The Boy Who Knew Everything

The Boy Who Knew Everything Here is the long awaited companion to The Girl Who Could Fly There is a prophecy It speaks of a girl who can fly and a boy who knows everything The prophecy says that they have the power to bring abou
  • Title: The Boy Who Knew Everything
  • Author: Victoria Forester
  • ISBN: 9780312626006
  • Page: 232
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Boy Who Knew Everything
    Here is the long awaited companion to The Girl Who Could Fly.There is a prophecy.It speaks of a girl who can fly and a boy who knows everything The prophecy says that they have the power to bring about great changeThe boy is Conrad Harrington III The girl is Piper McCloud They need their talents now, than ever, if they are to save the world and themselves.
    The Boy Who Knew Everything By Victoria Forester,
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    Victoria grew up on a remote farm in Ontario, Canada After graduating from the University of Toronto, her passion for storytelling led her to write and direct a short film for the CBC When her next film was completed The Pony s Tale which aired on Global Television she eagerly, and perhaps rashly, set off to Los Angeles.The famous independent film producer, Roger Corman, mentored Victoria and gave her the opportunity to write and direct her first feature film, Circuit Breaker for Showtime starring Richard Grieco and Corben Bernsen This was soon followed by Macon County Jail with David Carradine and Ally Sheedy, and Cry of the White Wolf for the Disney Channel Next Victoria directed Teen Scorcery, a fun story about mischievous teenage witches that was shot in RomaniaThe Girl Who Could Fly began as a screenplay that was optioned by Paramount Pictures Victoria loved the story so much she decided to write it as a book as well It is her very first book but she looks forward to the opportunity of writing many, many .She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, newborn daughter and ridiculously orange cat, Rufuscmillan author victor


  • A worthy companion to the Girl Who Could Fly, The friendship between the two is very special, full of warmth and adventure this fantasy is also set very strongly in the real world giving it strength and a feeling of reality, as it brings in many other characters that one feels they know the full person of each one, making this novel a joy to read.

  • This review is also available on my blog, Read Till Dawn.I really, really, really loved The Boy Who Knew Everything s prequel, The Girl Who Could Fly my review here I spent years desperately waiting for a sequel, and when I discovered a few months ago that it was finally happening, I literally started jumping around squealing I was so excited.Coming out of The Boy Who Knew Everything, I m a lot less elated.I mean, what I loved so much about The Girl Who Could Fly was that it had so many amazing [...]

  • LOOK It has to be Piper and Conrad I know of so few flying girls This is grand October seems like years away at the moment Latest update is above If this is the potential sequel to the The Girl Who Could Fly then I am so thrilled If it is a stand alone and not connected, I honestly don t care because I loved her first book and I have been waiting and searching the internet for any hint that she was going to do writing DThis has totally made staying until 3am looking for books worth it D

  • painfully disappointing The writing has a completely different feel to it and my attachment to Conrad and Piper s friendship was my only incentive to finish the book The tone is completely different than that of the first book, the pacing is all over the place, and the plot was just plain stupid It read like bad fanfiction most of the time Don t bother.

  • The Girl Who Could Fly has been a favorite book of mine for a long time and I was so happy that the stories and characters would be able to continue on in this next installment It did not disappoint, it did a really good job of continuing the storyline forward, while following up with old characters In this book we follow Conrad and Piper as they continue life on the farm Even though things seem perfect, when Conrad has to face his past things start to come apart Although it was really good, the [...]

  • This book is amazing When I got to the part where Conrad invented the Direct Brain Interface, I was like,

  • Exciting, funny, original and admirable are just a few things that could be said about this middle grade fantasy novel Definitely one worth reading.

  • The long awaited sequel to The Girl Who Could Fly, this action paced and thrilling novel not only fifulled my expectations, but also surpassed them This book, which could be easily independent, not only continued the story from the first book but also embellished it, painting beautifully the depths unseen before This was an amazing read One of my surprises in reading this book was the larger amount of fantasy and fantastical circumstances While the first book could be considered fantasy , it sti [...]

  • I want to just say that I loved The Girl Who Could Fly It is the only book on my bookshelf that has a completely broken spine from the numerous times that I read it over and over and over I would read this middle school level book in public without shame because of how mind blowing it was So, when I heard about this book I was ecstatic to have a sequel to one of my all time favorite books.Sadly this book did not live up to the legacy of the first one The first book had a nice blend of realism an [...]

  • Conrad is the boy who knows everything, and his friend Piper can fly But rather than be treated as superheroes, they were shipped off to a school for children with special abilities a school where they eventually escaped the evil headmistress Conrad and Piper flee to her parents farm, where eventually the other kids from the school make their way to join them Conrad and his friends busy themselves putting their exceptional skills to use rescuing people from disasters, but before long it becomes [...]

  • I was dragged into the children s section of the book store, only to find this beautiful cover staring at me As someone who read The Girl Who Could Fly maybe five years ago, I began to scream in joy I bought the book, and read it last night My expectations were than fulfilled It dealt with darker issues, such as depression, yet made it unrealistic enough to still be a children s book Great read.

  • It s actually really, really interesting The characters were very likeable and the plot was good too Had me not putting down the book until I finished it I didn t expect the mastermind to be SPOILER Max, even if I found him slightly odd And who knew Conrad s dad is actually nice

  • I just reread this book this NEEDS to be well known because it s amazing Piper is a strong character who s sweet and isn t afraid to be herself It has awesome messages of friendship and teamwork, and although they all have powers, it isn t done unrealistically Both this and The Girl Who Could Fly are beautiful books about being who you are and not letting people try to change you.

  • The Girl who could Fly was basically my childhood, and what got me first into reading, so when I heard this was coming out I became extremely excited And just as I expected, it turned out amazing.

  • Stars 3.5 5I have waited so long for this book to come out I fell in love with The Girl Who Could Fly when it was first published way back in 2008 It is by far one of my absolute favorite Middle Grade novels Piper was such an enchanting character, and Forester knew exactly how to create a fantastical tale that utterly drew you in I was actually starting to lose hope that a second book would even be written The Girl Who Could Fly had such a cliffhanger of an ending, and there was no second book i [...]

  • The Boy who Knew Everything, was and is the most disappointing, most appalling sequel to a good book I have every had the misfortune of reading The plot was disjointed, nonsensical and repulsively boring Seriously, this was incredibly hard to slog through it felt like I was wading through poorly contrived plot lines, while narrowly avoiding death via extreme frustration Because, plot holes Honestly, not even plot holes, just gaping sections of missing plot Zero exhibition, zero explanation Chara [...]

  • Conrad and Piper have escaped the school that held them prisoner and tried to force them to be normal But life in the outside world can t exactly go back to the way it used to be Conrad has no family any or none he can trust So Piper offers hers, and for a little while, the two of them start building a home where they can use their extraordinary gifts But an ugly mystery has been lurking, and Conrad and Piper have been destined to confront it .I really enjoyed The Girl Who Could Fly, and it s ta [...]

  • OH MY GOOD GODL ME THE NEXT BOOK IS OUTL METHAT IT DID NOT JUST END PLEASE LORD, TELL ME THERE ARE MORE BOOKS I can so totally imagine this being a manga movie series fact runs to bucket list adds Learn How To Draw Manga Anime Also Adds Make Best Selling Manga Anime Movies SO touching So good Are there Yes Im serious Did she write books Other books I DONT CARE IF THEY WERE WRITTEN FORTY YEARS AGO JUST GIVE ME SOMETHING BY HER TO READ Srsly the best ever

  • I liked it I liked the first one so much better but this one was enjoyable as well not comparable to The girl who could fly and a much different feel There were a few plot twists that were a little strange but overall the mystery and idea was worth the read Not a favorite but certainly not a waste of time Fun little book.

  • this was such a fun and cute read as a child I read the girl who could fly 5 times and was afraid this book wouldn t hold up compared to it, but it really did I didn t want to put it down at all and it just completely enthralled me only thing I wish was for the ending to be a little resolved.

  • I don t really get the story, there are still loads of unanswered questions I don t know whether the writer intended the story to end like that or there will be another book I was also upset about the lack of mention of TiTI, I thought it was an important part I prefer the first book, tbh.But despite that, I continued on reading because I love the characters.

  • Much slower reading than The Girl Who Could Fly The story didn t flow as smoothly with explanation and background information than action forward There was a neat wrap up at the end with one major loose end which leaves open the possibility of a third book And I see one is due to be published next year.

  • SO different from the first book, which I love This book keeps you reading and adds a lot of suspense, but I found it kind of WEIRD Overall, it was a good sequel, but they should have given certain characters a bigger part Still, it was very interesting.

  • A lot of Forester s plot is similar to Marvel s X Men.At one point in the story, Forester uses an abbreviated versionof Oscar Wilde s Portrait of Dorian Gray While filled with fast paced action, the story quicklylooses steam.

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