To Kiss a Prince

To Kiss a Prince Notting Hill Diaries Prequel Anna s life is falling apart First she gets fired totally not her fault and then she comes home to find her boyfriend in bed with the neighbor But a job offer across the P
  • Title: To Kiss a Prince
  • Author: Shéa MacLeod
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 109
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • To Kiss a Prince
    Notting Hill Diaries Prequel Anna s life is falling apart First she gets fired totally not her fault and then she comes home to find her boyfriend in bed with the neighbor But a job offer across the Pond gives her the perfect excuse to chuck it all and start again As the nanny of adorable twins, she finds her new boss, Bella, cold and oh so proper, but Notting Hill iNotting Hill Diaries Prequel Anna s life is falling apart First she gets fired totally not her fault and then she comes home to find her boyfriend in bed with the neighbor But a job offer across the Pond gives her the perfect excuse to chuck it all and start again As the nanny of adorable twins, she finds her new boss, Bella, cold and oh so proper, but Notting Hill is nothing short of magical And as Valentine s Day approaches, Anna realizes anything is possible Even capturing the heart of a prince The prequel of the new contemporary romance series, Notting Hill Diaries, from the international bestselling author of the Sunwalker Saga Book 1 Kissing Frogs Book 2 Kiss Me, Chloe Book 3 Kiss Me, Stupid Book 4 Kissing Mr Darcy available October 2015
    To Kiss a Prince By Shéa MacLeod,
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      109 Shéa MacLeod
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    Sh a MacLeod has dreamed of writing novels since before she could hold a crayon She totally blames her mother.Her favorite poem as a child was Jabberwocky , and Her favorite authors were Agatha Christie and Edgar Allan Poe Which probably explains a lot.After a six year sojourn in London, England, a dearth of good donuts has driven her back to her hometown She now resides in the leafy green hills outside Portland, Oregon where she indulges in her fondness for strong coffee, Ancient Aliens reruns, lemon curd, and dragons.Because everything s better with dragons.Sh a is the author of the SUNWALKER SAGA a fast paced urban fantasy series with a kick ass heroine published by Montlake and DRAGON WARS a post apocalyptic series with dragons as well as the Cupcake Goddess novelettes.


  • A short novella with sweet romance, just right for reading over a lunchbreak or commute An American art teacher loses her job and her boyfriend so is looking for a change She ends up in London working as a nanny with a visa arranged by a total stranger The twin boys she has to mind are recently orphaned and their aunt and uncle, both unmarried and from different sides of the family, are in need of help The folks here are well off and some snobby friends make the American s life a little unpleasa [...]

  • When Anna loses her job and decides Togo see her boyfriend for some condolences, the last thing she expects is to find him in bed with someone else After heading home, she finds an email offering her a Nanny position WhenAnna contacts them, she s than surprised to find the job is in London When Anna arrives, the lady she is Nannying for, Bella, is at her whits end, she seems to not like Anna, and even worse, Bella hates that her brother in law Evan seems to like Anna As Anna s affections for Ev [...]

  • I tried to read this book, really, I did Before I read it, I checked out a few reviews, to make sure it wasn t continued First, the storyline just doesn t work for me She spends new years eve drinking alone and spending she doesn t have She gets a job from a random email from someone she doesn t even know Really So the plot itself just doesn t work for me But the deal breaker for me was the author s short, choppy 3 or 4 word sentences I quickly decided that I couldn t stand a whole book peppered [...]

  • RefreshingAnna,an American Art teacher looses her job, decides to go get some comfort from her boyfriend She finds the door unlocked He is in his bedroom naked in bed with with the neighbor.She leaves.She receives an email of a job offer to be a nanny She takes the job.It is in London.Bella and Evander are the twins guardians.Evander is a Prince.Evander has eyes for Anna.He shows her around London He also helps with the twins at times.Anna doesn t look for love.Love finds her.There was instant a [...]

  • This is a very quick read, only took me under an hour Great love story with a great friends story within Anna loses her job and her boyfriend in the same day She gets an email offer for a nanny position in London and Anna needing a change of space takes it It was a rocky start with her new employer Bella Talbot and a not so rocky start with Bella s brother in law Evander Cartwright It s a great, full developed, quick read and I guarantee you will love it

  • Wow, happily ever after All goodness with a a few bump s in the road, all rolled into this cute and funny story What a way to start over and what a way to start over With none other than a prince What girl does not dream about that at least one time Sigh.

  • To Kiss A Prince Anna and Evan were attracted to each other upon meeting This story was short and romantic, in matter of fact it was too short It seems like just when the story really got interesting it ended Overall it was a good read.

  • FantasticThis book was an honour to be give the chance to read and see that different sciences can have the chance for happyness

  • A WONDERFUL FUN AND ENJOYABLE STORY Anna Lucas is having a bad day, she is unjustly fired from her job teaching art at a really good school after only 6 mos She wants to talk it over with her boyfriend but arriving there, finding the door usually locked not locked she is worried and goes in to check it out No one answer her calls, finally she hears him and goes inbut he isn t dressed or alone, quickly ending that relationship she goes home So New Years Eve finds her alone, a glass of wine,TV on [...]

  • I found this book free made available by the author, and this review is honest and impartial I was wondering why it was too short, then I found out it was a prequel of some sort Though every book has a different couple in them though, so I m not sure where this couple comes in.But anyway, this book will give you all the feels If you like fairy tales and princes, you better read this.Every good romance is like a Cinderella story, and this one doesn t disappoint The prince was very dreamy the hero [...]

  • An intriguing beginning however the story felt rushed and some inconsistencies in characters made it hard for me to get swept in the magic I felt there should have been to encourage Bella s shift in temperament There could have been moments with the Prince before the kiss More hints to who he truly is so even though as readers we know it s coming We want to shout through the pages Anna look at the clues I felt there was potential much could have been sparked dynamically in little details A sto [...]

  • Meh I really enjoyed the beginning of the story everything going to hell all at once and finding the perfect escape but the rest felt kind of formulaic I know a novella can t exactly be deep but I should still be pulled into the main romance And the prince thing Well, that annoyed the crap out of me because it takes up probably four sentences in the entire novella yet I spent a good chunk of time distracted by the title as I read, thinking is it a metaphorical prince or a real prince Cause I m n [...]

  • This book is totally adorable in every way Anna is an endearing main character that readers will love to root for, and her trip across the pond is nothing short of extraordinary as she finds love The romance is a wonderful slow burn, and in addition there is a fantastic friendship story that develops If you ve ever dreamed of finding a prince of your own, you ll love this romantic Valentine s Day book.

  • A quick read Having one of the worst days in your life and making a choice to move to a different country is what I call brave and a good story line I enjoyed the Historical and cultural references but I believe the author might have a thing or two mixed up or maybe I am getting confused by what is meant I was sure some of the things were opposite of what was said This a good clean read and love story Today s fairy tale.

  • Whirlwind romanceAnna has just been fired from her job due to so called down sizing She has left her boyfriend after catching him in bed with another woman So when opportunity offers employment as a nanny in England she decides to leave Portland Her employer, Evan, sweeps her off her feet When I said whirlwind I mean the novel seems to take place within the span of one month total.

  • Just what I needed today a cute, sweet, easy romance without complications In just one day Anna lost her job and her boyfriend With nothing keeping her in Portland she heads to London to take a job as nanny to twin boys For some little girls dreams can come true And for Anna her prince just happens to be the twins uncle.

  • I m giving this short novella three stars for what it is a short, sweet story and not against all my other three star reviews It s hard to even put it in the same category as those books because it s not really even a novella Still, if you re looking for something sweet, cute, and clean, this should make you happy.

  • I wish this book is not a novella The story is not atypical from other wish upon a star stories, but I like how the story has developed The romance is not instantaneous which is a plus to my preference A courtship is involved, in which I wish it is longer Also, this book is not rated R Young adults can also read it It is like a short version of Jane Austin s novels.

  • Cute story and a quick readThis is a lovely little story about the commoner meets a prince and falls in love The book can easily be read in one sitting and was a bit short for my taste Some interesting character development of the mistress sister in law in relation to the children, but otherwise very predictable happily ever after Have a cup of tea and enjoy

  • Short but sweetReally wish this was longer I love a good fairy tale where the commoner ends up with the Prince Honestly, a great light read Getting ready to continue series with Kissing Frogs next Would highly recommend

  • This book was of a 2.5 read for me It was a super short read, and I just had a hard time getting into it The writing was good, but the storyline was predictable

  • A quick fun read by Shea Macleod My first read by this author and I enjoyed it It was fun, with cute twin boys and a handsome prince who fell for the young nanny.

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