The Definitive Furies Collection

The Definitive Furies Collection Twenty Compelling Sherlock Holmes Crime Mysteries In One Complete Book Also available in paperback The Mystery of the Poisoned Tomb The Mystery of the Faceless Bride The Case of the Cracked Mirror
  • Title: The Definitive Furies Collection
  • Author: Pennie Mae Cartawick
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  • Page: 495
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Definitive Furies Collection
    Twenty Compelling Sherlock Holmes Crime Mysteries In One Complete Book Also available in paperback.1 The Mystery of the Poisoned Tomb2 The Mystery of the Faceless Bride3 The Case of the Cracked Mirror4 A Strange Affair with the Woman on the Tracks5 The Curse of a Native6 The Case of the missing Mayan Codices7 Murders on the Voyage to India8 The Heist9 The Game ofTwenty Compelling Sherlock Holmes Crime Mysteries In One Complete Book Also available in paperback.1 The Mystery of the Poisoned Tomb2 The Mystery of the Faceless Bride3 The Case of the Cracked Mirror4 A Strange Affair with the Woman on the Tracks5 The Curse of a Native6 The Case of the missing Mayan Codices7 Murders on the Voyage to India8 The Heist9 The Game of Cat and Mouse10 Death in the Tropics of an English Explorer11 Double Trouble in York12 NOT SO MERRY IN GOOD OL SCOTLAND13 Bumbling Caper on the Swiss Alps14 Dirty Laundry in Paradise15 The Castle Orphans16 Watson to the Rescue17 The Uncanny Disappearance of Miss Ellis18 Mysterious Murders Surround the Whistling Tavern19 The Hex of a Gypsy Woman20 The Perilous JesterThese are the first twenty crime mysteries together in one large collection taken from a string of new short stories set in the late 19th century No fictional character is renowned for his powers of thought and observation than Sherlock Holmes and his faithful companion Dr John Watson.
    The Definitive Furies Collection By Pennie Mae Cartawick,
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    Born Catherine Cartawick.Pennie Mae Cartawick is a best selling author of both fiction and nonfiction books Her work is based on a variety of subjects including weight management and nutrition, recipe books, horror novelettes, and short Sherlock Holmes mysteries She was born in the city of Sheffield in South Yorkshire, England and emigrated to Florida in 1993nniemaecartawick.wordpress.cView my original paintings at penniemaecartawick.wix mysite


  • Sherlock Holmes The Definitive Furies Collection by Pennie Mae Cartawick a native of England now living in Florida is an engaging, vivid collection of twenty new stories about the endlessly entertaining, storied British Sleuth Told with an infectious enthusiasm and an obvious love of the subject, Cartawick brings the reader from the first person perspective of Dr Watson to a diverse array of exotic destinations Egypt, Darkest Africa , India with a nod to the Mayans and, of course, the requisite [...]

  • Every short story in this marvelous collection was like opening up a party favor with an enchantment of lighthearted moments, mesmerizing mystery, heightened suspense and detailed descriptions inside, the pictures were also a wonderful asset to the atmosphere of each Sherlock Holmes story I ve always liked Sherlock Holmes, my favorite Arthur Conan Doyle book of Sherlock Holmes is the Hound of the Baskervilles Ms Cartawick brought my good man Sherlock Holmes back to life keeping the true essence [...]

  • Most definitely a 5 Star read Overdosed on Sherlock Holmes I thought I wasuntil Pennie Mae Cartawick came along Her collection of mystery crime detective stories each a gem in itself makes for an entertaining read even for the most jaded Sherlock Holmes fan.My favorites, in no particular order, would have to be Murders on the Voyage to India, Bumbling Caper on the Swiss Alps and The Hex of a Gypsy Woman.The fluid writing style and attention to detail do justice to the tales, individually and col [...]

  • This is really a 1.5 stars saved from a 1 only because I did finish it, but it got worse the further through the book I went First the book needs a good grammatical editing The constant misused words, run on sentences, incorrect punctuation, and long conversations with no clue about who was saying what made the book very difficult to follow If you are looking for a book with stories that capture the spirit and style of Conan Doyle s Holmes stories then keep moving on This does not The stories al [...]

  • That super sleuth, Mr Holmes lives again through the writings of Pennie Mae Cartawick, accompanied, of course, by the ever faithful Dr Watson.This is an enjoyable collection of short stories, each one a different challenge for the redoubtable Holmes.The settings vary, travelling across continents, whisking the reader from places as diverse as Egypt, France or Britain And throughout the adventures facing the duo the author conjured up the true feeling of both Holmes and Watson, both in their inte [...]

  • I would like to thank the author for allowing me to read this thoroughly enjoyable collection Each adventure sucks you in and captivates as a great mystery should I found myself completely lost in the book which is a huge compliment The stories are entertaining and the detailed imagery make you feel as if you are there Her portrayal of Dr Watson is spot on in his role as caretaker and partner and I am glad to see a Sherlock who is a bit relatable than he is normally portrayed Sherlock and Watso [...]

  • In the tradition of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, SHERLOCK HOLMES The Definitive Furies Collection presents case studies in the adventures Holmes and Watson, taking the reader from the back streets of London to the Swiss Alps and beyond The Mystery of the Faceless Bride tells the tale of a woman climbing from a grave, wearing a bridal dress, carrying dead flower, and her face is gone, leaving only a gaping mouth The Case of the Missing Mayan Codices tracks the disappearance of manuscripts from the Dre [...]

  • The Case of the Missing EditorHolmes Have you observed what is missing in these published works of our cases Watson That s easy we re missing an Editor Holmes You re scintillating today, Watson Will be how a conversation would go, were Holmes and Watson to chance on these works That is the key problem with this work.Warning Spoilers Ahead However, much regretfully, there are many issues and improbabilities in this collection 1 The Mystery of the Poisoned Tomb Apart from abrupt changes in proverb [...]

  • DNF I couldn t even make it through the first story This book should have been THOROUGHLY edited before it was put on I m disappointed, too, because I love stories that combine Holmes and Egypt and I m always looking for a new Holmsian read.

  • I m a huge fan of mystery, and I enjoy the legendary Sherlock Holmes mysteries, but there were several things about this particular volume of shorts that pulled me from the story time and time again The formatting was difficult to follow at times I couldn t figure out who was speaking due to the fact that the text ran together with very few paragraph breaks for dialogue Grammatical errors were abundant throughout the various stories, and most stories seemed a bit rushed with a serious lack of ex [...]

  • There have been so many iterations of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle s Sherlock Holmes in television, film, and on paper, both traditional and modern, that it s nice to get back to what made the character so enduring Pennie Mae Cartwick s Sherlock Holmes collection gives you twenty short stories that do just that It s been about twenty years since I ve read any Sherlock Holmes material, so I m by no means an expert, but I found the descriptions of the Victorian era, with its gilded fineries and cobblest [...]

  • Sherlock Holmes by Pennie Mae CartawickI was given a copy of this book to review.On the first page of this short story in this collection, you are struck by how well the author has stuck to the character s voice and setting Everything is ghastly and what the devil , and they even drink Claret Everything is accurate, from their clothing, to the horse and trap transportation and the class distinction It is exactly what I would have pictured Sherlock Holmes world to be like I thought this area was [...]

  • From an archaeological dig in Egypt through the Opera House in Paris to Africa, exotic characters, locales and objects are all brought together in a clever mixture of suspense, detective work, humour, and eerie, genuinely scary moments Holmes leaned forward and I noticed Mercy shifting uneasily At that moment Holmes resembled the elongated shadow of a cat that was waiting for a mouse to appear Although the young woman had arrived beaten and in desperate need of our help, there was nothing intere [...]

  • Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle was a British writer and physician, best known for his fictional stories about the detective Sherlock Holmes He passed away on July 7, 1930 I don t know when Pennie Mae Cartawick, the author of the new Sherlock Holmes book series, was born Judging by the photo on s Pennie Mae Cartawick webpage, I am quite certain that she was born several decades after Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle s departure This makes me think suspect, actually that she is a reincarnation of [...]

  • I am a fan of Sherlock Holmes by default and when Pennie sent me a copy to read and review, I had already liked the book right from the name The only disappointment I felt was when the book was over and I realized that the journey ended The stories lived up to my expectations of Sherlock and Watson, although at times, Pennie made Sherlock human than Sir Doyle had done, but I have no complaints It was refreshing to see Sherlock actually feeling some emotions for a change.Right from the first sto [...]

  • Sherlock Holmes Definitive Furies Collection by Pennie Mae Cartawick minor violence, mild language, occult This doesn t quite have the depth of Doyle s Holmes It is a collection of short stories that feature Sherlock Holmes and Watson as characters That said, if you like Doyle s Sherlock Holmes, you will probably not like this However, if you have struggled in the past to read Doyle s works, and enjoy lighter, easier to read mysteries, you will probably find these entertaining I liked the pictur [...]

  • Detective stories A blend of Agatha Christie and Conan DoyleTwenty intriguing and uncanny stories written in an eloquent diction Moreover, the ambiance of Sherlock Holmes and his associate Doctor Watson whose admiration of Holmes s brilliant faculty to solve all mysteries fills the reader with curiosity from the very first moment The events take place all around the globe and the reader is smitten with the chilling and dreadful shadows of the supernatural The reader, further, is infused with rea [...]

  • As a teenager I loved reading Sherlock Holmes stories That s how I was taken into the whole world of mystery No wonder I was very curious to read the new ones that keep showing up nowadays Just a few days ago I had opportunity to read this collection I have to say I was filled with lots of mixed feelings while reading it First and foremost the stories themselves were fun to read, some complicated than the other, few with really good intrigue in it Plots interesting enough, overall simply good, [...]

  • Reading this Sherlock Holmes series was engaging and suspenseful The author kept me interested by building the characters, setting and plots perfectly for each of the many unique mysteries It was fun to try to solve each one just like Holmes The dialogue is fun, upbeat, and reads fast Holmes and Watson have a relationship that keeps you wanting of them Many times I found myself laughing at the way Holmes delivers his intelligence to those around him he is such a good character He really comes t [...]

  • Sherlock HolmesThe Definitive Furies CollectionPennie Mae CartawickIf you love the stories of the master detective, this is a great book to add to your reading list The stories are short, easy reads, and the work is nicely illustrated As with any Holmes stories, there are numerous twists and timed deliveries of clue and content that I found myself trying to figure out as the stories progressed I did amaze myself a few times as I did figure out ahead of time what was going to unfold, but most of [...]

  • Sherlock Holmes The Definitive Furies Collection has selection of some of the best Sherlock Holmes stories written It was good to read the tales of the Yorkshire Dr Sherlock Holmes and his trusted smoking sidekick Mr John Watson The stories are all quite different, transporting the reader to various exotic places around the world such as, Egypt and India The use of illustrations at the start of each story provides a nice change to reading text all the time and was a great help at times visualizi [...]

  • For an inexperience Holmes read it was good start and got me interested, August 31, 2014By James Terzian James Terzian This review is from SHERLOCK HOLMES The Definitive Furies Collection Twenty Sherlock Holmes crime mysteries together in one complete book Book 1 Kindle Edition First never read Holmes novel so this is my opinion about the bookWell done from the first Mystery It does show Holmes intelligence It through some twist that I did not see in the first story I concluded it the husband, b [...]

  • I just finished Miss Cartawick s interpretation of Sherlock Holmes and I am completely impressed with the effort and detail that went into each story Overall there are twenty shorts that take us all over the world from Egypt to India and back to England You can read them one at a time or in bunches as each is its own individual tale but they flow great together The are some formatting issues in the digital read but nothing that takes away from this being a fantastic collection.I also wanted to p [...]

  • A very good read Here s my review of The Definitive Furies Collection by Pennie Mae Cartawick.A delightful collection of short stories featuring the famous historical Arthur Conan Doyle characters Sherlock Holmes and, of course, Watson Writing about established works and characters is often done as parodies in this case that isn t so Written in a modern style, the traditions of Doyle s detective genre are maintained and even enhanced Pennie Mae Cartawick has penned some lovely stories with neat [...]

  • While reading this collection of short stories based on the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr John Watson it occurred to me that an author undertaking such a challenge must possess the capacity to think like a criminal mastermind And not just one criminal but many, each with different motivations, phobias, backgrounds and methods To write convincingly from the perspective of the protagonist is admirable, but to enhance those stories with the unique traits of multiple adversaries speaks highly [...]

  • In the style and spirit of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle s original stories, Cartawick shares twenty new short tales as we journey via carriage, train, and boat through foggy London, York, the English countryside, Scotland, the Swiss Alps, a Paris opera house think Phantom of the Opera , India, Egypt, a gypsy village, and remote islands We meet up with old friends Sherlock Holmes, Dr Watson, Mrs Hudson, Mycroft Holmes, and Detective Lestrade as we marvel at Holmes elementary deductions Clothing, a will [...]

  • I just read the Sherlock Holmes The Definitive Furies Collection and if you like Sherlock Holmes and would love to read some new adventures then Pennie Mae Cartawick is the author for you She has the ability to bring you into the story, like you re being told of a recent trip over a cup of tea.I must say I was impressed I ve never really read Sherlock Holmes, only bits and pieces here and here but I came into the anthology with an open mind I definitely liked the writing style and how short they [...]

  • This is only the second time that I have bought a collection of short stories and I found Sherlock Holmes The Definitive Furies Collection by Pennie Mae Cartawick, an intriguing read The book is split into a collection of shorts as diverse as one could find from sinister goings on in London pubs to a drugging in Jamaica, and onto murders in Africa Cartawick weaves her Holmesian tails in true period style and the brevity of the stories in no way effects their enjoyment.My only criticism is that t [...]

  • These are short stories that would make Sir Arthur Conan Doyle proud, or at least chuckle at his characters behaviors The author stays true to the characters and the times The poverty and crime of the period, as well as Doyle s style of writing, appear to have been well researched by the author Holmes shows compassion to children, and disdain toward women or unsavory clients The one thing I would have liked to see of was the interaction of Holmes with his landlady, but perhaps that was taken up [...]

  • I thoroughly enjoyed the episodic stories contained in this collection I have not read any previous Sherlock Holmes tales, so I cannot respond to the author staying true to Holmes and Watson But, what I can say is that the stories are light and fun, but have enough mystery to keep each story interesting As expected, there are many plot twists in each story, so I was constantly kept guessing Also, every story had it s own theme, from ghosts to ancient tombs and .The reason I gave the book 4 stars [...]

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