Smokescreen At an ancient cafe in Cairo two veteran spies plot a covert mission to resolve once and for all the Israeli Palestinian conflict The pledge Israel will make a major concession as part of the peace tr
  • Title: Smokescreen
  • Author: Khaled Talib
  • ISBN: 9789881219534
  • Page: 104
  • Format: ebook
  • Smokescreen
    At an ancient cafe in Cairo, two veteran spies plot a covert mission to resolve once and for all the Israeli Palestinian conflict The pledge Israel will make a major concession as part of the peace treaty In Singapore, Jethro Westrope, a magazine journalist, stumbles onto the scene of a murder the beautiful Niki Kishwani directs him, in her last breath, to a digiAt an ancient cafe in Cairo, two veteran spies plot a covert mission to resolve once and for all the Israeli Palestinian conflict The pledge Israel will make a major concession as part of the peace treaty In Singapore, Jethro Westrope, a magazine journalist, stumbles onto the scene of a murder the beautiful Niki Kishwani directs him, in her last breath, to a digital recorder, evidence that puts Jethro s life in serious danger And, much worse, he is framed for Niki s murder Jethro sets out to find Niki s killer and is drawn into a web of deception and intrigue involving officials from the Singaporean, Israeli, and American governments, each with a complex, competing, and potentially deadly agenda Against this pulse pounding backdrop, Jethro races to find answers and save himself yet nothing is as it seems He finds himself at the centre of a political plot so diabolical and sweeping in its world implications that he is stunned to discover tomorrow s news headlines today He is being set up not only as a murderer but as an assassin, and something much larger than his own fate is in his hands.
    Smokescreen By Khaled Talib,
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    A former magazine journalist and public relations practitioner, Khaled Talib has authored three thrillers since 2014 His work has been praised by NY Times bestselling author Gayle Lynds, NY Times bestselling author Ruth Harris, USA Today bestselling author Jon Land, NY Times bestselling author Keith Thomson, K.J Howe, and Jon McGoran The author is a member of the International Thriller Writers.You can connect with him at khaled_talib AT hotmail


  • Check out all of my reviews at avonnalovesgenresSMOKESCREEN by Khaled Talib is a fast paced political espionage thriller set on the beautiful island of Singapore that has you second guessing every characters motives and actions as you race to the climax and conclusion Smokescreen is also an apt title for this debut novel.Jethro Westrope, also known as Jet West, is a feature writer for Singapore s leading lifestyle magazine, Society He leads a very public and pampered life which makes him an easy [...]

  • Smokescreen is a thriller novel related to an espionage affair due to some political decisions and conspiracies.It is about Jethro Westrope, a journalist choosen to be involved in a political assassination The events started after the murder of Niki, a Singapore Tourist Board PR officer The author possess an elegant writing style We can feel him an author, a journalist, a political researcher, and even a movie maker He shares with his readers many political issues and informations with specific [...]

  • The debut novel, SMOKESCREEN, by Khaled Talib is a riveting international suspense thriller that has a unique plot, fast pace action, and vivid descriptions.The story begins when unknown persons wants to kill the Israeli Prime Minster after the Israeli government secretly makes major concessions in a peace treaty with the Palestinians.The announcement of this historic peace deal is to be made in Singapore upon the prime minister s visit An unsuspecting high society magazine reporter, Jet Westrop [...]

  • This is a fast paced espionage thriller that exposes the very real connections between Israel and Singapore Israel established diplomatic relations with the island country in 1969 and the two nations enjoy a reportedly extensive security relationship This fact was confirmed by Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore s controversial founding father, who wrote in his book that the Israel Defense Forces helped established the Singaporean army Singapore has purportedly made major purchases of surplus IDF tanks, as [...]

  • I got this as a e book from a friend who asked the authors permission if I could read it and post a review I wasn t disappointed in reading it It was full of action adventure I hope to read books by this author.

  • This was very enjoyable An enticing thriller with striking descriptions of the settings and characters which kept me turning the pages The author writes like an artist with palette and canvas painting the scenes so vividly that you feel you are there watching the story evolve around you The ending made me smile I heartily recommend this book to anyone who likes dynamic thrillers with political and historical information as a backdrop.

  • SmokescreenBy Khaled TalibPlotThe scene of the story is set in the Island of Singapore, where the Israeli government are seeking to put an end to the Palestinian conflict however several Israeli officials want to kill their own leader and plan to assassinate him by framing an innocent reporter called Jethro Westrope, commonly known as Jet West, who works for the country s leading lifestyle magazine Jet initially thinks that one of the men that is chasing him is the husband of the wife he has bee [...]

  • Whenever I read a thriller there is always a temptation which I try to avoid to mention such well worn classic clich s such as fast paced and page turning and labyrinthine In this case though that is difficult as that is precisely what this book is, however it would be disingenuous of me to dismiss them in this case.Smokescreen is an apt title for a novel dealing with political chicanery and this is evident from the first pages, I found myself getting ready to relish a story that felt internatio [...]

  • A fast paced page turner Hugely enjoyableSet on the island of Singapore, this high octane thriller from debut novelist Khaled Talib has everything the thriller reader could wish for I like my thrillers fast paced, full on and with high body counts This novel does not disappoint in any of those aspects I have been following Khaled on Twitter and his enlightening, inspiring and sometimes amusing muses have been a delight to read His first foray into fiction doesn t disappoint It is a roller coaste [...]

  • Smokescreen is a captivating story leading readers into the genre of espionage noir, revealing a rich and colourful tale of political deception across countries and continents The author takes the time to paint enough background for each of the main characters and then weaves the story, cutting from different perspectives like a fast paced action movie It felt like watching a Jason Bourne film as I flipped page after page following Jet West, a journalist whose life turns upside down when secret [...]

  • Smokescreen by Khaled Talib is a fast paced, action packed and highly intelligent espionage thriller that I must highly recommend.It concerns an assassination plot, in this case the killing of the Israeli Prime Minister on a visit to Singapore Talib does an excellent job at showing the different sides and interests in this conspiracy story that has a great complexity of plot, to say the least.Exposing connections between unlikely allies and focusing on the role of Singapore in the peace process [...]

  • Copy provided in exchange for an honest review This was a surprising find This is a political thriller and I was intrigued from the beginning I enjoyed Khaled s writing immensely through it all There was non stop action and I loved how I was thrown into the middle of it all The characters were amazingly portrayed and I found myself in awe of Khaled s world building skills They were all unforgettable in their own way and the humor Khlaed managed to throw in was an amazing addition The pace was pe [...]

  • To all of the assassination buffs THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU Khaled Talib first presents us with factual information about the relationship between Israel and the island of Singapore The fictional part begins where a high level figure wants to assassinate the Prime Minister of Israel once he makes a trip to Singapore and he along with a bunch of other well connected people will set up a patsy to take the fall for the murder The patsy is a man named Jethro Westrope who is a journalist who keeps finding [...]

  • I received this book as an e book It sure didn t disappoint at all If I could give it than 5 stars, I would It was filled with action, had a great story line, was just a very good book It should be on the best sellers list around here, and made into a movie If you love thrillers, and good action, this is the book I will certainly read books by this author again.I sure hope I find some

  • Smokescreen is a fast paced thriller that blends real life conspiracy with fiction A tale of espionage at it s finest with a well developed cast of supporting characters Khaled Talib takes his readers on an international voyage that can lead them to nearly looking over their shoulder as they progress through the streets Yes, the feeling of being followed or spied upon is highly tangible in this book and I shudder to think how I would have felt had I read this while at home alone I was worried th [...]

  • This evocative debut novel is an intriguing international thriller of conspiracy and espionage Glossy magazine journalist Jethro Jet Westrope is framed for the murder of a beautiful Singapore Tourist Board PR officer Jet aims to uncover her real killer but he s become embroiled in a deadly political plot to assassinate the Israeli Prime Minster and Jet is the scapegoat, the Lee Harvey Oswald if you will, the unlucky guy chosen to die A cat and mouse game ensues.A planned historic peace deal betw [...]

  • Reviewed by me as a member of Rosie Amber s Review TeamSmokescreen is a fast moving, all action, international thriller about an assassination conspiracy, involving movers and shakers at the highest levels think 24 , James Bond, The Bourne trilogy, etc.Magazine journalist and superficial Singapore socialite Jethro Westropp Jet West is to be set up as the next Lee Harvey Oswald only he knows nothing about it, and has no hint that anything is wrong until he meets up with the beautiful and ill fate [...]

  • This is a compelling political spy thriller is Khaled Talib s first novel, but a page turner every step of the way.The story is set in Singapore, where the Israeli government are trying to end, once and for all the Israeli Palestinian conflict However, not everyone agrees on how to do this Radical factions have other ideas and they plan to assassinate the Israeli Prime Minster when he visits Singapore, but first they must find a scapegoat Enter Jethro Jet West, not a very appealing fellow, he is [...]

  • Jet West is a journalist for a lifestyle magazine in Singapore, his life is turned upside down when he is singled out to be a scapegoat in the assassination of a Prime Minister Why him and why now From the very first murder to the hair raising climactic end there is not a single dull moment in this fast paced political espionage thriller Jet is quite rightly not sure who to trust and has no formal training to aid him in this situation but with an ally in the American ambassador to Singapore, Jet [...]

  • The author, Khaled Talib, gave me a copy of this novel in exchange for my review Smokescreen is a political thriller An intricate plot is put in place to assassinate the Israeli Prime Minister and pin the crime on an average bloke The planning committee of sorts is comprised of agents used to living under the edge of society They are masters of manipulating public perception The plan Talib lays out for the reader is sinister and savvy There are shades of the other side of Daniel Silva s stories [...]

  • Smokescreen by Khaleb Taleb tells the story of a Singapore journalist, Jet West, who is framed for murder by Israeli officials who plan to murder their leader in order to create a resolution to the Palestinian conflict.Unfortunately, I did find the whole nature of the book quite implausible, and although I enjoyed certain aspects of the book, particularly the descriptions of life in Singapore, I found the characters were quite two dimensional and not particularly well developed at all, and the p [...]

  • I was born and bred in Singapore, and even though i live in the United States, I am still a Singapore girl at heart For this reason, I troll reads for anything on Singapore, and this is what initially attracted me to this book I loved the imagery and local characters which I found well described It is an action packed and fast paced read for this genre and for any reader interested in the Singapore scene today I recommend this for an easy fun read Esther KofodTHE LIBYANestherkofod

  • Khaled Talib s first novel is an action packed political thriller that had me guessing the ending right until the very end An intelligent read, with an excellent twists, turns and plots, with well thought out characters and vivid descriptions.

  • If you are prepared for a B league thriller, you might find this book acceptable it is just that the incredibly high reviews led me to think this was something .well, it s not.Here is the shortlist of what makes is B league silly action as plot replacement cardboard characters and wooden dialogues significant plausibility issuesI managed to bear with all the above for about half the book, then I thought enough and I gave it up

  • This is definitely a fast paced work The main character, Jet West, isn t introduced as the most likable guy He s a self indulgent womanizer who s due to get his come uppance And he does, but in a way that s far than what he deserves That sense of sympathy for a guy who s the underdog in a game of lies and spies is what kept me glued to the page.I also love books that provide an inside peek into a culture I m not familiar with, and Smokescreen certainly does that The details and nuance of Singap [...]

  • I wanted to like this book The main character, Jet West, was good, but the other characters were either poorly developed or absurd caricatures The plot was good, but the writing was weak The characters kept doing unexplained, stupid things that made me ask, over and over again, why in the world did he she DO that

  • Smokescreen is a story with a great premise It s interesting to see a political plot taking place in Singapore Think Hitman Agent 47 Peppered with Singaporean slang, Khaled Talib paints an accurate picture of our small country Every scene is filled with detailed observations.Full review on Priscilla and her Books

  • This is a real great book My daughter read it and said great things about it, soI went and read it too Loved it I recommend it to all readers

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