Barbara (Dedalus Europe 2013)

Barbara Dedalus Europe The only novel by the Faroese author yet an international best seller remaining one of the best loved twentieth century classics in Danish and Faroese literature
  • Title: Barbara (Dedalus Europe 2013)
  • Author: Jørgen-Frantz Jacobsen Glyn Jones
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 497
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Barbara (Dedalus Europe 2013)
    The only novel by the Faroese author, yet an international best seller remaining one of the best loved twentieth century classics in Danish and Faroese literature.
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  • Jørgen-Frantz Jacobsen Glyn Jones

    J rgen Frantz Jacobsen occupies a distinct place in Scandinavian literature He is the only Faroese writer to achieve international best seller status This status derives from his sole novel, Barbara Roman 1939 translated, 1948 , which has the added cachet of being one of the few Scandinavian novels to be translated twice into English within the space of fifty years It was also adapted as a motion picture directed by Nils Malmros in 1997 see Barbara These facts, together with Jacobsen s essays, a study of the Faroe Islands published in the guise of a travel guide, and a volume of his letters, are sufficient to suggest that had he lived longer, he would have been one of the outstanding literary figures in Scandinavia in the twentieth century He must over be seen in the context of his being one of five Faroese writers, all born between 1900 and 1903, who represent a remarkable blossoming of literature in a country which had no tradition of literature in a modern sense Jacobsen, together with William Heinesen, Christian Matras, Hedin Br , and Martin Joensen, created modern Faroese literature, whether writing in Danish, as did Jacobsen and Heinesen, or Faroese, as did the others.The principal character in the novel, Barbara, is based upon Jacobsen s lover, Estrid, who was also the translator of the first English version of the book Many passages in Det dyrebare Liv refer to the title character of the novel, though it is nowhere directly revealed that she and Estrid were the same However, Estrid was the Barbara of the novel and by the time Det dyrebare Liv was published, the identity of the two was common knowledge It is worth noting that Jacobsen once remarked that he had tried to fashion Pastor Poul after himself.J rgen Frantz Jacobsen died 24 March 1938, after suffering from tuberculosis for nearly sixteen years.


  • Keep in mind that this is my personal opinion about the book I can t, I just can t The only reason I started to read this book, is because it is required for our faroese class But oh my lord, this book is dull.First of all, I ve seen the film 3 times, and all those 3 times was because of school, and surprisingly, I dislike the film and and each time The plot is well there is no plot Nothing Happens This is suppose to be a love story, and this is by far, the worst love story I have ever read N [...]

  • Hvad var godt Beskrivelsen af F r erne i slutningen af 1700 tallet hvor jeg formoder bogen foreg r er smukt og velskrevet uden at blive en decideret k rlighedserkl ring til erne De mange aspekter af Barbara er udtrykt med respekt og tvivl p samme tid om hvem hun var og jeg fik, som l ser, mulighed for selv at tr ffe beslutning om hendes moral Bogen beskriver fakta og sladder p samme vilk r, hvilket g r det til sp ndende og let ford jelig l sning.Hvad var mindre godt Det mest forstyrrende i l sni [...]

  • I know this is supposed to be a great classic of Scandinavian literature, and was a bestseller in its time, but I found it incredibly dull, dull, dull The only parts I liked were the author s descriptions of the difficult day to day life on the Faroe Islands Having your travel depend on the whims of the sea, for example, and waiting all the time for supply ships to come in And that wasn t enough to redeem the story for me.

  • The only novel by J rgen Frantz Jacobsen, printed after his death in 1938 Set in the Faroe Islands of the 18th century Barbara of the title is a free spirited, flirtatious and flighty woman, who seems to be from another era The newly arrived minister, Pastor Paul, becomes infatuated by her, but is unable to change her nature The Faroe Islands themselves are as much a character in the book as anyone else, and the glaur, the smokiness and wetness of the place is beautifully evoked, as is the petti [...]

  • Der er meget godt at sige om Barbara underholdende og dramatisk, ganske humoristisk og fyldt med 1700 tals f r atmosf re og sprogtone om sidstn vnte er tidstro, skal jeg ikke kunne sige.Man kan godt v re lidt i tvivl om, hvorvidt en kvinde som Barbara kan findes i virkeligheden eller om hun blot er Jacobsens feberhede fantasme, er jeg i tvivl om Det er nu udm rket at tilbringe et par hundrede sider i selskab med hende.

  • Had it not been for the setting, I probably would have given this book fewer stars I decided to read this book because it is set in the Faroe islands I had read Hedin Bru s The Old Man and His Sons and loved it, but I have mixed feelings about this novel.Barbara is a free spirit but she only cares about herself, so it was impossible for me to connect with her I favor people and characters who put their needs as their priorities, but Mr Jacobsen did not portray Barbara in a way that made me sympa [...]

  • There are not many authors from the Faroe Islands, but they do include among their number at least one good one, J rgen Frantz Jacobsen He sadly died of tuberculosis before he could write , but he left us with some journalism, a study of the islands and this novel.Barbara is a friendly, flirtatious, fascinating young woman with a preference for marrying pastors When we meet her she is the widow of two, was betrothed to a third and she soon captivates a fourth The locals are divided in their opin [...]

  • When hearing about the plot for this book, one gets the impression of a cold, dark, long, and tragic story from the North Atlantic at least, that s how I thought before I started out on this book Very quickly it appeared to me that although the story arch is tragic, the book itself is a very warm and human tale of love and deceit.Barbara is a very lovable character, and she really comes alive in the text she s one of the most beautiful women in 20th century literature, and the male reader will b [...]

  • Although I found the language challenging in Jacobsen s posthumous novel from 1939, the story he tells of life in the Faroe Islands was compelling enough to hold my interest The main character, Barbara, is a free spirit who seems unable to be true to only one man at a time, and she is a continuous temptation for many of the men in this closed culture as well as those who come to the Faroe Islands from outside I very much enjoyed the realistic impression of the isolated island culture that was th [...]

  • I received this novel as a present in my early twenties, from someone who thought I reminded her of the lead female character Barbara After having actually read the novel, I found that quite offensive, which was probably one of the reasons for my strong dislike of the novel I think the Barbara character is an extremely silly and shallow girl, and if this is the authors view on women, it is very sad I read somewhere that he compares the character Barbara to life , which cannot be captured, but ca [...]

  • I started this one three times and I just can t keep reading It s probably alright, but I find it so incredibly boring.

  • one of the classics drawing on ideas from Romanticism and still very modern including great descriptions of a closed community and a naive female main character.

  • Exquisite,vibrant passionate portrait of a woman and a society that can t cope with her vivacious tryst with life.

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