Crux The stunning sequel to NEXUS Six months have passed since the release of Nexus The world is a different dangerous place In the United States the terrorists or freedom fighters of the Post Human Li
  • Title: Crux
  • Author: Ramez Naam
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 468
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Crux
    The stunning sequel to NEXUS Six months have passed since the release of Nexus 5 The world is a different, dangerous place In the United States, the terrorists or freedom fighters of the Post Human Liberation Front use Nexus to turn men and women into human time bombs aimed at the President and his allies In Washington DC, a government scientist, secretly addicThe stunning sequel to NEXUS Six months have passed since the release of Nexus 5 The world is a different, dangerous place In the United States, the terrorists or freedom fighters of the Post Human Liberation Front use Nexus to turn men and women into human time bombs aimed at the President and his allies In Washington DC, a government scientist, secretly addicted to Nexus, uncovers than he wants to know about the forces behind the assassinations, and finds himself in a maze with no way out In Thailand, Samantha Cataranes has found peace and contentment with a group of children born with Nexus in their brains But when forces threaten to tear her new family apart, Sam will stop at absolutely nothing to protect the ones she holds dear In Vietnam, Kade and Feng are on the run from bounty hunters seeking the price on Kade s head, from the CIA, and from forces that want to use the back door Kade has built into Nexus 5 Kade knows he must stop the terrorists misusing Nexus before they ignite a global war between human and posthuman But to do so, he ll need to stay alive and ahead of his pursuers And in Shanghai, a posthuman child named Ling Shu will go to dangerous and explosive lengths to free her uploaded mother from the grip of Chinese authorities The first blows in the war between human and posthuman have been struck The world will never be the same File Under Science Fiction Upgraded Closer Than You Think Upload Civil War
    Crux By Ramez Naam,
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    Ramez Naam was born in Cairo, Egypt, and came to the US at the age of 3 He s a computer scientist who spent 13 years at Microsoft, leading teams working on email, web browsing, search, and artificial intelligence He holds almost 20 patents in those areas.Ramez is the winner of the 2005 H.G Wells Award for his non fiction book More Than Human Embracing the Promise of Biological Enhancement He s worked as a life guard, has climbed mountains, survived dust storms in the desert, backpacked through remote corners of China, and ridden his bicycle down hundreds of miles of the Vietnam coast He lives in Seattle, where he writes and speaks full time.


  • I am slightly ashamed of how much I enjoy Ramez Naam s techno thrillers His writing is undoubtedly the clunkiest of any scifi writer I have come across, which is saying a lot given that the genre is beset with good thinkers who often have trouble generating artful prose As with Nexus, the first in the series, almost every page of Crux is populated with clich s and mind numbingly simple sentences It s like reading something written by a 9th grader who happens to be a technology whiz The character [...]

  • Crux was a satisfying, roller coaster ride of a sequel that was intense Even though there were a bit less action scenes and the plot development a little slower, it was no less engaging than its predecessor From the conclusion of the previous book, Nexus went viral Nexus s ability to satisfy widespread human desires, combined with its innocuous perception, suggests that were the technology to ever enter the mainstream, the genie would prove very difficult to put back into the bottle.As expected, [...]

  • Review courtesy of Plenty of Pages I seem to be one of the few people according to , at least who didn t give this book an overwhelming 5 stars It wasn t that I didn t enjoy the book I did But the niggling dissatisfaction I felt with Nexus was still present in Crux There was just something off about it objectively I could see that it was a good story and pretty well written, but I never really felt it There were only a few scenes where I found myself actually caring about what happened to the ch [...]

  • Executive Summary Another great entry in this series Can t wait for Apex Audio book I m was bummed that Luke Daniels didn t read this one But that s not meant as a slight against Mikael Nara What it really means is that Mr Nara had extra work to do in order for me to be happy I m pleased to report he does a good job Fairly early on, I was over the fact of the narrator change In fact if he had been the narrator for the first book, I d have no reason to complain It s my first time listening to a b [...]

  • Phenomenal second book of Naam s sci fi trilogy.What makes this trilogy so readable is its underlying theme of humans deep communication needs I especially commend Naam for writing an antagonist who is just a hair policy decision away from his protagonist Stellar.Could do without the Houston Texas bashing and caricatures that seem so prevalent in commercial fiction Otherwise, great action, characters, pacing, and suspense Well worth readers time for those who like thrillers and mysteries as well [...]

  • This is the second in a trilogy.A brilliant, amazing book I was torn between not wanting to put it down, and being unable to continue reading because I was so anxious about what the characters were going to do and what was going to happen to them.This insane cocktail of emotions made for a nerve wracking reading experience.I can t describe the book at all without giving away so many spoilers, but I will just say if you read my review of Nexus review showd have ANY interest at all in the book, th [...]

  • I have to say that after the amazing ride of book one, I did feel this one sagged quite a bit I really think we went away from technology and advancement and spent way to much time of personal stories at one stage it just felt like a big long chase scene that really felt like it was a mode to get to the end story A few days after reading it, I am trying to explain to a friend all about the story and to be honest, everything I am spouting is in book 1 There isn t much that I think advanced the st [...]

  • If you ve read my review of Nexus, the first book in this series, you ll know how in love I already am.Second novels are tough Following up such an explosive debut is even tougher.Spoiler Ramez Naam nails it.Crux starts strong and keeps up the pace throughout It turns down the thriller only a little, don t worry , and turns up the philosophy and moral debate This may seem like a pulpy, popcorn book, but trust me your horizons and mind will be broadened after reading this It s an especially impor [...]

  • Nexus 5, a drug that enables humans to enhance their brains and become networked with other users has been out there for six months now As the numbers of users increases the USA sees this as its greatest threat, especially as the Post Human Liberation Front is taking over the minds of users ands sending them on assignation attempts to kill the presidentAs people start to use the drug for good and bad, Kade, the architect of Nexus, starts to avenge those that have enslaved others through the back [...]

  • This is the second book in the trilogy that started with Nexus I won t talk about the plot, because doing so would spoil the story from the first book I ll just say that the story picks up about three months after the end of the first book and progresses or less along the lines you might expect.I think I enjoyed this as much as, if not slightly than, the first book It felt consistently fast paced One thing that helped is that, while there s still quite a bit of moral ambiguity, the characters [...]

  • Though the story arc is that of a direct sequel to the first book, Nexus, this has a different vibe Author Ramez Naam drops the geeky cast and expands the roster of characters considerably, also increasing the number of threads, to tell a tale much larger in scope with profound pretensions about the future Whereas book 1 was simply about a wonder nanodrug cum neuro interface cum software called nexus, Crux extrapolates the effects of nexus into an emerging conflict between humans and post human [...]

  • Crux picks up 6 months after the events of Nexus Ramez Naam doesn t miss a beat Events are explosive from the word go Naam does a great job of making each character feel like a real person Characters make good choices and bad choices, they all have good and bad intentions but each character is a hero in their own eyes Naam invokes George R.R Martin in that he makes you sympathize for each character.I love the setting Crux takes place mainly in Southeast Asia We hop from Saigon to Phuket to Burma [...]

  • 4.5 Stars Crux, book two in the Nexus series by Ramez Naam takes everything from the fantastic first book and elevates it to another level This science fiction thriller series works because of the characters It is awesome because of the cool cyberpunk setting and themes.The Nexus series is simply a fantastic piece of near future science fiction This is a new cyberpunk classic The story is fast paced and filled with action and cyber geek wonder There is plenty of action to keep things moving alon [...]

  • 3.5 stars Crux was as fast paced and eventful as Nexus The good impression that Nexus made on me was a bit spoiled but the multitude of POVs, which wouldn t have been a bad thing if the POV characters were likable There were too many flawed humans and too much depressing happenings for my taste Otherwise the ending managed to tie all the story lines neatly, while still leaving enough for the next book.I ll definitely be reading book 3 I listened to this and I thought the audio narrator was dece [...]

  • Another page turning instalment in the Nexus trilogy Naam does a great job of wrapping up books so you don t feel cheated while also ending with plenty of forward momentum for the next one.

  • REVIEW SUMMARY Frighteningly plausible cyberpunk RATING 5 starsBRIEF SYNOPSIS Following the events of the first book, Kaden Lane is on the run with bounty hunters in hot pursuit Sam, having gone rogue, has finally found inner peace in the presence of special children born with Nexus connection The Post Human Liberation Front has found a way to weaponize Nexus in a frightening way and the United States government is taking drastic steps to fight such emerging risks REVIEWPROS Expands on the found [...]

  • I have a slight obsession with post humans Novels and short stories about this topic have rapidly become one of my favorite sub genres of science fiction I previously read and enjoyed Nexus by Ramez Naam, and the author continues that story after the Nexus 5 drug is released worldwide This book focuses on the implications of a drug like nexus, that allows for brain expansion but also manipulation of others, depending on how it is used The author is a scientist first, and he bases these concepts [...]

  • Reading Crux was like looking at a stained glass window slowly moving away from you At first there were all these pretty colors and shapes, simple, interesting yet fractured and confusing As the window moves away, some of the shapes start forming patterns and your brain takes note Once the window is a sufficient distance away the whole beautiful pattern emerges Ok the reading experience was sort of like that It is tough to call this book beautiful but it was suspenseful and exciting The first ha [...]

  • Every so often you read a piece of fiction or find a author whose fictional reality is so incredible that you wish it would be true Mr Naam not only writes top notch thrillers that crackle with energy, like another sci fi writer, William Gibson, the thrilling thing about Mr Naam s work is that likely than not, it won t be fiction for very long This is a exciting time we live in, the world of Nexus and Crux yes, read them both will come to pass, so do yourself a favor go read them.Thanks to Angr [...]

  • The internet is already filled with many many accurate reviews of this book, so I ll just quickly add my own two cents I loved the action scenes because they are numerous, well paced and visceral I loved reading about the plot, its fun twists and turns, though, upon further reflection, it was nothing mind blowing, and sometimes Naam telegraphs plots twists something fierce Speaking of the plot, Crux pulls on every action movie cliche imaginable.I loved the use and growth of Nexus 5, and I want t [...]

  • As middle of a trilogy books go, this one was amazing It follows several story lines some of which come together at the end It was exciting, intelligent, fun, full of action and left me craving the next book which I already have, YAY.I seriously have a hard time reviewing the middle book You won t understand a thing unless I describe what happened through the first The basics are that a new drug is making it s way around the globe This drug interfaces with your brain and allows you to connect on [...]

  • I took this one at a leisurely pace because the children deserved it All of the children, the post human, the autistic, and the abandoned needed a little bit of love to see them through this dystopian near future The call was just as strong for me as it was for Sam.I haven t lost any of my deep desire to be a part of the emerging consciousness of Nexus, despite the abuses or the moral quandaries Indeed, I love its promise as much as Kade.I suppose this means the novel did its job, whether or not [...]

  • Crux was as great as the first novel, Nexus, and I eagerly await the release of the final book in the trilogy, Apex Crux doesn t introduce many new ideas beyond some environmentalism, and this is generally a good thing, as in many cases of near term sci fi the first book is great and believable, and the sequels start to get way too fantastic I really enjoy the afterward at the end of each book where Naam goes into the current state of the art in the science discussed in the book, and theorizes h [...]

  • You may also read the review here mybookishways 2013 08 And the prince married the princess and they lived happily ever after Or the hero enters cryogenic suspension after killing the alien and destroying the ship.What happened after Cinderella married the prince Her evil step mother and step sisters were still around to plan others who felt they could have secured a profitable alliance remain Cinderella has no knowledge of how to operate in that realm But all these issues are wrapped up in happ [...]

  • A fast paced and timely adventure about a near future where advances in technology are outpacing humanity s collective ability to adjust to new social norms Change scares people into doing horrible things Hmm, doesn t sound like near future does it Sounds like now This tech is a drug that attaches to the neurons in your brain, and turns your brain into a networked computer Humans do both amazingly beautiful, and as horrific as you can possibly imagine things with this This book has a lot of thou [...]

  • Very fun technothrillerThe second book in the Nexus trilogy, Crux, extends the story begun in the first book, Nexus, by broadening the dilemmas encountered by the characters to even larger scale At the same time Crux reveals ever widening conspiracies by government agencies as they grapple with the technological advances engendered by the widespread distribution of the drug which allows human human brain communication and control.Crux is pretty good but not as good as the first one It s still ve [...]

  • Humanity had achieved what it had not through strength or claws or armor, not even through individual human intelligence, as impressive as that was No, it was the ability of humans to coordinate, to work together, to produce ideas and solutions collectively that no individual mind ever could, that truly set them apart Nexus was just one step in that direction This is a brilliant, explosive work I enjoyed the first of these a great deal but, with the characters in place and the background set, C [...]

  • I came to find that the protagonists the author wants me to root for I don t want to root for.Cliche, badass, invincible razor girl versus the world.Meek, sensitive, morally compassed idealist who wants to change the world.Extreme left contingent.Extreme right contingent.It feels like a preachy, progressive, hippie manifesto Bad guys get killed, good guy hippies persevere to fight the power Over and over again.Hope the climax isn t as liberal on touchy feels of spiritual rebirth.Still entertaini [...]

  • Holy crap it has been a long time since I have been this absorbed in a book The pacing is intense it is cut like an action thriller with short sub chapters cutting between different parts of the action Changing the pacing from slow to fast and back again Every single view point character has understandable and deep motivations even the ones I hated, I understood So this is a very compelling near future science fiction thriller Read my full review wp p40HVI JL

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