Избор на лице

  • Title: Избор на лице
  • Author: Roger Zelazny Роджър Зелазни Владимир Зарков
  • ISBN: 9545700416
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Paperback
  • Избор на лице
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    Избор на лице By Roger Zelazny Роджър Зелазни Владимир Зарков,
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      Roger Zelazny Роджър Зелазни Владимир Зарков

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  • Roger Zelazny Роджър Зелазни Владимир Зарков

    Roger Zelazny made his name with a group of novellas which demonstrated just how intense an emotional charge could be generated by the stock imagery of sf the most famous of these is A Rose for Ecclesiastes in which a poet struggles to convince dying and sterile Martians that life is worth continuing Zelazny continued to write excellent short stories throughout his career Most of his novels deal, one way or another, with tricksters and mythology, often with rogues who become gods, like Sam in Lord of Light, who reinvents Buddhism as a vehicle for political subversion on a colony planet.The fantasy sequence The Amber Chronicles, which started with Nine Princes in Amber, deals with the ruling family of a Platonic realm at the metaphysical heart of things, who can slide, trickster like through realities, and their wars with each other and the related ruling house of Chaos Zelazny never entirely fulfilled his early promise who could but he and his work were much loved, and a potent influence on such younger writers as George R R Martin and Neil Gaiman.He won the Nebula award three times out of 14 nominations and the Hugo award six times out of 14 nominations His papers are housed at the Albin O Khun Library of the University of Maryland, Balti County UMBC.enpedia wiki Roger_Ze


  • A Mafia hit man gains immortality through freezing his body cloning He then guides the human race toward a peaceful existence When trouble strikes, he is forced to confront pieces of himself that he thought were no longer needed face down the enemy.Very well done uniquely Zelazny An interesting SF plot is turned to excellent through his masterful writing style.

  • you need to read this book through a number of timeseach time it gets a little thicker and you find yourself wondering why you didn t see that before I read this every time I get frustrated with the human race in general and think the inevitable wouldn t it be nice if people weren t so , this brings me back to reality.

  • It took me a really long time to get into this book Like, 100 pages Out of 175 I m not sure why, but for some reason, I just couldn t concentrate on what I was reading Maybe it was written poorly unlikely , or maybe I was just distracted by other things highly likely, as I definitely had some stuff on my mind while I was trying to get started on the story , but in any case, I found myself a little lost.As such, I was thinking of giving this book three stars or maybe even 2.5, which I d probably [...]

  • Continuing my late night reads of Roger Zelazny with a fussy baby in my lap, I picked up Today We Choose Faces Zelazny s tale of identity and the destiny of the human race contains all of his hallmarks a complex, highly competent protagonist, a setting that accretes in glimpses, action interspersed with philosophical discussion and strategic and tactical thinking He maintains a high degree of tension throughout, and the ending is oddly fitting if not terribly triumphant.The central conceit is an [...]

  • I like almost nothing about this 1973 Zelazny pure SF novel It completely failed engage me at any point I just struggled through it because I figured it had to get better at some point, and because is it packed with stylistic innovations that are interesting solely from an academic standpoint But it didn t add up for me A huge disappointment after reading Bridge of Ashes, which has a similar almost identical in many ways stylistic point of view conceit at its core, but works beautifully despite [...]

  • What the hell I ve been so looking forward to reading some Zelazny, and picked this one up at random I admit it, I liked the cover art from the local secondhand bookshop last week What a universal disappointment It has all the makings of a great story true science fiction tropes like cloning and cryonics, plus an entertaining mafioso assassin protagonist but it failed miserably for me I was prepared for innovative stylistic choices, but this just read as if every 6th page was missing I really do [...]

  • Ya know when you come upon a group of people and you think you know what they are talking about but after a minute or so you realize that not only do you have no idea what they are discussing, you can t get even an inkling by the context because the language is too ambiguous and everything is inside so no one explains anything in a way that helps you to understand what is going on That s what this book feels like It s a good read once you realize how the narration works, but it s foggy like a dr [...]

  • So not really a review per se, but I just wanted to say how much I loved this book While not as polished as his most famous works such as the Amber series or Lord of Light, it does a fantastic job of showing the unshowable, describing the internal thoughts and minds of the characters in such an amazing way, it puts it on par in my mind with classics such as The Demolished Man.And that, coupled with the thoughtful, if somewhat heavy handed philosophy on the nature of humanity, makes me than will [...]

  • Totally fantastic How have I gone most of my life as a huge Zelazny fan which I have without reading this one Seems like its a bit of a dusty old one that doesn t get much press, but I loved it Much though I loved his amber romps, his sci fi is so much twistier and interesting Erg Just looked at my books and saw that this has a lower average rating than The Dark Glory War That is SO wrong.

  • Uno strano mondo governato in modo occulto da una nuova edizione della famiglia s , quella famiglia , formata interamente da cloni e dedita alla ricerca, attraverso metodi pi o meno discutibili, dell elevazione morale dell umanit.Se non che c un clone mancante, che non condivide questa filosofia, e riuscir a ripristinare l antica, feroce, competitiva, modalit dell evoluzione umana.La traduzione al di sotto del minimo accettabile.

  • After reading this book, I find it hard to imagine anyone who cannot see Zelazny as a masterful author whose ideas are not only conceived but executed with sublime talent Though not one of his major novels, Today We Choose Faces gives you a window into Roger s perception of humanity and how thick or thin the veneer of culture and civilization we wear really is.

  • This is one of Roger s better ones I first read it in the 70s, then again last year As with most of his earlier pre Amber Part 2 novels it has lost nothing over time Not quite up there with Lord of Light which has it s own internal inconsistencies or This Immortal , but top 5 for sure.

  • This book was pretty great, the plot was pretty interesting as it spawned several centuries I liked the way the author did the characterization of the main guy as he transformed from the beginning of the story to the end.

  • Before Zelazny got embedded in amber lucre, he wrote some very imaginative fiction This is one of them A recommended read encompassing the mafia, clones and a controlled, dispersed humanity.

  • an often overlooked but stunningly clever Zelazny sf novel, Today We Choose Faces is a grand carnival act where every mask hides another face.

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