Independent Study

Independent Study Cia Vale is now seventeen and has everything she ever dreamed of a boy she loves a place at the University and a future as one of the leaders of the United Commonwealth But Cia remembers Cia must cho
  • Title: Independent Study
  • Author: Joelle Charbonneau
  • ISBN: 9781848771680
  • Page: 112
  • Format: Paperback
  • Independent Study
    Cia Vale is now seventeen and has everything she ever dreamed of a boy she loves, a place at the University and a future as one of the leaders of the United Commonwealth But Cia remembers Cia must choose whether to stay silent and protect herself and her loved ones, or expose The Testing for what it is.
    Independent Study By Joelle Charbonneau,
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      112 Joelle Charbonneau
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    I am a storyteller at heart I have performed in a variety of operas, musical theatre and children s theatre productions across the Chicagoland area While I m happy to perform for an audience, I am equally delighted to teach private voice lessons and use my experience from the stage to create compelling characters on the page I am the author of the Rebecca Robbins mystery series Minotaur Books , The Paige Marshall Glee Club mysteries Berkley and The Testing YA triology Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.


  • In the context of bad sequels, this is Batman and Robin kind of terrible How on earth did a series go so wrong from one book to the next My opinion of this series has changed so much in this book that I feel like I should go back to the first book to see if I had made a monumental error in rating it so highly Did I miss something outrageously bad in the first book Was I so blinded How does a series go from a 5 in one book to a 2 in the sequel The Summary This is the sequel to The Testing, in whi [...]

  • This is not the fantastic sequel to a fantastic book This is like waking up next to the guy you met the night before and who then seemed sexy and attractive after the alcohol glamour is wearing of, monster headaches cloud your mind and you see that he looks nothing like Brad Pitt, not even remotely It s like waking up, going to the bathroom and seeing a female doppelg nger of Heath Ledger The Joker in the mirror instead of your usual face, mascara and lipstick inches away from where they were su [...]

  • As a sequel to the Testing, this book is just as amazing The tests and challenges laid in this story become even impossible and extremely dangerous as the main characters go through the tests as official university students because this time, the students have to go through the tests while trying to attend every class in their respective fields They may be already admitted as university students but that does not mean they are safe from severe and life changing punishment of failing a test Deep [...]

  • A friend was kind enough to send me her advance copy of this book, the sequel to my new favorite dystopian series and perhaps book of 2013 , The Testing There s been a pattern with a lot of the dystopian series titles to fall off in quality significantly in the second book in the series looking at you specifically, Divergent Not so with Independent Study.Taking place not long after The Testing, where Cia is now in the University, taking classes, and otherwise trying to keep her head down while s [...]

  • This is indeed a great continuation of the first book It may not be as action packed as the first one,and a bit slower,but there were heart pounding moments especially on the Testing games they went through once again In this book,Cia and Tomas,along with their fellow freshmen Colony students candidates were about to meet the students of Tosu when they were sent to University in Tosu City.In this new environment,Cia gained new friends and perhaps,some enemies that she s struggling to decide who [...]

  • Not much better than the first one, this book is pretty much what I expected.This series is almost like dystopia brain candy It s just fun and entertaining, but not much substance The main character, Cia, is just too perfect, but not in a good way She never does anything wrong and doesn t have any flaws, this gets kinda annoying, it s unrealistic, and I can t connect to her She is an ok character to read about, and it s interesting how she figures out all of the tests, but there s not much to h [...]

  • Recieved an ARC from The Book Twirps giveaway I had the same problem with the second book as I had with the first Cia is the bestest most brightest person in the world.Seriously.She is surrounded by the most brightest students in the country.And yet she is FAR superior If the brightest were ranked a 10 out of 10 She s be a 100 If you re going to writes a book about everyone being smart, you have to make everyone actually smart.The only time other student s show that they re smart is if they re w [...]

  • Joelle Charbonneau has written another enticing read that is filled to the brim with exictement and action and stabbed me in the gut, time and time again With everything a good dystopian should be, Joelle Charbonneau has continued to raise the stakes and expand this brilliant world.The questions this book raises are so thought provoking and powerful, and I love the ease at which they are incorporated into the plot The stakes are raised in Independent Study to a new high, and I was completely eng [...]

  • A good second book Our heroine Cia continues to dazzle all with her smarts and her intuition, which saves her and her teammates time and again Having passed the Testing Book One , Cia and Will who tried to kill her in book one are assigned to the Government specialty department Cia is selected to lead a team, after solving her first challenge there Surprisingly, she chooses some local Tosu City ahead of some classmates from her territory Cia is not trusted, and is saddled with the heaviest cours [...]

  • It s just as great as the first book The challenges required intellectual prowess than physical which I enjoyed even It s plot is fast paced and the writing is engaging I can t wait to read the third book.

  • I m giving this three stars because overall, it was a perfectly fine second book It wasn t super terrible like Crossed my go to example for disappointing second books , but then again it didn t really wow me Since almost everyone had their memories wiped at the end of the first book, the author pretty much just uses the same recipe all over again in this one some dangerous tests, a whole lot of untrustworthy people and a heroine that can do no wrong like literally, she s unrealistically amazing [...]

  • Independent Study by Joelle Charbonneau is the second book of The Testing trilogy The book leaves off a few months after the events in book one Cia is now a student at the university in Tosu City Everything is suppose to be fine now that Cia is at the university, but Cia still has vague memories about her time in the Testing causing her to question the motives of her friends and the Commonwealth s leaders I absolutely loved The Testing and was very excited to start this book.Independent Study ce [...]

  • Because sometimes the best leaders are the ones who have no interest in leading Those are often the ones who are most interested in doing what is right, not what is popular A cage that cannot be seen is no less there than if the walls were made of steel History shows that it takes only a spark to start a fire that cannot be easily checked The best leaders make mistakes and then learn from them The best leaders never make the same mistakes again The only way you can learn is if you understand the [...]

  • Normalerwei e ist der zweiten Band einer Reihe meist etwas schlechter, aber dieser ist sogar BESSER als der Erste Und der war auch schon sehr gut.Die Charaktere haben mir alle, bis auf Thomas, sehr gut gefallen Die Beziehung der Protagonistin mit ihm ist f r mich immer noch schwer nachvollziehbar Schon klar, sie kennen sich seit Jahren, aber f r mich herrscht da null Chemie Es scheint mir alles einfach zu gewollt, zu gek nstelt.Will mochte ich in diesem Band sehr, aber ich mochte schon immer die [...]

  • 2 1 2 StarsI have mixed emotions about this one I d say that the first third of the book was great and then there was a noticeable decline until we got toward the end a.k.a the set up for the next book Yes, this book felt like mostly filler, wrapping up the previous book and setting up the next one I guess it s difficult to make going to class and doing your homework interesting, especially when you start the book with an exciting and interesting dangerous game full of explosions and snakes The [...]

  • I feared when I read some of the low rating reviews on this book, but now that I have finished it, I conclude that it s not bad.The first book was filled with so much adrenaline pumping moments that I think it s pretty hard for a second book to exceed that I can tell the author tried to add action packed elements to this one and I would say I wish there was , but really, the plot just wouldn t work if there was any action.One con I d mention would be the amount of suspicion that goes on in ever [...]

  • Een woord WAUW Wat is dit boek goed zeg, vergeleken met deel een Ik las elk hoofdstuk op het puntje van mn stoel, het was elke keer weer spannend en de hele tijd gebeurd er wel iets Cia is ook echt een toffe hoofdpersoon Ik ben enthousiast Hopelijk is het slotdeel net zo goed.

  • Na za tku m to bavilo Ale je vidno, e autorka t z sp nosti HG a do ka d knihy nacpe n jak koly a sout e mezi astn ky , co u m docela otravuje Alespo tam bylo trochu nast neno, pro se s ne sp n mi studenty zach z tak, jak se p e v knize Proto e to mi ned valo smysl D

  • Well, again I wish i could give a 3.5 rather than a 4 We pick up here where we left off in the first book view spoiler Cia managed to hide a recording she made before they wiped her memory so now she has to decide whether all the horrible things her own voice is telling her are true hide spoiler The book is still pretty fast moving and the characters view spoiler the ones that survive hide spoiler are pretty much themselves Also the plotting works pretty well with some twists you may see coming [...]

  • Ik zie nu dat het meer dan een jaar geleden is dat ik deel 1 las In mijn review schreef ik snel deel 2 te gaan lezen maar toch heeft het nog even geduurd iets met een lange TBR lijst Maar goed Deel 2 zojuist uitgelezen En ook over dit deel ben ik weer razend enthousiast De schrijfstijl zorgt er ook voor dat ik het gevoel kreeg alsof ik er zelf bij was Ook is Joelle Charbonneau is een getalenteerd schrijfster wat betreft cliffhangers na ieder hoofdstuk wil je gewoon verder lezen Daarnaast heeft z [...]

  • Not Distopya t r kitaplarda zg nl k aramama kural getirilmeli Kitaba bir devam kitab olarak bak ld nda konu b t nl yerindeydi Zaman zaman flashbacklere yer vermesi hikayeyi daha anla l r k ld ber zeki, m kemmel insan, iyilik timsali gibi vas flar karakterlere y klenmese belki ok daha keyifli olurdu Esas k z n n planda oldu u, yan rollerin arada kaynad , maceran n hat safhada ilerledi i, ters k elerle dolu bir kitap 3,5

  • UNA SEGUNDA PARTE UN TANTO FLOJA PERO QUE DEJA CON GANAS DE M S PARA LXS AMANTES DE LAS DISTOP ASLa iniciaci n es la segunda parte de La prueba, novela que me encant y me dej con muchas ganas de m s Es una trilog a dist pica que se enmarca en una sociedad en la que el gobierno selecciona a personas que pueden estudiar en la universidad y que para ello han de pasar La Prueba La primera novela me pareci muy buena, aunque le encontr ciertas similitudes con Los Juegos del hambre sin embargo, esta se [...]

  • Initial Thoughts The first book was OK and I was curious as to how the events would unforld Now, I m on the fence about this series It s kind of like a Hunger Games meets Junior Survivor with the end game a university education These poor kids are thrown an impossible bunch of tests to see if they are suitable to continue their studies Failure is not an option as it leads to Redirection most likely death Not sure that I could buy into this any What kind of society would take its brightest poten [...]

  • First Thoughts Just as addictive, heart pounding, and smartly twisty as the first book Final Thoughts I really enjoy reading this series through the intelligent eyes of Cia, and the scary version of a future world portrayed.

  • I feel like I am looking for myself Staring into the rocky void is like peering into a reflector of my emotions Shadows Emptiness.Wow And once again Joelle Charbonneau has managed to creep me out and keep me on the edge of my seat I think it goes without saying that terror comes in many forms But Joelle has mastered the less apparent and infrequently used disquieting terror It s really hard to get under my skin when it comes to telling a story where we are supposed to be scared because of specul [...]

  • Heerlijk spannend ook weer Gewoon lekker van genoten.Ja, geen hoogstaande literatuur of een megacomplex plot Of heel realistisch Maar gewoon heel leuk en spannend om te lezen Een boek om lekker van te genieten van dat lezen een hobby is voor het ontspannen en voor de leuk Is ook belangrijk, moet er zeker ook zijn vind ik En ik vind het ook erg lekker dat ik daar van kan genieten Dit is echt zo een boek, nouja meer deze serie, waardoor ik weer erg goed weet waarom ik zo van lezen houd Nouja, wete [...]

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