From the Terrace

From the Terrace With over three million copies sold O Hara s great novel of America in the first half of the century was made into an acclaimed film starring Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward It richly chronicles one
  • Title: From the Terrace
  • Author: John O'Hara Budd Schulberg
  • ISBN: 9780786706822
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Paperback
  • From the Terrace
    With over three million copies sold, O Hara s great novel of America in the first half of the century was made into an acclaimed film starring Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward It richly chronicles one man s rise to wealth, power, and prominence and the haunting sense of failure at his heart.
    From the Terrace By John O'Hara Budd Schulberg,
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      188 John O'Hara Budd Schulberg
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    John Henry O Hara was an American writer born in Pottsville, Pennsylvania He initially became known for his short stories and later became a best selling novelist whose works include Appointment in Samarra and BUtterfield 8 He was particularly known for an uncannily accurate ear for dialogue O Hara was a keen observer of social status and class differences, and wrote frequently about the socially ambitious.enpedia wiki John_O


  • Two stars for effort For the enormous effort it took to create this 981 page behemoth 981 pages of tiny print and tiny margins There are no chapters Just little breaks in the text here and there.I suspect if Ayn Rand and Herman Wouk birthed a novel together, this would be it.According to Budd Schulberg s introduction, O Hara actually believed he would get the Nobel Prize for this novel, the life story of Alfred Eaton, a boy from a very well to do eastern Pennsylvania family, from his birth in th [...]

  • O Hara is rapidly becoming one of my favorite authors Another GR reviewer correctly, I think places him among the naturalism writers I don t know if he was influenced by Zola or others in that movement , but he does seem to fit from what I ve read The book opens in the latter part of the 19th Century telling us about Samuel Eaton, owner of Eaton Steel in southern Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia But this is Alfred s story This book is how events develop a person s character There is an intertwini [...]

  • Schwanke noch zwischen drei und vier Sternen, denn O Haras St rken als Autor stehen auch einige Defizite gegen ber, die in diesem Riesenformat zahlreiche Qualit ten in den Schatten stellen.Von daher lasse ich mir mit meinem Rating noch Zeit bis ich so eine Art Essay verbrochen habe, der dieses Magnum Opus mit Nobelpreisanspruch in den Kontext des Gesamtwerkes stellt.

  • This was honestly one of the best novels that I ve read so far in 2015 From the Terrace 1958 is a truly memorable and sweeping novel about America and its people from the beginning of the 20th century up to the early 1950s Much of the novel takes place through the eyes of Alfred Eaton and of the people around him over the course of much of his life.O Hara is a chronicler of the America that he grew up in, that of eastern Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, New York City, and even the Hollywood scene in [...]

  • This was the longest book I had read in a while It took me a week to get through and has such a sad ending that, at the moment of finishing the last page, I was so angry at John O Hara I had to have a stiff whiskey before I went to sleep So, reader, you are warned If you think you know this story from seeing the 1960 film with Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward, you don t The movie tells less than half of the story and has a happy ending Alfred Eaton is the son of a father who never loved him or ev [...]

  • From the Terrace is a massive novel Covering a period from the protagonist s birth in 1897 to the postwar 1940 s it presents power struggles at the highest levels of business and government against a background of sexual intrigue and violent death Raymond Alfred Eaton, called Alfred, is born into the upper economic and social stratum of a small Pennsylvania town, Port Johnson His father, Samuel Eaton, owns the local steel mill Alfrd is deeply suspicious of himself, largely because of an occurren [...]

  • I first read this novel while in high school as I became a fan of John O Hara Some have complained about his verbosity but that is what I love about his style It does take a while to get use to the layout of the novel with no chapters and long passages leading from one to another but it still was a joy to read.Raymond Alfred Eaton began life as the second son of a successful steel magnate in a small Pennsylvania town His lfe is bared to all in this novel beginning with the uncaring relationship [...]

  • Fifty years ago, I remember being impressed with the movie version of this book starring Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward, and especially, Ina Balin But, as is the penchant for most moviemakers, director Mark Robson frequently departed from the details of the book, and thus, from an enthralling character study of a complicated man.At the close of the 19th century, Alfred Eaton is the second son born into the family of a steel mill owner When his favored elder brother dies of illness, Alfred welcomes [...]

  • I continued my explorations into the ignored regions of John O Hara s universe with this 897 page epic Not as great as his two previous doorstop novels A Rage to Live and 10 North Frederick , but, being an O Hara fan, I enjoyed it despite a few parts I wasn t crazy about It s been slowly dawning on me that in a way all of O Hara s huge body of novels, novellas and stories at least the ones I ve read comprise one mammoth encyclopedia sized novel, and he was probably still writing it when he died [...]

  • I am giving this five stars, for those who already like John O Hara If you aren t a fan of his writing, you probably won t enjoy it And if you are just getting started on reading him, don t pick this book first Read his short stories and his shorter novels.It is a long read Nearly 900 pages The gist of the story could have been told in a short story or a novella It s the story of a man s life What makes it good reading is O Hara s ability to capture dialogue so well It s almost a sociological st [...]

  • This book probably should rate 5 stars, but I just can t concede that a book with no characters that I like should rate that high Oh, there s plenty to like about the way the characters are portrayed, from the main character to the the best and worst of servants The book is about the rich and the stinking rich but read the book, for even on this topic there is a clear and lucid declaration of terms and background from the turn of the 20th century to the post WWII era.Alfred Eaton is born to smal [...]

  • John O Hara strives to be a strictly naturalistic writer who puts a mirror up to the characters and their milieu to show how psychological or social forces control their lives He clearly wants future generations to go to his works for sociological insights about the American Midwest in the 40s and 50s But there s a problem he has a strong sense of virtue, and all but openly admires his virtuous characters, and in From the Terrace he indulges his moral sense to a greater degree than in his other [...]

  • Not a perfect novel The last few hundred pages got somewhat repetitive, and the conclusion wasn t ultimately satisfying and didn t feel of a thematic piece with the novel However, I can t give less than five stars to a 900 page book 1000 in some editions that managed to hold my intellectual and emotional interest There s all sorts of technical stuff here for a writer to learn from and appreciate O Hara s dialogue is absolutely brilliant honest, funny, and pitched exactly right for each character [...]

  • This book definitely does not fit in with the books I usually read However, I generally like to give anything a try and picked up this behemoth randomly one afternoon Weighing it at nearly 900 pages, I was a little bit overwhelmed at first As soon as I started reading, though, I was hooked This book is all about bad people treating other bad people badly It is like a soap opera in novel form Because of that, this book is a kind of guilty pleasure I wouldn t say that I felt ashamed for reading ea [...]

  • This was one of numerous books I read in the first year of marriage, while new husband was both working and going to school, so I had lots of time on my own I had a morbid fascination with these characters and what I remember as a dark story I distinctly remember setting the book down in my lap when I finished it, and as I came back to reality I thought, oh thank goodness, I don t know anyone like these people I should go back and read it again to see if that was just my innocence at the time Or [...]

  • It was a book I couldn t put down But the ending was so disappointing I almost threw it out the window My other complaint was that the print was so tiny and close together, with narrow margins, that I actually had to track with my finger sometimes to keep from reading the same line over and over library book There was so much promiscuity, adultery, premarital sex I kept asking myself, How could the person who wrote My Friend Flick write so much about sex Then I realized Mary O Hara wrote My Frie [...]

  • The author has undeniable strengths, such as a command of the time and place of his story eastern Pennsylvania and New York in the early 20th century and penetrating insight into the crooked byways of human motivation and behavior, but this massive work has surprisingly little to say It is filled with long and minutely documented interactions between people, but the story does not build it simply peters out and ends At 1 5 its length, it would still be too long for what it is I can t recall a a [...]

  • Couldn t get through it, even though Appointment in Samara and 10 North Frederick are two of my favorite books everbut those were short, spare, tight booksis one was bloated and overindulgent and, in the end, boring

  • I was fairly into this book, and hoping it would come together in some meaningful crescendo, but the ending was a big disappointment I ve found this to be consistent with much of O Hara s work that I ve read

  • The movie adaption was way better than the book which is unusual in my experience This novel was way too wordy and gave background info in the beginning than was needed It was a very slow read for me.

  • Fascinating time capsule but 900 pages of sexism, careerism, materialism, anti semitism, and pop psychology, ultimately depressing to read though entertaining along the way.

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