Meshugah Meshugah Singer s third posthumous novel is an impressive work which the author published serially in It concerns Holocaust survivors in New York in the early s The story is narrated by
  • Title: Meshugah
  • Author: Isaac Bashevis Singer
  • ISBN: 9780374529093
  • Page: 337
  • Format: Paperback
  • Meshugah
    Meshugah, Singer s third posthumous novel, is an impressive work which the author published serially in 1981 83 It concerns Holocaust survivors in New York in the early 1950s The story is narrated by Aaron Greidinger, who finds himself inextricably invloved with a group of refugees on the Upper West Side.
    Meshugah By Isaac Bashevis Singer,
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      337 Isaac Bashevis Singer
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    Isaac Bashevis Singer was a Polish American author of Jewish descent, noted for his short stories He was one of the leading figures in the Yiddish literary movement, and received the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1978 His memoir, A Day Of Pleasure Stories of a Boy Growing Up in Warsaw , won the U.S National Book Award in Children s Literature in 1970, while his collection A Crown of Feathers and Other Stories won the U.S National Book Award in Fiction in 1974.


  • The opening line is fantastic It happened than once that someone I thought had died in Hitler s camps suddenly turned up alive and well I just wasn t feeling the rest of it, though I ve read a number of his short stories and really liked them, but this story is not really very interesting to me It also seems to have lost something in translation, which I suppose is to be expected, but disappointing all the same There s one part in particular where Max chides Aaron for addressing him by the form [...]

  • Meshugah is a Yiddish word that can mean crazy, senseless, insane And that is exactly the right title for this work by the late Issac Bashevis Singer For what we have here is several links between friend and family relations of outrageous craziness, a comedy of post war, post holocaust, semi religious Jewish atheistic muddled vision of life And it circles around an even muddled love triangle of a young woman, Miriam, who already has a husband, one she can t stand, who is having an affair with a [...]

  • Disfrutamos con las obras de literatura precisamente porque no nos exigen ninguna responsabilidad Podemos abrir y cerrar los libros cuando queramos No estamos llamados a consolar al que sufre ni a tenderle una mano.

  • M s que la historia, es ese Nueva York lleno de refugiados, con personas tan diversas pero que a la vez tienen un pasado en com n Un Hitler Siempre es interesante aprender sobre una comunidad tan particular como la jud a, que ha sido encasillada y juzgada y pocas veces comprendida.

  • Nem mondom, hogy letem legnagyobb olvasm ny lm nye volt, de biztosan gyakran eszembe fog jutni ez a k nyv.Meg az is, hogy milyen h lye v ge van.

  • Title Isaac Bashevis Singer MeshugahTranslated by the author and Nili WachtelPages 240Publisher June 16th 2003 by Farrar Straus Giroux first published April 1994 Isbn 0374529094 ISBN13 9780374529093 MESHUGAH me shug a Yiddish word meaning crazy, senseless, insane Isaac Bashevis Singer Meshugah tells an insane story of a triangular love relationship of a married man Max, Aaron, a popular writer and a woman name Miriam They were the Jewish of whom survived the Holocaust in Warsaw, Poland However t [...]

  • You d think he d have a cohesive message than, The world is just crazy You re 79 You came though the Holocaust You were living in post post diaspora New York Can you write something meaningful than this book The narrator goes around with a lot of girls enamoured of his writing He has an affair with a lady who worked the oldest profession to save herself from Nazi atrocities He goes to Israel He returns to New York.Even if there are no answers to the big question post Holocaust of WTF, there ar [...]

  • This was my first Singer novel, and I must say I was mildly disappointed Some of the flaws were probably unavoidable due to the serialized nature of the original novel, but importantly I didn t find many of the characters interesting.In particular, the narrator was infuriatingly passive throughout the novel Everyone else spoke to him in paragraphs, and he barely got a word in edgewise I realize that this was an intentional character trait, but ultimately I didn t care much about this ephemeral [...]

  • Il libro narra la storia un po strampalata di un ambiguo intreccio di amicizia a tra tre individui molto diversi tra loro una ragazza di 27 anni con un oscuro passato, un vecchio gaudente di 70 anni e uno scrittore di mezza et con il cuore legato al mondo perduto della Polonia ebraica e la mente immersa nella vita newyorchese La storia si svolge tra New York ed Israele nell ambito della comunit degli ebrei polacchi sfuggiti ai campi di concentramento e rifugiatisi negli Stati Uniti Dalle pagine [...]

  • What a strange bookI m not really sure what I thought of it.It was about a Jewish writer of serialised novels who gets involved with an older friend and his younger mistress, who has been in concentration camps and may have some very dark things in her past Well written, obviously, but it had a hysterical edge that was a bit unnerving I was slightly unsure whether some bits were meant to be funny or not The central female character s bizarre masochism and the male character s cowardice and misog [...]

  • Of all the writers I discovered after college, Isaac Singer is probably my favorite I really love the energy he brings to his writing and the way he blends the sad with the happy with the comedic Here s one example from this book To set the scene, think an apartment where a cuckold husband comes rushing in with a pistol threatening his wife and the narrator Put on your tie, Stanley said to me Before you go I want to ask you a question Is it true that you believe in God I believe in His wisdom, n [...]

  • Je eli ta ksi ka by a pierwsz przeczytan powie ci tego autora, mo na by niemal e pewnym jednego Mianowicie dana osoba do Singera nie wr ci Mnie okropnie zrazi a na d ugi czas do pisarza Okropny kontrast, zw aszcza w por wnaniu do sagi rodzinnej jego brata Zamiast si m czy , lepiej przeczyta Dw r , utw r o klas lepszy.

  • The book could perhaps be summed up in one conversation from the book Stefa asked Whenever I try to guess what s next in the novel, you turn the plot upside down Is this a method of yours Aaron replied, It s life s method.

  • Light and entertaining but sad tale of Jewish survivors from Poland who are trying to carry on in this crazy world the title is Yiddish for crazy after everyone they left behind was murdered Its original Yiddish title was Lost Souls.

  • I m loving this so far Singer s language is Yiddish music to my ears and learning about NYC Jewery after WWII is fascinating Oops Haven t been on in a long time I finished this book a few weeks later An easy, entertaining, educational read

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