The Slave

The Slave At twenty seven Tamelik has been a slave than half his life having witnessed his family being murdered in front of him when he was just a child Naturally submissive although with a petulant streak
  • Title: The Slave
  • Author: Kate Aaron
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 346
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Slave
    At twenty seven, Tamelik has been a slave than half his life, having witnessed his family being murdered in front of him when he was just a child Naturally submissive, although with a petulant streak, he can t help but fall in love with the master who treats him kindly.Tam s dreams come true when his mistress walks out, leaving her husband behind For six glorious moAt twenty seven, Tamelik has been a slave than half his life, having witnessed his family being murdered in front of him when he was just a child Naturally submissive, although with a petulant streak, he can t help but fall in love with the master who treats him kindly.Tam s dreams come true when his mistress walks out, leaving her husband behind For six glorious months, he and his master get to be together Then Tam is ordered to purchase another slave.He wants to hate Kai for being unruly and ungrateful For being of the same race as the men who murdered his family For being his eventual replacement in their master s bed But it s hard to hate a man who cries himself to sleep, flinches at the slightest touch, and blushes beautifully when he s kissed.Seducing Kai has suddenly become challenge than chore, and with his master s encouragement, Tam finds himself falling for his new companion Except nobody can be in love with two people at once, can they
    The Slave By Kate Aaron,
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    Born in Liverpool, Kate Aaron is a bestselling author of the 1 LGBT romances What He Wants, Ace, The Slave, and other works.She holds a BA Hons in English Language and Literature, and an MA in Gender, Sexuality and Culture, and is an outspoken advocate for equal rights.Kate swapped the North West for the Midwest in October 2015 and married award winning author AJ Rose Together they plan to take over the world.


  • Edited after taking a breather and making sure I wasn t actually dead I have decided to review it first before I go on to read the next part, so that I don t forget the events or my feelings for them at the end.This book was EPIC, really, tremendously epic After reading the first paragraph, I knew I was hooked and will not rest until I finish it And that s what happened actually, too I was deeply engrossed in the completely different characters and dynamics of this triad Master, Tam and Kai They [...]

  • Written November 17, 20144 Stars Delicate, beautiful and tender a sweetly soft three might make it story.Book 1A fantasy historical slave story I couldn t resist the temptation after reading a few great ARC reviews then in October I needed to read it If you like historical fairy tale like storiesIt may not sound as me chicken scared Ingela but I like love fairy tales, and this M M genre with historical slave fantasy romances are often also a kind of an oldish, often hard and tough, fairy tale Th [...]

  • 4 starsThis was a great surprise It s the first book in this series and it s still free on The writing surprised me I really enjoyed it This book felt light and easy to read I m NOT a fan of DOM and SUB couples, actually we have a Master here and two slaves But it s fantasy and the sex slaves aren t what we usually read about Here Tam really loves his Master and Kai falls for Tam.How these 3 men connected, it really left me wanting for Well Kai and Tam connected a lot, and their Master knew whi [...]

  • Nothing is inviolate in a world at war.Tam is the beautiful, charming and obedient slave He was given a task and he fulfilled, now he has to live with his choice Even when strained, he never regrets his decision Kai is the captured warrior who s presence ignites the crowd s desire to break him by the whatever means necessary and with great pleasure His auction price escalates quickly His journey is to find a place within Master s house Master is the philosopher king example One that proves that [...]

  • 5 HUGE STARS from Me Macky for this EXCELLENT book from Kate Aaron BONUS SCENE bit 1sjYrHC Oh My God Did I do it again Macky This book was stunning and I could effuse for hours on how fabulous it is Haha actually I think we did Macky Hahahayou bloody know you did Monique How could I resist when you wafted the premise of pleasure slaves and masters under my nose Like candy to a babyYou know me soooo well Looks like I m going to be effusing with you Monique You know it The promise of the blurb was [...]

  • I m drained and speechless Need the 2nd book right the fuck now OMG I loved this book, it just blew my mind and had my heart pounding After finishing I felt kind of lost, luckily Kate s 2nd book of the series came out on the same day.Tam is a lovely character He s so pure and innocent, just beautiful inside and out He lives with his master, an underlord in a fantasy world that orbits two suns Master isn t cruel or brutal, he doesn t abuse or humiliate Tam, his pleasure slave Master cares for him [...]

  • I loved this book.The Slave is a very well written fantasy m nage Tam has lived with Master since his family were killed fifteen years ago He was meant for the Mistress but it was the Master who always made him feel protected Master is an underlord and a powerful man in Otiz The region in unstable and war rages around the zone the Granthians and Thirskans are tribally opposed It is the reason Tam ended up in the Cage for auction at twelve, his family murdered before him Since then, he has been w [...]

  • Note the author is a good friend, I beta d this and received a final copy from the author This one is for me absolutely on the same level as What He Wants and Ace Kate never ceases to astonish me with her ability to take completely different backgrounds and characters and run with them to create brilliantly original and very fresh stories It is also a pleasure to read about real human beings instead of tired stereotypes, and as always she has created just that here.Recommended for everyone who l [...]

  • I loved the complicated nature of the relationship between the three men The author doesn t ignore the reality of the notion of consent within the reality of slavery, but the master and his respect for his slaves made this story for me I m looking forward to reading about these characters.

  • Overall book rating 4.5Audio Book N ABook Cover 3.5I wanted to stay wrapped up in my own little bubble after this.I actually stopped reading with 16 pages left, because I didn t want to deal with what I knew was about to happen I didn t want their little happy bubble to burst But I guess I couldn t keep reality at bay much longer and soI finished it.I just wanted the three of them, Master and slaves, though so much on so many levels without them even completely understanding it, to be safely lo [...]

  • dnf at 65%.I m not going to rate this one because it s me, not the book A couple of years ago I d probably read this with few problems, despite the fact there is sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex.But the real issue is I just don t want to read slave fic any where there isn t a turnaround realizing that owning someone is wrong Books like The Flesh Cartel etc just do nothing for me in this there were all kinds of things that fired off warning bells There s just no way I can rate review this fair [...]

  • I really enjoyed this a lot than I thought I would This is my first time reading about a menage relationship and I could really believe that Tam loved both Master and Kai I understood why he loved each and could reconcile that in his mind The three of them were great together I liked the world building but it felt like they were in their own private bubble until the end of the book I plan to finish this series at some point.

  • This is a m nage love story from a different time, a different planet A time of devastation, fear, war, brutality, hatred, need, darkness, and shreds of happiness among the ruins Master rescues Tam when young and as he grew older, educated, and became a man, Master used him for a pleasure slave, but so much Emotions were involved, love developed, and Kai was added to the mix Tam is the delicate, submissive man, but has an inner core of strength The three men become necessary for one another, an [...]

  • Great fantasy story from Kate featuring Tam and his Master, and the new addition to the household Kai What happens when all out conflict knocks on the doorstep of their compound I ve no idea but Kai s story The Soldier is next up on the kindle 5 golden stars Thanks Trouble

  • A review by The Blogger Girls.There are stories that just suck you right into their world, and this was definitely one of them.Sweet Tam is in love with his Master and longs for that love in return He has a pretty good life, as slaves go, and his Master is caring and fair He has chosen Tam exclusively over the years, even over his wife who left with most of the staff to their other home Not wanting Tam to be alone as his duties call him away and , Master sends Tam to the slave markets to purcha [...]

  • Review is for the series as a whole rather than the individual books that comprise it.Gah, sooo damn good Without a doubt the sweetest slave story I ve ever read happy sigh

  • Now that I have finished with all three books in this series, I figured it was time to write up some reviews with my thoughts on the story and execution I really did enjoy this series and there were only a couple things that truly annoyed me One of those things was the vastly overuse of the phrase or action chucking under the chin Seemed like every other page someone was chucking someone else under the chin It just got distracting The other thing that bothered me I ll elaborate on in my review o [...]

  • 5 stars for book 1 and 2 The Slave and The SoldierI need to be in the right frame of mind to write a review that does this series justice Needless to say I had a big to do list for today that was push away to tomorrow because I could not put this book down Right after it, I had to immediately download the sequel, which I also loved, even though poor Kai went through hell and back I like that each book in the series is told from one of the MCs point of view the first one is told from Tam s point [...]

  • 4.5 starsBrilliant I was apprehensive about reading this, thinking it would be a run of the mill slave story Boy was I wrong and I am so glad I picked it up Told from Tam s POV, this is the story of Master, his pleasure slave Tam, and the newly acquired Kai It s a beautiful story set in a fantasy setting I loved the fact that Master was very kind and affectionate with Tam and Kai This is a love story and wonderfully written at that The sex scenes were amazing and actually worked to showcase the [...]

  • I thought that I was going to read a typical slave story Instead, I was pulled into a terrific story where slaves are treated like people and not abused Master was an excellent character, demanding yet patient and caring Tam annoyed me at times with his whining but it was understandable I saw Kai as almost an equal to the Master in private His character grew a lot once he learned that Master was not going to mistreat him Kai was my favorite character Set against the background of a war this stor [...]

  • vingt sept ans, Tamelik a t un esclave pendant plus de la moiti de sa vie, apr s avoir assist l assassinat de toute sa famille en face de lui alors qu il tait juste un enfant Naturellement soumis, mais relativement irritable, il ne peut s emp cher de tomber amoureux de son Ma tre qui le traite avec bont.Les r ves de Tam deviennent vrais lorsque sa ma tresse s en va, laissant son mari derri re elle Pendant six mois parfaits, son Ma tre et lui arrivent tre ensemble Puis Tam se voit ordonner d ache [...]

  • This story is basically centered around a pleasure slave, his master, and a new slave to their household It s a M M M world here Which normally wouldn t bother me I actually got squeamish with the two slaves going girly over the prospect of decorating a room Pink or lime green Really lolWhile the story was well written with some character development, it had too many sex scenes, which watered down the character development, in addition to over shadowing the plotwhatever that was It was almost li [...]

  • Kate Aaron, without a doubt, has outdone herself The Slave is a captivating tale about a slave named Tam A slave who has had his world turned upside down and inside out and yet finds hope and love in the life he s been given I fell in love with this character from the beginning As Kai and Master enter the story, the ensemble grew not just in numbers but in fabulous substance Each bringing so much to this already fascinating story The Slave Book One of Free Men starts off this series with a bar l [...]

  • I picked this book up because I have a bit of soft spot for dubcon slave fiction my guilty pleasure and I read a review that piqued my curiosity I was not disappointed All three books in the series are very well done, and the shifting 1st person narrative changes with each subsequent book is perfect to let us peer into the other characters minds and see how the pieces fit together Editing was good, with only minor misses throughout the series Nothing to detract from the reader s enjoyment.I ende [...]

  • This is the first of the trilogy and I think I liked this one the best Each book from each character s POV this is from Tam s POV Tam has been a slave longer than he hasn t and his Master anticipates there will come a time that Tam will need someone else and he sets Tam to the auction house to pick out a companion and Tam immediately wants and successfully bids for Kai, an army guy who s been sold.The Master and Tam slowly woo Kai and there are some very nice menage scenes It does end on a cliff [...]

  • Wow, and I thought, this book is just fucking tense , and then the free set of steak knives arrived I don t know if I ll read of the series straight away.

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