STARGATE ATLANTIS Angelus When Colonel Ellis encounters an Ancient on the borders of Asuran space the Atlantis team think their luck has changed Charming and likable Angelus connects with each team member in a unique way tha
  • Title: STARGATE ATLANTIS: Angelus
  • Author: Peter J. Evans
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Kindle Edition
    When Colonel Ellis encounters an Ancient on the borders of Asuran space, the Atlantis team think their luck has changed Charming and likable, Angelus connects with each team member in a unique way than that, he offers them a weapon that could put an end to their war with both the Wraith and the Asurans But all is not what it seems, and even Angelus does not know tWhen Colonel Ellis encounters an Ancient on the borders of Asuran space, the Atlantis team think their luck has changed Charming and likable, Angelus connects with each team member in a unique way than that, he offers them a weapon that could put an end to their war with both the Wraith and the Asurans But all is not what it seems, and even Angelus does not know the truth about his identity
    STARGATE ATLANTIS: Angelus By Peter J. Evans,
      154 Peter J. Evans
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    Peter J. Evans Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the STARGATE ATLANTIS: Angelus book, this is one of the most wanted Peter J. Evans author readers around the world.


  • Stargate Atlantis is my brain candy of choice, and this book did not disappoint It made a drastic turn into the horrifying about a third of the way in, and then I couldn t put it down Evans is very good at the concept of sometimes not describing something is much scarier than giving the reader a bunch of details This takes place during Carter s third week on Atlantis, and does a good job at looking at the pressure she is under compared with before McKay s character was also brilliantly executed [...]

  • Positive points Good action, brilliant storytelling not at all subdued and drawn out Now, the negative points the plot holes Angelus golden mask purpose wasnt revealed, the meaning behind the whispering over the radios was vaguely implied but not directly addressed, an explanation for the Replicators choice to purse this experiment is missing, characters such as Ellis, Carter and others failed to grasp the obvious on numerous occasions The damage inflicted was slightly out of line in comparison [...]

  • This was my least favorite of the Stargate Atlantis novels.Don t get me wrong the story it self is good but it would have been great as a stand alone original work rather than it trying to fit itself into the SGA universe.The characters were just slightly out of character enough to ruin the flow for me I can expect and excuse a certain amount of OC ness in fanfiction but with a canon publication I m a little less forgiving.

  • Awesome thrilling Ok I like said in other books in other trilogy it a be read for every one who loves soy fi and stargate I would recommend to everyone who love action and adventure and science fiction

  • Aside from the legacy series, I think this is my favourite SGA novel All the Characters felt right, and the story was exciting I find sometimes it s hard to get into the stories, since you know that everything will end at status quo because they can t mess up the established timeline of the show This was the reason I really enjoyed the Legacy series.This book spends a lot of time in minor characters heads, rather than in the main casts heads, I have seen some reviews that site that as their main [...]

  • Almost four stars but not really, though I will bump it up to four It was definitely better than Swallow s Nightfall it ran smoothly, there was a very logical process in going from point A to point B, the characters were rather true to themselves and the idea itself was awesome horror and scifi in one Also, I love stories that take place in Atlantis because the show itself took precious little time to explore the city which was a shame And then there was the Apollo and it was nice to see its cr [...]

  • Colonel Ellis rescues a small ship fleeing from the replicators The lone passenger claims to be an ancient wanting to return to Atlantis He promises to give them a weapon that will end the war with the replicators and the wraith But when something sounds to good to be true it usually is return return I have read all of the Stargate Atlantis tie ins This one was one of the worst The story is told mostly from the perspective of Samantha Carter and Colonel Ellis McKay has a small role, but Shepherd [...]

  • A horror story creepy and gross This featured two SG1 characters, Sam Carter and Col Ellis, but had a lot of SGA characters with small parts The plot and bad guys were good The writing was vivid The twists were good The story was interesting and kept me reading quickly The big problem was the SGA characters niether sounded nor acted like themselves It was the little things Calling people by their first name when they almost never did on the show Speech patterns or actions that didn t fit the SGA [...]

  • Though the plot was decent, I found the characters voices to be so far off I had difficulty recognizing them and actually had to go back to double check who was speaking on than one occasion Zelenka s dialog was definitely the worst it had me questioning if the author had ever even watched the series at times He had Zelenka using far too many contractions and his speech pattern was WAY off, in my opinion While I loved that secondary characters were featured in the book, I hated that they were [...]

  • Very cool Very adventurous It did have some sense of watching movie techno anime of blob monsters and over done creature, but for who wrote the book, its just a subtle signature of his anyway There is hints of Terminator, King Kong, and White Noise scenarios Again its worth the reading Definite 4 1 2 stars but I could do that so I just kept it at 4 even.I do recommend it to Stargate Atlantis lovers out there or even to sci fi lovers in general I do wish it had little tie in to the shows Where I [...]

  • The first half of the book reminded me of a Star Trek Voyager episode lots and lots of technobabble The plot itself is very good and apart from the babble well written But the characters I just couldn t recognize the characters I know and love from the show Their speech patterns just didn t fit.Cool plot but not for a Stargate book At least not in the way it is presented here Although the chapters aboard the Apollo were good Ellis and his crew behavior are just not as well known and so it doesn [...]

  • The Apollo finds an unusual spaceship with an inhabitant that claims to be an Ancient Things get very complicated and go wrong The good point with this book is the use of the Apollo and its crew, like a breath of fresh air The storyline does go quite horrific quite quickly and if you re a bit squeamish do not read this Again the cover does not really depict the content, this is mainly about Ellis, McKay and Zelenka A good read.

  • Somewhat creepier than most SGA books I enjoyed it, but definitely thought there were some elements of John Carpenter s The Thing tied into the storyline Adding a character named MacReady definitely makes me wonder if that were intentional.There were also a few major typos that threw me out of the story at times, because the editor in my head would stop to correct the grammar or wonder how the heck it got through the editor like that Typos in professionally published works depress me.

  • It was very difficult to follow the plot, almost jittery like an unfocused camera The characters, based on those from the tv series, were very poorly portrayed, with no discernible character development and little interaction to justify the novel s use of them.I d recommend Reliquary by Martha Wells if you are looking for a better book based off of the SGA series.

  • Took a little while to get going, I thought but once the action kicked in I was hooked Great characterisations, all true to form and plenty of action Woulda liked to have heard from major Lorne, who only popped up once or twice but I enjoyed it very much

  • For the 7.95 they re charging, you d think at least the author s mother would bother to read it and find the typos and misspellings before they published Apparently not Thank god for paperbackswap Stop me before I read again

  • For me this worked as both a tie in to one of my favourite tv series and a decent stand alone sic fi novel It s the first SGA novel I have read and I will be reading based on how much I enjoyed this one.

  • Entertaining enough, but definitely not one of my favourites among the SGA novels I ve never been a big fan of the whole replicator storyline, the characters didn t really sound like themselves and I got somewhat bored with the part of the plot taking place on the Apollo.

  • Characterization was off For example, Ronon constantly called Shep by his first name and I m certain that wasn t the case in the show Also, I didn t understand the technical stuff at all.

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