Goodnight, You

Goodnight You In this heartwarming title from the Piggy and Bunny picture book series the two friends explore what scares them as they prepare for their first campout together When Bunny admits to being frightened
  • Title: Goodnight, You
  • Author: Geneviève Côté
  • ISBN: 9781771380508
  • Page: 448
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Goodnight, You
    In this heartwarming title from the Piggy and Bunny picture book series, the two friends explore what scares them as they prepare for their first campout together When Bunny admits to being frightened of monsters, Piggy responds that even if there WAS a monster, I wouldn t scream like you When Bunny asks, What if the monster GROWLS at you Piggy answers, PWAAT I caIn this heartwarming title from the Piggy and Bunny picture book series, the two friends explore what scares them as they prepare for their first campout together When Bunny admits to being frightened of monsters, Piggy responds that even if there WAS a monster, I wouldn t scream like you When Bunny asks, What if the monster GROWLS at you Piggy answers, PWAAT I can be loud, too Then, one by one, all of Bunny s questions about what to do if a monster came near are countered confidently by Piggy Soon Bunny begins to feel differently about monsters, and says, I can even turn off the light and wish that monster goodnight To which Piggy then admits, NOOO I m a wee bit scared of the dark With Bunny on the left facing page of every spread and Piggy on the right, the two create a rhythmic back and forth that is soothing yet fun What Piggy and Bunny learn together is that everyone gets frightened sometimes, and having a good friend nearby is the perfect antidote Children will appreciate that neither of them makes fun of the other s fears, and instead they find ways to comfort and reassure each other With soft, gentle artwork and deceptively simple text, award winning author illustrator Genevi ve C t has crafted a beautiful picture book that will be a regular favorite at storytime This would also be a perfect title to begin classroom discussions about emotions, particularly fear, and how to identify, manage and express them.
    Goodnight, You By Geneviève Côté,
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    Geneviève Côté Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Goodnight, You book, this is one of the most wanted Geneviève Côté author readers around the world.


  • ARC courtesy of NetGalley these two are seriously cute they are the complete opposite in personality, but compliment each other so well always helping each other to learn grow to be the best they can beeat books to share with your children

  • This is the fourth book in this adorable series starring Piggy and Bunny, two very good friends who share life together This book tells us about their first campout experience and the anxieties and fears that surround such an epic event Bunny patiently awaits Piggy return in the dark of the night When he looks up he sees a scary shadow approaching that is projected on the side of their pup tent Bunny shouts out EEEKK To his relief he finds out it is his friend Piggy returning back to camp carryi [...]

  • I received a copy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for my honest thoughts This does not affect my opinion or the outcome of my review in any way.This is the fourth book in this series, but my first experience with any of C t s books.The book itself was very short and simple sentences it would be a great read for younger kids at bedtime and even those just learning to read The drawings are very kid like and drawn in pencil, while the the rest of the scene is colored in various ways The illu [...]

  • A free copy of this book was provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Goodnight, You tells the story of Piggy and Bunny who are having their very first campout together, although Bunny begins to get scared at the thought of all the monsters that might attack them in the night Piggy argues that he would fight the monsters on Bunny s behalf, but then confesses his own fear of the dark.This picture book is completely adorable I loved it Bunny and Piggy s friendship is so sweet as are [...]

  • Goodnight, You by Genevieve Cote was and adorable childrens book It s the story of Piggy and Bunny and their first campout And all the scary things they find while camping out Or are they really scary at all It helps young children realize that sometimes things that seem scary are not really scary at all They may be an ordinary reason for the scary things they perceive But this lesson is taught in such a cute and funny way that it is perfect for the young reader The illustrations were cute and s [...]

  • I received a copy in exchange for an honest review from NetGalley Piggy and Bunny are two friends dealing with being frightened by the thought of things that go bump in the night This is a beautifully illustrated short book that I am sure will delight little minds I smiled through the whole book.

  • Love, Love, Love, Love, Love Two friends out camping, will help each other get over their fears of monsters and the darkness they live in Perfect illustrations, and a perfectly simple story.

  • My first book after joining Netgalley, and it was a good one I knew I was going to be spending time with my godchildren, ages 3 and 5, so I went looking for a cute children s book It should be obvious I went straight for one that featured a bunny on the cover.I don t understand where the title comes from When I saw it, I figured it was something along the lines of Goodnight Moon , where two friends are talking before going to sleep, or something like that It doesn t tell you that this is about b [...]

  • Best friends, Bunny and Piggy, are going to take their first camping trip together and Bunny s fears begin to emerge Monsters Hee, hee It was only my shadow See says Piggy Each of the monster fears that Bunny brings up Piggy dismisses with a solution Finally, Bunny gets the idea and comes up with a few solutions on his own for dismissing the monster But when Bunny says he can even turn off the lights and tell the monster good night, it s too much for Piggy NOOO I m a wee bit scared of the dark T [...]

  • What a wonderful, uplifting, charming story Two amazing friends set out to camp one night when Bunny expresses his fear of monsters Piggy delightfully helps his friend bunny with suggestion on how to overcome it When Bunny is comfortable and no longer fears Piggy speaks up and admits he s afraid of the dark and Bunny helps him in return and explains the wonderful things in the dark Like how you could only see the stars at night This is another amazing story to read to your children that are scar [...]

  • Pig sneaks up on Bunny scaring it by pretending to be a shadow monster Bunny tries to find a shadow that would scare Pig None work until Bunny suggests turning out the light Pig is scared of the dark But Bunny offers to stay by Pig s side and scare off any monsters that might come around.I struggled with liking this story The illustrations are a bit sketchy in some places not well formed while better done in others The story did not flow as well as I would have liked I love the simplicity of the [...]

  • Bunny and Piggy want to camp out, but when their lantern creates a monster like shadow, Bunny is scared Piggy cajoles Bunny into playing with the shadows instead of being frightened of them When Bunny decides to turn out the lantern, though, it s Piggy who s scared and now Bunny s doing all the comforting.This is an amusing tale of two friends conquering their fears, and it is very nice to see the characters enjoying the outdoors Children may be inspired by the shadow puppets Bunny and Piggy mak [...]

  • Finding The Courage To Be BraveThis adorably illustrated early reader teaches kids to have courage and deal with their fear together It also teaches that everyone is different and afraid of different things but instead of laughing at each other we should accept our differences and help each other get over our fears because we are stronger when we work together I loved this book and can t wait to read of this author with my children This book is suitable for children of all ages but is a a K 1st [...]

  • Two friends, Bunny and Piggy, get ready to camp out After Bunny confesses to being afraid of monsters, Piggy offers suggestions for dealing with them and getting rid of that fear But once Bunny gets ready to turn out the light, Piggy admits to being afraid of the dark Bunny helps Piggy see that there are many things worth seeing in the dark I liked how both friends helped each other without making fun of the other one, and I liked the mixed media illustrations that show the playful nature of the [...]

  • Piggy and Bunny are back Genevi ve C t s illustrations are wonderful, as always, but I particularly enjoy the little frog on the sidelines whose antics are just as funny as anything Piggy Bunny do C t has done an excellent job at illustrating each scene so that the reader can see both the characters and the shadows they create, thereby enabling kids to figure out how the spooky shadows are made I m sure kids will want to try to make a few shadow monsters of their own after reading Goodnight, You [...]

  • I was given this Ebook on Netgalley in exchange for an honest review The adorable piggy and bunny from Genevieve Cote s imagination have a camp out and explore shadow play I found this book to be the perfect bedtime story length and the illustrations just captivating It seemed to be partly written in rhyme and I found myself wishing the entire book rhymed as I find that aspect particularly appealing I did like the book a lot.

  • This book is super cute.The story is simple, about Bunny who afraid of the monster and Piggy who give ideas what to do when the monsters come.Just like most of children books, the illustration is soooo adorable that made me really want to have the printed edition.Quotes Hmm Maybe I can sing a lullaby so sweet, the monster will fall asleep But when it s dark, there are a million stars to see.

  • The adorable rabbit and pig from Me and You meet up for a backyard sleepover When Bunny confesses to being startled by Pig s shadow I thought a MONSTER was coming to get me , Pig shares any number of brave strategies for facing down monsters But when Bunny chimes in with a strategy of his own, Pig reveals the chink in his armor A sweetly funny bedtime story, with the reassuring message that everybody is afraid of something, but it helps to have a friend along to face it.

  • Two friends, a rabbit and a pig, join each other for a night of camping While getting ready for their night of adventure they come across and share their fears By working together to ease each other s fears they learn how to best cope with their fears Pastel colors and friendly faces enhance painted illustrations that will help young readers face any bedtime fears.

  • Two little friends who are slightly competitive with each other go camping Pig is not afraid of monsters at all, even when Rabbit imagines them all kinds of ways But when it comes time to turn off the lights, Pig admits his fear And as true friends, do, they come together in support and understanding at the end I think this will definitely resonate with toddlers and preschoolers.

  • A short and sweet story, this will be a good bedtime read The characters and illustrations are simple and sweet I think preschoolers and babies will enjoy this one I didn t give it a higher rating because in some parts, I felt like the text and the illustrations didn t work well together.

  • This is a really cute book about two friends who are camping out together for the first time One is really scared of monsters, and the other is scared of the dark But together, they keep each other safe and enjoy the sleepover Really funny and great for ECE audiences.

  • In a similar vein as the beloved Elephant and Piggie series, 2 friends help each other confront their nighttime fears Nice, but not as charming and expressive as Willems series.

  • Would love to take this with me on my next camping trip I love how these two friends are able to see things from each other s point of view, which also provides the positive side.

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