21 Hours

Hours Felix O O Connor is an ex con from central Ohio that has spent the seven years since being released from prison working on a ranch in the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming Rarely does he venture out into
  • Title: 21 Hours
  • Author: Dustin Stevens
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • 21 Hours
    Felix O O Connor is an ex con from central Ohio that has spent the seven years since being released from prison working on a ranch in the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming Rarely does he venture out into the world and never does it come looking for him Both of those things change when his twin sister Alexa Lex Borden calls from Columbus, Ohio to ask for his help EarlierFelix O O Connor is an ex con from central Ohio that has spent the seven years since being released from prison working on a ranch in the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming Rarely does he venture out into the world and never does it come looking for him Both of those things change when his twin sister Alexa Lex Borden calls from Columbus, Ohio to ask for his help Earlier that afternoon, she and her husband were both beaten unconscious and their two year old daughter abducted from their front yard Nobody saw a thing, the police are stumped, and it is a well known statistic that if a child isn t found in the first 48 hours, they rarely are O immediately drives back to Ohio and finds himself with just 21 hours to find his beloved niece before potentially losing her forever Plunging himself into a world he d long ago left behind, he crosses paths with criminal masterminds, human traffickers, gun runners, drug smugglers, blood thirsty spectators and suspicious detectives all in the name of bringing her home.
    21 Hours By Dustin Stevens,
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    I originally hail from the midwest, growing up in the heart of farm country, and still consider it, along with West Tennessee, my co home Between the two, I have a firm belief that football is the greatest of all past times, sweet tea is really the only acceptable beverage for any occasion, there is not an event on earth that either gym shorts or boots can t be worn to, and that Dairy Queen is the best restaurant on the planet Further, southern accents are a highly likeable feature on most everybody, English bulldogs sit atop the critter hierarchy, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with a Saturday night spent catfishing at the lake.Since leaving the midwest I ve been to college in New England, grad school in the Rockies, and lived in over a dozen different cities ranging from DC to Honolulu along the way Each and every one of these experiences has shaped who I am at this point, a fact I hope is expressed in my writing I have developed enormous affinity for locales and people of every size and shape, and even if I never figure out a way to properly convey them on paper, I am very much grateful for their presence in my life.To sum it up, I asked a very good friend recently how they would describe me for something like this Their response Plagued by realism and trained by experiences education to be a pessimist, you somehow remain above all else an active dreamer While I can t say those are the exact words I would choose, I can t say they re wrong I travel, live in different places, try new foods, meet all kinds of different people, and above all else stay curious to a fault Here s hoping it continues to provide us all with some pretty good stories


  • This is easily a book deserving of 5 stars if not for a few typos and minor formatting issues That being said, I took the ride of my life when I ventured into a world created by Dustin Stevens a man whose world I had never ventured into until now, a man whose world I will venture into again and again as I continue to read other stories he has published.I was amazed at the sensitive way in which 21 Hours was told Yes, there was a man on a mission to find his kidnapped niece and vigilante justice [...]

  • 3.5 not roundedThis was an entertaining book with a strong suspense element However, there were several timeframe problems I stopped reading to page back to check an earlier time and several homonym problems course instead of coarse So I deducted a point, but will look forward to another book by Mr Stevens.

  • O Connor isn t the sociable type, but he cares deeply for his mother, his twin sister, and her child, two year old Annie When his sister and her husband are attacked and their child stolen, O Connor rushes to their aid He learns that once a child is snatched by traffickers, if it is not rescued within the first 48 hours, it is gone, never to be recovered O Connor is counting the hours If the experts can t find her, who can He will risk his reputation and his life for her.Despite a number of erro [...]

  • This novel is very intense in a realistic and scary way I could easily imagine myself being in that same situation Stevens very blunt and visual descriptions not only provide graphic images of the scenery but that also help develop the character of the protagonist His understated descriptions actually serve to heighten the intensity of the novel The main character in this novel is one of those rare individuals that you instinctively want to know He may be a little rough around the edges but he i [...]

  • Self styled cowboy O yes, really is called from the ranch to rescue his young niece who has been kidnapped in a brutal attack on the parents There are no clues as to the motive or perpetrators and the police are scratching their heads waiting for a ransom demand The kidnappers have messed with the wrong family O can overcome any odds, function completely normally regardless of any injury or handicap and deal with any situation he find himself in It s not a terrible book and I can see why some re [...]

  • Rate 4.5 starsThis is definitely the kind of book that you ll be elated to watch on the big screen Every page never fails to leave you on edge, because the author depicted each scene with clarity and vividness making it so realistic It allows you to experience every pain and I mean a LOT of pain and triumph the character has to go through just to save his niece Every character is developed fairly making them useful and vital to the story I only rated it 4.5 stars because of some grammatical erro [...]

  • A nice easy readI appreciate the lack of swear words and trashy sex that so many writers think are necessary This story goes right along without that stuff Some of it I a bit unbelievable, but still, listening on my kindle, makes my day go faster I enjoy his books and have read several.

  • Well written Like it from beginning to end I recommend it to anyone who like suspense genre Every character has it s own place, well defined My son will surely like it when he will understand English well enough.

  • 21 Hours is about a brother Felix who is called upon by his heffa sister Lex to help her find her kidnapped daughter that was taken from her and her abusive hubby they both were beaten the hell up and they deserved it in my opinion, once you find out about their character traits Felix has 21 hours to find his kidnapped niece Annie and has to fight his way thru many shady characters to do so.This was my first Dustin Stevens novel and I received it as a free download and I am glad it was free beca [...]

  • Wow, get ready for a wild ride.First of all let me say that none of this could really happen The human body cannot possibly sustain the shear volume of injuries and abuse that happens to this books main character in the space of 21 hours The good news isYou won t care You will be rooting for our hero and Love every bit of his masochistic nature, as he puts his life on the line to find his 2 year old niece, after she is snatched by 3 violent masked men There is a few week spots in the plot, makin [...]

  • Mixed FeelingsIn order to enjoy this story you have to be willing to suspend your disbelief I read a lot of fanciful or sci fi like genre filled with unreal things, like zombies The difference being, in that world, it could be believable This story takes place in the real world under potentially real circumstances That s where the real ends There are only so many instances when you are willing to chalk things up to adrenaline Now if the guy was a cyborg from an alternate reality who time travell [...]

  • 21 Hours is an easy reasonably paced action story In many ways it is heartrending although a fictional tale, it portrays a realty which is horrible to imagine It reminds the reader that such things not only go on but appear to be on the increase i.e human trafficking But this is not the place to discuss such matters The story is consequently, in part, an emotionally human one.The protagonist fulfils the role of hero well He undergoes no end of physical hardships, his survival of which sometimes [...]

  • Fair to GoodThe book kept me interested and amused it was certainly somewhat fast paced, and not always easy to guess the next plot twist The initial page s didn t mesh 100% with the rest of the book, but one could put 2 2 together to understand how they connected I do have one gripe, though, in that an early part of the story, and its later uncovering seemed to have been conveniently forgotten and swept under the rug Despite what should have been an overwhelming lot of evidence to the contrary. [...]

  • Graphic reiteration of taking care of family I liked this story very much As we move through life, we make promises Most are quickly forgotten and not likely to have been made with a follow through in mind I ll take care of it, I promise The words forgotten by the time the door closes This story is of a promise made with a true heart behind it A do or die heart Did he succeed Well, you re just going to have to read it Very well down, a main character you grow to care about and cheer on killfully [...]

  • Great Story This was the first book I ve read from Dustin Stevens but it won t be my last I can t wait to dive into some of his other books 21 Hours held my attention throughout the entire book I couldn t put it down The character were well described The plot was riveting and continued in a forward momentum I highly recommend this book to readers who love suspense novels.

  • This is definitely a guy book This is definitely a guy book Even so I read it all the way through and enjoyed it It is a very fast paced book in fact I think it would be a great movie with Jason Stratham as the main character O There was some spelling, punctuation and grammar errors so I only gave it 4 stars Good job otherwise.

  • Enjoyed this book immenselyThe plot was original and the novel exciting It was hard to put down chapter to chapter Snatching and selling children is a sick business but yet we know it exists within a dark underworld that the author has exposed in a gripping fictional work that grabs and keeps your attention from the first chapter to the last Well done

  • Felix O Connor, an ex con working on a ranch in Wyoming, received a call from his twin sister Lex requesting is help Her two year old daughter had been abducted A race back home, grilled by detective Terra Watts, O tries to find Annie He tackles drug smugglers and almost dies in the process This was a fast reading thriller I will definitely read Stevens books I rate this a 4.9

  • 20 Hours too many.21 Hours A Suspense Thriller leaves out both suspense and thrill Predictable with clich d dialog, this book fails to satisfy the title Describing nail biting too many times, along with endless descriptions of boot sounds does not make a nail biter experience 20 Hours too many plus the hour wasted reading results in a zero.

  • Action hero, women in distress, endangered children thrillerOur hero gets shot, beaten, stabbed and unfairly incarcerated A gorgeous lady cop has soft spot for him A fast paced book with a man driven to desperation to protect his family I actually lost count of how many bad guys he killed Seven or eight but of course they were deserving.

  • 21 HoursJust completed another one of Dustin Stevens thrillers It is definitely a page turner and very suspenseful Stevens writing style and character development are superb I highly recommend this book.

  • Fantastic readThis book was hard to put down An excellent read The writer had you pulling for the main character from the start He ad warmth and and determination I will definitely read books by this author again.

  • Well this is the male version of perils of Pauline Unnecessary heroics Why did cowboy go alone rather than have the police meet him at pier 12 Just so this would make an impossible solo rescue Usually I like Mr Stevens books but this was just unbelievable

  • I was so excited to find that this book was written by an author who has written many other books going on my to read list There are several series to look forward to in fact I went ahead and purchased one from each of three and can t wait to read them Dustin Stevens will be going up high on my list of favorite authors.

  • Don t mess with familyA reluctant man forced into doing what must be done to protect family Plot keeps you guessing as this off the grid character resolves to do what law enforcement can t Brain tickler keeping your attention page by page.

  • Very unusual for me to read Chase or fight scenes completely One reason I gave this book a 5 Excellent portrayals of the charactersd continuity of story line you could put the book down and go back intraday our two and be able to pick up where you left off

  • Great readI really enjoyed this book, it moved along smoothly and a great story to boot Lots of action and suspense with no dragging down with unnecessary dialog Well written and looking for .

  • A good readIt is a pretty taut and fairly well written thriller The action is different kind but very well described by the author where you feel like you are by the main protagonist sharing his pain and travails Overall a satisfying read.

  • Reminded me very much of john mcclane as I was reading Quick and easy plot just a man trying to find his neice I would recommend

  • Great book to read It s hard to believe that stories like this one, actually happen I was angry and wanted to jump in and help

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