A Day at the Office

A Day at the Office Julie kissed Mark at the office Christmas party She doesn t seem to remember but he s not been able to forget What better day to jog her memory than Valentine s Day Calum s found the girl of his drea
  • Title: A Day at the Office
  • Author: Matt Dunn
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  • Page: 446
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A Day at the Office
    Julie kissed Mark at the office Christmas party She doesn t seem to remember, but he s not been able to forget What better day to jog her memory than Valentine s Day Calum s found the girl of his dreams on the internet Trouble is, he s not been completely honest about himself Tonight he s meeting her for the first time But will it also be the last Nathan s organised hJulie kissed Mark at the office Christmas party She doesn t seem to remember, but he s not been able to forget What better day to jog her memory than Valentine s Day Calum s found the girl of his dreams on the internet Trouble is, he s not been completely honest about himself Tonight he s meeting her for the first time But will it also be the last Nathan s organised his usual Anti Valentine s party for the office singletons Sophie s going again Though this year, if she gets her way, they might just be leaving together.One office Five lives On the most romantic day of the year.A Day At The Office is the latest novel from best selling romantic comedy novelist Matt Dunn, author of The Ex Boyfriend s Handbook.
    A Day at the Office By Matt Dunn,
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    Matt was born in Margate, but eventually escaped to Spain to write his first novel in between working as a newspaper columnist, and playing a lot of tennis Previously he has been a professional lifeguard, fitness equipment salesman, and an IT head hunter, but he prefers writing for a living, so hopes people will keep buying his books.Matt is the author of four contemporary romantic comedy novels Best Man, The Ex Boyfriend s Handbook which was shortlisted for both the Romantic Novel Of The Year award, as well as the Melissa Nathan Award for Comedy Romance , From Here To Paternity, and Ex Girlfriends United He s also written about life, love, and relationships for various publications including The Times, Guardian, Cosmopolitan, Company, Elle, Glamour, and The Sun.Several of Matt s novels have been translated for various European markets he s big in the Balkans, apparently , as well as as far afield as Malaysia and Indonesia He s a regular on the literary festival scene, and rates the recent lecturing stint he did on the Creative Writing degree course at London Metropolitan University as one of the most rewarding things he s ever done and not only because of the number of ideas he was able to appropriate from his students for his books.


  • This is a comedy of errors, sadly lacking in comedy It follows a group of neurotic twentysomething office workers angsting about their love lives on Valentine s Day The characterisation is flat and I couldn t warm to any of the people in this story They over think and over analyse every single thing, which becomes irritating very quickly In fact, they all behave like kids in the school playground What humour there is is lamer than lame and shoehorned in I didn t enjoy this at all.

  • I don t give many books five stars, because it seems to imply perfection, and while I don t believe that s possible, Matt Dunn s A Day at the Office is pretty close to a perfect story It follows several London singletons through a single day Valentine s Day at the office as the title implies One of the reasons I loved this book so much was that it was rip roaring funny in some parts, and even the parts that were touching had elements of humor in them and were never mawkish, maudlin, or sentiment [...]

  • 3.5 STARS This book was a funny read listen there were some funny moments with the multiple main characters Did I sometimes get confused with all the different characters Hell yes, of course I did but to be honest that is my standard state of mind most days i was disappointed with one couple but I won t spoil the book by saying any An ok read listen.

  • I listened to the audiobook and for the most part I enjoyed the story There were many scenes that made me laugh and others made me cringe out of sympathy for the characters I do wish the author developed the characters a bit All of them had wonderful one liners but after a while that s all they had I wanted to get to know them Still the book is a light read and fun.

  • A story told from the point of view of 5 people who all work within the same London office Love is in the air on Valentines Day, with each character having some romance issues It started off well Each character had a good background story and you quickly understood what their Valentine s Day dilemma was.Calum was adorable and probably represents most singletons He was shy, extremely unconfident and had no belief in himself a person or as a partner You couldn t help but fall in love with him and [...]

  • A Day at the Office was an enjoyable read about a day in the lives of five co workers whose romantic lives have gone awry on Valentine s Day.For five Seek Software employees, this Valentine s Day isn t shaping up to be a good one Sophie has a crush on Nathan who she s worried doesn t even know she exists Plus, he hosts the office s annual Anti Valentine s Day party, so is it even worth it to reveal her feelings Calum has recently met the woman of his dreams online but he fudged a bit on his prof [...]

  • It took me a little while to get into this book and at first I thought it wasn t going to be any good it seemed as if it had a great premise for a story, focussing around Valentine s Day spent in an office, and the various mix ups surrounding cards and dates, but at first it didn t seem to pan out that well it seemed a bit insipid somehow However, once the story did get going, and I got inside the various obsessions and desires of the characters, I found I really, really enjoyed it.I actually re [...]

  • I know a lot of people prefer British romantic comedies to American productions both in book and movie form and while I do admit a particular weakness for works of a Bridget Jones ilk, I felt like A Day at the Office fell short of what I expected Despite what I ve heard about Dunn s previous work, I was still hesitant to pick up something written by a man in what is obviously a female driven and dominated market It ended up being what I would consider about average for a rom com novel, with a st [...]

  • While I enjoyed the story, the female characters are so one dimensional it s insulting They are rudeto anyone that doesn t look like them, they are only focused on what someone else men think of them and they are dumb The male characters are so developed, so much so that I looked forward to when they were engaging in dialogue because it endeared me to the story I m not sure why these women are painted as such but,honestly, it s not like people like this don t exist They just seemed so scheming a [...]

  • Very fluffy whimsical British romantic comedy.Questions I asked myself while reading 1 Do single men really obsess this much over Valentines Day I thought it was just a subset of single women I guess I m being sexist.2 Did I behave so ridiculously when I was in my twenties working in an office, crushing and dating Answer Painfully, probably so 3 Isn t it lovely when the crushes are mutual I remember a lot of the other kind.All in all, a light, amusing read.2.5 stars which I rounded up because t [...]

  • I kept thinking of the F word while I was reading this fab, flirty, funny and feelgood I really liked that it was set over one day except I couldn t put it down, as I was desperate to know if everyone would end up with the right person Telling a story from several viewpoints could have been tricky to pull off, but it s handled perfectly with very distinctive voices for each, and the author clearly has impressive insight into the female psyche Laugh out loud in places, with a satisfying ending, t [...]

  • I picked this one up as light entertainment when my daughter was first born in order to have something I could easily pick up and down while holding feeding her and it was perfect for that It focuses on one day in the life of a number of people who work in an office in Soho and that day happens to be Valentine s Day since each of the characters is looking for love romance An entertaining story which perhaps ends as expected but perfectly readable nonetheless.

  • I read this in a day A lovely, touching, funny book following five people in the same office over the course of one Valentine s day There s Sophie your typical singleton , Calum nice to see a man who s insecure about his weight for once , Nathan hurt in the past , Mark unrequited love and Julie it s complicated , and the book tells the story from each of their points of view, while linking their stories together cleverly Loved it

  • A feel good book Following the comic antics of a group of ppl who work together all trying to sort our their love lives Read it in a day, after having trouble getting into reading a couple of other books.

  • This book was so I mean it was just so corny And there were so many cheesy one liners But man, did it make me laugh It s a good ol romantic comedy set in the heart of Valentine s Day which is just fun and effortless to read

  • Loved this, loved this, loved this Had me laughing out loud and cringing with embarrassment All the characters were excellently portrayed and a truly great ending.

  • This was a fast read, kind of cute although so much of the plot was driven by the characters just being stupid and not speaking well Entire conversations with only pronouns and no names of course someone is going to get confused who we are talking about Or worse, one entire conversation in a fake third person If someone were do give someone else a card, and that someone else though that the first someone blah blah blah FREAKING A PEOPLE Do conversations like this happen in real life If so, you n [...]

  • A Day At The Office is a must read for anyone who has worked in an office and had a crush on a co worker, and let s face it, who hasn t at some point or another Valentine s Day is the day that most couples look forward to, and most singleton s dread, and it s no different for a group of workers at the Seek Software Office in London Can a stolen kiss at the Christmas party progress to , can a crush turn into a date Cards and mysterious presents are exchanged during the day and the outcome Well, y [...]

  • A Day at the Office took on the now familiar set up of switching between characters and delving into each one s personal life it immediately made me think of Love Actually As is probably par for the course with this type of book, I found myself far interested in some storylines than others and found myself wanting to skip over some While Dunn does a great job of describing characters so that you really get a sense of them, I sometimes think he relies on obvious stereotypes a fat, ginger, bespec [...]

  • spoilers ahead You ve been warned This is a tricky book to rate I don t normally read this genre but this seemed like the right book to try and change that Whilst I relatively enjoyed the book, it was quite predictable and the ending was very open ended which always annoys me The characters are very lovable and I found that I connected with each of them fairly quickly I liked that we got to see each of their perspectives, it added something to the book There are a lot of witty jokes and sarcasti [...]

  • OK, but really nothing special I was really looking forward to reading this after having a look through all the 5 star reviews But the truth is, this book is very ordinary The characters are quite fun, but also very grating in the way the situations plays out Its just doesn t feel realistic to me that people would behave like this The plot is pretty bog standard and humour is not laugh out loud Although there s nothing terrible about the book and it s readable, it won t linger on in the memory I [...]

  • Office dynamics on a day of romanceA fab story which take a place all in a day Witty characters with super dialogue that will leave you laughing out loud as you are reminded of your own office dynamics

  • Lightweight chick lit The story follows several characters who all work in the same office Their personalities are uninteresting and stereotypical The prose is undemanding and the storyline weak Disappointing.

  • A giggleListened as an audio book Struggled with the narrator but the story it s self was funny if not a bit infuriating at times Grown women and men almost acting like school kids Some great one liners though

  • This is what I would call a mindless read Something to pass the time I look to these kind of books after reading deep thought provoking books It serves it s purpose as a light palette cleanser There are a few chuckles and you can read it with very little focus.

  • This book just wasn t very good it was kind of just romantic trash Which is strange as I borrowed it from my Dad who usually has good taste.

  • A witty read that doesn t take itself too seriously It s refreshing for a romantic comedy in that the male viewpoint is given equal airtime to the women s Highly entertaining

  • Interesting BookFunny little book about a group of coworkers and how they interact A few unexpected twists, and fairly fast paced Quick and fun read.

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