Everything She Ever Wanted

Everything She Ever Wanted WAS SHE A SWEET SOUTHERN CHARMER OR A COLD BLOODED KILLER For their wedding portrait petite Pat Taylor and handsome Tom Allanson posed as Rhett and Scarlett Both came from fine Southern families and
  • Title: Everything She Ever Wanted
  • Author: Ann Rule
  • ISBN: 9780671690717
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Paperback
  • Everything She Ever Wanted
    WAS SHE A SWEET SOUTHERN CHARMER OR A COLD BLOODED KILLER For their wedding portrait, petite Pat Taylor and handsome Tom Allanson posed as Rhett and Scarlett Both came from fine Southern families, and dreamed of the Tara like plantation where they would grow roses, raise horses, and move in the genteel circles of Atlanta society Less than two months later, their dreaWAS SHE A SWEET SOUTHERN CHARMER OR A COLD BLOODED KILLER For their wedding portrait, petite Pat Taylor and handsome Tom Allanson posed as Rhett and Scarlett Both came from fine Southern families, and dreamed of the Tara like plantation where they would grow roses, raise horses, and move in the genteel circles of Atlanta society Less than two months later, their dream exploded in terror and murder their beautiful home mysteriously burned to the ground and Tom was convicted of the brutal slaying of his mother and father Pat s only brother had died in a puzzling suicide, her grandparents in law were poisoned with arsenic, and no one from her wealthy employers to her own children was safe when Pat Allanson didn t get her way It took Georgia lawmen than two decades to stop her for good if indeed they have In this fascinating account, Ann Rule delivers a tour de force a whirlwind of misguided love, denial, guilt, and passions out of control a series of brilliantly manipulated crimes the bizarre and horrifying tale of two families brought to ruin and, at the center of it all, the heartless, supremely selfish sociopath whose evil hid behind soft words and gentle manners, but who destroyed without mercy those who loved her.
    Everything She Ever Wanted By Ann Rule,
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    Ann Rule was a popular American true crime writer Raised in a law enforcement and criminal justice system environment, she grew up wanting to work in law enforcement herself She was a former Seattle Policewoman and was well educated in psychology and criminology.She came to prominence with her first book, The Stranger Beside Me, about the Ted Bundy murders At the time she started researching the book, the murders were still unsolved In the course of time, it became clear that the killer was Bundy, her friend and her colleague as a trained volunteer on the suicide hotline at the Seattle, Washington Crisis Clinic, giving her a unique distinction among true crime writers Rule won two Anthony Awards from Bouchercon, the mystery fans organization She was nominated three times for the Edgar Awards from the Mystery Writers of America She is highly regarded for creating the true crime genre as it exists today.Ann Rule also wrote under the name Andy Stack Her daughter is author Leslie Rule.


  • The ugly truth about what motivates some people to kill is always shocking What s worse is when, knowing this, other family members side with the killer Spoiled rotten by her family, Patricia Vann Radcliffe Taylor Allinson, a Georgia beauty whose goal in life was to emulate Scarlett O Hara, led a life of deadly horror Fed by her family s constant devotion from early childhood through middle age, Pat, who could do nothing wrong by her family s standards A narcissistic personality, without a shred [...]

  • Everything She Ever Wanted by Ann Rule is the true story of Patricia Vann Radcliffe Taylor Allanson, a Georgia woman who envisioned herself as a modern day Scarlett O Hara and systematically tore anyone and everyone down who stood in her way of that fantasy Ms Rule does an excellent job of researching Pat s childhood as a spoiled and selfish little girl who was coddled constantly by her family, who aged to become a spoiled and self centered adult who never really truly grew up Reading about her [...]

  • This, along with Small Sacrifices is one of my favorite Ann Rule books This southern Belle goes to great lengths to get whatever she wants, whenver she wants and from whomever she wants, using her feminine wiles and manipulation and once again this woman seems absolutely larger than life This and Small Sacrifices are the Ann Rule books that I recommend to anyone and every one who might be interested You won t believe the shit this lady pulls She gets caught at first, while proclaiming her innoce [...]

  • This book stays with you I couldn t quit thinking about it after I was finished I was left wanting to know what happened to the familyafter the book ends I found a little info, but not enough I want to know the oldest daughter, Susan, was able to be happy far away fromher mother Did the granddaughter, Ashlynne, turn out OK after being tormented by Pat and raised in such a dysfunctional household Whatabout Susan s son, Sean Did he ever realize the truth I think Tom had to tell himself he killed h [...]

  • For fans of true crime you can t beat Ann Rule An earlier novel this is one of her best Story of Pat Taylor, a female sociopath with major entitlement issues, she believes she deserves everything ends up destroying the lives of everyone that loves her A true crime story written so well it reads like fiction if this is your genre you ll love it.

  • Spellbinding Couldn t put this book down What an amazing, horrible tale of a selfish woman who was constantly enabled by her parents.

  • DNF This has nothing to do with Ann Rule s writing I m most likely picking another of her books during this month but I just can t read 500 pages about such unpleasant people I have over 400 books to read, I don t want to keep wasting my time with these people although I m still googling the case just to know what happened in the end

  • Once again, no critical thinking skills demonstrated by Rule What is worse, this case is one of her forgettable ones Yet, I keep listening to a ridiculous number of her books because it makes the time pass on the treadmill, so

  • So I have long been of the belief that parents are not responsible for their children turning out to be sociopaths Boy, am I completely fucking wrong about that in this case I couldn t stop reading this book I didn t touch anything else I had to know how it ends And, well, for most it doesn t end well Because of one Southern Belle who was coddled to an astonishing degree.In her infancy Pat Taylor is raised by her grandmother, Mary, who refuses to punish her and lets her subsist only on pancakes [...]

  • Choices are like dominoes, one tumbling against the next and then the next until events go out of human control There s a crazy, manipulative lady in this book Fair warning As far as true crime stuff goes, the crazy lady gets me almost as much as the evil kid gets me in horror novels It amazes me how some people s minds work, and the things they ll do, and the ways their brains can justify it all.So, if you ve read true crime before, you ve probably read Ann Rule before Her books are like an epi [...]

  • Truth is stranger than fiction After you read this book, there can be no doubt that this old adage is true This is the true story of Pat Taylor Allanson and her husband Tom Allanson, and the series of homicidal events that transpired in July 1974 More unnerving events followed, but I will keep this review spoiler free As you read this, you will have to constantly remind yourself that everything you see really happened.Ann Rule is a master of intrigue In this book, the crime is established very [...]

  • When Pat Taylor wed Tom Allanson he had no way of knowing it would destroy his life in just a matter of weeksIn fact, Pat destroyed a lot of people s lives The attractive Southern belle was spoiled by her mother and she expected to live a lavish lifestyle at any cost Nobody crosses Pat who was fascinated with Scarlett O Hara Pat could pour on the charm, but underneath the beautiful fa ade was a cruel and evil heart She was manipulative and controlling and if anyone crossed her, well, they d bett [...]

  • My friend and neighbor handed me this book while we were working in the used book section of our library, saying, this is right up your alley Okay, true crime is interesting, to read about what lengths people go to get what they think they want The scenario is apt to involve someone with no conscience, which seems to be the case for this Southern belle Halfway through the story I get bogged down with a feeling of disgust and a wish to step into the story and say, enough already, this sociopathic [...]

  • Another of Ann Rule s fantastic renderings of a truly horrific crime, or in this case horrific crimes The depths to which human nature can plunge has ceased to amaze me however, the ability of people foolishly to ignore warning sign after warning sign is truly appalling All parents who are guilty of foolishly indulging their children and saving them time and again from the consequences of their own actions should be forced to read this book and witness the possible consequences of such behavior. [...]

  • Long and detailed, but solid true crime tale of a quintessential Southern belle to outward appearances, that is However, if her feminine wiles didn t get her her way, Pat Taylor would do whatever she could to change that including ripping apart her own family.Taylor was not as batshit insane as she appears rather, it s even worse, when one begins to realize that her coldness and calculating actions are DELIBERATE Much scarier, in my opinion.

  • I think I m just over Ann Rule s method of writing This story was fascinating, but the execution was less than desirable.

  • Pat Taylor is quite the manipulative woman reading the book shows how much her family enabled her Too bad the justice system isn t equipped to punish the people who aid and abet the Pat Taylor s of this world The story started out slow but it became a page turner after about 50 pages Typical Rule storytelling No surprises in this story except just how long Pat Taylor was able to carry out her machinations It was frustrating to watch her family time and time again shield her as if she could do no [...]

  • This was a great book I am really liking Anne Rule s writing style I was fascinated by the story of Pat Taylor Allanson and her family Anne Rule really sucked me into this retelling.The back of the book called this a bizarre and horrifying tale and I certainly found it to be so How this woman got away with everything is beyond me I cannot believe her family kept shielding her and lying for her I definitely recommend this book to anyone.

  • Wonderfully written, intrically investigated.Throughout investigated, powerfully written There are actually devious, sinfully evil people out here in the world Every now and then we are allowed a glance into their world Dont think we will ever completely understand why they are that way But take my word for it, they really are out there

  • This book circles around one woman who with her desire for daily security, simultaneously destroys all the lives of the people around her Detailed with description, sources galore, Ann Rule puts you front and center to an amazing experience in the motivations of fear.

  • This is the first true crime novel I ve read and I m hooked Truth is stranger than fiction in this novel, when a spoiled child becomes a desperately unhappy woman who will do anything to get what she wants Highly recommend this book

  • I absolutely love anything Ann Rule writes However this one has been my least favorite thus far Perhaps it s the setting or plantation type of vibe as I ve never really resonated with that I m not sure but it s Ann Rule I mean nothing is really bad from her

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