The Moon is Going to Addy's House

The Moon is Going to Addy s House This gentle poetic bedtime story about a little girl and the friendly moon is perfect for fans of Ezra Jack Keats and Kevin HenkesAfter a play date in the city Addy heads home to the country with he
  • Title: The Moon is Going to Addy's House
  • Author: Ida Pearle
  • ISBN: 9780803740549
  • Page: 196
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Moon is Going to Addy's House
    This gentle, poetic bedtime story about a little girl and the friendly moon is perfect for fans of Ezra Jack Keats and Kevin HenkesAfter a play date in the city, Addy heads home to the country with her family And through the long drive, the moon seems to be following them closely Addy s faithful guardian and friend.The comforting sense that the moon is your own personal cThis gentle, poetic bedtime story about a little girl and the friendly moon is perfect for fans of Ezra Jack Keats and Kevin HenkesAfter a play date in the city, Addy heads home to the country with her family And through the long drive, the moon seems to be following them closely Addy s faithful guardian and friend.The comforting sense that the moon is your own personal companion is universal to childhood, and Ida Pearle has depicted it beautifully through her lyrical text and soft, sleepy cut paper collage illustrations This is a book that children will ask to hear every night at bedtime.
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    • [E-Book] ✓ The Moon is Going to Addy's House | By ☆ Ida Pearle
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    Ida Pearle Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Moon is Going to Addy's House book, this is one of the most wanted Ida Pearle author readers around the world.


  • My five stars for this picture book are solely for the illustrations Wow So much color and beauty and I thoroughly enjoyed looking at each detail of the cut paper scenes The author illustrator did a magnificent job bringing to life the full moon on a long drive home.I also appreciated the multi racial friendship between the two girls at the beginning of the story, as well as the interweaving of than one race in the city scenes I find it beautiful that the author doesn t actually address any of [...]

  • As Addy s family drives home from a play date in the city, she notices the moon is following them home As the car continues to drive away from the city and back to her home in the country, Addy observes, not just the moon, but the wondrous world around her.Poetry doesn t always have to come in words Sometimes poetry speaks in pictures, movement, music, or all of these things at once The Moon is Going to Addy s House is a beautiful example of how poetry can be created in the confluence of art for [...]

  • So, I think that, while this may spark a kid s imagination to watch the moon themselves while going on car or transit rides, it s not going to really excite them, and it certainly didn t impress me The artwork feels very flat, which is sort of an odd statement to say about a book, but really, there s no depth to the collage No extra details to discover on second readings The author artist tried to make things dynamic by using patterned paper for their shapes, but it just created a visually loud [...]

  • What threw me off at first was how very far away this playdate was for this child I started to get twitchy in a are we there yet kind of way as I read this story, much as I did enjoy the cut paper illustrations.I think I would have liked this is the text had worked better for me So sparse probably in an attempt to seem poetic there was no real feel for this being artistic prose, so much as it was just words explaining the situation So playing hide and seek with the moon was fun, but the words c [...]

  • The illustrations immediately caught my attention when I walked past this book The cut paper collage method reminds me of the great Ezra Jack Keats The different patterns and bright colors, fill the page and mind with warmth and imagination The story follows a little girl named Addy as she heads home after a playdate While her family drives, she watches the moon Playfully it follows them home which is all beautifully captured by the artistry of Ida Pearle The Moon is Going to Addy s House is a c [...]

  • This book focuses on an almost universal childhood experience, noticing that the moon seems to follow you whenever you walk or drive Addy pictures the moon as her faithful guardian and believes as most children do that the moon is personally following her This book is beautiful and accurately explains what so many of us believe.

  • 3.5 stars rounded up.Enchanting cut paper illustrations This is one of those picture books that you read for the illustrations, not the story the story is merely the thread that runs through the images, adding nuance.

  • A fantastic book just for the art, colours, shapes and forms Beautiful Not many words though, but a lot to look at I enjoyed it a lot and my 5 year old asked me to read it twice

  • When Addy s play date is finished, she is taken home in a car by her father and mother Her little sister is along for the ride too and the moon shines outside of their windows It is sometimes high in the sky, other times low under a bridge It follows them over a bridge, through the hills It is sometimes so close that you would think you could catch it in your hands The moon goes all the way to their home with them, waiting outside during their bath and then celebrates along with Addy during her [...]

  • PreK Gr3 Summer bedtime is magical for a little girl returning from a playdate The moon follows Addy and her family home in their car, peeks through the window as she and her sister have a bath, and supervises their moonlit dance The children watch the moon through the car window, trying to capture it with their hands, and the moon appears to watch them back in one marvelous aerial composition of redwing blackbirds high in the trees, the road snaking far below Cut paper collage utilizing a wide [...]

  • publisher Dial Books for Young Readers, Penguin Young Readers Grouppicture book, bedtimeI picked this book up because my daughter recently asked me about the moon following us around while we were running errands I tried to explain how big the moon was and how far away we were from it as best I could While this title doesn t really address any of those things, it gives justification to those little curious minds who are oh so observant Pearly uses paper collage to create stunning illustrations o [...]

  • Amazing, beautiful book that follows Addy and her younger sister on their drive home from a play date through their evening as a family at home.As they drive, the girls watch the moon and notice how it seems high above the buildings, then low under the bridges, then on the side of their car, then behind them I ve often marveled at this phenomenon so I loved watching them marvel, too The illustrations are cut paper and are really amazing the colors and patterns and shapes are a joy to explore Add [...]

  • This was on a number of prediction lists for a 2016 Caldecott Medal, and while it did not get an honor, it s still a lovely book The art is stunning Pearle Uses not just papercut figures to tell her story, but figures made of the most beautiful marbleized paper on vibrantly colored backgrounds There is something both zen and charming about the art, and it manages to convey both motion and peace at the same time The simple little story is also a delight, and should appeal to any child who has eve [...]

  • I loved the paper cut out, collage illustrations and the color scheme of this book The pinks, purples and blues gave this a real feel of twilight and setting sun I liked the story moving from the city to country as the family goes home You see different aspects of each landscape the city streets, bridge, hills, etc.I liked that the moon was referenced as part beyond just it being an object in the sky The girl character catches the moon between her fingers and it lights up her dancing outside af [...]

  • The cut paper collage illustrations in this book are stunning They are so detailed and colorful There is so much in each illustration, that it s fun to just sit and look at all of the people going about their business and the animals and the landscape And then you remember to look at the moon The illustrations and the soothing text remind me of the books of Ezra Jack Keats And I think it s terrific that everyone can recognize themselves and their world in this book

  • The art is handsome, the concept is nice, and yet I found this all rather soulless The lack of facial features on humans and animals alike may have been what did it Exquisite, yes But this is being compared to Ezra Jack Keats and Kevin Henkes, and this is nowhere in their league No emotional impact.

  • I really enjoyed reading this story of how the moon follows Addy home My preschooler focused on finding and pointing out the moon in every scene It provided an excellent lesson opportunity on why the moon follows us My only complaint was the bath scene pages It threw off the soft feel of the story because, of course, my daughter had point out Addy was naked, followed by giggles Beautifully illustrated and highly recommended

  • With striking cut paper collage illustrations and a sparse, lyrical text, Pearle captures the magic of a summer evening The story begins with Addy spotting the moon on the drive home from the city to her home in the country The moon can still be seen through the window while Addy and her sister get ready for bed The bathing scene may be problematic for group story time, but this is the perfect parent child bedtime story Each page in this lovely picture book is enchanting.

  • My grand is fascinated with the moon and all things outer space at the moment so this book was a perfect one to read with her We read it at least four times marveling at the way the moon seems to follow Addy home and keep her and her sister fascinated as they drive home and then get ready for bed Simply lovely.

  • The cut paper collages in this book are just captivating and steal the story When I read that Ida Pearle has a background in figurative drawing, it all made sense the pictures were such a study in movement and form Since last night was the Supermoon Lunar Eclipse, it would make a great book to inspire stories and poems about the moon this week.

  • For any child or teen, or adult who s ridden in a car on a clear night and stared at the moon The illustrations give a great feel for the motion of the car, the changing position of the moon in the sky, and the excitement of the two sisters as they ride out of the city towards their home in the country.

  • Remember when you were young and the moon was a wonder It was everywhere Sometimes it seemed so close and other times it was so far matter where you went This picture book brought back those early memories to me The minimal text is just enough to keep pace with the beautifully illustrated story of the moon going to Addy s house.

  • Addy s playdate is over and it s time to go home Riding in the car with her family, Addy observes the moon, way up high , and way down low It seems to Addy that the moon is following her and going to her house The beauty of this book is the skillfully crafted cut paper collage illustrations Addy and her family seem to dance off the page A lovely bedtime story.

  • The renderings of the human figures are amazing, and the experience of following the moon is magical However, the use of the swirled colored paper is distracting, the narrative seems like it wanders, and the plane on which the story occurs looks very flat The pieces by themselves have substance but never quite come together.

  • This type of cut paper collage tends to feel static, but there is a tremendous sense of motion and light throughout this book The colors are fantastic I wonder if Pearle makes her own paper , and the Papa is waiting at the car spread is a stunner color, composition, depth, and movement coming together to create a moment Lovely.

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