Seeds of a New Birth (The Kindred Series #1)

Seeds of a New Birth The Kindred Series Unlocking the Potential of the Human Mind Scientific Breakthrough Or a Really Bad Idea Research geneticist and genetic engineer Lionel Adams is onto something hot the key to unlocking the vast reserv
  • Title: Seeds of a New Birth (The Kindred Series #1)
  • Author: Orrin Jason Bradford
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  • Page: 374
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Seeds of a New Birth (The Kindred Series #1)
    Unlocking the Potential of the Human Mind Scientific Breakthrough Or a Really Bad Idea Research geneticist and genetic engineer, Lionel Adams is onto something hot the key to unlocking the vast reserves of the human mind Everyone is interested in it Bio Vita Tech, the genetics research lab he works for, is excited about the possibilities and the potential mega pro Unlocking the Potential of the Human MindScientific Breakthrough Or a Really Bad Idea Research geneticist and genetic engineer, Lionel Adams is onto something hot the key to unlocking the vast reserves of the human mind Everyone is interested in it Bio Vita Tech, the genetics research lab he works for, is excited about the possibilities and the potential mega profits So are their foreign competitors who are counting on their inside man at Bio Vita to deliver Adam s secret into their hands Everyone seems to want a sample of Adam s formula, except his college buddy, Flip MacDougal, who makes a surprise visit to Bio Vita to play a practical joke on his old friend Unfortunately, it s Flip who ends up with the sample His world is turned upside down as he struggles and maneuvers his way through the trouble he has gotten himself into as he unwittingly spreads his gift to others For a limited time, Seeds of a New Birth, book one of the Kindred Series is free for your reading pleasure It is a genetic engineering science fiction thriller with a hint of romance about a future where the highly volatile formula of genetic engineering coupled with corporate and personal greed threatens the course of human evolution and perhaps mankind s very existence Grab your copy today, and don t miss the special offer for another exciting science fiction story inside Order your copy of book two of the Kindred Series, Seeds of a New Power Now available at amzn B00S4DDR96 About The Author Orrin Jason Bradford is the pen name for speculative fiction author, W Bradford Swift, who chose to use a pen name for The Kindred Series to make it clear to his Young Adult fantasy readers that these books are of another breed entirely Currently the series includes Seeds of a New Birth and book two, Seeds of a New Power Dr Swift is a graduate of Clarion West in Seattle where he honed his skill and passion for writing fantasy and science fiction These two genres are forms of visionary fiction fiction that first and foremost entertains while also enlightening and encouraging the reader to embrace greater possibilities in their own lives Giving back to future generations of young adults and adults through visionary fiction and non fiction is an integral part Swift s legacy of a life on purpose To learn about additional books by the author go to wbradfordswift and author wbradfordswift Don t miss this genetic engineering science fiction thriller with heart Order your copy today Categories science fiction genetic engineering, genetic engineering science fiction series, genetic engineering science fiction thriller, genetic engineering thriller, genetic engineering sci fi, genetic engineering romance, science fiction genetic engineering novel, genetic engineering science fiction trilogy, genetic engineering fiction.
    Seeds of a New Birth (The Kindred Series #1) By Orrin Jason Bradford,
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    As a writer with over 25 years of professional experience and 22 years as a life and business coach, I combine these unique talents to help aspiring and emerging writers to make a difference as they express their life purpose through the power of the written word.I also enjoy connecting with readers who love a good story that entertains while also enlightening and encouraging them to live their own life on purpose I call that visionary fiction If you love a good nonfiction book that both enlightens and encourages you in your life while also being entertaining, that s visionary nonfiction, and this is the place for you as well I became an avid reader of visionary fiction and nonfiction including fantasy and science fiction as an eleven year old boy when my next door neighbor, who was a children s librarian, took pity on my single parent mom Bored out of my gourd with no one to play with but good ol mom, I drove her crazy until Mrs Crabtree brought home a stack of books she knew would hook a young boy and give my mom some relief It worked I ve been hooked ever since.For the past two decades I ve been conducting an experiment Is it possible to create a new context for my life that I feel is divinely inspired and true to my deepest values, my sense of what s possible, and true to my soul and spirit If it is possible, what will be the results Will it enhance my life Will I experience a true sense of purpose and meaning Will I know at the end of the experiment that my life has mattered Becoming a writer of visionary fiction and non fiction has been an integral part of this experiment, as was co founding Life On Purpose Institute with my wife in 1996, being a coach to assist others to create their own life on purpose experiment, and training other Life On Purpose Coaches.Since selling my veterinary practice in the late 80 s to pursue a career as a writer and life coach, I ve published over 350 magazine articles in such publications as Family Fun, Boys Life, Body and Soul then New Age Journal , Yoga Journal, and Better Homes and Garden, to mention just a few Many of these have been part of my pet writing project Project Purpose to write and publish articles about people whose lives are dedicated to a bold and inspiring purpose or vision.From magazine writing, it was a natural next step to graduate to writing books, starting with visionary nonfiction books that engage and encourage while also entertaining So far this includes Life On Purpose Six Passages to an Inspired Life, Book 1 of the Life On Purpose Series From Spark to Flame Fanning Your Passion Ideas into Money making Magazine Articles that Make a Difference Spiral of Fulfillment Living a Life of Service, Simplicity Spiritual Serenity Book 2 of the Life On Purpose Series Clarity of Purpose Don t Live Life without It Part of the Life On Purpose Special Report Series Coaching to Win my first visionary nonfiction book currently being revised and updated for future release Then there are some dreams that hang around and won t go away, no matter how many time you push them to the back burner That s the case with the dream that began as a eleven year old boy That s where the other half of the equation comes in visionary fiction stories that, first and foremost, entertain while also enlightening and encouraging the reader to embrace greater possibilities in their lives This category includes Dominion Over All which will be published later in the summer of 2011 is a transformational fantasy for the young adult market It combines my love for fantasy with my passion and love for animals, as demonstrated by my past career as a small animal veterinarian Seeds of a New Birth a most adult SF techno thriller explores what happens when genetic engineering combines with rampant greed will be released before the end of this year 2011.


  • Love this book Fast paced, enjoyable read I wasn t expecting it to be a sci fi in the realm of Arthur Clarke s books, and it would not be fair to compare Aside from the scientific aspect of the book, a formula that can unleash the human potential, the story is also about what it would feel like to be different How would a super human interact with the world Like every power, it can be used for good or evil.Children were born, unplanned, from one man who got contaminated by the formula They posse [...]

  • SEEDS OF A NEW BIRTH A GENETIC ENGINEERING SCIENCE FICTION THRILLER is the first of a series of SF novels concerning a genetically enhanced Kindred , all offspring of Flip MacDougal who, in a hokey lab accident while visiting a friend, has his sperm altered and in an equally hokey plot contrivance, goes about for one last night with a group of former lovers who, Flip has just discovered, knew each other and had been sharing him, as a kind of no strings attached sex toy Each becomes pregnant from [...]

  • Seeds Of A New Birth Kindred Series Book 1 My overall rating for this book is 4.1 out of 5 stars.One particular section mixed up the names of two mothers multiple times Several dialogue paragraphs were missing either the starting or ending double quote marks And far too many extra, commas, were, used Okay that was actually obnoxious of me to do that, but it provides a small example of how I felt reading those throughout the whole book.With the unpleasant portion out of the way, here is what I li [...]

  • Seeds of a New Birth by Orrin Jason Bradford is a paranormal story that has many levels I gave it four stars.Lionel J Adams, one of the most prominent genetic researchers in the world was visited by a former fraternity brother Flip MacDougal, who perceived himself as quite a ladies man was disappointed following his interaction with Denise Cabbot, the receptionist at Bio Vita Tech, BVT She wasn t subject to the MacDougal charms.Flip went to visit Madame Sarrah and received a drink to relax him H [...]

  • The story about children I was quite surprised to how the story was told It was a bit slow at the ,beginning but it held my attention enough to go on reading this book The story was shown what simple problem, beaker full of blue colored liquid Knocking it over, getting it on his hand then That all it too Off to the restroom remove the blue liquid Makes a simple mistake, he touch his member giving the blue liquid a way to get into Hus blood stream.Everything within was flows together making it ea [...]

  • Great premise and plot Execution needs work 2.5 stars.While research scientist Lionel Adams is working one night on a secret genetic engineering project, his old college friend, Flip MacDougal pays him a visit Flip, a smooth talking ladies man, convinces Lionel s secretary Debbie to lend him her keycard so he can enter his secure research lab He wants to prank him In return, he ll take her out to dinner.After Flip startles Lionel in the lab, he accidentally knocks over a beaker of liquid that s [...]

  • Waring Spoiler Alert Some guy named Flip manages to break into a secret lab where his old college buddy, Lionel, is working on experiments with recombinant DNA He just sweet talks the front door Secretary and gets into the lab, sneaking up on his buddy and yells, Surprise Well, his buddy is a devoted scientist working on a super secret project in the quiet of the night in his lab by himself This college buddy scares the bejesus of out him and he almost stumbles onto the floor His buddy, surprise [...]

  • Okay, so I was asked to read this book and give an honest review I ll try to be as objective as possible while still remaining honest Firstly, let me address the issue of the title The full title as displayed on is Seeds of a New Birth A Genetic Engineering Science Fiction Thriller The Kindred Series Book 1 Now, okay, I get it The author is desperate to get as many of his keywords into the title as possible, in order to get the book noticed I m an author also, so yeah, I get it, but I neither li [...]

  • The author reached out via email looking for reviews Although I never responded, as the book was free Kindle at the time, I would not have necessarily found this on my to read shelf I ve read some genetic manipulation future state books in the past, so nothing was glaringly shocking as far as the theme went That said, I flew through this book as it is a quick read.I m not going to regurgitate the short synopsis of the book However, I do want to touch on a couple areas, so beware that there are m [...]

  • Science fiction, plus.That is how I would have to describe this book.The science fiction aspect was fairly solid and potentially plausible though scant details were available or even given much weight for what, exactly, creates the formula for the change One would think it would have been one of the highest priorities, to research and potentially replicate.Where the book started to lose me, however, was the introduction of supernatural mumbo jumbo I ve certainly read my share of supernatural sto [...]

  • Seeds of a New BirthA techno thriller revolving around an accident in a genetics lab and the unexpected outcome from this accident and the jump up the ladder of human evolution.Flip MacDougal, a smooth ladies man, drops in to visit his old friend who is on the edge of a major breakthrough in a genetics lab, when there is a minor accident with a beaker A quick trip to the men s room to clean up and then life moves on Flip soon travels on, travelling from city to city, catching up with the various [...]

  • Scientist finds a way to supercharge DNA, then his silly friend comes by to surprise him and infects himself And hasn t that happened to all of us It s not that Flip is a bad person, but his flippant no pun, I think attitude and casual lack of responsibility often hurts others, and in this case is the catalyst for everything that happens in this story At first it s only the women he gets pregnant even though he s had a vasectomy and most of them used protection but things quickly get a lot comp [...]

  • Seeds of a New BirthOrrin Jason BradfordFirst off I love the dichotomy of the title I won t ruin the surprise You ll find out why I love the book Sort of reminds me of The Midwich Cuckoos by John Wyndham Movie Village of the Damned.The characters are fleshed out and you get to know them bit by bit They are rich with personality, s and values Sometimes not exactly what you thought they were, but complete nonetheless Lionel Adams is the epitome of the standard scientist, yet has humanity and carin [...]

  • Geneticist Lionel Adams is on the verge of scientific breakthrough, a finding that could unlock the full potential of the human brain But, a surprise visit from his old college mate, Flip McDougal, and a lab accident that infects McDougal with the compound Adams is working on, quickly spins out of control, unleashing forces that threaten them both, but dire, threatens the world.Seeds of New Birth by Orrin Jason Bradford is a chilling sci fi thriller about science run amok, bureaucratic rigidity [...]

  • I was intrigued by the premise of this story, but was disappointed that it read like it was written by a middle schooler It s ridiculously juvenile Who says, What in tarnation is going on here That being said, it was fairly fast paced and there are worse ways to while away a boring afternoon at work It was also loaded with typos and grammatical errors, but I m not sure if that is the fault of the book publisher or just a crappy transition to e book form I was reading it on Google Play Books.If [...]

  • Seeds of a New Birth by Orrin Jason Bradford is an exciting look in the what if world of human genetic engineering It is fast paced and full of intrigue.I enjoyed the storyline and how it developed The author did a great job of creating a realistic look into the world of genetics going wrong I found it hard to stop read as I progress through the book and it drew me deeper into its story.Orrin Jason Bradford has put together a group of characters that are easy to follow and believe in I liked wat [...]

  • This is one of those books I m having a hard time reviewing I neither liked or disliked the book, I just had a hard time getting into it I think it was a book that wasn t right for me On that note, the writing was well done though explanations of the science were a light handed, or non existent I found myself skimming through the last half of the book to see where it was going The author describes the book as a techno science fiction thriller so if this is something that appeals to you, then I s [...]

  • Standard disclaimer received a free copy for a review.I do so enjoy this authors work Even though the copy I received had formatting opportunities due to the reader I was using the story itself came through loud and clear.Bradford s characters start out slow, not very detailed at all But as the story unfolds so do the characters.The basic premise is that of a good time buddy of the geek scientist performing cutting edge biological testing becomes contaminated with a super serum The rest of the s [...]

  • While visiting his lifelong friend, a prominent biogenetic researcher attempting to unlock the vast reserves of the human mind, playboy Flip MacDougal accidentally impregnates himself with a compound that transforms his reproductive tract into a factory of super sperm which he unwittingly shares with his harem of unsuspecting women resulting in the birth of the Kindred This was not only a fun and engaging book to read I ve read it multiple of times it was also a fun book to have written.

  • This book surprised me I started out really disgusted with Flip and I wasn t sure that I wanted to continue reading And Madame Sarrah seemed nice, but that went downhill fast But the story developed quickly and I began to enjoy, or was looking forward to see what was going to happen next This was a really interesting story and I like how the story progressed I think this was very well written, and the story line was very original, and I liked seeing how everyone developed their own personalities [...]

  • EnthrallingI like it when you first start reading a book and it sucks you right in No waiting for boring first few chapters to be over This book had my interest from page one And, it held my interest, sometimes with heartbeating fervor, all the way to the end Now, I just need to get my hands on the second book I was excited to see the author included a preview chapter of book two but was quite let down to see it was just a reiterated chapter from the last book That is the only complaint I have S [...]

  • Quite a cliff hanger This looks like the beginning of a really decent series, plenty to keep one satisfied for now But, if the writer is not careful, this could descend into typical power play without the subtleties of a lasting, crowd pleasing success.Sorry to be so harsh, but just my gut feeling Then again, who am I Characters are quite well written and believable, but need opportunities to expand.

  • Okay, but.This story was okay, but there were a lot of cases towards the end when the characters acted contrary to who they seemed to be Like taking for fact what another character says to them without checking for themselves which basically just seemed to be in order for the story to go where the author wanted Also, the timeframe seems to be now but where the heck are cell phones

  • I received the copy of the book from the author in exchange for an honest review.The book is heavy on fantasy and the scifi element almost not there.It also seemed like young adult literature at least by the writing style which is not my thing Still it was an interesting read.I m pretty curious where it s all heading so I might read book 2.

  • I thought this book was a great read This Science fiction story opened my mind to many possibilities of what the future will hold for these special characters I didn t know where the story was going but I didn t think it would end where it did I look forward to see what happens next with the children who have all sorts of advanced powers and if their caregivers ever find them.

  • I thought this book was a great read This Science fiction story opened my mind to many possibilities of what the future will hold for these special characters I didn t know where the story was going but I didn t think it would end where it did I look forward to see what happens next with the children who have all sorts of advanced powers and if their caregivers ever find them.

  • Really engaging A novel idea that is a fun read.An interesting storyline with believable characters in various situations, from mundane to wildly stressful Looking forward to tales about the Kindred.

  • Great read for sci first readersLoved the whole plot This was a thrilling book that just when you thought what was going to happen next, it turned on you Come on who doesn t like a book with genetically modified children in them Awesome

  • A first novelIt was in need of editing and was clearly a first book The intensity and intrigue was clearly lacking.

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