Fire and Sword

Fire and Sword On the th of June in two armies meet in battle at Sauchieburn near Stirling One fights for King James the Third of Scotland the other is loyal to his eldest son Prince James Duke of Rothes
  • Title: Fire and Sword
  • Author: LouiseTurner
  • ISBN: 9780989263139
  • Page: 267
  • Format: Paperback
  • Fire and Sword
    On the 11th of June in 1488, two armies meet in battle at Sauchieburn, near Stirling One fights for King James the Third of Scotland, the other is loyal to his eldest son, Prince James, Duke of Rothesay Soon, James the Third is dead, murdered as he flees the field His army is routed Among the dead is Sir Thomas Sempill of Ellestoun, Sheriff of Renfrew, whose son and heOn the 11th of June in 1488, two armies meet in battle at Sauchieburn, near Stirling One fights for King James the Third of Scotland, the other is loyal to his eldest son, Prince James, Duke of Rothesay Soon, James the Third is dead, murdered as he flees the field His army is routed Among the dead is Sir Thomas Sempill of Ellestoun, Sheriff of Renfrew, whose son and heir, John, escapes with his life Once John s career as knight and courtier seemed assured But with the death of his king, his situation is fragile He s the only surviving son of the Sempill line and he s unmarried If he hopes to survive, John must try and win favour with the new king And deal with the ruthless and powerful Lord Montgomerie.
    Fire and Sword By LouiseTurner,
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    Born in Glasgow, Louise Turner attended the University of Glasgow in the 1980s and early 90s, earning first an Honours Degree in Archaeology and then a Ph.D in the same subject She now works as a professional archaeologist in North Ayrshire.Writing fiction has always been an important part of her life and in 1988, Louise won the Glasgow Herald Albacon New Writing in SF competition with her short story Busman s Holiday Her debut novel Fire and Sword was published in 2013 by US based publisher Hadley Rille Books.


  • Set in a neglected part of Scotland during a neglected period of Scottish history featuring relatively unknown historical figures Louise Turner s novel, Fire and Sword, explodes the view that nothing much happened between the Wars of Independence and the Reformation Scottish lords did not lay down their swords and take up gardening but continued to struggle for power and engage in bloodthirsty family feuds In 1488 James III s murder at Sauchieburn throws Scotland into turmoil leading to a reshuf [...]

  • Louise Turner skillfully brings to life the conflict ridden world of 15th century Scotland Based on the true story of John Sempill, the narrative takes us from near ruin to an uneasy but satisfying final triumph Thomas is a wonderfully flawed character, not your typical knight in shining armor, but a young man plagued by uncertainty, prone to dark moods, and keenly aware of the ax hanging over his head Hugh Montgomery, at once John s nemesis and eventual ally, is simply delightful in his charism [...]

  • Find this and other reviews at flashlightcommentary.Louise Turner s Fire and Sword was a natural choice for me I ve an innate affinity for Scottish history and though it is a work a fiction, I welcomed the opportunity to indulge that interest through Turner s debut John Sempill is a rather obscure personality even to those familiar with his story, but Turner used the void to her advantage and filled the gaps with a wealth of fact based detail Brilliantly recreating the hierarchy of the sixteenth [...]

  • Full disclosure I received a free ebook copy through the blog tour in exchange for an honest review I have to admit that I know pretty much nothing about Scottish history so after reading Fire and Sword I can confidently say that I actually learned something new Even better, most of it is accurate and based on the real life of John Sempill in a time of turmoil and civil war.Although we do get to see a couple of different viewpoints, the main character is undoubtedly John Sempill Poor John is not [...]

  • John Semphill finds himself in a world of hurt upon awakening on a bloody battlefield in the summer of 1488, Scotland King James III went to over with his own son, Prince James John s father, Thomas Semphill, insisted they fight for the King this pitted them against one of their decades old foe, Lord Montgomerie And King James and his armies have lost Thomas Semphill is dead and John s prospects of being a knight in good standing are looking slim indeed.I really enjoyed the writing of this novel [...]

  • Early on in the book there is a pivotal battle I was struck by how well this scene was written confidently, with visceral detail Straight away, in the aftermath of the battle, we understand the dilemma facing John Sempill We see how he is affected not only by the battle, but its outcome, and I thought these scenes were very powerfully written.Like John, all the other characters are written as real people they sit well within their time, displaying the sensibilities of their age I was gripped by [...]

  • Young John Sempill is pulled into a war by his father But when his father is slain in battle, John s troubles are just beginning trying to secure his inheritance John finds a wife but soon learns that it can be difficult being married to someone who s family was on the other side during the war.I was looking forward reading this book because I haven t read many books set in Scotland and not in this era This was not fast paced book but it was still very interesting through the book.John is very l [...]

  • Here we are in late 15th century Scotland, James the Third is dead Oh what dreadful times this was I loved John right from the first page, is was hard not to root for him The author has a wonderful way with words, whether it was feeling right in the middle of battle scenes or feeling compassion for those unjustly punished and even disliking certain characters, her words were quite visual.Coming in at 454 pages it isn t a quick read but it was not hard to get lost in this story Knowing very littl [...]

  • Copy received from Historical Fiction Virtual Tours for an honest reviewI really enjoyed reading Fire Sword by Louise Turner Because I didn t know too much about Scottish history there were some parts of the story that were a little overwhelming I thought it was interesting that the author alluded to many characters having the same first name, yes, this was also a little confusing.Overall, I really enjoyed the story It picks up right away in the beginning Although Thomas is the hero he is very r [...]

  • An extremely well written and researched novel Enjoyable storyline, great central characters, and a good sense of place and period flavour The book is also enhanced by various author s notes, which are helpful to refer to as you go along Can t wait for a sequel

  • Fire Sword covers a tumultuous time in Scottish history There are a lot of players just in and around the old and new king let alone out in the countryside Add in the change of titles as the old guard falls to the new and titles switch from one to another and it s enough to need a scorecard And a scorecard I did need especially as the book switched quickly from place to place and character to character At the start of the book it felt a bit like whiplash but I did finally settle down into the rh [...]

  • This is an impressive debut novel Contributing factors such as detail, an intriguing narrative, and the well developed characters build momentum in a balanced fashion Usually a novel leans towards the driving force of narrative or character, however this novel is evenly written where all considerations are equal creating a rapid pace and enthralling read, you won t be able to put this down.The detail is rich, and attention paid to the minute, enhancing the reading experience hands down Turner s [...]

  • I enjoyed reading it, though I soon gave up trying to keep track of all the conspirators It was a good vacation from workaday life.

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