Perfectly Normal

Perfectly Normal Take a girl like Columbia put her in a vastly different life with a man unlike anyone she s ever known Throw in Dimitri s nightmares the Concierge s disdain for Dimitri s new house guest and a few h
  • Title: Perfectly Normal
  • Author: Jaden Wilkes
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  • Page: 151
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  • Perfectly Normal
    Take a girl like Columbia, put her in a vastly different life with a man unlike anyone she s ever known Throw in Dimitri s nightmares, the Concierge s disdain for Dimitri s new house guest and a few hundred people looking high and low for the both of themd it makes for a very interesting read.Picking up at the end of the last chapter, this novel covers the time untilTake a girl like Columbia, put her in a vastly different life with a man unlike anyone she s ever known Throw in Dimitri s nightmares, the Concierge s disdain for Dimitri s new house guest and a few hundred people looking high and low for the both of themd it makes for a very interesting read.Picking up at the end of the last chapter, this novel covers the time until the two leave Hong Kong, before the epilogue of the first bestselling novel in this series, The Beast.Book three is Little Dove and is coming soon Two twisted and imperfect beings must adjust to their new lives together while avoiding detection from authorities and an international crime ring As with the first novel in this series, this story covers dark themes with graphic sex, murder and violence.
    Perfectly Normal By Jaden Wilkes,
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  • And it s done I love it, I love the characters, I love the story What else can I say This is a stopping point along the road to finding out from the lives of Columbia and Dimitri This was intended to be a novella, but I couldn t possibly contain them for such a small span of time it became a novel I do hope you enjoy their continued story Please feel free to contact me with feedback, I always love hearing from readers I suppose I can really say is Happy Reading

  • This book follows Dimitri and Colombia and the Conceirge in Hong Kong after they have left Vancouver and committed themselves to each other It takes place BEFORE the epilogue in book 1 Both are still on a journey of self exploration but so fiercely in love with each other There is no one else fit for Dimitri There is no one else fit for Colombia They are truly made and built for each other Colombia battles her inner demons and has a hard time dealing with the self imposed prison of their home Di [...]

  • Dimitri I kind of like him in The Beast And I think Dimi is actually cute And since he was a cold heartless bastard, whom fell in love with Columbia, I expect nothing less of him But, he s gone soft with the endearment for my taste The sex drive is still the same is all, but I kept getting read how much Columbia means to him and getting tired of it That s all there is, and him being the beast I totally missed that.Columbia She was all like, I know being with Dimi is all dangerous and stuff and y [...]

  • I just love when the heroine of the story gets a backbone In this installment, Columbia is determined to learn what it takes to be a part of Dimitri s life, including how to kill.This book had all the excitement and action I was missing in the first one I really liked it I got a little bothered by how lovey dovey Dimi and Col were, but it was still sweet lol Dimitri is still my favourite character, however, Columbia has definitely come into her own and has endeared herself to me I m not quite as [...]

  • Perfectly Normal The Beast 2 By Jaden Wilkes5 5 starsI was a little confused at first about the timeline of this book, and had to download the first book, The Beast from my cloud and read the epilogue so that I wasn t left wondering what was going on So the timeline of this book takes place before the epilogue from The Beast.Dimitri aka Dimi and Columbia aka Little Dove have moved to a penthouse in Hong Kong with the concierged we finally learn his name No, I m not going to tell you, because it [...]

  • I honestly couldn t wait to get my hands on this book I always think I know what to expect with Jaden s writing, but she never fails to knock me on my ass Perfectly Normal was just brilliant I absolutely loved this book hard We met both Columbia, and Dimitri in The Beast Perfectly Normal gives you all the details that Dimitri and Columbia went through, that The Beast didn t provide.God I love these two Columbia and Dimitri are just oozing hotness all over To see how far they ve come in their rel [...]

  • I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads Review Team Perfectly Normal picks up right after the end of The Beast but happens before the epilogue of The Beast We find out what happens in between and a lot of it is smoking hot sex Holy crap was this book filled with hot sex I loved how we found out about the concierge and finally found out his name and how you found out his name was even better The bond and love between Columbia and Dimitri is stronger and powerful [...]

  • First offa warning As with the first novel in this series, this story covers dark themes with 18 sex, murder and violence Perfectly Normal takes place in the time between the last chapter and the epilogue of The Beast It starts with Dimitri, Columbia and oopsI almost said his real name the concierge living in Hong Kong The concierge is training Columbia on how to fight, not only to protect herself, but also how to kill She wants to learn, not only for her own safety, but so she can be the one to [...]

  • I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads This is the second in the series and reveals what happened between the last chapter of The Beast, and its epilogue I found this a clever plot device, as we knew the outcome, but not the journey It reduced the worry factor, but ramped up the heat And heat there is aplenty with a twist in the tale which I did not see coming, but that was off the thermometer hot and both in a mind games and physical way The development of Colum [...]

  • Wow I was given the opportunity to Beta read Perfectly Normal the follow on book to The Beast Jaden has written an amazing second book which flows brilliantly.Dimi Little Dove take their love to a whole new level whilst in Hong Kong, that you will feel deep down in your soul They learn to deal with each others demon s, fight for what they believe in and for each other.I am not going to go into detail about the story because you need to read and take this emotional rollercoaster journey with them [...]

  • Dimitri and Columbia s story continues After committing a serious crime with just cause, Columbia is in tune with Dimitri and who he is and how he lives his life.I love it when the woman becomes as twisted as the man she loves because to me it means she is all in with him Columbia is all in with Dimitri and has to become as kick ass as him if they are to survive the threat from Dimitri s enemy.The Concierge s features prominently in this book and his connection with the couple because very int [...]

  • This book was awesome and wonderful read and continuation of Dmitri and Columbia s story I cant wait to read of them Although I didn t understand the epilogue, but I am thinking maybe it was of a prologue to Dmitri s story before Columbia Awesome points of this book1 Hotness off the charts 10 2 More was revealed of Dimi and Columbia s story and plenty of action.

  • PERFECTLY NORMAL takes place in the time between the last chapter and the epilogue of The Beast Sounds a bit complicated but it s not.We never knew what happened to Dimitri Columbia in that time the time they spent in Hong Kong and the time they kept searching for Sergei We only know that they killed him in that epilogue in Paris.But how they got from Vancouver via Hong Kong and Malta to Paris we might find out now Not all of it but at least the Hong Kong bit of it The book starts with Dimitri, [...]

  • 4.5 stars for me on this one I f n LOVE Dimi and Little Dove like seriously want to hug them for the warm fuzzies their f d up relationship give me Both so broken and jagged alone but together they are so amazing and balance each other perfectly As much as I loved The Beast Book 1 and the epilogue was absolutely perfect I think I may have peed a little when I found out Jaden was making a follow up to it I was soooooooo excited to get my kindle fingers on Perfectly Normal and I absolutely freakin [...]

  • Review for Perfectly Normal by Jaden WilkesPerfectly Normal is book two in The Beast series by Jaden Wilkes, this is a dark erotica and not for the faint of heart Dimi and Columbia s love is one of the most viciously potent loves that will tear you down before building you back up because of this proceed with caution Also, it is not a stand alone, you need to read The Beast in order to fully appreciate Perfectly Normal.We pick up shortly after Dimi, Columbia, and the concierge fled for Hong Kong [...]

  • Perfectly Normal is Jaden Wilkes continuation and companion novel of the characters from The Beast Those of us that are fans of Ms Wilkes could not get enough of Dimitri and Columbia s story so she heard our cries of More cries, begging, stalking, tears, promises of cleaning her house, car, dogwhatever it took and wrote this amazing book to tell their story some If you have not read The Beast I highly recommend starting with that book go now please reader and download immediately first so you u [...]

  • O M G That was one HAWT read Perfectly Normal by Jaden Wilkes gave me a little of everything that I never knew I needed in a novella Dimitri and Columbia are finally happy in this follow up of The Beast I mean nothing about their relationship is conventional but in Perfectly Normal these two, in their atypical way, see sprinkles of HD techni color in their once grey and gloomy lives.They love They engage in kink foolery They train, fight, and kill They absolutely give you everything they have in [...]

  • After reading and loving The Beast I was super excited to learn that Jaden was going to continue with Columbia and Dimitri s story Perfectly Normal fills in the gap between the last chapter and the epilogue, so if you haven t read The Beast do that first, you will not regret it.Their story continues with Columbia and Dimitri on the run and at the same time navigating their passionate new relationship These characters are so extremely perfect for each other and the sex scenes Jaden writes for the [...]

  • Well I am definitely the minority here I did not like this book I wanted to, and I tried but the one thing that bugs me in series is when we have a huge personality change Columbia our h is a complete whiny annoying bitch.I liked Columbia in book 1 She was mature, strong, yes broken but understanding and showed love.Here we get her acting like this She knew he was right, but she wasn t done I don t want to end up here, trapped like a fucking animal, living like an animal Like you So this book pi [...]

  • I received this copy in exchange for an honest review I was looking for a different read from the ones I ve been currently reading You know when you just need a change of pace and read something dark, erotic and romantic Yes I did say romantic, even though Little dove and Dimi and how would I say, not the sanest people in the world but who is, I m not they are still totally and utterly in love with each other, which in my opinion is romantic Other readers may beg to differ.This story picks up fr [...]

  • Wow Jaden has done it again This is the continuation to the ending of The Beast, right before the Epilogue In true Jaden fashion this book has everything raw passion, sexy scenes, romance and is action packed And we finally find out the concierge s name Lol This was a great follow up to The Beast Dimi and Columbia are in Hong Kong, escaping what happened in Vancouver and planning what their next move is going to be Columbia is training with the concierge and it s having a difficult time with her [...]

  • Perfectly sexy, perfectly violent, perfectly disturbing, perfectly killerjust nothing perfectly normal about these two or rather three companions and housemates Columbia is being trained to fight, to protect herself, to kill by the Concierge who we finally get a name for and Dimitria broken and damaged threesome of people who strangely cling to each other for comfort and support Feelings and emotions get twisted up and as they attempt to stay hidden and safe from Sergei and his posse, Columbia a [...]

  • I LOVED THIS BOOK I freaking LOVED The Beast, book 1, which introduced us to Dimitri and Columbia This is book is BETTER than the first After leaving Vancouver for Hong Kong, Dimitri, Columbia and the concierge get settled into a new routine Columbia wants to seek revenge on the monster who tried to kill her love, so with the help of the concierge, she trains in hand to hand combat on a daily basis.Dimitri and Columbia s passions for each other have only grown stronger Their passionate, primal, [...]

  • Super excited to read this beings I just love The Beast Yet this book was a little different Yes you get all the spice between the sheets and tables, chairs, counters and benches but you also see these two imperfect dangerous people coming together to be perfectly normal There was emotion shown in this one, and dare I say a consuming love of all time Yes, theirs was The threesome scene totally threw me off, I was looking forward to seeing Dimi getting his cotton swabbed, but he turned the tables [...]

  • Received ARC by author in exchange of an honest review Review It s not every day when you stumble with a great story and want to devour anything that the writer had ever written And I can t deny the huge surprise that I received when I luckily got to read the ARC of Perfectly Normal by Jaden Wilkes.It s a dark, mind blowing action packed, hot, erotic, sadistic romance This story it s incredible Jaden Wilkes, has outdone herself again with her deliciously twisted tale of Colombia and Dimitri The [...]

  • Holy Sh t This book is very hot But then, what else should I expect from the dirty minded Jaden Wilkes This book should come with a warning label, the sex scenes are very dirty and very naughty.So Columbia and Dimitri are currently holed up in Hong Kong with the concierge She is being trained to fight by the concierge, whom she is also attempting to endear herself to despite his seeming indifference and occasional distaste for her.In this book you see a definite progression in Columbia and Dimit [...]

  • This is a great complimenting story to The Beast Jaden really knows how to suck you in to the story Wondering what happens next after the dark meeting of Dimi and Columbia Then dive into this erotic tale to find out Columbia is learning to protect herself and find her way Dimi is her everything as she is his Watch as they fight for the connection between them This connection is nothing short of something that will rattle your mind and body to the very depths of your soul If you haven t already, [...]

  • I was given the opportunity to be one of Jaden s BETA readers for Perfectly Normal I loved ite Beast is AMAZING You are introduced to a new character, which I m sure you will love as much as I did Now on to my review As Dimitri and Columbia continue on their life s journey in Hong Kong, they now are faced with new challenges and some doubt While Dimitri constantly confesses his love to his Little Dove, she gets the itch to want to psychologically suppress the doubt and needs The very nice Thei [...]

  • This book was okay I don t remember Columbia being so annoyingly immature and childish in the Beast and because of her actions, I struggled with finishing this book.Dimitri was still as alpha as ever and I do like his character I enjoyed getting to know about Concierge and finding out his name He s not near as hard and uncaring as he wants people to think There are some hot scenes and some violence.I appear to be in the minority with my review and that s okay Everyone has different opinions I p [...]

  • Jaden, you never disappoint I was in love with Dimitri in The Beast Then came Perfectly Normal.Dimitri and Columbia are 2 peas in a pod They are made for each other The things they must over come all in the name of LOVE This book drew me in from the first page and I couldnt put it down till I enjoyed every page Cant wait for Little Dove to come out, that epilogue was kick a Cant wait to tie it all together Thanks for being such a great author You have become one of the few that when I see a new [...]

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