The Path of Anger

The Path of Anger There will be blood There will be death This is the path of anger Dun Cadal has been drinking his life away for years Betrayed by his friends who turned their back on their ideals in favour of a new r
  • Title: The Path of Anger
  • Author: Antoine Rouaud
  • ISBN: 9780575130807
  • Page: 133
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Path of Anger
    There will be blood There will be death This is the path of anger.Dun Cadal has been drinking his life away for years Betrayed by his friends who turned their back on their ideals in favour of a new republic and grief stricken at the loss of his apprentice, who saved his life on the battlefield and whom he trained as a knight in exchange, he s done with politicsThere will be blood There will be death This is the path of anger.Dun Cadal has been drinking his life away for years Betrayed by his friends who turned their back on their ideals in favour of a new republic and grief stricken at the loss of his apprentice, who saved his life on the battlefield and whom he trained as a knight in exchange, he s done with politics, with adventure, and with people.But people aren t finished with him not yet Viola is a young historian looking for the last Emperor s sword, and her search not only brings her to Dun Cadal, it s also going to embroil them both in a series of assassinations Because Dun Cadal s turncoat friends are being murdered, one by one by someone who kills in the unmistakable style of an Imperial assassin.
    The Path of Anger By Antoine Rouaud,
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    Antoine Rouaud is a major new player in the fantasy genre Already a bestseller in France, he is published in fifteen languages around the world and has been shortlisted for two major prizes in the UK.


  • The Path of Anger is Antoine Rouaud s much hyped world debut in various languages, including the original French La Voie de la Colere Le Livre et l Epee I and English with a literal translation of the title and it has been a highly expected novel of mine for a long time, so I got a copy the moment it was out and I read it fast as it was quite a page turner.Story wise, it is hard to talk about the book without major spoilers which while I suspected some on general principles, the author s able mi [...]

  • Wonderful read Started off a little rickety, but I was very quickly ensnared by this character driven story It was a joy to read, the characters easy to love, loathe and admire Often simultaneously.

  • Interesting fantasy by a non English speaking author Not the best I ve read, but certainly not the worst The author s world is somewhat strange a mixture of medieval France primarily Provence and that of the French Revolution The story describes the fall of the Empire ancien regime and the rise of the Republic French Revolution It s mainly a revenge story of a young knight, Frog, seeking to avenge his father s death and with an old has been alcoholic general of the Empire, Dun Cadal, trying to s [...]

  • abitterdraft 2013 10 the p Attack someone from behind There s no honor in fighting like that There s no honor at all in killing someone, lad.No matter how you strike.There s no glory to be had in taking a life General Dun Cadal Daermon was one of the most famous generals of the Empire In the years since the Empire s fall, the general has been drinking his life away, waiting for death to come and attempting to remove the betrayals of his friends from his mind First and foremost in Dun Cadal s min [...]

  • Indeed this books was quite a page turner Until the last two chapters where I felt that the story has gone a little downway And in spite of some flaws in the story and some boring repetitions about the sword and a magic book, in the end the whole situation works quite well.The structure was a little surprising but still it wasn t something new Like the way that Peter V Brett made his books until now There are a lot of surprises and the story turns right and left in a way that you couldn t predic [...]

  • La fantasy est clairement mon genre litt raire de pr dilection, alors comment passer c t de ce que les ditions Bragelonne annoncent comme un ph nom ne La voie de la col re est le premier roman d un auteur francophone, Antoine Rouaud, par ailleurs concepteur r dacteur chez NRJ, et St phane Marsan l a pr sent comme le meilleur roman de fantasy fran ais qu il ait lu depuis 10 ans C est donc avec un r el enthousiasme que j ai accept la proposition de Babelio de le recevoir en avant premi re pour le [...]

  • I must admit my first impression was that this debut Fantasy novel was a book catering to the I know what I like reader Admittedly the cover is very cool, but as we re looking at a world of knights, Emperors and assassins, I was rather concerned that I d think I d read it all before.How wrong I was.General Dun Cadal Daermon is a broken man, spending his days hidden away in a corner of the world drinking his life away Whilst there he is found by Viola, a young historian from the new Empire who ha [...]

  • Waw.That was a pleasant surprise.There where 2 things that made me read it The beautiful cover and the narrator of the audio book, which is Michael Kramer, one of my favorites.The book actually was great up to the last 10% or so, after that it became a little confusing and rushed That s ruined it for me a little, but it still 4.5 stars read.I won t describe the synopsis, which can be found pretty much in every review, but I will mention the things I liked.Cons As I said before it s the end, whic [...]

  • Interestingly structured book though the interesting structure is only explainable in a way that s a bit spoilery so I won t elaborate on that The bulk of the story takes place in Flashback as a seemingly pathetic old man gives an account of his part in the events leading up to the fall of an Empire while becoming involved in a conspiracy at the heart of the new Republic As I stated the structure is the story s unique selling point though the writing is solid if a little bit unwieldy at times th [...]

  • Unsatisfying That would be my one word description unsatisfying.The heroes were quite unlikable they were either blind fools, people ruled entirely by their emotions or vicious schemers but most disappointing was how it all turned out I expected some kind of catharsis, at least someone getting what they wanted But there wasn t any satisfying revenge, no comeuppance And I could ve accepted that if their plans imploded because of an outside force they had no way of influencing, but no, they disint [...]

  • Didn t really do it for me Not liking either Dun Cadel or Frog didn t help, but the world building didn t thrill, the plot I was a bit meh on, and I don t remember anything at all about the prose so while it clearly wasn t bad, it wasn t a selling point either.

  • This is a review I wrote for Gollanz publishers as part of their Gollanz Geek group The Road Goes Ever On and On The Path of Anger by Antoine RouardImmediately, The Path of Anger tells you what it is on the cover The story is one of vengeance Seemingly inspired by the plays of Shakespeare indeed, many characters have names similar to Shakespearean tragic figures Laerte Laertes, Oratio Horatio, there s a character called Iago, etc or other Jacobean plays, it revolves around the resolution of old [...]

  • 4.5 Holy smokes, this book was dramatic Like, seriously, this isn t the kind of book you read if you want a happy ending That said, it s a good book with a lot of surprises and some good twists I saw the biggest one coming before the second act, but it was still a good surprise The main characters were interesting and the fantasy was very light I enjoyed the second half , and while the story was good, at times I felt like it was too slow I also wasn t entirely sure how the magic worked, and I co [...]

  • For some reason, I struggled to find a connection with the characters, though I appreciated the French influence Antoine Rouaud brings to the genre The story is interesting enough that I ll read the next one to find out what happens.

  • Der Pfad des Zorns Das Buch und das Schwert 1 von Antoine Rouaud.Un asesino de t nica verde y m scara dorada Un caballero Un joven que busca venganza.En estas tres oraciones se puede resumir a uno de los protagonistas de esta novela La senda de la ira es la primera parte de una trilog a llamada El libro y la espada , escrita por el franc s Antoine Rouaud Es, adem s, su pera prima Y el list n ha quedado bastante alto.La historia se desarrolla en un mundo fant stico medieval en el que existe una m [...]

  • Da webalice michelestelUn fantasy di provenienza non anglosassone abbastanza raro, nonostante alcune saghe tedesche, di ispirazione classica con nani, elfi e tutte quelle cose, e il polacco Sapkowski, ma addirittura francese per me una novit Anche l editore non un tradizionale editore di romanzi fantasy, e il romanzo presentato come un successo internazionale Non so se sia vero, anche se stato pubblicato quasi contemporaneamente in francese, sua lingua originale, inglese e tedesco, e al momento [...]

  • Dun Cadal, g n ral l gendaire de l ancien empire, passe ses vieux jours ressasser sa vieille vie la taverne du coin, constamment imbib d alcool et vraiment pas beau voir Le jour o une historienne va venir couter ses radotages chroniques pour retrouver l ancienne p e de l empereur, il va revenir sur sa rencontre avec le jeune Grenouille qui deviendra son prot g , et sur tous les v nements qui ont suivi et ont men la chute de l empire, et la naissance de la nouvelle r publique.Par ce pitch archi c [...]

  • General Dun Cadal Daermon was there when the Empire fell and he has continued falling ever since At the beginning of Antoine Rouaud s very different take on a revenge fantasy, he is at the very bottom of a wine soaked barrel, trading tales of the long ended war for the price of a drink, and that is where the reader first meets him, through the perspective of the young historian Viola, who has arrived to stir old memories in her search for the sword that belonged to the former Emperor It transpir [...]

  • La fantaisie est le genre qui m a converti pour de bon la lecture C est aussi un genre que j ai beaucoup lu, les classiques notamment Avec l arriv e du 21e si cle et les succ s cin matographiques du Seigneur des Anneaux et d Harry Potter, le genre a t inond par des publications de mauvaise qualit , tant en anglais qu en fran ais.Bref, en ouvrant ce livre, je me suis m fi un peu J ai eu tort la premi re partie m a compl tement happ Il faut dire qu Antoine Rouaud utilise ici un proc d plus ou moin [...]

  • Tricksy tricksy writing It s lucky it s good writing, or the tricksiness of it would be a little too precious Indeed it wasn t until the second layer of tricks hit, that I was really hooked The description makes it pretty clear what this is all about A young historian in a sword and sorcery type world, hunts down an old man who babbles in his cups about feats of the past, and a magical sword of destiny that he might have once had hold of Our young historian Viola hopes he is the real thing, not [...]

  • La voie de la col re est le premier roman d Antoine Rouaud, et le moins qu on puisse dire, c est qu il frappe un grand coup d entr e de jeu Il s agit d un r cit de fantasy bas sur l histoire d un empire mill naire qui, la suite d une r bellion g n ralis e de ses provinces, a t remplac par une R publique Bien des ann es apr s la chute de l empire, on y suit une jeune historienne en qu te de l un des symboles perdus de l ex empereur l p e Era d, suppos ment magique, et dont on a perdu la trace dep [...]

  • Ce livre est le premier roman de l auteur.L histoire est divis e en deux parties dont les chapitres sont bien calibr s ni trop court ni trop long c est un chass crois entre pr sent et pass.dans la premi re partie, il s agit de l histoire d un personnage, Dun Tout tourne autour de lui Ainsi l univers ou les personnages secondaires sont pas ou peu approfondie.Ces flashback, qui sont au final au centre de l intrigue, esquissent l apprentissage du jeune grenouille dont il faudra attendre la seconde [...]

  • Tien jaar na de val van het keizerrijk heeft Dun Cadal, ooit de hoogste generaal van het land, zijn buik vol van de mensheid Hij is verraden door zijn vrienden, zijn leerling is omgekomen en het ridderschap is samen met het keizerrijk opgeheven Dun Cadal vindt het vreselijk dat de Kracht vergeten is en niemand meer gelooft in Het boek van het Lot en de Goden De laatste jaren zoekt hij vergetelheid in de drank Hij is niets meer dan een zielige dronkenlap die hoopt dat de dood hem snel zal vinden [...]

  • The Path Of Anger is a typical fantasy novel It begins in an in, and as with many good stories, it s a dark and stormy night Viola walks in with her mysterious protector and finds an old man she s been told is called Dune When she discovers he s actually Dun Cadal, the war hero she s heard a lot about, she persuades him to begin talking.The story jumps from the present, with Viola trying to get Dun Cadal s help to find the sword of the Emperor, and the past, where he narrates some of his battles [...]

  • Das Cover dieses Buches weckte mein Interesse doch erst der Klappentext sorgte daf r, dass ich Der Pfad des Zorns unbedingt lesen musste Dieses Buch klang nach Tiefgang und starken Charakteren wunderbar, denn genau das hatte mir bereits seit einigen Tagen gefehlt Es war mal wieder Zeit f r High Fantasy und mit diesem Buch habe ich sie definitiv gefunden.Die Handlung spielt in einer vermeintlichen Zeit des Friedens mit zahlreichen R ckblicken in die noch recht nahe Zeit der Revolution und des Kri [...]

  • I love my fantasy, old school, medieval style and urban I really do, but the thing that pulled me up on this one was such a silly thing it wase FONT Crazy I know, and hopefully, somewhere between the ARC I got through the bookstore where I work and the actual publication, that ll be taken care of Such a minor detail, but it took at least a page every time I sat down with this to get back into the flow and stop being distracted by the san serif, closely printed monster that was chosen for this ti [...]

  • A bit of a meander, but it gets there in the end With a big twist in the middle that turns the whole book on its head, a layered unveilling with skillful use of flashbacks, political intrigue, and strong relationships between characters, The Path of Anger is a great entry into the fantasy assassin mix My biggest complaint is that while it is very character driven, with a lot of big personalities and plot points resting around who is who, I think it would have benefitted from moments between cha [...]

  • A debut novel from a new writer Antoine Rouaud is always an exciting prospect and The Path of Anger exceeded all expectations Following the intense and turbulent relationship between a knight Dun Cadal Daermon and his headstrong prot g Frog , the Path of Anger leads us through revolution rebellion and a twisting tale of deceit and intrigue The masterful blend of action with well developed and engaging characters make this book a joy to read It is impossible not to find yourself rooting for Dun C [...]

  • It took me awhile to get through The Path of Anger, mostly because things kept getting in the way of me giving it my full attention I mention this because it probably affected my enjoyment of the book The book starts off full of intrigue and excitement but as we get closer and closer to the middle it starts to drag on a bit That portion of the book was probably the hardest to get through However right at the end of that section is a huge reveal and with that reveal things start to move very quic [...]

  • I agree with most of the reviews there is almost no world building whatsoever in this book I guess it was a conscientious decision so that readers would be focused on the characters, but it really made the story feel like it was missing that last piece of the puzzle.Moving on from that, this book was great The plot moved along a good pace, and the flashbacks are used very effectively, and the writing style is top notch That s really what makes this book great, the writing style is so fluid and [...]

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