Better Than Good

Better Than Good hrs minsMatt Sullivan understands labels law student athlete heterosexual He has goals graduate and begin his career in law One fateful night Matt tags along with his gay roommate to a dance cl
  • Title: Better Than Good
  • Author: Lane Hayes Tyler Stevens
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  • Page: 268
  • Format: Audible Audio
  • Better Than Good
    6 hrs 5 minsMatt Sullivan understands labels law student, athlete, heterosexual He has goals graduate and begin his career in law One fateful night, Matt tags along with his gay roommate to a dance club and everything changes Matt finds himself attracted to the most beautiful man he s ever seen All labels go flying out the window.Aaron Mendez doesn t believe in label6 hrs 5 minsMatt Sullivan understands labels law student, athlete, heterosexual He has goals graduate and begin his career in law One fateful night, Matt tags along with his gay roommate to a dance club and everything changes Matt finds himself attracted to the most beautiful man he s ever seen All labels go flying out the window.Aaron Mendez doesn t believe in labels, and he s leery of straight curious men He makes it clear that he ll hide his fabulous light for no one While Aaron can t deny the attraction between him and Matt, he is reluctant to start anything with someone who is still dealing with what this new label means especially when that someone has a girlfriend.
    Better Than Good By Lane Hayes Tyler Stevens,
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    Lane Hayes is grateful to finally be doing what she loves best Writing full time It s no secret Lane loves a good romance novel An avid reader from an early age, she has always been drawn to well told love story with beautifully written characters These days she prefers the leading roles to both be men Lane discovered the M M genre a few years ago and was instantly hooked Her debut novel was a 2013 Rainbow Award finalist and subsequent books have received Honorable Mentions, and were winners in the 2016 Rainbow Awards She loves red wine, chocolate and travel in no particular order Lane lives in Southern California with her amazing husband in an almost empty nest.


  • Hi book smiles shyly and winks Oh what a sweet and glorious out for you book this was I adored the crap out of it I mean, what s not to love A simple love story with a slow burn romance and a fabulous audiobook narrator to boot Just perfection.I was so addicted to this audiobook that I listened to the entire thing in 24 hours That is 6 hours and 5 minutes of listening or 1 4 of my day Dedication, folks I listened driving to work, between patients, on my entire 1.5 hour lunch break the lady at th [...]

  • 4.3 Better Than Good Stars This was definitely better than good.This was outstanding I m truly surprised by how touched and happy I am by this sweet read From the lovable and amusing characters the new and fragile love they share I was simply enchanted by this delightful story Matt aka Matty, is straight and has a girlfriend His priorities are set to graduate, become a lawyer and move on to bigger dreams But things change for Matt a simple glance and an instant attraction he feel towards a stran [...]

  • I really hope people don t dismiss this because its GFY, if they do then they re missing out on a real treat I loved this sweet, romantic story If any GFY book gets it right, its this one What impressed me was that never once did I suspend belief in Matts transition from being straight and having a girlfriend to the Matt, who becomes enchanted with the beautiful Aaron, from the moment he sees him on the dance floor of a gay club he visits with his gay friend Curt.Lane Hayes has got this just rig [...]

  • 5 BETTER THAN GOOD stars for this SWEET storyI already mentioned in another review that I LOVE Lane Hayes Her writing style is one of my favorites So besides A kind of stories, I wanted to try some of her other books The Better Than series was recommended to me by my sweet friend, Book Faerie, and as expected, I loved each and every word This story was HOT and SWEET in the same time The chemistry is great and both guys were really hot.Matt is a 24 years old law student, with a girlfriend But one [...]

  • 4.5 Better Than Good Stars Dare I say.even GREAT This book made me so happy It was just so romanticalI loved the development of Aaron and Matty s relationship Matt is the stereotypical jock He s in law school, straight, lives with 2 other guys But has a gay friend It s while he s out at a gay club that Matt meets Aaron Matt is immediately attracted to Aaron But Aaron has a girlfriend.So yes, be warnedr those that are against cheating Nothing really happens between Aaron and Matt until after Matt [...]

  • Simple, sweet and just effing great I needed Matt He s great and Aaron is fabulous, tho he never let Matt explain himself thoroughly This author did such a wonderful job 3And I love that Matt had already had a gay experience so his acceptance of his bisexuality was rather easy IDK why people keep billin at as GFY Matt totally admits his attraction to other men Just sayin

  • 3.75 stars rounded upFor the most part, this story is a wonderful out for you story But I just can t get rid my discomfort with the set up I will point out what I loved about it first Like what other reviewers have said, the attraction was instant, right from the first time straight or bi, if you want to go with label Matt met the out and proud and beautiful Aaron at a gay bar However, there was an actual progress from than moment on Matt couldn t stop thinking about Aaron, and he contemplated a [...]

  • Note to self download July 8thDear DSP, would you consider reminder emails for your loyal customers that pre order your books, you know, saying dear you, your pre ordered book is waiting on your bookshelf Ps Samhain does it P Just a thought, that I will keep mentioning.Matt is straight, Aaron is not.Yet, they are both attracted to each other, and find it hard to stay away.I liked both of these guys and the pace was nice and believable, I did really miss Aaron s POV though It s all told from Matt [...]

  • Nice book The writing style took me a little getting used to but after reading 10% I couldn t put the book down any.I don t like GFY stories at all, so I was first reluctant reading it But this one is an out for you romance Matt has been together with a boy once a long time ago So, no GFY, but a guy taking stock of himself, coming to terms with his bisexuality and meeting finally the right one.Aaron is such a cute guy He knows what he wants He s out and proud and doesn t want a lover who is jus [...]

  • 4.5 stars I was stalking ahem I mean browsing through a GR friend shelve s and discover a wonderful book author and that s how I found Better than good and it sure was dam good There was something so sweet and endearing about the story of Matt and Aaron I loved everything about their relationship how they meet at a club and Matt is just so mesmerized by the sexiness of Aaron They definitely had the lust at first sight But for Matt, it was crazy to be attracted to Aaron so much considering his st [...]

  • 4.5 starsI m going to be super unoriginal and say the obvious This really was Better than Good I don t have any complains about the plot, the characters, the execution or the editing I liked everything and I m going on to read every single one of the series books which feature characters we met here except from the last one I think but it doesn t matter, I want them all.Matt, or Matty, and Aaron were polar opposites I think the only thing in common that they had was their attraction to each othe [...]

  • Remember when you said that there are no guarantees, but you want something that feels like the real thing You are that to me Better Than Good was such a disappointment for me I had so many hight hopes from it I had read so many great reviews about this book Lane Hayes is known as one of the best MM Romance writer and i was really excited to finally read something written by her But really i ve read many under rated books which was so much better than this, Better than good.I also had any proble [...]

  • Honestly, this book was delicious Great story and characters Matt and Aaron met upon chance at club one night and there was an instant attraction At that time nothing happened but Aaron was never far from Matt s thoughts This a story about two men one who is ready to take a chance on the unknown Matt s never been in a relationship with a man Aaron, is out and proud and hesitant to start anything with Matt Gosh, this book had me from the beginning The characters were delightful I loved how the au [...]

  • Excellent out for you romance Just the sort of story I like where the passion and romance between the two MC s seems to occur in a bubble as everything on the outside becomes less important Matt has a girlfriend at the beginning but that relationship is not serious and he breaks up with her soon enough Reminds me a lot of Boys of Summer which is a favourite reread of mine Looking forward to novels from this author.

  • There s no unnecessary drama, no miscommunication, nothing to take away from a beautiful love story.A bisexual man falls in love with a gay man The logistics, no, wait, let s call them what they are, fear and uncertainty The biggest issue is how to trust Yourself and each other But the overriding feel to the story is two people finding the one I m a fucking mess He s all I can think about I can t sleep, I can barely concentrate at school and work Shit I don t know what s wrong with me Love I can [...]

  • Lane Hayes gives us amazing characters Matt, tall, handsome law student, and sports fan, is rendered speechless by small, slim, sweet, Aaron, a femme, beautiful man of Puerto Rican decent.They are so opposite One thing they do have in common is running, so that comes in handy Aaron is sassy, sexy, out and proud, with eyeliner and lip gloss Matt, nose to the grindstone hard worker, is ready to explore his bi tendencies with Aaron With his thrill for life s delights, cooking, and photography, Aaro [...]

  • This is a sweet love story, about two men, Aaron and Matt, one gay and one straight, that have a casual encounter on a gay bar After that, Matt can only think about Aaron, and could only imagine his future with him They are lovely together I wish the book was longer, and that we could read about these guys

  • I loved Aaron but I was glad that this story was from Matthew s POV He did quite a few things that had me throwing the side eye at him so I liked being in his head so I could see where he was coming from with some of his choices.This was an interesting GFY story Slow moving and believable build up between the characters I was surprised how much I enjoyed it even with my ever growing frustration with how Matthew treated the people around him view spoiler I think my main frustration with him cente [...]

  • Wonderful solid romanceGFYGorgeous guysYummy Started and couldn t stop reading, well rounded, believable pace from being with girlfriend to falling in love with a man I needed to figure out who I was, what I wanted Because I couldn t deny I wanted Aaron Especially with the backstory of Matt having been together with a boy, during high school Deep down he already knew about himself, that he was bi sexual No insta love, but a young man coming to terms with his sexuality and meeting the right one t [...]

  • Audiobook 9 1 2015 9 3 15I absolutely adore this book and I loved the narration This story is light and sweet and very romantic Your Song leaves me all gooey inside.Aaron is adorable.Matt is adorable.This story is adorable.I hadn t noticed how much the word adorable is used until I listened to the audiobook It s fine, though It doesn t take away from its adorableness clears throat I hope you don t mindI hope you don t mindThat I put down in wordsHow wonderful life is while you re in the worldfir [...]

  • Great read Started and couldn t stop reading, well rounded, believable pace from being with girlfriend to falling in love with a man Especially with the backstory of Matt having been together with a boy, if only once, during high school, I think Deep down he already knew about himself, that he was bi sexual So, no GFY, no insta love, but a young man coming to terms with his sexuality and meeting the right one to be able to acknowledge it to his friends If there was something missing, for me it w [...]

  • Another book that s been on the Kindle for months Mixed up Matt and out and definitely proud Aaron made a really nice couples I groaned when they were in The Whistler as I had a good idea of the choice of song that Matt would use to convince Aaron he really loved him, but all in all, the book was Better than Good, even if there wasn t much of a plot All the friends were supportive, and setting the story in DC meant that the author could weave a little history into the book as well 4 stars from m [...]

  • 3,5 3,75 stars Aaron and Matt Two complete opposite.A lovely story From Matt s pov and that is a shortcoming.Aaron is colorful and with living emotions Both povs would really make this story.It was a good read and sometimes it really had me But mostly it felt for me a bit plain.Aaron could be so much described, he has such potential and that really didn t come out in full glory in this story.Believe me it was entertaining but plain, but definitely worth reading.

  • Can you believe Better Than Good was my first Lane Hayes book I know, where the hell have I been I actually bought this book the summer of 2015, too Why, oh why, did it take me this long to read it Well, better late to the party than never arriving Matt Sullivan has been attracted to guys before, but has only acted on it once back in his freshman year of college when he was drunk and at a party Not ideal, for sure It was easier dating girls, so that s what he did, assuming that someday he would [...]

  • RightioSo I don t really watch the telly any, prefer a book to be honest So I only watch a hand full of things and usually that s when the season is over so I ll watch them all at once This means that every now and again I feel the need to read something that is a bit mindless and I guess is my very own version of reality TV or I don t know whatever other stuff the kids are into these days This book was kind of that for me It was an easy read, a simple love story that was just kind of nice The w [...]

  • So.I figured I would read this one before continuing with better than safe I really liked this one, it was really sweet and I loved Aaron and Matt together I m a real sucker for gfy stories There were some things I was a bit dissapointed about however First of alle steam I would have liked a bit steam and a bit less fade to black That s not to day that there wasn t any steam, but a lot of it was hinted at, bit not described I like my details people I also would have liked for Matt to be the bot [...]

  • This was adorable This is right at my wheel house Low angst, fluffity floof.I really liked Matt Aside from the subtle overlap he had with his ex, I thought everything he did in this story was right I liked Aaron as well Yeah he s kinda stereotypical but every concern he had was valid I liked them both together I was already rooting for them from the start Even when Matt was still with his ex.There s not really much I don t like in this one I felt view spoiler Matt singing for Aaron at the bar hi [...]

  • So the narration is good Solid 4 Stars for the narration.Story is 2 Stars.I just cannot rate this higher because the whole thing unraveled for me pretty quickly.The whole miscommunication, cheating in the beginning, and then the really abrupt ending really dip the rating on this for me Unfortunately, I d forgotten about that and bought the audio and was several hours in before I realized, yes I ve read this and yes, it drove me batshit crazy view spoiler Aaron breaks things off with Matt after M [...]

  • This is a series I ve been wanting to begin for quite some time I liked the blurb, loved the cover the covers are always my downfall , and of course the GFY trope is one of my favorites I liked the story well enough and the characters had some depth to them The problem was that I picked this book up after reading a phenomenally written novel There was no way it could compare to one of the better written books I ve read recently Still, this unfair handicap would have only earned it half a star at [...]

  • AUDIOBOOK EDITIONA fun and charming Gay For You slow burn romance And I am freaking loving the audiobook It s not easy to love someone who s insecure of relationships and overly protective of their heart Yet Matt Sullivan knows he had to give it his best shot anyways for he couldn t forget this special person who has caught his heart as never before He is certain this person is the right guy for him even if gender is a big roadblock for a straight guy like him to hurdle All he knew was that it f [...]

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