Rise of the Dibor

Rise of the Dibor What if Adam and Eve never sinned Would Satan be back A perfect world untouched by evil and ignorant of death is secretly invaded by an ancient enemy that threatens to destroy their way of life foreve
  • Title: Rise of the Dibor
  • Author: Christopher Hopper
  • ISBN: 9780972548601
  • Page: 125
  • Format: Paperback
  • Rise of the Dibor
    What if Adam and Eve never sinned Would Satan be back A perfect world untouched by evil and ignorant of death is secretly invaded by an ancient enemy that threatens to destroy their way of life forever At first any signs of Morgui s vile presence are subtle, but slowly even Creation itself heralds the impending doom that awaits as the summers grow cold and certain of DiWhat if Adam and Eve never sinned Would Satan be back A perfect world untouched by evil and ignorant of death is secretly invaded by an ancient enemy that threatens to destroy their way of life forever At first any signs of Morgui s vile presence are subtle, but slowly even Creation itself heralds the impending doom that awaits as the summers grow cold and certain of Dionia s inhabitants go missing As and people are strangely taken, the Kings of Dionia decide take precautionary measures Luik son of Lair is summoned to join an elite group of warriors known as the Dibor, sworn to protect their Kingdom against invading foes But when a sinister plot to dethrone the Kings and flatten the capital city of Adriel is discovered, the Dibor are summoned along with the rest of the men of Dionia to defend her walls It is here that Luik and his army face Morgui s Prince as well as the unending ranks of the demon war host known as the Dairne Reih, engaging in an epic saga to keep their world from following the same fate of one that has gone before it earth What some think will destroy them all, others believe will be the birth of a legend Join a stunning cast of characters as they rally together in an inspiring story of courage, brotherhood, and sacrifice as Dionia becomes the epicenter for a war of historic proportions With this first installment of The White Lion Chronicles, The Rise of The Dibor spans issues of friendship, love, loyalty and dives into some of the most essential questions of faith, including humanity s struggle to resist temptation and mankind s ultimate need for a Deliverer Will Adriel fall to the Dairne Reih Will Luik ever see find his family again Will Morgui succeed in deceiving yet another world Read the story that turned children into warriors, and warriors into heroes.
    Rise of the Dibor By Christopher Hopper,
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    Christopher Hopper is an American novelist, recording artist, pastor, and restauranteur His fictional novels have gathered awards and nominations including The Silver Moonbeam, The Lamplighter, The Clive Staples, and The Pluto He lives with his wife, Jennifer, and their four children in the 1000 Islands of northern New York.


  • Rise of the Dibor was truly unique and thought provoking It takes us to a world much like our earth only, the first people, Ad and Eva, didn t fall into the trap the Enemy set for them But will their world now stay perfect forever Or does the Evil One have another plan for mankind s destruction Christopher Hopper poses wild and largely unthought of questions, which provides for a poignant and fascinating tale After reading the last page, on which there is a huge cliff hanger I am eager to pick u [...]

  • In The Rise of The Dibor by Christopher Hopper, you are placed in the fantastical realm of Dionia There, it would be the exact same as earth, but for the fact that Adam and Eve here called Ad and Eva never sinned In Rise of The Dibor, the serpent Mordui is back with a vengeance The dwarves who also live in Dionia know this, one dwarf taking the seven kings sons one of whom is the main character, Luik and training them to become The Dibor, a band of warrior princes dedicated to wiping out the Dai [...]

  • Rise of the Dibor, Christopher HopperImagine a world that is untouched by evil, where pain, greed and crime don t even have words to describe them Imagine a world where everyone is honest and pure a world where Adam and Eve never sinned, and mankind was never cast into a lonely world to be confronted with our own mortality This is Dionia, the world where Luik, son of Lair, lives and grew up in But the world is changing, and a once defeated evil is beginning to stir again Even as rumours of Morgu [...]

  • Christian fantasy and science fiction is starting to make a niche for itself Powerful bestsellers are rising fast since the Left Behind Series made its appearance With the movie version of C.S Lewis immortal The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, Christian based books are beginning to surface Add into the mix a small publishing house and a bright new author by the name of Christopher Hopper you get the feel Christian allegory is on the way.The premise of Hopper s first book, The Rise of the Di [...]

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars Expertly Original, December 7, 2009By Petriekidn See all my reviewsA world of innoceance a perfect world, perfect leaders, perfect love, and a perfect relationship with the Great God A world still within the bounds of Athera Heaven without any knowledge of the sin that has corrupted Earth and the other worlds This world is called Dionia, and is crafted by the expert penof Christopher Hopper.Luik is the son of a king, just hitting his teenage years, and is thrown into a world o [...]

  • My review will not contradict other positive reviews on up until now Overall this book is a good read It s almost as reading the Bible, but looking from a different angle The idea that stands behind the book is a dream of author s mother In that dream people on another planet do know about Jesus, but not as their Savoir, since Adam and Eve had not sinned there.So in this book evil comes in a visible way and tries to attack people that don t know what lie, fear and evil is, except for those still [...]

  • I had the opportunity to meet Christopher Hopper on the Fantasy 4 Tour last year 2007 along with Sharon Hinck, Bryan Davis and Wayne Thomas Batson I picked up a copy of Rise of the Dibor, Hopper s first novel then with great anticipation.As Wayne Thomas Batson says in his own review of this work on , there are problems with RotD, yet it is a great story and an interesting premise Another world where there has been no fall into sin What would that be like And what if evil came to call Like much f [...]

  • Imagine, a land with no death, always summer, and you never feel pain Would you be happy with that Or would you want Something like powerChristopher Hopper is a great author who creates a land so in depth that you need footnotes to understand some of the words The story starts out in the land of Atheria, in this land there is no real death, no pain, no heartache But strange things are happening Luik the main character is just a boy living in this ideal world He has friends, Luik, Anorra, and Ha [...]

  • First of all, I love the concept of this book What would life be like if mankind had never sinned is what this story asks The Christian aspect of this book is, unlike many other Christian fiction, very well done It s really the main point rather than a side note, which is nice to see Unfortunately, as a whole, I didn t love this book as much as I was hoping to Several missing commas and a misspelled word here and there are not enough to kill a book, but it obviously could have benefitted from an [...]

  • No temptation no sin Where Adam and Eve had fallen, Ad and Eva stayed strong in the Most High Evil had failed to reach them, and Morgui, the fallen one, never conquered them.Enter the perfect world of Dionia, where it is always summer and where temptation is nonexistent But even as life goes on, an evil begins to grow in Dionia, an evil that could threaten the entirety of Dionia and those that inhabit it Slowly, but surely, even the land itself begins to herald the approach and reawakening of ev [...]

  • Rise of the Dibor, by Christopher Hopper is an allegorical christian fantasy in which many moral themes are present The plot line in a couple sentences would be, What if Adam and Eve had never sinned What if mankind knew no wrong Would we still have an enemy The answer is a very strong yes Luik, son of king Lair, has been selected along with others to be trained by a seasoned fighter for special combat against the evil being Morgui, who is bent on destroying all that is good This group, the Dibo [...]

  • This was a great book and very thought provoking book.This book is about this world where Adam and Eve did not sin and what the world would be likewould we still have the enemy It is about Luik who, with a group of the other kings sons, have to train to be the Dibor and save the world from the evil that is starting to overtake their world As their training comes to an end they have to fight for the lives to protect the lives of the ones that they love.This book was awesome and really fun to read [...]

  • This is a unique book that took a while to draw me in but had an epic ending.Hopper seemed to have much potential for a good style There were frequent well constructed phrases and clever metaphors, but the story was bogged down with many, many typographical errors and frequent confusing sentences Plot wise, there were pros and cons As I stated before, it took me a long time to get drawn into the book it was nearly the end before I was truly enjoying it In many ways the plot or characters were an [...]

  • The Rise of the Dibor is an epic story of good versus evilGod against Satan Imagine another world created by God and given the same choice as Adam and Eve Only in this world, Ad and Eva resist temptation and enjoy unhindered fellowship with their creator Not imagine Satan, a.k.a Morgui, coming back to destroy the very world who resisted him from the beginning.That is where this book begins But soon things are taking a turn for the worse So the high king creates a team of boys who will be trained [...]

  • Christopher Hopper writes the story as if it were a song, penning descriptive words into his paragraphs I found it to be a very unique way of writing.The pure realm of Dionia is threatened by an ancient evil and eighteen young men are chosen to be trained to combat the terrible enemy This book follows one of those young men, Luik, on his journey from an innocent child to a strong warrior Physically, emotionally, and spiritually, the chosen men, the Dibor, are tried as they fight for the freedom [...]

  • Luik, son of Lair, has been chosen for a special mission Along with several fellows of him, and a seemingly grouchy mentor, and being pursued my evil demons, Luik travels to an island where he will train for the next few years Beside physical training, Luik and his equals will receive training on how to work and think together and as one But even with the years of training, the numbers of the enemy, Morgui, are great Will Luik and his friends be able to fend off the ranks of Morgui

  • Luik, a young boy in a pure world, has never seen evil That is about to change, for strange things are happening, and and are leaving the Creator s presence Rise of the Dibor was a very heartfelt and thrilling book I loved how the characters walked with the Creator, as if he was right beside them, and it set an example for me I highly recommend this book to all of you, whether you re eight or eighty Vrenith

  • This book is seriously one of the most astounding books of our time I was reading it, and couldn t put it down Sometimes, I would realize I was holding my breath, or had my mouth hanging open lol And, sometimes, I even gasped really loud in reaction to what I was reading So, definitely, and engaging read And the plot is great too Sometimes, the names get confusing, but that s OK And the writing style is great too Very engaging

  • The Rise of the Dibor is a skillfully written novel that will delight readers of any age It contains a wonderful vocabulary and is very appropriate Fans of Donita K Paul, JR Tolkien, Wayne Thomas Batson and C.S Lewis will love this book The Rise of The Dibor is aimed for teens but this book will be loved by young and old alike

  • This book was very different from my preferred readings with its form of writing and I suggest it for those looking for a deep story rather than characters Normally I prefer a story that focuses on characters and couldn t care less what was happening with the plot, but it was story and development of the world as a whole that I found fascinating here Not a light read though very good

  • In Dionia, a world that knew no sin, an ancient evil arises to turn everything that they know upside down Christopher Hopper creates a world unlike any other, completely original The story is about 18 young princes who are called to be trained to become a band of warriors The Dibor But are 18 men enough, even when well equipped and highly trained, to take down an army of demons

  • The Rise of the Dibor is a great book Christopher Hopper has done an excellent job creating a tale deep with meaning and he leaves you wanting I recommend it for anyone who loves a story that has great depth and a greater meaning tucked within the pages.

  • What if Adam had never sinned this is the main premise of The Rise of the Dibor Christopher Hopper takes us on a tour of a world where mankind rejected the temptation offered by Satan, but will he just accept defeat Find out in The White Lion Chronicles, Rise of the Dibor

  • A very interesting book The synopsis lead me to believe it would be about something different, but the change wasn t that terrible The first half of the book is a bit slow, but I enjoyed it overall.

  • The Rise of Dibor is a skillfully written novel It contains wonderful vocabulary This book will be enjoyed by fans of Donita K Paul, JR Tolkien, Wayne Thomas Batson and C.S Lewis It is aimed for teens but this book will be loved by young and old alike.

  • This books was horrible I tried three different times to read it, but never could finish it It just dragged and dragged Very boring The concept was an interesting idea but the author just didn t pull it off for me.

  • I loved the plot and characters, the author wrote a great story for sure My main complaint is how preach y it is, where some books disguise God in other names, this one is a little strait forward for me.

  • It took me a chapter or two to get into this book, to be honest However, bit by bit, it slowly drew me into the world within its pages, and I need to read the second book.

  • I love this book It is so well written and captivating This is the first book I ve read where the author attempts to picture what it would be like without the Fall of man I was very impressed.

  • This book by Christopher Hopper kept me enthralled for the time i read it It has a wonderful plot and it is simply awesome

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