Näkineiu laul

N kineiu laul Neli meest leitakse surnult Enne tapmist on neid piinatud ja politsei arvab et tegu on sarim rvariga Doktor Tony Hill peab hoidma ra edasised kuriteod p des aru saada kuidas tapja m tleb Selle t tt
  • Title: Näkineiu laul
  • Author: Val McDermid Leena Suits
  • ISBN: 9789985328439
  • Page: 444
  • Format: Paperback
  • Näkineiu laul
    Neli meest leitakse surnult Enne tapmist on neid piinatud ja politsei arvab, et tegu on sarim rvariga Doktor Tony Hill peab hoidma ra edasised kuriteod, p des aru saada, kuidas tapja m tleb Selle t ttu satub ta aga ise ohtu N kineiu laul sai Kuldse Pistoda auhinna ja seda peetakse heks parimaks sarim rvari tegutsemislaadi kirjeldavaks romaaniks Selles raamatus koNeli meest leitakse surnult Enne tapmist on neid piinatud ja politsei arvab, et tegu on sarim rvariga Doktor Tony Hill peab hoidma ra edasised kuriteod, p des aru saada, kuidas tapja m tleb Selle t ttu satub ta aga ise ohtu N kineiu laul sai Kuldse Pistoda auhinna ja seda peetakse heks parimaks sarim rvari tegutsemislaadi kirjeldavaks romaaniks Selles raamatus kohtuvad lugejad esimest korda ka doktor Tony Hilliga.
    Näkineiu laul By Val McDermid Leena Suits,
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      444 Val McDermid Leena Suits
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    Val McDermid is a No 1 bestseller whose novels have been translated into than thirty languages, and have sold over eleven million copies She has won many awards internationally, including the CWA Gold Dagger for best crime novel of the year and the LA Times Book of the Year Award She was inducted into the ITV3 Crime Thriller Awards Hall of Fame in 2009 and was the recipient of the CWA Cartier Diamond Dagger for 2010 In 2011 she received the Lambda Literary Foundation Pioneer Award She writes full time and divides her time between Cheshire and Edinburgh.


  • That s how this novel was recommended for me This series is perfect for fans of The X Files and Cormoran Strike.Like I m not obsessed enoughAnd now I pass the recommendation for every Criminal Profiling cases fans the early Jack the Ripper s Case, Sherlock s Cases, to Scarlet from Silence of the Lambs.The art of getting INSIDE the Criminal s Mindyou ll experience it here depressingly well.This is my first read for Val McDermid, and she truly surprised me.She gives the characters depth, the crime [...]

  • 4.5 starsThis book, unbelievably, had been on my to be read shelf for almost 4 years I ve decided I m going to be reading mostly books off my personal list this year, and this was a very easy first pick Holy cow, this novel is intense If you do not like dark and twisted, stay away from this one The story features a serial killer with very grotesque and sickening methods DI Carol Jordan is paired with the new guy, forensic psychologist Dr Tony Hill, as part of the team assigned to track the murde [...]

  • I have been meaning to get around to this one for years Having been an avid fan of the TV show I am really not sure why it has taken me so long Anyway at last I picked it up and read it and I am very glad I did.The TV series was good but the book is better There is some really brutal stuff in it but I skimmed over the bits that really disturbed me The killer uses instruments of torture which are really appalling to imagine, but leaving some of the descriptions of them unread did not spoil the bo [...]

  • This is the first time I ve read a Val McDermid book, and now I see why she is an international 1 bestselling, award winning author What took me so freakin long This book is so well written and the characters fully fleshed out I found the development of the psychological profile fascinating Some of the chapters in this book are pages from the antagonist s diary The book starts with the very first entry and showed me that this guy is one of the most sinister antagonists I ve ever encountered McDe [...]

  • This was fantastic It had a little bit of this and a little bit of that and lets not forget this It was nice to see men being the victims for once It was disturbing at times, and maybe that was why I loved it.

  • There I was, plowing through this shifting from OK to mediocre and back little UK police procedural don t judge me, it s how I relax, and P.D James is apparently retiring when all of a sudden, I was sandbagged by a plot that turned on hate for queerness I don t know how this was quite possible, since I saw the Wire in the Blood series based on these books when it was first broadcast here, but apparently I either forgot this particular plot twist or repressed it out of dire hate The villain, you [...]

  • 4.5 stars Several years ago now, I read the T.S Eliot poem from which this book takes its title, The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock and well, I cannot really call myself a poetry fan I liked it well enough, in that I finished it and didn t HATE it, but I just don t have the patience for poetry I dislike reading in verse, I am terrible at picking out symbolism and metaphor Poetry and I just don t mesh But having reread the poem after finishing this book, I appreciate it so much Let us go then, y [...]

  • I have only read a couple of Val McDermid s books but have enjoyed them and intend to read in the future.This is the 1st book in the Tony Hill and Carol Jordan series and is an excellent start The characters are meaty and I can imagine they offer a lot of chances to develop further in future books Quite gruesome in places as it describes a killer who is obsessed with ancient torture methods I feel confident that this series will only get better.

  • Val McDermid n 1955 Alguns Spoilers1 Nunca tinha lido nenhum livro da escritora escocesa Val McDermid n 1955 2 O Canto das Sereias foi publicado originalmente em 1995 3 um thriller com uma constru o narrativa muito interessante, alternando os cap tulos entre as principais personagens, conferindo a evolu o da investiga o criminal, com as descri es dos pensamentos e estados de esp rito do assassino, a sua mentalidade e o seu planeamento, com recurso a uma excelente caracteriza o dos intervenientes [...]

  • 5 85, 4 1 2 stars I can t believe it s taken me so long to discover Val McDermid s books, especially seeing as I was an avid fan of the Wire In The Blood tv series This one was dark, twisted, fast paced, complex, gruesome, a tad stereotypical at times but then, it WAS written in the mid 90s , extremely well written, and a great combo of police procedure and psychological thriller I KIND of guessed whodunnit about 3 4s of the way through, but didn t get it QUITE right Nice twist The best thing of [...]

  • Well Many sensitive types should not read this novel First, there is lots of explicit torture On the other hand, it s not gratuitous, in my opinion However, it keeps on coming As someone who reads a GREAT deal, of course I ve come across historical and explicit descriptions of torture before The Spanish Inquisition truly used incredibly awful devices of torture in real life, and the bad guy in this book, a serial killer of young men, builds such devices to use in his murders, having studied them [...]

  • The Mermaids Singing is Val McDermid s first in a series of Tony Hill and Carol Jordan novels, and I must confess that I have mixed feelings about this one It is certainly well written and is, without a doubt, a fascinating combination of police procedural and psychological thriller Men are being murdered in the fictional city of Bradfield, England, and their mutilated bodies are being dumped in the Temple Fields area where the gay bars are located After the third body is found, Assistant Chief [...]

  • Choosing to tackle a new series, I was drawn to Val McDermid and the premise behind it Pairing a police detective and a criminal psychologist is by no means new, but the British angle was a fresh approach for me and one that seems to work well McDermid takes the reader down the path of numerous sub plots while presenting a fascinating main tale to capture the attention of all who dare to explore When men are found murdered in predominantly gay hangouts, the police are baffled as to where they ou [...]

  • After reading Beneath the Bleeding I knew I had to consume as many of these books as possible, so I continued onto The Mermaids Singing and finished it around 4 o clock in the morning, having been so engrossed I completely lost all sense of time.McDermid has a strong grasp of human psychology and her characters are realistic, down to earth and with all the gritty, dirty bits that make up a human life Each and every character seems to breathe from the page, whether they re in the book for two pag [...]

  • Oh, yuck, this book.I have quite a strong stomach It s not that impressive or anything, but I m not incredibly easily shocked This book, however, was than I could bear I like books and TV that take a look at the darker side of life, but the torture scenes were unneccessary and extremely gratuitous sp It seemed like McDermid wrote it to shock The killer lacked nuances and did not interest me in the slightest s he may as well have had a mustache to twiddle There was no depth to their narrative an [...]

  • This one is over my gruesome quotient You won t fall out of interest to what happens next, and the psychological analysis is not exactly wrong but it is troublesome This series is not for the faint of heart or cozy mystery readers.

  • Sem d vida um livro que mexeu comigo, tal era o horror descrito nas mais variadas situa es em que o assassino colocava as suas v timas Numa nica frase HORRIVELMENTE BRILHANTE

  • Como bvio, a descoberta de que se tem um talento natural para alguma coisa n o significa necessariamente que devamos seguir cegamente esse caminho Val McDermid deve ter pensado o oposto desta cita o do seu livro, seguindo assim o caminho do seu talento natural, a escrita Mas ter ela esse talento J h muito tempo que tinha curiosidade em conhecer a autora, t o aclamada no g nero policial Infelizmente, o seu primeiro livro da s rie de Tony Hill e Carol Jordan revelou se uma desilus o t o grande que [...]

  • The books on which Wire in the Blood is based British clinical psychologist teams up with copper to profile serial killers All expected elements present and accounted for hostile police brass, sexual tension, personal issues Yawn And that s pretty impressive, considering books featuring a maladjusted trouble magnet who does criminal profiling are a huge weakness of mine But I don t think my emotional needle so much as quivered, except for occasional flickers of annoyed disgust at the violence, w [...]

  • I completely lost all sense of time and I had to stay up till late because I couldn t sleep without finishing this book view spoiler I even dreamed that someone was ringing the doorbell when I opened the door there was an old woman who wanted to kill me I woke up screaming hide spoiler Despite the fact that this was an uncomfortable and at times disquieting read, I really liked it.Slightly politically incorrect, probably due to the fact that it has been published many years ago Not all gay men d [...]

  • Oh So this is how Tony Hill met Carol Jordan Having read the sequels in the series before reading the first ones,I was quite impressed by the chemistry the duo shared,and it seems a pleasant thing to read about their first meeting after a long while There was a time when all I was interested in was psychological thrillers My days were divided between Patricia Cornwell and Keith Ablow and Val McDermid and Mo Hayder Day in and day out with serial killers Lots of coffee and chips Getting so deep in [...]

  • This is the book which introduced Tony Hill and Carol Jordan Four men are brutaly slain Ther tortured and mangled bodies are left in the gay community At first the police are reluctant to label the muders as a serial killing however, as the bodies begin to pile up they are forced to call in profiler Tony Hill He teams up with DI Carol Jordan and attempts to get to the bottom of these killings.I enjoyed this book immensely however, be warned that the murders are quite violent and the author descr [...]

  • I probably should have appreciated this than I did The problem is it s 20 years old, and I m coming to it after a lifetime s exposure to crime dramas and novels I m not sure there s anything left for McDermid to say in this one that I haven t heard before And again, this is a vintage thing, but when Carol calls the murderer, view spoiler It at the end, it riles me I hear the voice of my grandmother, whenever anyone minding their own business, walking in the street, was in the slightest bit gend [...]

  • Weird and revolting Loved it Val McDermid is great I will continue to read this series Interested to see where it goes.

  • I ve read this one before I got quite far into the series, I seem to remember It s on my Kindle Light reading for travelling I ll update when doneHuh, I now remember why I gave up on this series I must be in a minority here because I know these books are held up as masterpieces of the genre, but I don t like them I don t like pornographic violence torture porn I love gore horror crime deviant psychology and all the other elements of great serial killing novels, but I don t like reading about exq [...]

  • This was my first introduction to Val McDermid I d seen the name mentioned a few times and thought it was about time I acquainted myself with her books.I m not a squeamish person I can happily odd choice of word read about murders and gore and blood and whatnot Except when it involves animals But the torture and the murders in this book made me very uncomfortable I had to stop reading a few times None of it is gratuitous but I did feel like maybe some of it was a bit over the top I have a great [...]

  • Thriller vero, raccontato a due voci.L io narrante, quello scritto in corsivo, ricco di particolari e decisamente per stomaci forti.Il resto, in terza persona, narra la vicenda, le indagini, le azioni degli altri.Personaggi ben delineati e caratterizzati, situazioni descritte con dovizia di particolari.In me ha suscitato empatia spesso infatti ho avuto la sensazione di muovermi al fianco dei personaggi o di essere dentro le loro teste a seguirne i pensieri, a viverne le sensazioni Ben costruito, [...]

  • Every now and again you start reading a mystery that sneaks up on you and punches you in the gut, leaving you gasping for air The Mermaids Singing is exactly that kind of a novel Tony Hill, a psychologist specializing in serial killers gets called into three ongoing investigations that the police are resisting linking to one killer The result is an exciting read, one that keeps you awake, both because of the stark horror of the killer s desire, but also because you cannot put the book down Each [...]

  • I think The Mermaids Singing is a good start to a series I d like to continue Set in England, there is a serial killer targeting closet gay men.or so we think The investigation is led by Detective Inspector Carol Jordan and they ve brought in a criminologist, Dr Tony Hill This book was written in the 90 s and this character, Dr Hill, emulates the famous character Will Graham that the actor, William Petersen, made famous in Manhunter such a good movie This movie and Silence of the Lambs is even r [...]

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