The Master of Jalna

The Master of Jalna Renny attempts to carry on the family tradition after the death of his grandfather He faces a financial crisis in the effort to keep the estate intact
  • Title: The Master of Jalna
  • Author: Mazo de la Roche
  • ISBN: 9780449239322
  • Page: 425
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The Master of Jalna
    Renny attempts to carry on the family tradition after the death of his grandfather He faces a financial crisis in the effort to keep the estate intact.
    The Master of Jalna By Mazo de la Roche,
    • UNLIMITED BOOK ↠ The Master of Jalna - by Mazo de la Roche
      425 Mazo de la Roche
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    Mazo de la Roche, born Mazo Louise Roche, was the author of the Jalna novels, one of the most popular series of books of her time.The Jalna series consists of sixteen novels that tell the story of the Canadian Whiteoak family from 1854 to 1954, although each of the novels can also be enjoyed as an independent story In the world of the Whiteoaks, as in real life, people live and die, find success and fall to ruin For the Whiteoaks, there remains something solid and unchanging in the midst of life s transience the manor house and its rich surrounding farmland known as Jalna The author, Mazo de la Roche, gave the members of her fictitious family names from gravestones in Ontario s New Market cemetery, and the story itself balances somewhere between fact and fiction Critics think events in the novels reflect de la Roche s dreams, moods, and life experiences As the daughter of a traveling businessman, she may have seen the Jalna estate as the roots she never had, while the character Finch, from Finch s Fortune, is thought to be a reflection of herself.


  • When I first read THE MASTER OF JALNA, I was very angry at author Mazo de la Roche Previously I had loved the Whiteoak Saga as related in JALNA, WHITEOAKS OF JALNA and FINCH S FORTUNE I d been looking forward eagerly to the next installment But in this book, de la Roche does several to my mind unforgivable things 1 She killed off Eden Whiteoak, my favorite character Halfway through the book Eden dies horribly of tuberculosis, coughing up blood in his sister s spare bedroom This upset me no end E [...]

  • The Master of JalnaMazo de la RochePan Books, Ltd 1954 first published in 1933 ISBN 0330202626Mass MarketAlso available as a trade paperback re issue from XYZ PublishingThe Master of Jalna is the fourth by publication date, tenth by story chronology, of 16 novels spanning a hundred years from 1854 to 1954 Known as the Whiteoak Chronicles or the Jalna series, they told the saga of a Canadian family and Jalna, the family manor The books are usually listed chronologically by story line rather than [...]

  • I am reading the Jalna series one book after another and with each book I read, I am hooked on the Whiteoak family This book really carries the story forward in many ways as several family members are lost and new ones are born Renny takes center stage as he makes decisions that please him, but do not necessarily make his family happy I am ready to read the next installment in the story as soon as it gets here from the library.

  • This is the first time I have read from this author or this series This series was very popular at one time I found the book interesting, the characters believable, and the descriptions of landscapes very good I am not sure of a point in this book other than another year in the life Interesting to see how rich people get through hard times It does seem that the characters had it much easier than others This was apparently number 10 in a series.

  • The whole family returns to Jalna and the saga continues It s too bad I am not reading these in order get s a little confusing, although after 7 books, I think I have most of the family lines straight Mazo de la Roche writes beautifully about the countryside and the changing of seasons and she has a way with expressing the thoughts of her characters in such human and not necessarily nice terms.

  • As the melodrama continues everyone seems as always at cross purposes Times are bad at Jalna, and although everyone is happy as ever to live off of Renny, everyone is ticked off at his way of funding it As always, oddly, Piers, who seems the simplest most straightforward brother is the one most sensitive to the desires of others, although he doesn t always act on his perceptions.

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