying to save the life of a beautiful dark haired woman after a deadly explosion violently interrupts his fun and games While trying to fathom why he would even do something so reckless he soon finds himself entangled in a dangerous game of terrorist plots, mistaken identities, hard boiled detectives, the criminal underworld, and of all things magic as he tries to escape with his life and make sense of it all.Joe faces many challenges from all new enemies, assassins, and even his own friends Can Joe navigate all this danger, escape with his life, and handle his biggest challenge to date, finding something about himself that is truly extraordinary Find out within the pages of Average Joe and the Extraordinaires.
    Average Joe and the Extraordinaires By Belart Wright,
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    Belart Wright isA huge fan of martial arts and self masteryA big time gamer with favorites including the Legacy of Kain Series, Borderlands Series, Resident Evil Series, Metal Gear Series, Shin Megami Tensei 3 Nocturne, and a plethora of others too long to list.A wannabe philosopher and understander of things.Fascinated with the occult and other unexplainable occurrencesAn uncle of many since 4 years old.A lover of kindness, intelligence, and strength of character Not so Secretly wants to be historian, linguist, and mythologistd all these things heavily feature in my writing you ll notice.


  • Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to author Belart Wright This wasn t a bad book, but it wasn t for me.I didn t really feel anything for the characters in this book other than a bit of irritation I don t know why this was, but I just couldn t relate to them at all I d have been getting out of the stadium not following some random woman around The storyline in this was a bit confusing, and I had trouble following what was going on I think this [...]

  • I received an ebook copy from the author in exchange for an honest review Unfortunately, I don t like the story very much Believe me, I did try not to fall asleep when starting the first 5 or 6 chapters but honestly, when I saw how the story was formed and the way it laid out, an inner voice inside me whispered, Uh, oh This can t be good So yeah, I ended up skipping some parts of it and couldn t wait to finish this For me, this isn t a story It s like reading manga or comics because there are ju [...]

  • A copy was provided by the author for an honest review Joe, his best friend Mod, and his girlfriend Kate were watching a football game when an explosion turned Joe s life into multiple crazy adventures.I struggled with this book, mainly because there was nothing keeping me interested The characters were the flattest cardboard cut outs that I ve ever read The dialogues were written as scripts, which I think was the reason why I didn t feel any emotion coming from them Plus, there was no character [...]

  • I received a copy from the author, In exchange for an honest review Actual rating 2.5I didn t love the characters in this, but they were alright.I can t say I enjoyed this very much unfortunately I spent a lot of the book feeling bored, and it dragged for me because of it It wasn t awful though, It just wasn t a book for me.

  • If I m being honest which I am often than not , even though I attempt to support promising indie authors, I most likely wouldn t haven t even discovered this book if not for certain recommendations The premise didn t really jump out at me, but I suppose that s due to my book before last having a similar premise in that extraordinary people had shown up, there were secret organizations and magic Minor spoilers ahead Now then, let s jam Pros The humor in this book flows so naturally between the c [...]

  • I was gifted this copy on a read to review basis.This book is quirky and fun and fantastic It s not often I feel a children young teens book fully captures the humour and storyline which this age bracket loves As a child, I loved the kookiness and the radical storylines of Roald Dahl, Margaret Mahy and Enid Blyton and this book is in a similar albeit modern strain.Good vs Evil, magic, shape shifters and Each chapter holds some exciting twist or subtle piece of humour and the author s style is [...]

  • This book surprised me with how it changed over the course of the story What started like a simple, easygoing action, turned into a fantasy adventure with its own world and concept I don t know what I liked , the beginning that kept me reading for hours I read the book in just two sittings , the middle that told me about the characters and added suspense, or the ending that was totally awesome and promising The way the characters kept showing new sides was interesting and left me wanting I li [...]

  • DNF 45%See, I don t DNF books not until I reached the 50% mark Let me also make this clear that this book wasn t terrible The premise sounds intriguing, and there was nothing eye rolling about the characters, plot, narration or the idea execution I just couldn t get into it It felt dull, and because I put it off for probably 2 days to read another book, and picked it back up again, I couldn t remember much what happened And that s my sign if I can t remember enough what happened, I wasn t invest [...]

  • Joe may be your average guy, but this young one sure got a lot that made him extra special He was level headed and always looked out for his friends He even volunteered to help a stranger whom he thought was a damsel in distress A beautiful dark haired woman he called Beauty But Beauty wasn t really a damsel in distress On the contrary, she was one heck of a woman capable of doing things beyond the norm What Joe discovered about Beauty had him gripping and questioning about reality versus magic. [...]

  • This book is a page turner for me I m saying that because normally takes me a month to finish a whole book But that s not the case in Average Joe and the Extraordinaires I found myself lose track of time, and the result I finished reading this in less than a week That s how powerful this book to me The storyline isn t complicated, and the characters are easy to remember Basically, it s a light reading but full of ideas The conversations are refreshing and realistic It s a fun reading for me, but [...]

  • Joe may be an average guy, but with a giant BOOM no really, its in the book , Joe s life no longer is This is an adventure that begins with action and ends with action In between there is a lot of mystery and even humor The narration is done in a way that keeps the story light, even as Joe is running for his life or stopping assassination attempts I really enjoyed this book and I m looking forward to Joe s next adventure Highly entertaining and suitable for both young adults and older readers.

  • Today s review is Average Joe and the Extraordinaires , the debut novel by Indie Author Belart Wright, and the first in his Average Joe Series I came across this one after I spoke to Belart about reviewing my own debut novel, WICK He subsequently gave me the opportunity to review this one and I was than happy to oblige.Background Detroit born Belart Wright originally released AJatE on December 18th 2014, so it s been out there for around a year at the time of writing this particular review It s [...]

  • 3.5 4 Stars I was given a free copy of the book by the author.The story revolves around Joseph Remington Joe Black, an average sixteen year old Well, there is no distinct description of Joe, which I have later on discovered why at the Fun Facts part of the book The author wants us to imagine our own average Joe Well in my mind, Joe is a not so tall, not so thin pimply black haired teen.Joe with his friend Mod and girlfriend Kate are watching their favorite team, the Orangetown Pickers, when an e [...]

  • I received a copy of the book from Belart Wright for the purpose of review.I m thoroughly surprised with this book Usually I spend a week on a new book, slowly savoring all the details, characters, and the world in it But this one didn t leave me a choice.The excitement was so strong, I d probably just read it in one sleepless night if I didn t pass out after 4 hours It reminded me of my teen age years when there was no and such, and to find a good action novel like this one was a true miracle E [...]

  • AJE is my first published book and holds a special place in my heart I have poured a lot of hard work into the characters, world, and plot witnessed inside the book s pages I can say with confidence that AJE is a quality product I made sure to craft something that was great enough to read and enjoy by my own standards It s a strange book, a book that doesn t always follow the rules, and in that way it s just like me, but ultimately it s a book with a full year of quality testing and review under [...]

  • Despite its title, this is not your average book Average Joe and the Extraordinaires felt like an amazing experience It was a page turner to me since I was enthralled from start to finish.This book has an atypical way to narrate its events and lots of themes are executed brilliantly.I definitely recommend this book and I think that this story would also be great to young readers and teenagers alike.I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

  • Average Joe proves to be much than just an awkward teen The action is fast paced, fun, and thrilling, with lots of witty lines and dialogue Joe will react on instinct, fighting bad guys, saving lives, and going for a girl he calls beauty , who is than feisty This story is great for young readers and the author s style is unique, with characters that will stick in your mind for sometime Recommended.

  • The story has a lot of potential Both the first 25% and last 10% of the book moves at a good pace However, the majority of the book gets lost in a lot of noise about high school bullies and details of things that don t contribute to the story.

  • I was lucky enough to receive a copy of this book from the author, in exchange for a review.So here goes an honest review Average Joe and the Extraordinaires is about an average guy, Joe, who found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time We follow his adventures and his new found friends as he tries to basically just stay alive Let me discuss the writing style first The dialogues are written in a script style, like I was reading from a play At first, I didn t appreciate it, but as I was rea [...]

  • I received a free copy of this novel from the author in exchange for a review There is so much humor and creativity in this novel The writing is very simple, and the story flows without too many bumps But the writing is part of why I can t give this the four stars I want to give it Even though I really did enjoy this story, and recommend it to anyone looking for something original and funny Average Joe and The Extraordinaires is about one young man becoming Inspired during a baseball game, by a [...]

  • Confusing the enemy greatly contributes to their defeat Kindle Location 1375.Joe is your average guy in everything but putting himself in harm s way to save someone in need When it comes to helping or saving others, Joe does not hesitate When he sees Beauty in trouble at the local Orangetown Pickers game, he jumps in to help But Beauty is not your average damsel and she isn t really in distress, but Joe came at the right time and she uses him to help her save a different damsel In the days and w [...]

  • I received a copy of this from the very nice author, hence this honest review.First up this isn t my genre, and I feel like I m definitely part of the target audience age wise for this But I m all for supporting indie authors, so my goal for this review is for it to be constructive.The story itself plot, setting, and timeline is laid out well It s cohesive, with very little holes to poke through, and that s the basic foundation for a good book I can imagine the attempts for humor working for the [...]

  • My first thought once I had finished reading the book was whether I was an average Joe myself I must admit, this book kept me hooked onto it since the beginning.I had always thought that action was not my kind of genre, but Belart ensured that I underwent a change of thought This book is very addictive from the very beginning In fact, its very well written in spite of its simplicity The language is simple, yet powerful enough to keep to wanting to know whats up next This book has mass appeal It [...]

  • I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Belart Wright s Average Joe and the Extraordinaires is a wonderful adventure story Wright is incredible at creating vivid characters and putting them through their paces in a fast paced adventure There were a few instances where a clique was misused, the way someone learning a foreign language might use a phrase they hear a lot, understanding the meanings of individual words, but not the implications of the phrase as a whole Th [...]

  • Source I received this book in exchange for my honest opinion and review Average Joe and the Extraordinaires Average Joe Book 1 This wasn t for me hence the start rating Saying this I can t say it s a bad book, just not my cup of tea Belart Wright has quite a unique writing technique, and it was one I found quite difficult to connect with.I found the whole book, characters and story line very hard to connect with and stopped reading just under half way through, this for me rarely happens No matt [...]

  • This book was a fun read It s for teens than New Adult They re just applying for college I am abit frustrated at our Average Joe He seems so below average sometimes to the point that the other characters are treating him like he is real slow Um in other words stupid The other characters are interesting though I would like to read further because of them.This is of an introduction to the world of extra ordinaries Seems like there is a lot of potential here.Spoiler Alert Don t open this if you h [...]

  • Mehreen Ahmed s review PDF copyBelart s Average Joe and Extraordinaries is not the average run of the mill kind of a story at all In fact, it is quite extraordinary how average Joe transforms into something that the world does not think he is likely to become an accidental hero This book is about perspective, a bit like what Shakespear always thought that a fool might speak of wisdom far greater than the so called wise, the blind may have vision than those who can actually see There is always a [...]

  • Wow What a cover Ok why not 5 Well the dialogue is written in a script style which for me did not work at all The humor ever present in the book saved and almost made up for this though Much of the book is about average high school life which bogged down and took away from the original plot Making the story feel disjointed However The book is a fast read and written in a plain no nonsense language making it a fast and over all an enjoyable read Most YA books transcends the age barrier This one h [...]

  • Filled with fun dialog and creative characters this novel is a fun read It definitely fits the young adult genre and can be enjoyed by the younger audiences I also think many adults would find it entertaining Average Joe feels like a new kind of superhero for masses to enjoy, without feeling like a rip off of any other comic book character Full of action and adventure Average Joe will not disappoint It is a great start to a series and I am really looking forward to the next book.

  • Full review here as part of a Virtual Book Tour chocomeiske.wordpress 201Overall, an entertaining , intriguing, action packed read which, because of the lack of indecent language and explicit scenes, makes it appealing to all ages.

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