The Eighth Day

The Eighth Day And on the Seventh Day He rested Genesis The EighthDay is an explosive compulsively readable novel of suspense that plunges a clever young man into a web of mystery and international deceit
  • Title: The Eighth Day
  • Author: John Case
  • ISBN: 9780099416494
  • Page: 187
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Eighth Day
    And on the Seventh Day, He rested Genesis, 2 2 3 The EighthDay is an explosive, compulsively readable novel of suspense that plunges a clever young man into a web of mystery and international deceit, bringing him face to face with the ultimate evil Danny Cray is a struggling 28 year old sculptor and video artist who lives in Washington DC To make ends meet, he does And on the Seventh Day, He rested Genesis, 2 2 3 The EighthDay is an explosive, compulsively readable novel of suspense that plunges a clever young man into a web of mystery and international deceit, bringing him face to face with the ultimate evil Danny Cray is a struggling 28 year old sculptor and video artist who lives in Washington DC To make ends meet, he does occasional freelance work as a researcher for a large firm of private detectives When one of their most powerful clients approaches him with a job, the money is too good to resist All he has to do is learn what a recently deceased university professor was working on when he died.But Danny stumbles on far than he expected when he discovers that the professor was in touch with the Vatican about a remote tribe of Kurds who worship the Peacock Angel Satan After others connected to the professor start to disappear, Danny finds himself in great peril and must travel into the ancient land where this tribe still lives in order to discover what is truly at stake in his investigation A mesmerising blend of science, religion, history and suspense, The Eighth Day confirms John Case s position as a master of intelligent commercial fiction.
    The Eighth Day By John Case,
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    Writing as John Case, Jim and Carolyn Hougan are the New York Times best selling authors of The Genesis Code and five other thrillers.An award winning investigative reporter, Jim is the author of The Magdalene Cipher, a novel of conspiracy, and two non fiction books about the CIA Spooks and Secret Agenda.Carolyn is the author of four novels, including The Romeo Flag.The name John Case is actually that of Carolyn s grandfather, a journalist and author of Tom of Peace Valley Boy Knight of Agriculture.


  • This was the first John Case book for me It was a good read so I can t say I was disappointed with the story, but maybe the protagonist he s no super hero with special powers, but an almost normal person an artist who does P.I work on the side He makes some pretty dumb moves as far as I m concerned, but stumbles his way from country to country trying to take in the sites while killers are in pursuit.The story is predictable, but fun, you almost can t wait to see what predicament he s going to fa [...]

  • Not John Case s best work,Having read John Case s first 3 novels before coming to this, the fourth by the husband and wife duo who write under a pseudonym, I was ready for another fantastic read Unfortunately, I was dissapointed.This book was weak in character development, story line, suspense and resolution.Firstly, the main character, Dan Cray, was not anyone that I was profoundly concerned about he was milquetoast at best I suppose it is possible that this is the desire of the authors, but it [...]

  • Early in the book, I wrote this note The WRITING Details that appeal to how we think and notice things And so fun for the imagination not overwhelming, but detailed and vibrant Able to convey how normal people speak No major dissensions between characters Love what he chooses to put into the book So far, fantastic I did very much enjoy how he wrote this book And it was definitely an action and suspense packed story.I am glad I read it once, but it was sooo suspenseful, and I usually enjoy tales [...]

  • Definately not my favorite Case novel that distinction still lies with The Genesis Code , but a somewhat entertaining read, nonetheless In this one, we follow Danny Cray , struggling artist and part time PI, as he becomes unwittingly caught up in a conspiracy to overthrow the religious leader of the Kurds.The storyline, while immensely entertaining and interesting in its subject matter, didn t grab me like many of his other books, and I m sure that is because I found the protagonist to be very n [...]

  • Danny Cray is about as naieve as an individual can get He s a sculpture doing some mild investigative work on the side for a friend s firm he takes a job outside the firm that is supposed to be easy and pays a ridiculous fee That should be clue 1 that the job is going to be than it seems He then just gets into one piece of trouble after another Only in fiction does he still survive and the bad guys lose in the end You know that the bad guys will lose you just hang in there to see how.

  • This was a great book that kept me hanging on at every chapter s end I just couldn t put it down John Case s writing is certainly not easy reading, as the story always involves some type of technology, biological issue, religion, etc that he has to spend pages and pages explaining I don t see that as a bad thing and enjoy the challenge of understanding what is going on, but I could see that others might find it laborious.

  • Another John Case book about an ordinary man caught up in extraordinary events Fast paced, the usual input of information on an extraordinary technology Danny can only hope to get out of the dangerous situation in which he is placed by becoming and involved A bit like riding a fixed gear bike, which is something I well remember from my youth you can t stop pedalling, you have to go on, even when you are plunging into danger And Danny has no brakes.

  • Another great thriller from John Case I especially liked the main character, Danny Cray, whose internal thoughts seemed very honest with a spark of humor The mystery surrounds several mysterious deaths and the action quickly moves to a remote region of Turkey and a tribal sect You definately need to suspend belief, as many of Danny s escapes are obviously fantastical, but if you go with it, it s a great ride

  • Continuing the slump I ve been in lately haha I picked up this book because I really liked the idea of the character being an artist That s about the only thing I did like, and that aspect didn t even necessarily jive with the story Given how ominous John Case plays the client, I don t think it s giving anything away by saying things down turn out well between client and Danny Cray That s cool, right Because you wouldn t have much of a story otherwise This is a noir kind of thing after all The p [...]

  • The Eighth Day by John CaseIf you like Dan Brown you will enjoy this, John Case wrote thriller books around religious themes before Dan Brown.Danny is hired to find someone who is defaming a Turkish millionaire, however the people he finds all die in horrible ways Soon he finds that he has become the target of the business man and somehow he must survive The answers lie in science particularly nanotechnology It s a thrilling ride and a really good story.

  • This book takes you on a journey filled with twists and turns, filling you in on a dark history of a secret cult like group, a mysterious evil character who seems to be orchestrating the deaths of key people, and the hero character who finds himself thrust in the middle of it all trying to sort it all out before it s too late Character development is good throughout this mix of science, religion, humor, and suspense About 3 4 of the way through I felt it lost just a bit of steam, but it came bac [...]

  • John Lansing Ashley was wrongly convicted of the murder of his best friend Mysterious friends rescued him and he spent his life on the run His 4 children go on the be successful and reveal the unfinished life of John It also tells the compassion and understanding of the friend s family and the town he lived in There are back stories and lots of meanderings that bog the book down and make it slow, but it is beautifully written and lyrical and unusual.

  • video artist does some lucrative private investigator work to help pay the rent and ends up on the wrong side of the bad guys when he lets his morals get involved michael crichton esque non stop action and although some of the scenarios are a stretch, it s pure fun to read and will no doubt soon be made into a summer blockbuster.

  • this is not a review of the story or the author s style rather, how did this book grab me about halfway through I found it hard to put the book to one side to that point the story was complicated thsn it came together but the ending precisely, the epilogue left me feeling that the story was incomplete all in all, ok

  • So this one was okI picked it up in a used bookstore to read while on the treadmill at the gym and it served its purpose well I can t really recommend it thougheds a good editing as it could have chopped down about 50 pages and much of the plot was fairly preposterous Having said all that, I did enjoy it enough for what I expected of it, but that s about it.

  • The Eight Day is not what I usually read, but I still very mich enjoyed it This book is the literary equivalent of a Hollywood thriller fast paced, action packed, a little over the top and violent I d tell you to get some popcorn with it, but it s a real pageturner so you ll need your hands free.

  • The Eighth Dayis the last John Case I read a page turner, yes his best, no Still, I enjoyed the ride and the ending wraps up all the loose ends I was afraid there would be no runner reference in this one, but over pronators got a nod about half way through Thanks John.

  • Very good action adventure Complicated and descriptive passages of places the main character is visiting plot dragged down the action occasionaly Still, an action adventure writer you can count on.

  • I took our library s new quiz which gives you ten book s you d like based on what you ve already read This one came up It was mildly interesting but the writing was poor and the plot line thin in places It turned into one of those books you finish just to see what happens Wouldn t recommend.

  • The Eighth Day, by John Case 3 stars good, enjoyable action book, but too much detail e.g too many Turkish names, and a 4 page description of trying to find the right password on the internet overall though, a good book

  • Beginning was boring Then, there was action awesome Then, argh, it sucked at the end For the most part, this was fun to read, and if the ending were a little thought out, I d give it 4 stars.

  • This was an enjoyable read It did seem to go on and on and on and on but every time I thought I d abandon, the plot grabbed me back in.

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