Mrs. Kennedy and Me: An Intimate Memoir

Mrs Kennedy and Me An Intimate Memoir HE CALLED HER MRS KENNEDY SHE CALLED HIM MR HILL For four years from the election of John Fitzgerald Kennedy in November until after the election of Lyndon Johnson in Clint Hill was the Se
  • Title: Mrs. Kennedy and Me: An Intimate Memoir
  • Author: Clint Hill Lisa McCubbin
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 217
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Mrs. Kennedy and Me: An Intimate Memoir
    HE CALLED HER MRS KENNEDY SHE CALLED HIM MR HILL For four years, from the election of John Fitzgerald Kennedy in November 1960 until after the election of Lyndon Johnson in 1964, Clint Hill was the Secret Service agent assigned to guard the glamorous and intensely private Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy During those four years, he went from being a reluctant guardian to aHE CALLED HER MRS KENNEDY SHE CALLED HIM MR HILL For four years, from the election of John Fitzgerald Kennedy in November 1960 until after the election of Lyndon Johnson in 1964, Clint Hill was the Secret Service agent assigned to guard the glamorous and intensely private Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy During those four years, he went from being a reluctant guardian to a fiercely loyal watchdog and, in many ways, her closest friend Now, looking back fifty years, Clint Hill tells his story for the first time, offering a tender, enthralling, and tragic portrayal of how a Secret Service agent who started life in a North Dakota orphanage became the most trusted man in the life of the First Lady who captivated first the nation and then the world When he was initially assigned to the new First Lady, Agent Hill envisioned tea parties and gray haired matrons But as soon as he met her, he was swept up in the whirlwind of her beauty, her grace, her intelligence, her coy humor, her magnificent composure, and her extraordinary spirit From the start, the job was like no other, and Clint was by her side through the early days of JFK s presidency the birth of sons John and Patrick and Patrick s sudden death Kennedy family holidays in Hyannis Port and Palm Beach Jackie s trips to Europe, Asia, and South America Jackie s intriguing meetings with men like Aristotle Onassis, Gianni Agnelli, and Andr Malraux the dark days of the year that followed the assassination to the farewell party she threw for Clint when he left her protective detail after four years All she wanted was the one thing he could not give her a private life for her and her children Filled with unforgettable details, startling revelations, and sparkling, intimate moments, this is the once in a lifetime story of a man doing the most exciting job in the world, with a woman all the world loved, and the tragedy that ended it all too soon a tragedy that haunted him for fifty years.
    Mrs. Kennedy and Me: An Intimate Memoir By Clint Hill Lisa McCubbin,
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      217 Clint Hill Lisa McCubbin
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  • I saw the recent television interview with Mr Hill The interviewer pointed out that some would think he loved the First Lady He certainly wrote of her in a loving way if you consider honesty, respect, admiration and appreciation to be equal components of his memory of Mrs Kennedy His job was to protect the president s wife In his words, I was responsible for protecting the things that were most important to him, personally his wife and children In order to do his job, he paid attention to the wo [...]

  • This book is the memoir of Clint Hill, the Secret Service agent assigned to Jacqueline Kennedy during the Kennedy administration He s never told about his experiences publicly until this book and it was well worth the wait This is a beautifully written book and a wonderful tribute to Jacqueline Kennedy.It s not surprising that Kennedy seemed to prefer Hill over the other agents assigned to her His earnestness and kindness towards her is evident throughout the book He was insistent on giving her [...]

  • Very engaging memoir, and certainly the reader s affection toward Clint Hill and Mrs Kennedy grows over the course of reading the book We of course know before hand that Mrs Kennedy experienced many devastating losses and remained a graceful, stoic figure I felt for Mr Hill s almost unmentioned family, though, who had to spend holidays, summers, and weeks without a father husband at home, so that the First Lady could travel, take long vacations, shop, visit with friends, ride horses, sail on ya [...]

  • While I am glad I read the book, it must be stated that the book s focus is quite narrow It gives only Clint Hill s personal perspective on his four years as Secret Service agent protecting Jacqueline Kennedy The last year is after the death of her husband President Johnson deemed the surveillance should be continued for another year You follow what Clint Hill did to protect the First Lady, and how he came to feel towards her, the President and their two children, Caroline and little John She ra [...]

  • There is a sadness that permeates this book For as hard as Clint Hill worked to protect The First Family and he makes it clear from the outset that he would have preferred to be on JFK s detail, not Jackie s , the Secret Service failed at the moment that mattered most The President was shot on their watch There s no escaping that Whether or not Clint Hill could have made a difference is debatable I don t think he could have moved any faster , but the fact that JFK was murdered is not And the que [...]

  • Being fascinated by Jacqueline Kennedy for years, originally I didn t want to read this thinking that it was just another way for a former staffer to make a buck off of the Kennedy name But then a friend told me that she had seen Clint Hill on the Today Showd suddenly all my reluctance about reading this book changedd quickly For me, Clint Hill has always been a demi god or sort of like an icon I ve always wondered what his thoughts were He is the one that jumped on the back of the limo in Dalla [...]

  • Oh my goodness I ve been sobbing for about the last sixty or so pages I don t even know what to say I didn t even mean to read this book at the moment I had checked it out from the library and was taking a look at it for my husband and it captivated me right from the start Now, I really want to read a proper biography about Jackie Kennedy, because she was one incredible, smart, classy lady I wasn t even alive when the president was killed But man, what a horrible thing, to have your husband assa [...]

  • Nov 22, 1963 is one of the darkest days in US history If you were alive that day, you will remember exactly what you were doing the moment you heard President Kennedy had been shot As Clint Hill says Three shots had been fired in Dealey Plaza And the world stopped for four days This is Clint Hill s story about his time as a secret service agent for Mrs Kennedy It is an evocative, compelling read beautifully told straight from the heart of a man who admired respected this legendary woman A must r [...]

  • I gave this a four because it was easy to read but fascinating sometimes in a negative way If the public needs to learn that Jacqueline Kennedy was a prima donna who needed kid glove treatment by all, this book confirms it Also revealing is that she was away from her children constantly, seldom in the White House and seemingly unconcerned that her whims cost tremendous sums in money and Secret Service manhours away from their own families Also revealing is how caught up in her life Clint Hill be [...]

  • This was a very unique look into the world of the Kennedy family, from the eyes of Jackie s Secret Service agent It s well written and very interesting You definitely can the see the love and admiration that existed in the relationship As well you come to understand the heartbreak Jackie went through and why If you enjoy biographies, I highly recommend this.

  • Loved this book I can t help but be sympathetic for Clint Hill, Jackie s personal secret service agent and author of book He is without a doubt a very noble man, loyal and dedicated to his job and those he protects on any given day But with that comes the sacrifice of his own personal life and family Although with Hill s detailed account on the day that Kennedy was assassinated, I still can not imagine his grief in the following days that lead into years A moment of time that went beyond the cal [...]

  • I hesitated to read this one didn t want to read anything about conspiracy theories and it sounded like it could be a bit scandalous and tabloid like with a secret service agent bodyguard telling all Then I saw that it was number 1 in the list of Best books about the Kennedy family so I decided to give it a go.I m very glad that I did as there was nothing about conspiracy theories and it quickly becomes apparent that Clint Hill has no intention at all of making his fortune at the expense of the [...]

  • This was OUR era Our parents were Republicans, but there was NO question in those days JFK was the president of ALL of us.One of my very favorite days was Nov 22, 1963 bear with me I had gone with my dad to Cleveland to which he was commuting, and I was along to shop for my wedding to Brent I was to buy the wedding rings, and a few articles of clothing I learned that there was a new opening for me at the hospital a minor surgery , due to the approaching Thanksgiving weekend At about 1PM, we all [...]

  • I was one month old when President Kennedy was assassinated and so I carry no memories of that tragic time Like many others, I ve always been interested in the Kennedy legacy, and found this to be a deeply moving portrait of the era, and of Jacqueline Kennedy in particular It is written through the respectful and deeply caring viewpoint of her personal Secret Service agent during her White House years, Clint Hill In an era of tell all autobiographies yuck it is such a relief to finally read such [...]

  • This was a very fascinating book that gave me a glimpse into a piece of history that happened before my time However, I don t think I took away from it what was intended by the author I found Mrs Kennedy and the entire Kennedy administration to be completely self serving, totally oblivious to the needs of anyone besides themselves, and spending money like a bunch of drunken sailors Money, that was undoubtedly the tax payers NOT theirs I ve never understood the rabid fascination with this particu [...]

  • This is one of the most intensely moving books I have ever read I was young when President Kennedy was assassinated, but after reading this, I m left with so many memories of that time and of that tragedy Mr Hill did an amazing job recreating that time period I learned so much about Mrs Kennedy and the children Truly, this was a wonderful book about a wonderful woman and her family.

  • After readingMrs Kennedy and Me by Clint Hill with Lisa McCubbin, I was dying to know about Clint Hill because his attention to the first lady is so extraordinary that I couldn t imagine his own family life although he does mention a wife and two sons and that they have several grandchildren Hill claims to have released the demons of 11 22 63, so to speak, when he and his wife visited Dallas in 1990 ctka reviews MrsKenned What I found online is that he and his wife Gwen maintained their marriag [...]

  • Article first published as Book Review Mrs Kennedy and Me by Clint Hill and Lisa McCubbin on Blogcritics.Mrs Kennedy and Me recounts Clint Hill s Secret Service assignment to protect Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy from November 1960 until Lyndon Johnson was elected in 1964 Written with dignity and respect, the book describes the challenges and rewards attached to guarding Mrs Kennedy The detail about Mrs Kennedy s daily activities and overseas trips is extensive Photos of her public and private life [...]

  • This is an in depth look at Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy s fascinating life as first lady, remembered by her secret servant agent, Clint Hill Jacqueline and Clint got along famously in their three years together because he understood her need for quiet and privacy for both her and her children Clint accompanied Jackie to all the private residences she and the president had seven in all, Hyannis Port, Palm Beach estate, and the Glen Ora residence, to name a few Optimum surveillance equipment had to [...]

  • Secret Service Agent Clint Hill, assigned to Mrs Kennedy from immediately following her husband s election through the White House years and for another year following the President s assassination, gives us an inside look in his assignment that grew into a special and respected friendship from both sides This is a story that I thought I knew well as I have read previously about these people during this time, but this comes from a different perspective giving a heartfelt and tender glimpse into [...]

  • I devoured this book I read The Kennedy Detail and was looking forward to Mr Hill s account of his service during the Kennedy years Mr Hill was Jacqueline Kennedy s Secret Service agent It was a very straightforward, first hand account I loved the detail and Mr Hill s honest account of the depression and guilt he experienced Mr Hill is the Secret Service agent seen in the Zapruder film scrambling onto the back of the presidential limo to get to JFK and the first lady It will be hard now to see t [...]

  • Much than a historical account of life in the White House from the view of a Secret Service Agent The book digs deep into the heart and mind of Jackie Kennedy Clint Hill, her secret service agent, came to understand her and what made her tick and with respect and deep admiration he beautifully chronicles the days he spent protecting the First Lady You will laugh cry and understand why Jackie was so admired.

  • This was really good I ve read a few books about JFK but this was focused on Jackie s life and Clint s experience as her secret service detail I shed a few tears.

  • This was an engrossing read told from the point of view of Mrs Kennedy s secret service agent, Clint Hill The majority of the book chronicles the first few years he spent protecting Jackie and the interactions primarily with her, but also with JFK and their family He describes how he and Mrs Kennedy developed a close and trusting relationship and you can tell that he truly respected and admired her The last few chapters describe the assassination of JFK in Dallas and the year after his death The [...]

  • I ve always been fascinated by the Secret Service They are, in some was, the ultimate fly on the wall, experience history from an awesome viewpoint However, I had never read anything about the Secret Service until this book I think this book was engaging and approachable It was not filled with lists of protocol and procedure, but rather a great telling of what it was like to build a relationship with one of the most iconic women of all time A quick read, this book captured a moment in time and b [...]

  • I have always been fascinated by the Kennedy family I, recently, finished reading a memoir about John F Kennedy Jr so when I saw this book, I knew I had to read it.I began reading this book and thinking to myself, I already know who the Kennedys are I didn t really figure that I d learn anything new.Was I ever wrong I have always felt sorry for the late President s family They were thrust into the spotlight at, what had to be, one of the worst times in their lives Mrs Kennedy had a wonderful sen [...]

  • This was a very moving and lovingly written memoir by the Secret Service agent assigned to Jackie Kennedy I do not mind admitting that I thoroughly enjoyed it It was touching and respectful, giving quite a bit of insight to the daily life of the first lady, by someone who was with her almost constantly There was so much emotion that came through and you could still feel Clint Hill s pain and guilt almost 50 years later that he did not do on that fateful day in Dallas to save President Kennedy I [...]

  • I have a soft spot for the Kennedy sry interesting to learn about Jackie s life and all of her travels during the presidency Told through the eyes of her SS agent.

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