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Follow Your Fantasy Your Erotic Adventure Starts Here Welcome to the thrillingly erotic world of Follow Your Fantasy a world where you the reader chooses what happens next As the story deliciously unfolds exciting se
  • Title: Follow Your Fantasy
  • Author: Nicola Jane
  • ISBN: 9780007548637
  • Page: 254
  • Format: None
  • Follow Your Fantasy
    Your Erotic Adventure Starts Here Welcome to the thrillingly erotic world of Follow Your Fantasy a world where you, the reader, chooses what happens next.As the story deliciously unfolds, exciting, sexy and downright naughty adventures await your every decision You might end up in steamy encounters with one man or woman, or In hotel rooms or high class casinos, onYour Erotic Adventure Starts Here Welcome to the thrillingly erotic world of Follow Your Fantasy a world where you, the reader, chooses what happens next.As the story deliciously unfolds, exciting, sexy and downright naughty adventures await your every decision You might end up in steamy encounters with one man or woman, or In hotel rooms or high class casinos, on porno sets or at bachelor parties Or, if there s just too much choice, you can always go back and try again.Remember, even if you choose submission, the control is still all yours.Follow Your Fantasy is a new type of Erotica which gives the power back to the reader It s a collection of short stories based around a central thread and with recurring characters But the most important character is You a daring, sexy, open to adventures You on a night where anything can happen Where will your fantasies take you
    Follow Your Fantasy By Nicola Jane,
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  • Nicola Jane

    I m the author of Follow Your Fantasy, Harper Impulse It s a very different twist on Erotica and the idea came to me in bed alone Unfortunately for me, my best Erotica only gets written when I m single and a second book is in progress.When I m not writing books, I m writing 4 blogs, writing in at writer s group, Madrid Writer s Club, critiquing friend s writingp, pretty much writing is my life Other than I date a lot and write it up , move around a lot 7 countries and counting , and have a crippling addiction to sugar and jigsaws.


  • Todas hemos deseado, al menos una vez, tener una aventura de alg n tipo no es por eso acaso que leemos En este caso, si gustas de la literatura er tica, la aventura que te ofrece este libro es ir, divertirte, pasarla bien y que jam s nadie se entere, volviendo, finalmente, con seguridad a tu casaSE A COMPLETA EN eveletta 2016 03 ETodo comienza con la protagonista t en el bar de un hotel donde tendr una cita o la tendr as, porque te han dejado plantada Entonces llega un hombre alto, bien parecido [...]

  • Erotic novels are usually not my thing , but after hearing so many positive comments from people on Twitter and Facebook, my curiosity was awakened.I am really glad that I did go out of my comfort zone and gave Follow Your Fantasy a try I loved that the reader is in control the whole time By clicking on what you want to happen next, you determine the outcome of the story and also how far you want the characters to be involved with each other.Follow Your Fantasy is extremely cleverly written and [...]

  • I ve always been a fan of erotica and when I saw this was in the Choose Your Own Adventure format I eagerly snatched it up I should have saved my money My first warning that I was going to be disappointed was the flat, amateurish writing OK, that s pretty common in erotica, but it s still annoying Then I noticed something disturbing The author kept trying to push the reader in particular directions, ones that inevitably led to some demeaning situation for the female character you.The first came [...]

  • I m reviewing Follow Your Fantasy despite the fact that I haven t finished it yet Does that make me an inconsiderate lover Book lover, I mean Well, it s not exactly true anyway I ve already enjoyed multiple climaxes I don t know how you ladies handle it and even so I m than ready to go again Or I will be Just give me a minute, let me catch my breath.So look, here s the deal, stop me if you ve heard this before a woman in a red dress gets stood up at a bar, but just as she s about to give up and [...]

  • Follow Your Fantasy Deeper, by Nicola Jane, where you can choose your own storyline Every chapter ends with two links where you can choose which to follow There s a hint in most links such as Meet her and her lover and have a threesome or stay home , which prepared the reader for what was to come I m sure readers would appreciate the hints if they re squeamish with certain types of scenes With reading this type of choice book, realize that this book is really 6 7 short stories in one Each storyl [...]

  • Jane Hunt Writer First StepsJane Hunt Writer Book Reviews Google Follow Your Fantasy s concept that you the reader chooses which fantasy to pursue intrigued me I am not generally a fan of erotica preferring erotic romance which has a definite story line and real emotional connection between the characters In this collection of stories truth, dare and consequences all feature So it will appeal to fans of risk free risqu entertainment Follow Your Fantasy provides the reader with an adult interpret [...]

  • I would like to thank harperimpulse for approving me on Net Galley to read this book, in exchange for a fair and honest review.As I say I am a reader of other fantasy novels, not the erotic type of fantasy but sometimes it is good to read something different I had read the follow your adventure books when I was younger and loved them, so follow your fantasy I knew how the format worked but not how it would work in this case.The books are written as though you the reader is in a bar, when a stra [...]

  • This is so different than any other book I have read It s actually funny because I was going through my kids books and found a create your own adventure book and told my teenager how I loved those books when I was young SO when I saw this one I had to jump on and see what it was all about I will say after reading all the books that I have in first and third person reading in second always throws me But with this one it is supposed to be about me so it makes sense I suppose I think that it would [...]

  • Follow Your Fantasy is a delightful surprise the choose your own adventure concept I grew up with, applied skillfully to tell a collection of short stories with a common start you are a woman in a red dress that has been stood up at an hotel bar As events unfold and you make choices, you are rewarded with different tales on how a not very exciting botched date can turn into one of the hottest nights in the life of someone.As a long time lover of What if stories, I loved the approach, and I enjoy [...]

  • The idea of this book is fantastic, a choose your own adventure erotica I really hope it becomes a thing as it s incredibly enjoyable I also loved the 2nd person narrative The writing style is perfect for this concept as it goes against most erotica I ve read in being rather light on the descriptions of characters, which allows your mind to fill in the blanks It s of a guide for fantasies in a way What makes me not rate it as a 5 is due to some personal opinions rather than the quality of the b [...]

  • I m so glad I only paid 1.99 I still regret wasting even that much money when I could have bought something to snack on instead, figuratively and literally.I was honestly expecting this book to be better, considering it s published by a well known romance publisher Well, if you think this sounds like a fun book, I ll just let you know now that the choices don t go anywhere You choose one path, and it ends in the following chapter You may get lucky and get two chapters instead, but that s the mos [...]

  • Follow Your Fantasy is the most fantastic idea Taking inspiration from the Choose your Own Adventure books popular with children in the 80s and 90s, Follow Your Fantasy is a risqu version of this At different points in the story you get given options of what you want to happen next, offering different opportunities every time you read.Follow Your Fantasy was great fun, and I can imagine it would be popular with the new adult erotica audience Whilst I loved having the chance to mix and match a st [...]

  • ARC received from publisher, via Netgalley, in exchange for a review The whole idea of this book intrigued me and when I started to read it yes it is a very clever idea It is also well written and, depending on which path you follow through the book, has some very heated scenes.Basically you read the first chapter of the book it s written as if it is you that is the actual character and you are then faced with certain decisions to make You click the link on the page that corresponds to your deci [...]

  • Book gifted from the author in exchange for an honest review.Cover 3 starsSex steaminess 3 starsStory line 3 starsCharacters 3 starsOverall rating 3 starsPersonal rating 3 starsBook Pairing M FDid it give me a book hangover NoIs this a review book or personal read Review readWhy I chose this book The Blurb sounded interesting so I applied for a copy on netgalley and was approved.What I liked about this book In theory the idea of choosing the plot yourself was good The writing was good.What I did [...]

  • Daring, steaming fantasy just kidding I have met the author of this book, do I have to include some sort of disclaimer.A well executed twist ha on the type of books you tend to associate with DD than with SM though just one path gets you that far.Her style is quite refreshing you know what I mean in that she describes the right things with the right style, and gets to surprise you with a few insightful gems maddening imprecision and velvet violence were my two favourites.It is easy to lose your [...]

  • So the concept to this book is absolutely fantastic You being the character and choosing what way the story goes is unique, refreshing and incredibly exciting Not only that you get to read it over and over again choosing new ways and therefore giving you a brand new story How good is that please It s like a game for adults and treasure for us book geeks.Now, although impressive I did think the story side to it all could have been just a bit better and a lot longer As soon as I d started and got [...]

  • I received a copy of Follow Your Fantasy from Netgalley in exchange for my review I ve always wanted to try a book where you made the decisions, and I saw this one on Netgalley and thought, why not I ll admit the choosing was fun than the storyline, but then the choosing is what you were doing it for I did check out a couple of the options, and each story was actually different, which was impressive, I kind of expected the stories to end up being kind of similar.

  • 3 ESTRELLAS_ ME GUST Rese a Elige tus fantas as de N cola Jane Review Follow your fantasy by N cola Jane PDFalexandrareader juvenilsp

  • A fun little book, it reminds me of some of the adventure books I read as a child where you chose what happens next I would like to see choices and a bit steamy sexyness but all in all a good book to pass a spare hour.

  • I cant really rate this book because it is to hard to read using my kindle and I couldn t sort through the parts I needed to skip too I think if I actually had the book in hand it would have been OK, but word of advice don t even bother on an E reader.

  • Of course this is a shameless clone of A GIRL WALKS INTO A BAR Not only that this is the cheap, terribly written, free handout copy of that one Bad, bad, really bad No vocabulary, awkward turns of phrase

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