Emily's Blue Period

Emily s Blue Period Emily wants to be an artist She likes painting and loves the way artists like Pablo Picasso mixed things up Emily s life is a little mixed up right now Her dad doesn t live at home any and it feels l
  • Title: Emily's Blue Period
  • Author: Cathleen Daly Lisa Brown
  • ISBN: 9781596434691
  • Page: 129
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Emily's Blue Period
    Emily wants to be an artist She likes painting and loves the way artists like Pablo Picasso mixed things up.Emily s life is a little mixed up right now Her dad doesn t live at home any, and it feels like everything around her is changing When Picasso was sad for a while, says Emily, he only painted in blue And now I am in my blue period It might last quite someEmily wants to be an artist She likes painting and loves the way artists like Pablo Picasso mixed things up.Emily s life is a little mixed up right now Her dad doesn t live at home any, and it feels like everything around her is changing When Picasso was sad for a while, says Emily, he only painted in blue And now I am in my blue period It might last quite some time.A Neal Porter Book
    Emily's Blue Period By Cathleen Daly Lisa Brown,
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    Cathleen Daly is performer and writer who lives in the Bay Area outside San Francisco Besides writing many little unintelligible notes to herself, she writes poetry, fiction and experimental theater She has danced onstage with a cupcake attached to the top of her head with a single bobby pin Sometimes it fell off.Her poetry has been published in a variety of journals and in Literary Mama, The Anthology She s authored one chapbook of poetry, Ode to the Unhinged Her last show How to be a Secret Agent Girl as Seen on American Television and in Movies won Best of the SF Fringe Festival and was featured in the Women on the Way Festival Her favorite part of the show, besides dancing with a cupcake on her head, was dressing up as a dirty old, lovesick pirate and swaggering around onstage in pantaloons Pantaloons is a really great word, some other favorites are pantsuit , culottes , and parka Why does the garment industry have such a monopoly on great sounding words Anyway, The San Francisco Examiner called the show a highly theatrical experience with profound flashes of meaning and delight A free wheeling m lange of sketches, songs and dances combines razor sharp satire with stylized visual panache.


  • Effective And engaging, at least, I imagine, to the target audience and to parents and teachers Would kids who aren t feeling the impact of divorce enjoy it I dunno But I do know I want to read by the author.

  • Cathleen Daly just kind of knocks me over Her book Prudence wants a Pet is a I want a pet book done that much differently that it feels unique even though the story premise seems to have been told over and over Here is a picture book that touches on the emotions and confusion of a family separated by divorce Such a common lived experience for so many children the unanswered questions, the frustration, the living between two homes yet captured in a picture book Not so often More often these theme [...]

  • This is a short chapter book that tells the story of a young girl working through her own blue period because her parents are divorcing The chapters show that Emily loves art and discovers Picasso s blue period , then discovering she needs to work through her own blue feelings, ignoring her beloved art Her little brother rebels at the trip to choose Dad s new furniture for their new home, Emily finds a way to mesh both homes into her art, and the story ends with hope The book will be helpful to [...]

  • For older picture book readers, with lots of words and complicated sentence structures.Emily s favorite artist, Picasso, painted nothing but blue when he felt sad When her parents separate and her dad moves into a new apartment, Emily enters a blue period of her own Strong storyline with real emotions, and the artwork suits the story perfectly The emotional reactions of all four family members Mom, Dad, Emily, and her little brother Jack are given equal weight.An excellent conversation tool.

  • The author does a terrific job telling an important story about a young girl dealing with her parents breakup She finds a way to express herself through her art Lots of my students really enjoy art class and I think they would be able to relate to this book.

  • Emily s Blue Period, written by Cathleen Daly, is a story about a young girl, Emily In the story Emily goes through a time in her life when her parents separate The blue period is symbolism of sadness Emily wants to be an artist She likes to compare her work to the famous Pablo Picasso This is how she determined that she was in her blue period The separation of parents is a hard topic for kids to go through I know from personal experience separation is hard to go through at a young age, or any a [...]

  • I thought the story was very moving I liked the pencil, watercolor, and digital collage illustrations, but they are not my favorite style of illustration For one thing, I am NOT a Picasso fan But I very much liked Emily s heart collage I did think the illustration style fit the story well and the illustrator, Lisa Brown, was generous with the use of blue in the chapter Blue One thing I found interesting the family cat appears in many of the home illustrations, but not in Emily s heart collage I [...]

  • Love how author Cathleen Daly uses Picasso s art style to write about divorce separation It is a clever approach that makes a serious topic understandable for the reader I love the information about Picasso that is woven into the story without it being forced A much needed book to help kids cope with divorce separation.Interesting note This picture book is 56 pages long and divided into five chapters.

  • Are there ever times that you feel the world around you is getting just too mixed up Whether it s countries at war or friends not speaking with one another, there are times that the world seems turned upside down Emily s Blue Period, a favorite new picture book, captures one child s reaction to such a moment and how art helped her find her way through.See full review at Great Kid Books

  • This was such a cute book It does a great job of providing little bits of information about Picasso while also dealing with the emotional struggles of growing up with divorced parents The art is cute and the language is accessible for many levels I was surprised by the complexity of this book and how artfully it handled sensitive material A great addition to any library.

  • A solid middle grade picture book The story covers a lot of bases and could be used in the context of several themes adjusting to parents divorce, using an established artist author as a mentor, working toward an aspiration or goal A great read aloud for art teachers to get reading into their class.

  • A young art loving girl with a particular affection for Pablo Picasso s unique way of portraying the world through cubism uses art to help her cope with the stress of her parents separating A sophisticated, empowering story.

  • I am loving the trend in kidlit right now of artistic kids This is a great example of how kids can be inspired by artists to explore their own creativity and emotions check my artistic creative inspirations board for others I ve read recently.

  • A story about divorce separation and how a young girl uses art to cope Seriously, heartbreaking Would definitely recommend to children of divorce.

  • I thought this was going to be a picture book about Picasso Which it sort of is But it s a really well done story about adjusting to divorce.

  • A sweet story of an artistic girl whose parents are splitting up and how she takes inspiration from Picasso to get through it.

  • Divorce is a topic that needs to be discussed and in children s books I loved the illustrations and unique set up of the book.

  • Originally when I encountered the title of this picture book I assumed it would be all about art Yes, Emily, is required to do art a collage of her home, but Emily is struggling with what is her home as parents are divorced Actually the use of various pieces to make a whole, the idea of collage is very appropriate to this situation I do however, criticize loudly that there is a bias in the illustrations which attempt to show the father as the parent less responsible and the one pulling away from [...]

  • I m always a fan of Lisa Brown s illustrations, so combine those with both great lessons in art and identifying emotions and I m sold Daly carefully explores a range of possible feelings that kiddos might experience as their parents separate while also providing a great connection to Picasso s expression of emotion through his art Both my kindergarten son and I were captivated.

  • I actually liked this book than anticipated It is educational AND handles a difficult situation beautifully The ending is sweet and the illustrations are nice I especially liked the black cat.

  • A fantastic older picture book, early chapter book, especially for children whose families are going through a divorce The art is beautiful.

  • Emily is struggling with the acceptance of her parents divorce She finds comfort through art In the end of the story she puts together both homes in her art The illustrations are like cartoons.Teachable points divorce, two homes, struggle, acceptance, confusion, love

  • Emily is in her blue period like Picasso because she is sad She has to do a collage about her home but she does not know where her home is as her parents are separated She realizes that her home is everything she loves in her heart.For slightly older kids, but very touching.

  • Emily s Blue Period by Cathleen Dally 5 Stars Book Summary 6Summary Emily s Blue Period by Cathleen Dally is a book about a girl named Emily who loves art Emily hopes to one day be like the famous artists that she learns about in school One artist that Emily learns about, Pablo Picasso, has what is called a blue period, which is a time where things are sad, unexpected, and difficult In the book, we see Emily s parents go through a separation period, where her dad moves into a different home by h [...]

  • Narrative of Opening MovesBefore we read our story today, we are going to create a collage about your life and family The main character Emily uses a collage to solve a major conflict in the story Share and discuss student collages Predict how Emily might use this to solve a conflict in the story.I want you to think about your collage as we read a story about a girl named Emily who loves art and her family Emily compares herself to Pablo Picasso a famous artist He liked to break up ordinary peop [...]

  • Summary In Emily s Blue Period, The main character, Emily, is an artistic student who is experiencing a difficult period She experiences the negative effects of her parents divorce In the beginning of the story, she learns about Picasso in one of her classes After she learns about him, she starts to relate to him Throughout the book, Emily describes her family situation in her point of view Later on, she has to make a college about her home She confronts her mother about her dilemma by asking ab [...]

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