The Boys Next Door

The Boys Next Door Life just got a bit complicated After a heartbreaking betrayal Lexi Ferrell is determined to get as far away as possible from her small hometown So when she scores a scholarship to a prestigious law
  • Title: The Boys Next Door
  • Author: Rosalie Lario
  • ISBN: 9781502816399
  • Page: 497
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Boys Next Door
    Life just got a bit complicated After a heartbreaking betrayal, Lexi Ferrell is determined to get as far away as possible from her small hometown So when she scores a scholarship to a prestigious law school in Miami, she jumps at the chance to live right on South Beach Sun, sand, and an endless stream of beautiful people who could resist But her apartment complexLife just got a bit complicated After a heartbreaking betrayal, Lexi Ferrell is determined to get as far away as possible from her small hometown So when she scores a scholarship to a prestigious law school in Miami, she jumps at the chance to live right on South Beach Sun, sand, and an endless stream of beautiful people who could resist But her apartment complex provides far than she asked for in the form of two yummy new neighbors.Matt Eisler and Ben Santos are best friends Nothing could tear them apartor so they thought But when Lexi enters their life, neither one can resist wanting to make her his own.Torn between the hot surfer boy and his exotic Latino roommate, Lexi vows to stay away from them both But as she soon discovers, Matt and Ben are impossible to resist And they ll take her any way they can get her even if it s together Could the three of them ever make it work Because now that she s experienced one night of unforgettable passion, the last thing she could ever do is choose between the boys next door.
    The Boys Next Door By Rosalie Lario,
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  • Rosalie Lario

    Rosalie Lario is the award winning, paranormal romance author of the Demons of Infernum and the Fallen Warriors series Rosalie double majored in Anthropology and Classics as an undergraduate student, and briefly considered becoming an archaeologist before realizing they don t actually live the life of Indiana Jones So what was a classical geek armed with a lot of useless knowledge to do Become a lawyer, of course After attending law school in Florida, she practiced real estate law for several years before finally admitting to herself that negotiating contracts wasn t nearly as fun as dreaming up stories She never imagined all the mythology she studied would one day make the perfect fodder for the paranormal romance stories she now dreams up When not writing, she enjoys spending time with her family in their home state of Florida.


  • Good story I liked how they sort of meandered into a threesome It wasn t planned None of them had ever experienced it before I don t think , and while the guys weren t keen on sharing because they each wanted Lexi, when it was clear she couldn t make up her mind between them and she sort of accidentally mentioned threesome , one of the guys thought about it and approached the other guy Even after sparks flew, things didn t go easy, but the HFN ending was satisfying I d be interested if the autho [...]

  • Review posted Book Lovin MamasI read The Boys Next Door in one sitting because I had a hard time putting it down I m used to reading Rosalie Lario PNR books, so I couldn t wait to read her New Adult Contemporary Romance book First off, the setting of the story is in Florida Yup I m a proud Floridian and second it involved one girl falling for two hot guys Both guys are complete opposites, but they are best friends Nothing could tear these best friends apart until they meet the Lexi Ferrel Lexi h [...]

  • The story is about Lexi moving on South Beach after being hurt by his long time boyfriend.That is where she meets two let s not say yummy guys, Matt and Ben, that made her firm resolve of not dating go a little what I really mean is big time shaky.I like Ben s character because he has depth, growing up the way he did Hey, we always like a troubled broken jaded Wendells c mon read Urban dictionary because we think we ll be the one to fix them I like this book and I think it has potential to be [...]

  • I really enjoyed this book, though I have to say out of the two boys although I loved them both I had a definite preference for Ben I think it was the fact that in my eyes he was the better friend, he noticed how Matt felt about Lexi and even though he d fallen for her, something that had never happened for him before, and despite how much he was drawn to her and needed her, he was willing to step back regardless how miserable it made him and let Matt have her.Matt wasn t quite so willing to do [...]

  • For some reason, I was drawn to this plot I has the premise of two guys sharing a girl and usually that would immediately repel me, but I had been reading C.L Stone s Ghostbird and Scarab Beetle series, which also have that type of premise, so I figured that I would give it a try.Unfortunately, I did not like The Boys Next Door nearly as much as C.L Stone s novels While C.L Stone s reverse polygamy premise feels actually somewhat natural an genuine, this felt forced For the majority of the novel [...]

  • This was such a weird book I m the type of person who opts out of reading a synopsis before reading a book Yeah, that kind of reading doesn t work for this book This is one of those books that you will definitely benefit from reading the synopsis you need to be prepared I was so not digging the whole Girl can t choose between two guys thing Maybe it s because I m allergic to love triangles, or maybe it s because this female protagonist just wasn t appealing to me, or maybe, just maybe, it was th [...]

  • The Boys Next Door was just the book I was looking for to read It s a light read and it s not drowned down by a lot of angst Lexi leaves her small town and moves to Miami for law school She has left a cheating ex and vows to focus on law school and not boys In Miami life is difference and two of her neighbors catch her eyes Matt and Ben are best friends and roommates They are the boys next door Matt seems to be the down home boy and Ben is the player To Lexi they are hard to resists Something p [...]

  • I want to begin by stating that I love Rosalie Lario s books I ve read everything she s written thus far and have not been disappointed The Boys Next Door, however, seemed to start out very slow for me and I found myself antsy to get to the juicy part but once there it took off Unfortunately, it was over far too quickly once the true action started Don t get me wrong, once we get there it was great and I enjoyed it immensely but I would have loved it if it had gone a bit longer and taking us in [...]

  • 4.3 starThe story has crazy man whore and cute guy next store that is super sweet and the girl that can t choose which one she wants Lexi has just moved to South Beach She is not looking for a man She wants to study and get her degree Now she has to choose between 2 best friends as they both want her Can she choose Will she have to choose or can she have them both I loved these characters and was able to connect with them I wish you got even background from all of them You get to know them in t [...]

  • Read my full review on Book BumblingsWow, totally not what I expected So here s how I thought The Boys Next Door would go Girl meets bad boy Girl tries to stay away but has intense physical attraction to bad boy Girl also meets good boy Girl is emotionally but not physically attracted to good boy Girl can t make up her mind for, like, ever so she stays away from them both and eventually makes up her mind after tons of back and forth.Yeah Not very original But I still wanted to read it Sun, fun, [...]

  • When Lexi moves to South Beach the last thing she s looking for is a guy let two Matt and Ben both want Lexi even if it means sharing her.I really liked this book The way the relationships between the three main characters develop was very well done I found myself rooting for all three at some point during the book I also loved the supporting cast They helped make the book feel real The love scenes are very hot My one complaint is that it s written in 1st pov The jumping from character to chara [...]

  • Wow I couldn t put this book down I ve never read a book like this and the summary intrigued me Turns out it was an awesome choice I loved the characters and the story kept me wanting I wanted to give it a 5 I only gave it a 4 wanted to give a 4.5 because I selfishly wanted .I wanted to see of them Lol I will for sure be looking into other books by this author And my advice to you, if you like contemporary hot romances and are unsure on this one go for it It was cute, funny, hot, and those boy [...]

  • Took too long to get to the point of the story I really enjoyed the last 20%, unfortunately that wasn t good enough to salvage a good rating Too much time was spent studying, partying and drinking that took away what could have been an excellent threesome between two hot guys and a beautiful girl.

  • This was my first Rosalie Lario and I was pleasantly surprised by it The Boys Next Door was a very interesting read that had my attention from beginning to end The storyline had lots of twists and turns that made this book so much better The characters had amazing chemistry in and out of the bedroom All in all a pretty great read

  • Just finished and really want to read the next one, which I understand there will be, to see where this relationship is going.Really enjoyed this story, author is a great writer However, my main thought was that Lexi was very obviously drawn to one guy than the other their chemistry was palpable In the long run, I d like to see her end up with just this guy.

  • Southern Hotness This story took its sweet time getting to the fulfillment of its promises, but it eventually got there Kinda felt like a kid Are we there yet There was way too much dangling and then pulling away for my liking However I gave it 3 stars cause it ended on a good note.

  • 1.5 ish Not something I was really expecting I got to a certain part and I was like whoa what am I reading Guess I should read blurbs a a reviews a little carefully The story and characters weren t developed enough for me and to add that to the direction the story went just wasn t for me.

  • Quick It was a fun, light read but shorter and less detailed than I would ve liked Also I found not just one grammatical mistakes, and even though I m not native, I could tell them But if we overlook those I enjoyed detailed review to come

  • As this story finally got started, it ended I was so surprised that it ended as abruptly as it did I felt like the author had nothing left to say so she decided to just end the story I would have liked to see how the relationship progressed between Lexi, Matt, and Ben.

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