The Blind Eye - A Sephardic Journey

The Blind Eye A Sephardic Journey In parallel stories set in th century Portugal and the s two women explore their identities Set against historical events The Blind Eye creates a sweeping narrative about a family expelled fr
  • Title: The Blind Eye - A Sephardic Journey
  • Author: Marcia Fine
  • ISBN: 9780982695234
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Blind Eye - A Sephardic Journey
    In parallel stories set in 15th century Portugal and the 1990 s, two women explore their identities Set against historical events, The Blind Eye creates a sweeping narrative about a family expelled from Spain connecting forward across tine to a modern woman of Cuban descent.
    The Blind Eye - A Sephardic Journey By Marcia Fine,
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      Marcia Fine

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    Award winning author Marcia Fine grew up in South Florida in the 1960s, the daughter of Bohemian parents A former English teacher, entrepreneur and speaker she has the only satirical series about Scottsdale A ONEBOOKAZ 2015 winner for her novel, THE BLIND EYE Sephardic Journey, she has traveled Arizona speaking at libraries Her book about personal family history, PAPER CHILDREN An Immigrant s Legacy, has been a finalist for three national awards Her newest novel, PARIS LAMB, won First Prize from the Arizona Author s Asso A treatise on biblical archaeology, suspense and romance, the novel explores a family secret revealed that changes lives.


  • This story entwines two tales one in the late 1990s an the other starts in 1492 Alegra Cardoza is a Native Floridian, descended from Cubans, who is looking for a new job, and perhaps a new life She applies for a position as secretary to a history professor Harold Guzman In keeping his life organized, she learns that he is researching a writing a historical fiction about the Jewish expulsion of Spain in the late 15th century The narration drops in and out of the fictional book the professor is wr [...]

  • This novel brings to life the struggle of Sephardic Jews as they are expelled from Spain by Queen Isabella in 1492 and again five years later from Portugal The horrors and constant cruelty these devout people suffered at the hands of Christians because of their religious faith is tragic Through the Guzman family, we learn what it was like to live day in and day out with persecution, intolerance, and violence even from one s neighbors and servants The novel is structured with the historical story [...]

  • A very interesting story about a subject I knew nothing about the Sephardic Jews of Spain and their expulsion from Spain during the reign of evil Queen Isabella in 1492 This story follows three women two from that time and modern day Alegria, all searching for their identities The things these Jews had to endure are unbelievable and their perseverance throughout the centuries to maintain their heritage speaks to their resilience and fortitude While not the best written book by any means, I learn [...]

  • In The Blind Eye A Sephardic Journey, Marcia Fine writes of a world I never knew existed the Sephardic Jews and their trials, persecutions and sometimes slaughter, beginning in Spain in the 1490 s She has woven great historical detail throughout her prose, such that the images and stories come to life She created two historical characters I really cared about, so I had to keep turning the pages I like a great story, that I also learn something from I didn t know before The Blind Eye is a great r [...]

  • I like the premise of this book, and was fascinated by the historical details, but it read like a history lesson I found the characters flat and uninteresting I felt no connection to any of them The 1990s characters gave me the impression they were there only to lecture on the 1490s folks Also, I had trouble with the syntax errors, mixing of verbal tenses within sentences, and jumps in character POV and time and place that kept me confused Too bad, because this was a great idea.

  • I admire people who can teach the past through novels I didn t know about the history of the Jews in Spain, Portugal, and South America I like how Marcia used three or people to tell the story including someone in present day who is also learning about the past along with the reader.Marcia has obviously done an incredible amount of research and manages to fit the information into a readable format A must read.

  • I found this book to be fascinating I knew nothing about the Sephardic Jews and it really is a heartbreaking but inspiring history.

  • Traveling between the Inquisition and near enough to our current time, beginning in 1492 and 1998, the history and plight of the Sephardic Jews is explored In 1492, they were forcibly expelled from Spain, by the church, unless they gave up their faith and truly converted to Catholicism Conversos or Christianity Marranos Often, even when they did, they suffered punishment, exile and even death They maintained their religion, worshiping in silence and in secret, orally passing on their history to [...]

  • This is the type of historical fiction that provides an understanding into the impact of and resistance to acts of suppression I think this author handles a sensitive and horrible time with sensitivity She has two stories running parallel to each other The contemporary story is a lighter story that offsets the darker, historical story of the forced conversion and the expulsion of all Jews and Marranos from Spain and Portugal I liked how the author used the characters in the contemporary story to [...]

  • The Blind Eye is a look into the life and terrors of a Jewish family in Spain and Portugal beginning in 1492, the beginning with the Edict of Expulsion The story is intermixed with a modern day tale of a Cubana living in Miami who discovers her connection with her Jewish heritage I do not think the book is well written or edited finding several grammatical errors and truly unbelievable coincidences particularly in the modern portion It does, however, provide some much needed education on the tre [...]

  • I had relatively low expectations of this book because I am choosy about things like book cover design and font type But I enjoyed this read, which focuses on a fictional retelling of the expulsion of the Jews from Spain under the reign of Ferdinand and Isabella In the meantime, a modern day Cuban woman is reclaiming her own connection to this story and her roots Sounds far fetched yet I found it to be pleasantly engaging Certainly raised my interest in understanding about the complicated relat [...]

  • I am going on a trip to Portugal and Spain and wanted to know about the Jewish history there I love historical novels and Marcia Fine s book did not disappoint Often when an author goes back and forth with narrators from different time periods, the book becomes confusing and the reader can lose interest in one of the time periods Not so here.Assuming that she did her research well, I am in for an interesting experience when I visit the Jewish historical sites I truly enjoyed this book I became i [...]

  • The Blind Eye is the winning ONEBOOKAZ for Adults 2015 Historical fiction at its finest the story splits into two eras and two distinctly separate stories The story of the harassment and torment of the Jews during the 16th century Inquisition is told in exquisite dialogue and description by Grazia and Belina The other story is about the rudderless thirty five year old female who moves from Miami to Spain to work as the researcher for the fifty year old professor writing the Inquisition novel Thi [...]

  • I learned a lot about The Spanish Inquisition and many other aspects of Jewish history and estrangement However, the way in which this is told parallel stories and especially developing a love story between Grazia and Hal, c mon Couldn t buy into it at all And then the Hallmark ending Sorry, didn t do it for me Kudos for the research and getting published however.

  • Marcia Fine s book The Blind Eye A Sephardic Journey was an eye opener to say the least The time she wrote about is not something students study in school The human race can be cruel to each other as we have seen in wars We seem to never to learn from our mistakes Learn about the Jew s peoples journey as they are casted out of Spain in the 1400 s and their relentless effort to survive.

  • This was a well written and researched book And I truly enjoyed it However, the bouncing back and forth in between the two stories got confusing at times We are fortunate that the speaker for the author is coming to our little library Tues to speak to us This was a OneBookAz choice for this year.

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