Silver Wattle

Silver Wattle In fear for their lives after the sudden death of their mother Adela and Klara must flee Prague to find refuge with theiruncle in Australia There Adela becomes a film director at a time when the loc
  • Title: Silver Wattle
  • Author: Belinda Alexandra
  • ISBN: 9780732281342
  • Page: 261
  • Format: Paperback
  • Silver Wattle
    In fear for their lives after the sudden death of their mother, Adela and Klara must flee Prague to find refuge with theiruncle in Australia There, Adela becomes a film director at a time when the local industry is starting to feelthe competition from Hollywood.But while success is imminent, the issues of family and an impossible love are never far away And ultimatelIn fear for their lives after the sudden death of their mother, Adela and Klara must flee Prague to find refuge with their uncle in Australia There, Adela becomes a film director at a time when the local industry is starting to feel the competition from Hollywood.But while success is imminent, the issues of family and an impossible love are never far away And ultimately dreams of the silver screen must compete with the bonds of a lifetime Silver Wattle confirms Belinda Alexandra as one of our foremost story tellers Weaving fact into inspiring fiction with great flair and imagination, this is a novel as full of hope, glamour and heartbreak as the film industry itself An absorbing story of hope and despair, loyalty and love Woman s Day Readers are kept on their toes and it s a worthwhile wait Courier Mail
    Silver Wattle By Belinda Alexandra,
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      261 Belinda Alexandra
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    Belinda Alexandra has been published to wide acclaim in Australia and internationally She is the daughter of a Russian mother and an Australian father and has been an intrepid traveller since her youth Her love of other cultures is matched by her passion for her home country, Australia, where she is a volunteer carer for the NSW Wildlife Information Rescue and Education Service WIRES Belinda is also an ambassador for the World League for the Protection of Animals Australia and lives in Sydney with her husband, Mauro, and a menagerie of adored pets Join Belinda s community of readers at facebook BelindaAlexandraAuthor


  • Based on the degree to which I was skimming rather than reading a lot of the text I can only give this two stars I did enjoy the descriptions of Australia and the bush but the story was occasionally nonsensical and it went on for far too long At the end the convenient way we farewell poor Freddy was way over the top So just an okay read for me and not one I would recommend.

  • Actually three and a half stars, almost four I enjoyed this story of Adela and Klara as they are forced to flee Prague and seek refuge in Australia with their uncle Characters are well drawn and the novel gives a great picture of the early film industry in Australia It also contains a love interest and tension created by the presence of the one who seeks to eliminate Adela and Klara Interesting reading and I suspect a lot of research went into it A shame then that the koala is referred to as a n [...]

  • While I wasn t sure of this book before I started it, I soon warmed to it, and fell into the story, and by the fifth chapter, I was hooked The storyline moved at a good pace, and while I felt the chapters were a little long, the frequent breaks and scene changes made up for that While the climax of the book was a little disappointing, the drawn out resolution than made up for it, but the actual ending left me wanting a little justice.

  • Wow wow WOWI m totally in love with this book Best book I ve read this year so far Belinda is quickly becoming one of my favourite authors This story was captivating right from the start Adela and Klara having to flee Prague to live in Australia after their mother is murdered and with their lives in danger as well I found all the characters captivating too and enjoyed the ups and downs in Adela and Philip s love story You know you re reading an awesome book when the author has you crying and lau [...]

  • I really enjoyed this book in the end There was some times the book was bogged down with too much detail and there were some over the top bits, but overall I liked the character and voice of Adela and wanted to know what happened to the rest of her life when the book finished Loved that it is set in Australia and her descriptions of nature and wildlife were fabulous.

  • Aunque a ratos se me ha hecho un poco denso, me ha gustado mucho, m s que mi primera incursi n con la autora, La gardenia blanca de Shaghai El final, desde luego, es bastante mejor que en la novela anterior Seguir leyendo otras obras de Belinda Alexandra.

  • Two sisters fled their home in Prague when a sinister murder of their mother and a plot against them was revealed They found welcoming arms in their estranged uncle in Sydney Australia Adela and Klara are intelligent and talented girls They are also kind, generous and courageous The book explores the relationships across cultures and the social scene of the time mainly the movies.Belinda Alexandra shows in this book White Gardenia of the love she has for Australia, especially it s flora fauna He [...]

  • I listened to an audio version of this bookIt s just after WWI in Prague, Adela is 17 and Klara is 12 when their mother dies suddenly They quickly discover that she was murdered by their stepfather and soon he is after them, as their mother left most of her estate to them Their Aunt Josephine, who is their guardian sends them to live with her brother in Australia.Adela becomes a movie director in the silent movie era and with the help of her husband Freddie is successful Tradegy strikes a few ti [...]

  • I quite enjoyed this, but less than the others of hers that I have read the story dragged a lot in the middle then descended into melodrama Sisters Klara and Adela have to leave their luxurious life in post WW1 Prague when their mother is murdered by their step father, and go to stay with their eccentric uncle in Australia The descriptions of filming silent movies were interesting but the story was pretty predictable.

  • I found this book a bit ho him to begin with The letters written to fill in past events was stilted, I thought It also felt as if the author was trying to capture every bit of Australian history and jumped into these at times For all that, it was a good tale and held my interest to the end.

  • I actually read the book rather than listened to it but there was no book listed only this CD Very much in the style of her other books lightweight and predictable Good filler book when you re in between good ones One that you borrow, not buy

  • An unusual and rarely documented slant tells of the early history of film in Australia, all the better seen through the lens of a female emigrant from Czechoslovakia The characters are engaging and the plight of the two sisters is well drawn.

  • My second Belinda Alexandra book and there s definitely some themes, even though the previous book I read and enjoyed, Wild Lavender was set in another part of the world entirely although in the same general time period, the 1920s forward.Ms Alexandra knows how to weave a cracking good story that keeps you turning the pages It isn t high literature but it isn t trying to be either Ms Alexandra excels at plotting a good yarn, even if some of the details aren t so well taken care of For instance, [...]

  • I feel mixed about this book I loved it and I hated it and I disliked this, but overall I mostly enjoyed it I think Actually, no That s why it s three stars and not four I liked the middle and then Adela made a mess of her love life and I ceased to care When Philip betrayed her, I was furious with him I wanted him to leave and leave Beatrice behind I liked Beatrice She was interesting and seemed to like Adela I wish she had stayed and raised the baby I don t believe one ounce that she s the devi [...]

  • The Silver Wattle offers a beautifully written, almost fairy tale like, journey of two sisters fleeing their wicked step father from Prague all the way to Australia Set in the 1920 s Belinda Alexandra allows her readers to explore the magic of the Australian bush and film industry, her passion is impossible to ignore The characters, stories, and scenery can all easily be surmised with one word Enchanting.An great holiday read.

  • I am surprised this book received so many negative reviews I thought it was great ADela and her sister Klara escape their wicked step father by moving from Prague to Australia, where they come of age Many adventures ensue Will they find happiness despite all of the danger they are trying to escape

  • This was really on the border of what I generally read Some crimes in it, but not really crime fiction, romance, and family saga.While the setting was historical, I felt that historical detail didn t play a great part Perhaps I mean that in a political sense I was never sure what was happening in the outside world, how much time was passing I think I am right in saying that the time frame does not get beyond the 1920s At the end of that decade talkies became dominant in the film industry here a [...]

  • I never thought I d love this book as much as I did Such a great writing, a powerful story The story had some strange turns sometimes, but in the end, you felt like that was the right path to follow, even thou you wanted it to be the other way around.I have already read The Golden Earrings , but I have to say that Silver Wattle totally put that story a run for its money Even the main characters are better developed in this one WARNING SPOILERS I may need to add the SPOILERS info from now on beca [...]

  • I found this a beautifully written book While there were no particularly memorable phrases, the writing seemed to glide effortlessly from page to page.I also really liked the amount of historical detail that Belinda Alexander has included in Silver Wattle I m a bit of an Australian history buff, but discovered a lot in this novel that I didn t know It was the small details too that really made me feel like I was travelling to 1920s Sydney I didn t want to put the book down and return to the pres [...]

  • It took me a long time to finish this book As much as I love Belinda Alexandra s writing, this story just didn t grab me It is a very multilayered, long winded book with lots of characters It encompasses many decades, but somehow, something got lost in the writing I couldn t even like the main character, Ad le, who tells the story of how she and her sister moved to Australia Her family s story would have been interesting enough, but the author tried and, in my opinion, failed to make the other s [...]

  • Adela and Klara, adolescent sisters living in the 1920 s, have never met their uncle, though they have heard of his world travels through their beloved aunt, who he regularly writes to When an unfortunate turn of events leaves the young girls fleeing their home in Prague, their uncle takes them in to his new home in Australia, and there they form a bohemian family dealing with racism and a declining local film industry in the country that is to become their new home Silver Wattle is an expansive [...]

  • Alexandra s Wild Lavender is one of the few books I have read multiple times Usually I cannot stand to do it Silver Wattle is not quite as good, but it has the same absorbing quality, and wonderful writing, that you can t put it down And that is what makes a book a good one in my opinion I had many late nights with this one.Alexandra has a way with words, and a way of making the overly dramatic seem plausible There is such tragedy in the this book every character , and yet it is not sad Your hea [...]

  • I chose this book because I was in between reads and wanted something light The Australian setting, being my country of home, was one of the main reasons I chose this one in particular Having not read any Australian set novels I found myself instantly gripped within the storyline as the terror unfolded for two young sisters and the pursuit of their crazed father As I read along with the nicely flowing language Belinda uses, I couldn t help but feel as though something bad were to be expected Muc [...]

  • I really loved this book It was a swap book on a recent cruise I was on, so I had no idea what i was choosing as it was a rushed swap Well what a good read and a good choice The different topics covered in this book is incredible, it is all historical but never ever boring As well as events such as ww1 topics such as racism, grief, living with a disability, film makingo many things to list are covered whilst a beautiful and captivating story line develops.I enjoyed it write to the end I have rea [...]

  • Another awesome novel by Belinda Alexandra, I was rapt in this story for 3 days Her style is so easy and makes the reading effortless and allows the readers mind to focus completely on imaging the story happening I love the Australian settling and the links to the film industry during the 1920 s as well as the strength and courage of the main character even though she faces so many struggles in such a short amount of time I would have liked the supernatural side to be explored further A perfect [...]

  • Nice ending, but felt the pace of the book was a bit slow.Enjoyed the references to the Blue Mountains and South Coast of Sydney.The characters were endearing and epitamised the successes of so many people who have emigrated to Australia.This book had a lot to live up to as it came recommended to me a fantastic read, so that s probably why I only rated it 2 stars maybe if I didn t have such high expectations I would have rated it higher.

  • I thought this book was good I liked the whole movie picture aspect I also thought it was a great story to read I was left with some questions about some things and then some things that were brought up I thought couldve been elaborated on Like the fact that she can see ghosts I was very heartbroken for her and phillip and for her and freddy This book does a good job at showing how a heart is complicated and you really can love than one person.

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