Table For Two

Table For Two The way to a man s heart Take two world class chefs Add two distractingly attractive people to their lives Stir in some soul searing kisses and tender nights Simmer at high heat What you ll get is an
  • Title: Table For Two
  • Author: Nora Roberts
  • ISBN: 9780373285426
  • Page: 321
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Table For Two
    The way to a man s heart Take two world class chefs Add two distractingly attractive people to their lives Stir in some soul searing kisses and tender nights Simmer at high heat What you ll get is an irresistible recipe for romance Summer DessertsWhen love resistant dessert chef Summer Lyndon develops a taste for her delectable boss, Blake Cocharan, her legendary willThe way to a man s heart Take two world class chefs Add two distractingly attractive people to their lives Stir in some soul searing kisses and tender nights Simmer at high heat What you ll get is an irresistible recipe for romance Summer DessertsWhen love resistant dessert chef Summer Lyndon develops a taste for her delectable boss, Blake Cocharan, her legendary willpower is put to the ultimate test.Lessons LearnedPublicist Juliet Trent never mixes business with pleasure, but her newest client, charming ladies man and chef Carlo Franconi, is determined to whet her appetite for love.
    Table For Two By Nora Roberts,
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    Nora Roberts is the 1 New York Times bestselling author of than 200 novels, including Come Sundown, The Obsession, The Liar, and coming in December 2017, Year One the first book in The Chronicles of The One She is also the author of the futuristic suspense In Death series written under the pen name J.D Robb There are than 500 million copies of her books in print.


  • Table For Two proves a delectable gormandizing experience with two light hearted Harlequin romance from Nora Roberts topped with her vast knowledge of Italian and French haute cuisine as a garnish Summer Desserts, the first story is about the fiercely independent French chef Summer Lyndon finding herself attracted to smarmy and suave hotelier Blake Cochran Love conflicts with Summer s career and causes an avalanche of control issues in a dramatic high The enjoyable fare turns out to be Lessons [...]

  • I have mostly read Fiction from Nora Roberts and was concerned these stories were listed as romance Much to my surprise and delight, this was not what I would consider trashy romance, but fiction with a great romance They didn t really seem much different than most of her fiction work, and I loved them just as much I am a big fan of french cooking, and believe I also enjoyed the main characters being chefs Nora delights me again and again Never a bad story by this great author.

  • A light read Both books are rather old so the people smoke indoors, take knives and oils on airplanes, professional persons have to use payphones but if you can see pass that you have a soft and sweet summer read.Both books are rather predictable and I found book 2, Lessons learned, so The hero, an Italian chef, was the fantasy of a Mediterranean male with his romance and lively hands but still, a good read for a lazy afternoon when you don t want to use your brain.

  • I gave Summer Desserts two chapters and I m putting it down as I hate it The two main characters are cold calculating people with no warmth to them whatsoever After two chapters I could care less what happens to them so not going to waste my time finishing reading this.

  • This book contains two of Roberts stories Both center around chefs and romance and mystery that comes into their lives The reading is light and fun and typical Roberts entertainment.

  • What can I say its a Nora Roberts book I read this a couple years of ago And I still remember loving it.

  • Ingrediente essenziale l a, anche in cucina.Nora Roberts riesce sempre ad intrattenere con stile e raffinatezza Di questo libro, che intenerisce, fa sognare l anima e il palato e riempie di gustosi sapori l esistenza, cambierei soltanto il titolo, CUPCAKES A COLAZIONE, ritenendo pi idoneo quello originale Table for two , ossia Tavolo per due Infatti, sono due le storie racchiuse nel volume, edito da Harlequin Mondadori, e due sono i protagonisti legati all universo, sempre pi in voga, dell arte [...]

  • What I learned from this book 1 If you re a good writer, you can make even the worst cliches entertaining as hell I can t stand trite romances, and yet Nora Roberts has me giggling and taking an extra half hour for lunch so I can finish my book.2 Reprints of novels written in the mid eighties are amusing if only for the reminder of the days when one could take one s set of prized knives on an airplane our Hero is a chef , takes one s own olive oil and vinegar on an airplane our Hero is a very pi [...]

  • Both books, written about food, the cooking and eating thereof, are delightful Originally published separately in 1985 and 1986, they both demonstrate the finer points of Ms Roberts writing style There is little if no suspense but the emotions and issues the characters deal with are believable and provide the tension the reader has come to look for from Ms Roberts Also, I am coming to appreciate and the absence of the one line paragraph that so many authors are succumbing to these days Is this [...]

  • This is two books in one and I would have rated it higher if they hadn t been so very very alike I enjoyed the writing and the characters and separately would probably have liked them I understand that the characters overlap, but to my mind putting the two together is a mistake, as the plots and characters are practically identical This does tend to come with the genre to an extent, but it s far too obvious here.V Easy reading though, light and steamy, finished both in 24 hours.

  • A famous dessert chef gets the contract to design a new menu for a hotel and falls for the CEO In the second story, a straight laced publicist learns about love from an Italian chef while on tour with his new book Paperback format only Reprint of two early romances Summer Desserts and Lessons Learned Light, easy to read romance Recommended.

  • I Love All of Nora Roberts Books But This was great book Loved the Characters and how different their lives was But They Came to love one another.

  • Reprint of two of Robert s mid 1980 s novels It is kinda fun to reread these for a light summer break It is also interesting to compare this era to now, and see how her writing has matured, and to recall how much the world has changed in the past 20 years No cell phones, chefs could carry on their knives and olive oil when flying, you could form mis conceptions of people since you couldn t google them, and so on.The two stories are linked by the long friendship of the heroine of the first and th [...]

  • A Novel fro the PastIt was obvious this duo were older novels of Roberts but they were still fun I enjoy books dealing with chefs or cooking and these didn t disappoint in that respect Typical of a Roberts romance, you know early in the story who the couple will be.These two novels,are tied together with some characters appearing in bit novels I enjoyed that.just a little real life thrown in.In the female leads, you see growth and change as they accept the fact they are falling in love In the ma [...]

  • Read June 2016Table for Two is a two in one anthology of Nora Roberts Great Chefs duology These are some of her earlier books Book one Summer Desserts was first published in 1985 and book two Lessons Learned in 1986 Both stories are fairly dated by modern standards but still very enjoyable reads with a good plot and likeable main characters It was pure escapism to pick up Table for Two and disappear for a few hours into 1980s America Rating 4.5 5 stars

  • Not the most interesting of Nora Roberts novels I found the two stories to be very predictable Summer Dessert s main character was Summer, a famous chef She changed her job and worked for Blake the head of a famous hotel chain.The second novel was about Julie, a publicist for a famous Chef, Carlo.Happy endings for both stories.

  • This book was originally two novellas These are two wonderful love stories that are not too mushy Loved the characters Didn t want the book to end.

  • Two quite enjoyable stories I liked how Summer and Blake Cochran made an appearance towards the end of the second story.

  • Two full length stories about two chefs who are long time friends They have different romance relationships The first storyline concerns a woman who is a world rebound pastry chef being wooed by a man in charge of a large hotel chain to establish a restaurant in one of his hotels Of course, a romance ensues with a few surprises thrown in The other storyline involves a famous Italian chef and the publicist who is doing the book tour for the chef s nee cookbook Our chef, he s portrayed as the typi [...]

  • Summer Desserts 2 5 The plot had some promise, but the failure IMHO was in the characters Blake was wealthy, arrogant and demanding but he wasn t all that bad really The heroine is the one I hated She grew up wealthy and demands the best of everything She s vain and conceited She knows she s the best dessert chef out there and doesn t show an ounce of modesty at any time She s beyond arrogant and demanding when it comes to her profession And am I supposed to find it charming and her likable bec [...]

  • Solo lei la primera parte de esta serie de dos.Summer Dessert.Bueno en este libro tenemos a Summer,que es una pastry chef,super reconocida.Pero es mas terca que una mula.Demaciado obstinada.No cree para nada en el amor,ya que su mama que es una reconocida actriz,se ha casado innumerable cantidad de veces siempre sonando con el amor verdadero.Su papa le sigue los pasos a su mama en cuestiones de bodas.Debido a esto Summer no soporta la idea del amor y mucho menos la del matrimonio.Eso la impulsa [...]

  • Recensione presente sul sito reginlaradiosa Il romanticismo va bene per i libri e i film Il romanticismo va bene dappertutto Dovresti provare vino, lume di candela e musica a basso volume Concediti l esperienza Non ti far male Il libro racchiude due romanzi brevi pubblicati molto tempo fa con la collana Harmony Dolci incontri e Lezioni di cucina.Nel primo racconto la protagonista Summer Lyndon, una famosa pasticcera che riceve una proposta di lavoro da Blake Cochran, sexy titolare di una catena [...]

  • la force d un regardRacont d un point de vue omniscient avec une alternance entre un focus sur l h ro ne et un autre sur le h ros.Blake ne cherche pas forc ment le grand amour ais il n y est pas oppos pour autant Au contraire de Summer qui fuit les relations amoureuses surtout quand celles ci ont des allures de s rieux Sa carri re est sa seule priorit.Ils vont vite se retrouver d passer par les v nements car leur histoire n a rien d une petit amourette passag re ni d une aventure sans lendemain [...]

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