Beyond Duty

Beyond Duty This addition is the expanded Novel of the short story Beyond Duty which has been included in this novel However it has been edited and changed to rd person POV The repeal of Don t Ask Don t Tell di
  • Title: Beyond Duty
  • Author: S.J.D. Peterson
  • ISBN: 9781627980029
  • Page: 372
  • Format: Paperback
  • Beyond Duty
    This addition is the expanded Novel of the short story Beyond Duty which has been included in this novel However it has been edited and changed to 3rd person POV The repeal of Don t Ask, Don t Tell didn t come soon enough for Gunther Gunny Duchene and Macalister Mac Jones, career US Marines who met at boot camp in the 1990s They ve been somewhere between best frien This addition is the expanded Novel of the short story Beyond Duty which has been included in this novel However it has been edited and changed to 3rd person POV The repeal of Don t Ask, Don t Tell didn t come soon enough for Gunther Gunny Duchene and Macalister Mac Jones, career US Marines who met at boot camp in the 1990s They ve been somewhere between best friends and lovers in peacetime and wartime both, but as the clock ticks toward Mac s and Gunny s retirements, the guys have much to worry about than coming out.Whether their relationship will survive outside of the closet they ve had to shove it into for over two decades is a big question mark Gunny questions why a hot military man like Mac who could get any guy he wanted, including a younger, sexier one would want him But as Gunny and Mac navigate emotional waters as choppy as any they saw on duty, they just might learn Semper Fi applies to than their careers.
    Beyond Duty By S.J.D. Peterson,
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    It s been an amazing journey since DSP first contracted Lorcan s Desire in January 2011 I ve published 2 free reads with the M M Romance group, my back list is growing, met some great people and have made some amazing friends.I m still in shock that I m listed among the many talented authors at Dreamspinner Press The little voice in the back of my head is screaming, You are so out of your league Shhhhh I won t tell them if you don t You can call me Jo, everyone does


  • 5 HUGE STARS EXCELLENT, AMAZING and just SO DAMN GOOD I can t even begin to explain just how much I loved this book Two growly Alpha Males who also happen to be Marines, this book made me SooOoo HAPPY SJD Peterson has done it yet again and WOWED me with two characters that so completely took over my heart and mind for the duration these two strong alpha males are men you will not forget in a hurry Her writing and characterisation always seems to draw me in and I connect with them, I suppose some [...]

  • When I saw this book for review in the audio edition, I HAD to try it I feel like Beyond Duty is somewhat of a must read if you like M M military books I mean, two career Marines getting together All that manliness and testosterone YUM And some mild kink never hurt anyone, nuh uh Let s get right to it I m historically not a fan of established couples, and this book is basically an established couple story Gunny and Mac have been exclusive for years, and though their relationship title was never [...]

  • Yes I have finally read this book And let me tell you all, this book is amazing I am not into BDSM Normally it creeps me out to no end, especially when the characters are violent or unloving It happens a lot But this book has shown me how good BDSM can be and it was incredible I read the LIAW story a few months ago and from that point I wanted Gunny and Mac Well we definitely got , and I could not be happier.Gunny and Mac are best friends, lovers and marines As you can imagine that would be pro [...]

  • OK Guys, this will be an easy review 5 Wonderful Golden Starsand let s have a look at those dancing girls shall we All I can say is I loved it My review for the short story that Jo did last year went something like this Absolutely loved this one 5 stars and Freebie from the 2012 Love Is Always Write event here on , and as I haven t read a Jo Peterson tale I didn t like, downloaded it and well, am sooo glad I did Gunny and Mac are two long serving Marines pre DADT, and have obviously kept their r [...]

  • 4.25 smokin starsLoved two alpha males, and Marines at thatGunny, Mac, AND Gunny MacMac s momthe commitment between the menthe sexlicious scenesthe BDSM, which had strong emotional undertones and was very well donethe fact that the MCs were in their early 40s, had been together for 22 years, and were still hot for each other and I generally prefer the meet and burn vs established couples The only thing that bothered me was the guys settling for a commitment ceremony in their state when in 2011, [...]

  • This was sweet, too sweet for me I have a problem I can handle sweet but when I read M M I don t want that much sweet I would have rated this book 2 stars, but I liked Mac as a character, so I am bumping it up one star In this book pretty much nothing happens except them having sex, and talking about coming out of closet and doing so.With both of them being Marines, Gunny sub, Mac dom, but the bdsm part is very light and rare , I expected sth than sweet.I understand the part of story, the prob [...]

  • The original short story Beyond Duty was part of the Love Is Always Write event Ever since I saw the photo prompt I couldn t take my eyes from those guys I m really sorry okay, I m not but I can t review Beyond Duty without posting the photo of those glorious guys again They are miles away from hundreds of twenty and something years old guys who are the usual MC s in many M M romances.They are mature men, 40 alpha males, experienced, big hard ass marines They have lived a life you can see in the [...]

  • Review of the full length novelBeyond Duty based upon Jo Peterson s short story Beyond Duty There is no need to have read the short before reading this book.When we got our first glimpse of Mac and Gunny in the short story, it was from Gunny s POV This full length story takes what started there and runs with it We get the story from both Gunny and Mac s perspectives It starts on the eve of their retirement from the Marines after 20 plus years of service during the era of Don t Ask Don t Tell It [...]

  • Photo below of what started it all Sighwhat can I say Wonderful This expansion of the original free short was wonderful I loved Gunny s fretting and how Mac knows him so well The family stories were a wonderful addition even though troubling in places for our guys However, they didn t overwhelm the story because these were 40 year olds and mature in handling what life could hand them without taking them over Oh, how I loved the bar scene and the couple babys we got Yum Yeah, the bar drinking di [...]

  • I loved loved loved this story Two big, muscle bound, badass military men, forced to hide their relationship now entering into retirement and the end of DADT Mac and Gunny have been together for 20 years as best friends and lovers Gunny is at home waiting for Mac to meet him and is afraid what their future is, will Mac want to have other lovers now that he doesn t have to hide the fact that he is gay Will Gunny have to start dating after all these years loving Mac Will they live as a couple, bes [...]

  • 2.5 stars rouded up to 3 for this emotional military romance I enjoyed reading Beyond Duty, as I always love military men as main characters And I really liked the whole setting two military men that are lover since than 20 years and are getting close to retirement shortly before the Don t ask, don t tell Repeal Act will been put into action The book is focussing on Mac and Gunny figuring out their feeling for each other, as retirement life is acutally making an relationship in the open possibl [...]

  • 10 Stars Intense and dedicated, these men gave their life to the Marine Corps, and to each other Facing retirement, each man s insecurities and hesitations come forward A Sergeant, Elite Scout Sniper in the Marine Corps Special Forces, Mac is coming home.Home to Gunther, a Master Gunnery Sergeant just finishing up his last months of service Both are 42, 6 , 200 lbs of lean, mean Marine perfection Their relationship has been a secret to everyone due to DADT, Don t Ask, Don t Tell Now that is bein [...]

  • This is an expanded version of the short story Beyond Duty.Don t Ask Don t Tell is months away from being repealed but it comes too late for Mac and Gunny After than 20 years in the Marine Corps they re about to retire The book is about their relationship as they learn how to handle life after retirement and life out of the closet.I was a little disappointed that BDSM didn t play a bigger part in their relationship I was expecting lots of whips and bondage after reading the short story but asid [...]

  • What a great story I like established relationships and watching the couple deal with life issues together Even though they never said they were a couple at first, they lived it everyday in actions and feelings The D s was just right for me I am not into hard core and this was written in such a way that I think both fans of BDSM and those who don t prefer it will still enjoy the story.Mac s family, minus the loser brother, was greatGunny s family was horriblebut the ending of the story brought a [...]

  • I happened to pick up a small freebie, which was spurred by a prompt a few years ago, and swiftly fell in love with the little golden nugget of a novella Then to my gleeful surprise, I found out there was a full story that continued from where the initial story finished Beyond Duty.5 became Beyond Duty 1.0 Apparently, their story was not done happy dance I was ecstatic I couldn t wait to see what came next I inhaled it When I sat down to gush over my review, I stopped in my tracks.Another team m [...]

  • I m afraid I ve missed the Beyond Duty Love Train Don t get me wrong, I didn t hate it, but I certainly didn t love it It just seemed to casually drift into the land of Meh, that was fine I didn t feel connected to the characters or the story and I hate that.Here s the thing, I ve got a serious kink for military books.I adore imagining great big dudes in fatigues I love these men and women who dedicate their lives for the greater good and I undoubtedly love the idea of army dudes getting it on R [...]

  • This was so good.I m laughing because I kept thinking that I had read this before, uhm, yes because it started out as a freebie which I had read before and loved This is the expanded version of that and so very worth reading the repeated bits to get to the new story because both are fantastic Smoking hot marines, Mac and Gunny, best friends and lovers for ten years have come to a crossroads because both men are retiring from service and DADT is being repealed This has caused them to be a bit unc [...]

  • Holy hell The original Beyond Duty was awesome, especially as a free story for Love Has No Boundaries SJD Peterson has done one better She s taken Mac and Gunny and turned their story into a full length novel.You ll laugh You ll cry You ll get excited in ways than one Mac and Gunny are an awesome couple What happens with family, with friends, with the military when they finally decide to come out is beautiful.The speech at the ceremony where they are going to leave the military after two decade [...]

  • Review written for The Blog of Sid Love.I first met and fell in love with Macalister Jones Mac and Gunther Duchene Gunny in their free short story of the same name The short story was perfect, but these guys had so much to show us, and I m thankful they were able to tell it here.Mac and Gunny met in boot camp, became friends and then lovers After a few years, they became exclusive, but still remained best friends with benefits, having to continue hiding under DADT Now, some 22 years after they [...]

  • Great book The story of Mac and Gunny, two guys who have been committed to each other for years while serving in the USMC I loved the way they knew each other There was just a little bit of angst added to the story, but not too much.The intimacy between these two was off the charts I could have read another 100 pages without blinking an eye Anyone would be lucky to be a part of a relationship like the one between Mac and Gunny.As a side noteI loved Mac s parents Gunny s parentst so much But love [...]

  • This is a tale of an established couple who for the first time in 22 yrs are finally able to think about being open about their relationship There was some internal, emotional angst as they try to navigate and plan for their new life together, especially as they hit a few speed bumps as they reveal their secret.Overall a great story showing the fierce desire, love and loyalty these two had for each other.

  • This was a good read The story flowed very easily These were men in love Big Marines that liked to cuddle I seemed to be involved in their lives I could feel their love, knew how they would react, knew what they would say Just a very good read The BDSM was very light and used when needed The story mainly focused on their relationship and how they handled their life coming to term with retirement and the ending of Don t Ask Don t Tell.

  • Well damn This was absolutely awesome I would have preferred it a little longer, but it wrapped upreally well all around Gunny and Macoh boy Hot, alpha, badass marines, sharing a love going back 22 years and ready to retire at the dawn of the DADT repeal I am impressed by how tight the writing was.I ve complained about other Peterson books, but this was a revelation The characters were very nicelydeveloped, the erotic scenes was freaking hot, and there was some very light BDSM in the picture Hig [...]

  • AudibleDNF 30%Way too erotic for me If it s not a sex scene, it s a conversation about sex or horny thoughts And I crave a good story instead Can t be bothered to carry on No rating

  • Two months prior to his retirement after twenty two years in the U.S Marine Corps, Gunny Duchene is floored to see that Obama is about to sign a repeal of Don t Ask, Don t Tell Twenty two years too late for Gunny to be able to be out and proud with the love of his life, fellow Marine, Macalister Jones Mac s retiring in two months as well, in fact they re celebrating their retirement ceremony together, and Mac has big plans that have grown bigger with the realization that they will be able to be [...]

  • Love it Love how caring Mac is and how sensitive Gunny is Love everything about them Mac was so sure about what he wanted, right off the bat, and that really made me smile Mac s speech gave me tears The ending made me cry again I love that this made me want them than ever I also love that there isn t I don t know if I can explain it, but it feels right to leave it here, despite me wanting with them I wish I had time for reflection, but I m being called away Just know, this was a great read.

  • I wanted to read a military book for Memorial Day weekend Loved this, Mac and Gunny are two of my favorite marines.The story was great.The sex was hot as hell.The love between them was incredible.If I m gonna read anything with BDSM, for me there has to be an emotional aspect between the couple, this one has it perfectly Not heavy on the BDSM, but enough to make me want , so onto book 2 Then ont the Guards of Folsom series.

  • I just knew I would love reading about Mac Gunny and I was right There is nothing overtly dramatic in this novel it all flows very smoothly And it focuses on the relationship the new path it will take, how they handle it, without mis communication or mishap It really felt like a look in to 2 guys lives and it was very personal How they were together it was absolutely beautiful in all ways Bravo

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