La elección final

La elecci n final LIBRE INDEPENDIENTE PELIGROSA INTENTARON CONTROLARLA Y AHORA ELLA LOS DESTRUIR Las cosas est n cambiando tras los muros del Conventry y nuevas conspiraciones comienzan a tejerse en sus intrincados p
  • Title: La elección final
  • Author: Gennifer Albin
  • ISBN: 9788420419008
  • Page: 279
  • Format: Paperback
  • La elección final
    LIBRE, INDEPENDIENTE, PELIGROSA INTENTARON CONTROLARLA Y AHORA ELLA LOS DESTRUIR.Las cosas est n cambiando tras los muros del Conventry y nuevas conspiraciones comienzan a tejerse en sus intrincados pasillos Cuando Adelice regresa a Arras, pronto comprende que algo despreciable y oscuro ha tomado el control sobre el mundo y que Cormac Patton la necesita para restablLIBRE, INDEPENDIENTE, PELIGROSA INTENTARON CONTROLARLA Y AHORA ELLA LOS DESTRUIR.Las cosas est n cambiando tras los muros del Conventry y nuevas conspiraciones comienzan a tejerse en sus intrincados pasillos Cuando Adelice regresa a Arras, pronto comprende que algo despreciable y oscuro ha tomado el control sobre el mundo y que Cormac Patton la necesita para restablecer el orden Sin embargo, la paz exige un precio demasiado alto.Mientras la Corporaci n sigue manipulando a los ciudadanos de Arras, Adelice descubre que no est sola, y que deber olvidar el pasado para luchar por la salvaci n del mundo Ha llegado el momento de elegir entre una inimaginable alianza y una cruenta guerra que podr a destruirla a ella, y tambi n su amor.
    La elección final By Gennifer Albin,
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    Guess what I am writing YA again Check out Gennifer Albin writing as Geneva Lee and my new series GILT By Invitation Only coming May 31 HEADS UP REVIEWERS I don t respond to review requests sent through because I don t get on here frequently enough However, it s super easy to fill out the review request form I can t guarantee it will get you a copy, but it will get your name on the right list to the right people And thank you for your spreadsheet vBIO I like coffee A lot Writing gives me time to go get a cup without my kids I like books as much as I like coffee, but it is easier to read with children hanging on you than drink coffee due to the threat of third degree burns That s why coffee gets top billing in my intro its unattainability.I hold a Masters in English with a specialization in 18th century women s studies While this is a highly marketable area of expertise, I stay home with my kids, which means my 3 year old son uses correct grammar and doesn t burn down the house.I have a ridiculously supportive husband who dreams of being included on a book jacket The author lives in Kansas with her husband, two children, and a Tuesday cat.


  • 2 5La elecci n final me ha parecido un final bastante decepcionante para una trilog a dist pica que pintaba muy bien al principio, y de la que se hubiera podido sacar mucho partido Un final mal elaborado, la confusi n y la sensaci n de que la autora estaba ansiosa por acabar como fuera la historia, me han acompa ado en toda la lectura y no me han permitido disfrutar de ella Es una pena, porque podr an haber sido tres libros maravillosos, y se han convertido en un lastre en mis estanter as.

  • This is a difficult book to categorise, evaluate and give a star rating It s truly a mix, which is probably why my feelings about it are so mixed.The story picks up right where the second book Altered left us From there, things really slow down There is virtually no action until about the last 25% and key characters are absent It s a lot of political maneuvering while Adelice and Cormac continually face off I wasn t so bored I wanted to put the book down, but when I did have to put it down I was [...]

  • Me siento enga ada y decepcionada El primer libro promet a much simo, pero todo fue de mal en peor Este libro es relativamente corto, menos de 300 p ginas y siento que la primera mitad no tiene mas que relleno, no ocurre absolutamente nada La protagonista supuestamente tiene habilidades nuevas que piensa usar para salvar a todos, pero a la hora de la verdad no hace nada Y el final Lo deteste demasiado Es un final triste, pero acab tan repentinamente que no me dio tiempo a asimilarlo Adem s queda [...]

  • Major Spoilers seriously don t look if you don t want to read the ending aka who lived and who died I warned you.So Did I misinterpret that ending or did Erik tailor himself to look like Jost Thus Jost really is the one that died and Erik is pretending to be Sebrina s dad And Alix knew about it and lied That entire ending was so all over the place and not well explained I m not entirely sure what just happened there.Also, what the hell was never stop you supposed to mean I just don t get it

  • Gennifer Albin s writing is absolutely incredible and the story and world building was probably the most creative and unique I ve ever read But Still trying to process the ending.

  • Esta saga tiene todo Un mundo cerca a un final apocal ptico, una protagonista que tiene que usar hermosos vestidos, un rombo amoroson unos hermanos y la cereza del pastel son los zombiesque diga remanentes.

  • The first book within this series, Crewel, was beautifully written, had well developed characters, and was overall a great read The second book went somewhat downhill, but was still somewhat decent Unravelled had no redeeming ending, was filled only with a useless love triangle and the protagonist uselessly sitting in the hands of the enemy trying to help the society from the inside while in fact does nothing and eventually has to be rescued The ending is one of the words to have ever read, it p [...]

  • La elecci n final es un cierre m s que satisfactorio para una trilog a que, a mi parecer, ha ido de menos a m s con cada libro que pasaba Me encant este original mundo que cre Gennifer Albin y ha sido todo un placer ir leyendo la historia de Adelice Una historia llena de acci n, sorpresas, intriga, amor y alguna que otra despedida dolorosa Sin duda, muy recomendablevidasecretadeloslibross

  • Initial Impressions 11 24 15 Actual rating, probably 3.5 3.75 stars but I don t quite feel right giving it 4 on because there were some major issues for me Firstly again, this was my fault for waiting so long between books BUT I do still believe a good book can stand on its own regardless of what has come before it I do remember the feel of the first two and I was sorely lacking the banter and sarcasm for a good portion of the book which was something I really loved There was a very specific por [...]

  • Original Link to the review at my blog Le Grande Codex here Unraveled as a whole felt disappointing Crewel was the cream of the crop, Altered almost following at the heels but Unraveled left a bitter after taste Unraveled was supposed to be the big showdown, the big action packed finale but somehow the whole experience felt anti climatic and lackluster Starts where Altered ended and man does it crawl at the slowest of speed imaginable.Thing is Altered promised us a lot but Unraveled went stale o [...]

  • Oh Gennifer Why did you do this to me I absolutely love her writing style and I think her imagination is something to definitely be applauded She is a fantastic story writer and this final tale in the trilogy sucked me in right from the beginning I read it all in one night, couldn t put it down But the ending Oh, the ending SPOILER ALERT How could you have killed Erik Seriously But not only did you kill him, you gave him a blah death No details, no description of his heroics, no goodbyes, nothin [...]

  • I really love the idea that people can be literally reduced down to threads which can be tugged out of the body Eric and Jost getting to know each other again was nice to see Like how this series was all wrapped up

  • So proud of myself that I finished this trilogy I so often read the first book in a series and then set the rest of the series aside So, I will admit that the ending confused me a bit but I do have a theory of where the author was going with the last few paragraphs Okay, so I ll admit that after the whole Hunger Games Divergent hype went away, I wasn t inclined to read really any of my dystopian post apocalyptic books any Which really sucked because I own so many of them But, after getting into [...]

  • A copy of the audiobook version of this title was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review My thoughts are my own.This review can also be found at The Starry Eyed Revue.I loved Crewel but I have to admit that my interest in this series has seriously waned as it s progressed I d actually liken my enjoyment of this trilogy to that of the Divergent trilogy where the first book was kind of epic in its uniqueness, the sequel was still pretty good, but the final installment just left [...]

  • Autonomous Independent Dangerous They tried to control her Now she ll destroy them.Does this not sound like some seriously pissed off chick is about to go HAM on somebody I mean I m thinking she s gonna go off like a psycho ex girlfriend Well, that s not what happened.Unraveled, the final novel in the Crewel World trilogy, wasdisappointing Let me tell you why The book lacked much action After she chose brother 2 over brother 1 in Altered, which I thought was an unnecessary love triangle, the ser [...]

  • I really loved the creativity of the first novel, and the second novel was a spectacular follow up I find most middle novels to be slow and just a lead up to the third, unfortunately I think this series peaked with the second book I enjoyed the third book, but didn t love it as much as the second it was a little slow for a finale, lacking a solid climax and I felt adelice took a step too far back into passivity I assumed she would develop from the quiet, bullied girl in novel one, to the strong [...]

  • No, no no nooo este no puede ser el final de la trilog a noooooo Esta historia merec a un final pico y fue un final insulso y demasiado abierto, que carajos paso me siento muy triste esta distop a de verdad me encantaba y el personaje de Adelice promet a mucho y en este tercer libro pr cticamente no hizo nada, y Erick waaaaa en serio estoy muy triste

  • Well, I loved books one and two but this one lost some of it s magic Certain events at the ending almost had me throwing the book Good story but I felt like it was rushed and not as developed as the first two.

  • sinceramente odie este libro Empez lento, demasiados momentos absurdos y un p simo final para dos libros que hab an salido bastante bien.Una buena historia hechada a perder con ese final que te deja sin ganas de m s.

  • I wish I d been able to like this trilogy Adelice is a great perspective character for the most part, and the main plot is a great SF thriller, butThe romance is phoned in, the relationship angst too synthetic, the pacing uneven, the tone inconsistent The villain reinforces the demonization of people with substance addiction The dialogue is weird The same phrases are used over and over and OVER.And I haven t even started on the science.My assumption is that the author read about string theory an [...]

  • En mi opini n un final bastante decepcionante El primero me encant pero ha ido decayendo conforme avanzaba la saga.

  • Ok, first things first, I started this book series because the first book, Crewel, was on a list of CLEAN YA books Let me just say, this book is NOT clean All right, now that I ve got that out of the way, let s get to the real review I m going to cover the whole series in this review, because I m sure as heck not going to write three separate reviews So just warning you, this is going to be a really long review, cuz I have a lot to say about this series The first book, Crewel, started out okay T [...]

  • I m going to write one review for the whole trilogy because to rank them separately just doesn t make sense to me we re supposed to follow the character and plot arcs throughout the series.The premise is brilliant The idea that there s another world that s been woven with Earth s resources, that it s depleting Earth and no one in that new world knows, that Arras the new world is fabricated by a bunch of powerful men post WWII great opportunity for a book that leans towards the alternate history [...]

  • I really liked Crewel, but as the series has gone on, I ve liked it less and less I m not really sure how I feel about Unraveled I m definitely all over the place when it comes to this book I really was expecting of a showdown between Cormac and Adelice, and the previous two books really made it seem liked the ending was going to be something big and action packed, and I feel like we didn t get that I also felt like the ending was rushed, and while it s ambiguous open ended, I still feel pretty [...]

  • I saw the author on a panel with a bunch of other really awesome female YA authors and decided to read Crewel, which I found really intriguing But the series seemed to really founder after that Also I found the love triangle intensely uninteresting The quality of the plotting and writing was inconsistent and even clumsy and unfocused at times For example, in book two, view spoiler when Erik and Adelice wash up on Alcatraz and take off their clothes and start making out which yes, I did enjoy rea [...]

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